Samaras preparations need a rethink


Georgios is hugely important to Celtic on Champions League duty.  His presence and experience is crucial, but his ability to hold the ball up, often the subject of frustration for some in SPL games, is fundamental to Celtic’s chances of playing at this level.

Georgios Samaras hamstring injury, coming late in the first half against Kilmarnock, is a carbon copy of the injury he picked up late in the first half against Berwick Rangers two years ago this month.  Hamstrings mostly to go early in games, or early in the second half, before players muscles are properly warmed and stretched.  It is unusual for a player to get well into a game, when limbs should be stretched, before picking up this kind of injury.  Time for a rethink of the player’s preparations on cold days.

I only saw around 10 minutes of the Scottish Cup tie at Tannadaice this afternoon but was unfortunate to witness Ian Black twice make an offensive hand gesture, once apparently aimed at the Dundee United support.  If he was wearing green  I’m sure he would be dealt with.
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  1. South Of Tunis



    Yeah I saw that South, Ole Gilles is not bad on the comps, I have a lot of that Black Jazz stuff, what was interesting to me was the new Kev Beadle comp, called private collection , some gems in there..



    I miss the old Dingwalls Sunday session, one of the great things about London at that time..



    Turn up mashed to chill and recover..

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    Thanks for the link I think that is Alex Burns at the foot of the grave. He is a big Pars fan and puts in a lot of work for the Johnny Thomson charity IIRC.



    Our “darling Johnny” certainly captured the hearts of more than us Celts.

  3. As ridiculous as it sounds the bloated cash-rich EPL is leeching money from the SPL. Previous posters have highlighted the disparity in ratio between market size of EPL, SPL other other similar leagues and their respective TV deals.



    Without a separate subscription on Sky and no means of registering whether a customer is purchasing for the EPL or the SPL package, Sky are unable to tear their gaze from and appear wholly consumed by the EPL. They simply assume every customer is only interested in EPL and therefore divert the bulk of their subscription/advertising income to securing this contract.



    We currently have two major factors in the UK game whose nature are contradictory to each other, we have separate English/Scottish football markets which rely massively on a single UK wide TV market. This suggests one of these factors must be brought into alignment with the other.



    Either a single UK wide league, or separate EPL/SPL TV broadcasting markets in UK.

  4. Someone once famously said. ” There are people going around the country stirring up apathy. ”


    Well…….down with this sort of thing.


    If the scurrilous mob in Westminster don’t stop enacting such godawful policies, it’s gonna be a fiery summer….


    ….once that apathy is abandoned.




    And as for Labour, no longer New, but now Tory Lite and lead by Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit) are ineffective good ole boys in what is known as the best club in London…….The Houses of Parliament, where everything is subsidised, all goods are tax-free, and you can claim for groceries, second homes to rent out, and go on foreign trip beanos at will, give yer cronies massive tax breaks, and further impoverish the poor and vulnerabale for private profit, all done with a smirk and a sneer.




    btw, Juve are a goal up. : > (

  5. I fancy Kayal to be great today, especially if he gets to play one in from Adam.


    Forward passes between him, KC and Hoops.




  6. No Forster? We were told he was ready…



    It’s always difficult to second guess this team, as you never know when Brown will be rested. Although I have major reservations re. Kayal, I really liked how the midfield performed v Dundee Utd, even if Beram appeared poor. Perhaps his harrying allowed Vic and Joe to shine.



    It’s written as 4-4-2 on Celticfc – please no. There is no worse combination than Mulgrew and Commons at LB/LM. Very much hope this is a 4-3-1-2,with Lustig RB and Matthews LB. Commons, Hooper and Watt in attack would be the first time since that amazing 1st half v St Johnstone.

  7. Monaghan



    That was quite amusing if completely misguided



    Calls of bigotry ,racism and sectarianism …completely laughable ….and hypocritical when get the full song list from these animals most weeks



    Do they believe their own lies ..?

  8. miki67 – In my more politically motivated twenties I seriously considered launching my own political party, the Apathy Party.



    Of course we had no manifesto, I couldn’t really be bothered to write one. I wasn’t really sure what we stood for, nothing much really I guess. And don’t ask me where we stand on immigration, as I’m probably taking a snooze while that whole debate is raging.



    Thing is though, about 50% of the voting population don’t bother to turn up to vote, now I would argue this is automatically a vote for the Apathy Party. I’d get voted in every time!



    If only I could be bothered to fill in the forms to launch the party.

  9. Scottish football is year in year out times.



    It’s time for all supporters to play there part and be heard by the people accepting these deals.



    I recent filled in the q&a but also added my thoughts with kick off time and pricing

  10. I would hope one day the decision makers would listen to the support with regards these silly kick off times and matches on all sorts of days of the week and get us back to 3pm on a Saturday.



    The tv deals are a pittance and Scottish football is year in year out sold short the people making the decision do not have our interest at heart only there own.


    Sky only care about the sponsors revenue not the the product.


    We also here the msm spouting we need there cash or the game will die again this total negative spin from them it only makes there job easier.



    Our own support have had banners at certain away fixtures in recent times.



    Has that had any impact I don’t think it has.



    It’s time for all supporters to play there part and be heard by the people accepting these deals.


    If this was arranged it maybe heard or have an impact.


    I recent filled in the q&a sent out by our club but I also added my thoughts regarding kick off time and pricing etc.


    Oh how I do miss 3pm home stood in the jungle on Saturday.

  11. Chievo 0 Juve 2



    Juve controlling the game – mainly through Pirlo – lots of variations on free-kicks and short-corners.



    Lichtsteiner very dangerous scored (could’ve had a hat-trick) – been furthest forward (wide right) – caught off-side more often than the strikers.



    Only time Chievo have threaten – on rare breakaways.

  12. Just watched a Tom Rogic interview seems like a fine young man, Neil bigging him up to, he could be in the Juve squad and will be in next weekends squad for sure..

  13. Juve 2 up and well in control of the game. Best they’ve been in weeks [ but Chievo have been very poor ] Pirlo is a fabulous player.

  14. If old Snoop ever has a party at CP, expect Strathclyde’s finest to film it!



    C’mon the Hoops!