Samaras preparations need a rethink


Georgios is hugely important to Celtic on Champions League duty.  His presence and experience is crucial, but his ability to hold the ball up, often the subject of frustration for some in SPL games, is fundamental to Celtic’s chances of playing at this level.

Georgios Samaras hamstring injury, coming late in the first half against Kilmarnock, is a carbon copy of the injury he picked up late in the first half against Berwick Rangers two years ago this month.  Hamstrings mostly to go early in games, or early in the second half, before players muscles are properly warmed and stretched.  It is unusual for a player to get well into a game, when limbs should be stretched, before picking up this kind of injury.  Time for a rethink of the player’s preparations on cold days.

I only saw around 10 minutes of the Scottish Cup tie at Tannadaice this afternoon but was unfortunate to witness Ian Black twice make an offensive hand gesture, once apparently aimed at the Dundee United support.  If he was wearing green  I’m sure he would be dealt with.
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  1. Monaghan



    Obviously cannae remember the 70s



    The only folk who think Sevco are the biggest team in Scotland are them



    Last throes of the dying deluded supremacist

  2. a great day of sport


    ireland win in cardiff after playing in a really entertaining match


    and rangers get humiliated in the scottish cup

  3. BSR



    I anticipated that TFPLG would be poor ….never did I realise how poor



    Pleasantly surprised

  4. But the studio disagrees. Not Swally’s fault, it is the support structure.



    Poor wee Ally.




  5. No they didnt lame steakbake, its the scouting staff, he needs better backing, its john parks fault for being so succesfull, Its Kenny Mcdowells fault. Anyone who blames alli is rounded on and then he should be offered a 2/3 further years. Fine with me,




  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    A total boycott with 365 people – now that’s almost as clever as pea and ham from a chicken.



    Ask a Zombie to count to five …. 365, one, two, three, four, five.



    365 is the new zero CSC

  7. still not his team. funny, mccall in for a long hour, the fans aint all stupid ian.




  8. two of alis defenders leaving snide, Could get dirty, they will no doubt get on Celtic fans who feel sorry for sevco. Make these guys up.




  9. In fairness to Sally his squad missed out on a proper pre-season, so its bound to take them a few games to get up to speed.

  10. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Just back from the vale good 3-0 win – sorry to channelisland that tom pope didn’t score

  11. Georgios looks a 10m player when he plays in Europe and let’s hope he makes it for the Juve games although we were missing three first-teamers and still beat Barca. We now have a fifteen point lead in the Championship and like an athlete in a long distanced race is there a chance Celtic could lap their opponents. Should be a great atmosphere for tomorrows Cup tie, really looking forward to it. Great to see Stokes get that vital third goal on Wednesday night with a skilful finish.

  12. Shady



    TFPLG will be assisted by the MSM as he’s their pal




    Green is too frightened to criticise



    Therefore he’ll remain in charge ..bumbling along from one cup stuffing to another …until they go bust again …in which case he might not get another opportunity to embarrass himself

  13. Paul67 et al



    Brilliant try for Scotland, from a counter attack as well!



    Thought they would not get any points from earlier forward play.

  14. ….PFayr,



    So do you think that Black and the rest merely signed on for the money alone and not for the promise of being back in the SPL pdq?



    If so, then that may explain their overall performances against teams that, in truth, they should be dealing with comfortably in DIV.3.



    I hope we have our winning hats on tomorrow and don’t spoil the weekend on us!

  15. hail hail to Port bhoy lynch in erskine morrisons.



    said hello to me, recognise the face, but never spoken before.



    are you one of the port blah blahs



    yes i am the oldest.



    or should i call you saint stivs he says.



    its obvious its you on cqn






    made my day, and he mentioned Palacio as well.



    keep it lit

  16. Losing today is like a new singeing, says a strangely orange Mark Hately.




    guilty pleasures : I watched that match this afternoon…..oh, schadenfreude with a tangerine on top.


    McCann, in the studio, was white with anger, and incandescent in his scathing of sevco.


    They truly showed themselves up. That psycho Black needs ejected from the game.


    Thug extraordinaire.


    The lard addict, Sally, will be bingeing on bridies tonight.


    As was commentated, this is a team full of experienced spl players, albeit playing in the depths of the league structure and they were abysmal.


    If, and it’s a very big if, they ever manage to regain credibility, it’ll take years….no quick two-step back to the top flight for Klan F.C., if ever.


    Hopefully, the knackers yard is their lot.




    Time to look forward to The Bhoys ra morra. COYBIG!



  17. Thomthethim



    Precisely …



    Elbows is a major Hun and keeps them going …they miss him



    I’m not sure anyone else gives a fig…exactly how it looked today



    Btw …thought Jackie Mac showed some good managerial nouse today …Sevco were on the game for the first twenty mins of the second half …two subs …changed the shape ….Hun pressure ended ..

  18. Regan has to go.



    Cannot believe what I’m listening too.



    Admitting lying to make an impact.



    Admitting sky sports runs scottish football.



    He has to go.




  19. Saint Stivs



    Erskine Morrisons ?? Are all the Port Bhoys barred fae shopping locally?


    I do hope it was alcohol yeez wir shopliftin:O)

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    tried to listen to Snyde after my decision to not listen again.. I realise I was correct first time. It’s a garbage Sevco propaganda machine , like the Herald and STV..



    What a country.. Dalziel is particularly dim and unapologetic..



    Keevins, like Burley, MacLeod et al should ve known better..




  21. Bazzabhoy



    Sky …for such a paltry sum too



    Neither Reagan and Doncaster are fit for purpose …both out of their depth

  22. Speirs taking on Regan tonight already not pulling punches. Worth a listen Bhoys.,




  23. Thread on a zombie site about McCann and his statement 5 or 6 Sevco players looked unfit.



    That would mean 6 or 5 fit players. I think that is outstanding for a pub team…

  24. Just love the callers on SSB , you know the ones with the staccato speech , ye can just hear the cogs turning as they try and remember why they called.




  25. Regan said, in a nutshell, our contracts stated 4 old firm games a season therefore I wanted rangers in the SPL to keep these contracts incase clauses in contracts were exercised.



    Also said his comment about a slow and lingering death was designed to basically put the frightners up people to keep the Hun in the SPL/1st div.



    He’s admitting he doesn’t care about sporting integrity, it’s all about cash.



    In my opinion he’s in the process of resigning.

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