Samaras preparations need a rethink


Georgios is hugely important to Celtic on Champions League duty.  His presence and experience is crucial, but his ability to hold the ball up, often the subject of frustration for some in SPL games, is fundamental to Celtic’s chances of playing at this level.

Georgios Samaras hamstring injury, coming late in the first half against Kilmarnock, is a carbon copy of the injury he picked up late in the first half against Berwick Rangers two years ago this month.  Hamstrings mostly to go early in games, or early in the second half, before players muscles are properly warmed and stretched.  It is unusual for a player to get well into a game, when limbs should be stretched, before picking up this kind of injury.  Time for a rethink of the player’s preparations on cold days.

I only saw around 10 minutes of the Scottish Cup tie at Tannadaice this afternoon but was unfortunate to witness Ian Black twice make an offensive hand gesture, once apparently aimed at the Dundee United support.  If he was wearing green  I’m sure he would be dealt with.
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  1. 50 shades of green on

    has swally signed that 30 yr contract offer.



    please chawels say its true.




    the best thing about today for me.



    its means we dont have to see thier rotten stinking carcasses at our hallowed ground this season.







  2. What an utterly abject display from the sevvies today, and all i can say is:






    On thread, it looked like Sammy overstretched in the tackle rather than just “pulling up”, so hopefully its not too serious.




  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    After laughing at the advert on rm, reminding people to complete their tak returns, liked this one….language edited, as ever….






    shower of heartless shoitebags templeton is a fecking coward black is the same as ricksen a plastic hardman fekkin joke






    Shut up you fecking stupid count. Back on your own forum you scummy preck.

  4. starry plough


    16:23 on


    2 February, 2013


    Injuries to key players before big games are part and parcel of the game, it’s how the team and the management react that’ll be the test of the team, Lisbon without Joe McBride comes to mind!!!





    Barcelona without Hooper comes to mind……….




  5. Sally is doing a great job, his cup record is phenomenal. I hope he is in charge for very long time!

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    After I stopped laughing at the ‘join the Army’ advert on rm, i noticed this….LOL



    Disgusting language edited



    “Are you for real, wake up and smell the coffee mate, McCoist will always be a legend at the club but don’t let that mask the fact that he is not the man to take us forward. We have been shoite all season, the last two games at ibrox have been shocking. Another performance where no-one had a fouking clue and as for perry and cribari. Thats the worst centre half pairing I’ve witnessed in my 33 years on this planet. IM not kidding when i say id do a better job. Id certainly not be letting wee cunnts like that Russell waltz through me every two minutes challenge free”

  7. I had the misfortune to hear deeyell on Clyde. Was about to change the channel when he made a comment about the Scotland rugby team.



    He said “too many Kellys in the team”

  8. Just catching up on what so far has been a fine day of fun. Watched 1st half of the Crazy Football Game at Tannadice but then switched to Rugby. What exactly did Black do as he was leaving the field, did he give it fingers to the crowd or what.

  9. corkcelt



    To me it looked like he pretended he was going to use the corner flag as a javelin at the crowd.

  10. Paul67 et al



    I think it is more important that Georgios is available for the game in Turin than to try and rush him back for the home match. Having said that, I would be delighted if he is fit to play in the first game, because we could then be pretty close to having a fit first team squad. For those up in Aberdeen, a fit first is not the same as a first fit, but then you knew that already.



    You do of course raise an important Paul, and not for the first time. I thought Sammy’s injury resulted from a challenge in the six yard box in the first half which should have been a penalty, after which he seemed to struggle. But assuming you are right, can it be that a club of Celtic’s stature falls short in the match preparation stakes?



    Where is the View from the Windae?

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    TONYG 16:34 on 2 February, 2013


    Will be interesting to see how Traynor spins this one.



    Probably say don’t judge Ally until he has spent the 10 million.

  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Maybe Black wanted the corner flag as a roller extension for those hard-to-reach areas when he’s doing the ole decorating.

  13. PETE THE BEAT…………Yea, sweated through the second half but what terrific game of rugby. great win considering we played 20 mins of the second half with fourteen men against the Welsh bruisers. Sean O’Brien and O’Driscoll were brilliant. Bring on the English chaps next week. Could be our Championship year.

  14. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Today is fantastic.. I NEVER watch or listen to Sevco but will admit when I heard it was 3, I tuned in to witness the misery..



    Black is a disgrace.. However for me, the first goal was classic. Defence like school boys..



    I reckon 11 CQNers would beat Sevco nae bother..




  15. Ireland played well today, even in the 2nd half and down to 14 men on two occasions. Should be a really good game against England in Dublin next week, Scotland still hanging on at twickers, only just though

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I’m pleased for Jackie Mac and Sid. These games against lower league opponents are a no-win situation.



    It would be easy to underestimate a fourth-tier team in a home cup tie, but United were very professional by all accounts. I almost wish I had watched it from the start now…

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    SSB “that was not an English try…….HOME TOWN decision ……….hunbelievable …….they really do ‘take the biscuit’ ……..



    Great result at Tannadice……all the evidence the pundits should need to convince them that their tribute act are as shoite as we all know they are …..LLLOOOLLL

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Lee Wallace looked like a Motherwell player playing against Sevco at the third goal today. Wee Gordy better start putting his wee foot down or he is going to end up being made looking stupid by the likes of Ogilvie and Broadfoot.




  19. In-depth analysis of today’s early kick-off at Tannadice from FF:



    “Lawwell and Doncaster etc, you got what you wanted today.


    We were in the end brought down to a level you were drooling at the mouth to see.



    So enjoy the moment, you have earned it.



    But just remember, we will always be bigger than you. So long as Ibrox overshadows Glasgow, which will be for a very long time, we have you in our pocket.



    So keep throwing the obstacles our way, we welcome the challenge and will rise above them.



    But you know that, don’t you.



    Yes you do and you can’t handle it, can you.



    You really do sum up, all that is wrong with Scottish football today, we are the biggest club with the biggest commodity value to the Scottish game and you are single handedly trying to kill the product you are supposed to be representing.



    But hey, enjoy, because we will be here long after you are gone, that’s one thing bears filling Ibrox each week can be sure of.



    Your hatred towards The Rangers will never be forgotten, that is one thing you can be rest assured of.



    No Surrender, never, ever.” (Both feet being stamped repeatedly at this point)

  20. Paul67 et al



    Would take some to beat the performance of the Dundee United support today but Norwich had a good effort. After an abject effort from wee Wright-Philips….



    Odenwingie would have scored



    Odenwingie would have scored.

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Don’t suppose anyone has asked McCoist if they would have done better with their fans there?

  22. A zombie on rangersmedia, who is going to tell him when the embargo ends?




    ‘This summer we’ll be in a better position to


    recruit bodies in order to allow us to be competitive in the cup competitions and to also keep flying up through the divisions it is then that we should judge Ally.’

  23. Magnificentseven on

    No Surrender, never, ever.” (Both feet being stamped repeatedly at this point)




    Hoofs surely!

  24. Yet another income stream being closed off for the Rankers.



    The penny has not dropped for these guys that Super Ally is going to be the millestone round there neck.



    The guys in with the wood now.



    It will cost them big time to get him out the door

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