Samaras preparations need a rethink


Georgios is hugely important to Celtic on Champions League duty.  His presence and experience is crucial, but his ability to hold the ball up, often the subject of frustration for some in SPL games, is fundamental to Celtic’s chances of playing at this level.

Georgios Samaras hamstring injury, coming late in the first half against Kilmarnock, is a carbon copy of the injury he picked up late in the first half against Berwick Rangers two years ago this month.  Hamstrings mostly to go early in games, or early in the second half, before players muscles are properly warmed and stretched.  It is unusual for a player to get well into a game, when limbs should be stretched, before picking up this kind of injury.  Time for a rethink of the player’s preparations on cold days.

I only saw around 10 minutes of the Scottish Cup tie at Tannadaice this afternoon but was unfortunate to witness Ian Black twice make an offensive hand gesture, once apparently aimed at the Dundee United support.  If he was wearing green  I’m sure he would be dealt with.
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  1. My favourite zombie comment of today and sums it all up beautifully…



    ‘if the players are unfit then the problem lays with ally and the rest of the coaches, if green sacks ally then he becomes a hate figure this is just a f***** up situation’

  2. starry plough


    17:39 on


    2 February, 2013


    I have to say Steakbake is my favourite hun manager of all time…




    Starry ,who would have thought he would have put our ole fav ,johann brek a leg greggs


    in the shade?

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    They don’t resign, resignation would be an integrity issue and as you said, he doesn’t care about integrity.

  4. bazzabhoy



    With league construction there will be a new governing body. SFL clubs hate him. He knows he is out the door.

  5. Funny how competent players like Shiels, Templeton and Sandaza have become pale shadows under the lard addict’s tutelage.


    In it for the money. Careers wrecked. Hope it was worth it for the sevconian experience.


    Chuckles’ll be back to skulking from hotel to hotel at this rate once his devil’s deal with his new found scum o.o. backers starts to unravel like a cat tearing at a loose thread.


    And he thinks he’ll be able to scamper back to Wuthering Heights with the filthy lucre…….


    “When supping with the devil, make sure you use a long spoon.”


    This is all going to get interesting in a distanced observational way.


    Jabba’ll have to get creative for once in his crap career.

  6. neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    True. They should all be forced out by the government.



    Asonofdan – hope so, will just end up just another Hun that takes over.



    Longmuir is the current flavour of the Hun month.

  7. bazzabhoy



    17:39 on 2 February, 2013



    Regan has to go.



    Cannot believe what I’m listening too.



    Admitting lying to make an impact.



    Admitting sky sports runs scottish football.



    He has to go.









    …and still supporters in Scotland contribute to them.



    There are alternatives to watching games.



    The pub, the computer, etc.



    If it is justified to ditch the MSM, why is it not justified to ditch Sky Sports?



    You can keep the movies and any other channels, to keep family harmony, but cancel Sports and take a walk to the pub instead.



    Feeding them only makes them worse.



    £5bn next year to the EPL.



    Go on, it is only a tabloid channel and their performance on Thursday night, lying to keep the punters watching, was pure Murdoch at it’s worst.



    It will be like giving up smoking. Tough at first, but you will soon feel much better….in your head and in your pocket.

  8. voguepunter



    You have to be a very speshhul wan to eclipse that grunter…



    Well done Alistair you’re a legned alright in the East End anyway!!

  9. Very weak man regan, should not be put a position like that and i can’t imagine he interviewed well. Puppet all day long. I think Cosgrove very quiet tonight, I like his approach. Just for the record Regan hasnt answered 1 question yes/no so far.




  10. miki67



    Look at the Sevco management team and how players go backwards under them.



    Look at ours and how the likes of Wanyama has progressed.



    They are decades behind in every department…

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Regan says..” We ve removed the blazers!” Aye right.. Total lying donkey..

  12. Alasdair MacLean on




    Cracking summary that….deserves a wide audience.



    I think that there was maybe a wee bit more to the official turning down of the ticket allocation – the idea that maybe Chuck didn’t have the cash to pay up front, and was also scared of losing cash if they didn’t buy the tickets off him.



    I lost my undercover FF membership for pointing out that “people” were suggesting as much. Lifetime ban. Don’t miss it funny enough.

  13. The most important thing I’ve heard today on the Celtic news front is that Fraser Forster is back for tomorrow’s game, I really hope this is true, don’t want to face Juventus especially without him.

  14. Ole Cricket toff Raygun has always been Ovalmaltine’s toy boy bogging to the core the whole SFA…



    Disband the SFA and start a new body with some direction and vision for the game…



    Come on Nimrod get the Doc Martens on…

  15. I know it was only a rubbish wee team run by dregs getting beat by a decent DU side managed by a Celtic stalwart, but look at what it’s revealed, a whole new level of incompetence and deceit. The incline of the downward spiral just got steeper.


    All we can do is watch it all in horrified amusement and look to ourselves, and trust in the likes of DD and PL to do good by us. On the evidence so far, given the swirling debacle engulfing the governance of the game, they are steering a steady course.


    Bring on Raith, ICT, and of course Juventus.

  16. gillian i scream on

    Regan,shares a surname with one dangerously dumb ex us president (ronnie) and looks like another (Dubya)

  17. Clydebank CQN’ers.



    What’s with the Chandlers ?



    Not a regular myself ( Have been in the past ), but I seriously hope that the base of our town’s Celtic community is soon back to its proper place.



    Long live the Chandlers men.

  18. Cosgrove losing it tonight with his whataboutery agenda



    Facts all wrong tonight Stuart

  19. bsr@17:08



    “Our keeper didn’t have much to do”



    Allez LeCoist




    That comment is straight from the Craig ‘Hello, Hello’ Brown school of management. I remember after Scotland had been hammered by Morocco 3-0 he said the scoreline was misleading as Scotland had ‘more corners’.



    The longer TFPLG stays in charge the more hilarity we will have at them.



    There were 8 SPL players in the SevCo line up today.

  20. Why do Cosgrove and Spiers continully throw Celtic’s name into the mix when discussing the monkey caused debacle. The Old Firm tag died with them.

  21. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    “Scottish Cup victories for Hamilton, Falkirk, Kilmarnock and St Mirren after Dundee United beat nine-man Rangers.”



    I really dislike this BBC website headline since it can give the impression that the Klan was struggling with men missing for a large part of the game when the truth is that they were well beaten before two men were sent off.

  22. voguepunter,



    More articles like that are needed from otherclubs, to stiffen the resolve of their respective chairmen.



    Regan’s position is completely untenable now, if he has admitted to both putting cash before integrity and, more tellingly, his unfounded proclamation of Armaggedon.



    Instead of protecting the game, he deliberately engaged in undermining it.



    A disrepute charge should be the minimum sanction against him.



    Dismissal is the only proper action.

  23. TMWTL



    Unfortunately sevco only have Div3 games left to play……there will be the odd embarrassment ….but thankfully TFPLG should see the season out



    And if reconstruction goes as suggested they’ll still be in the bottom league …..

  24. 1736:


    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “We’re still in a very difficult situation; we hear about clubs being unable to pay players. Let’s hope that we can begin to look forward and rebuild Scottish football.”




    BBC Sportsound pundit Graham Spiers says it is “ludicrous” to suggest Stewart Regan hates any club in Scotland.



    Spiers said no one within the Scottish football authorities had “a firm grip” on the unravelling situation at Rangers and the game in Scotland.


    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “Last summer was a hugely complex time. A plan had to be presented to the clubs to decide what was best for the game. It’s okay having sporting merit but if you don’t have money to run clubs then you can go down the tubes…”




    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “With the benefit of hindsight, the game tried to take on too much. It would’ve been better… To try bite-sized chunks.”


    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “Football is about opinions and also personal agendas. Sometimes tactics are applied that are a little more underhand than you would like…


    Stewart Regan says he never used the term “Armageddon” when referring to the state, or future state of Scottish football




    Stewart Regan tells BBC Scotland’s Sportsound Extra that he won’t be drawn on the issue of potential title-stripping because of the current commission investigation chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith…


    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “Charles has mobilised 40,000 fans to get behind the club and is doing it in a way that appeals to the club. Charles and I get on fine: we meet, have disagreements and fall out.”




    Graham Speirs has asked Stewart Regan to describe his relationship with Rangers chief executive Charles Green…




    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan


    “People see what they want to see. If it affects their club then clearly they may be negative.”




    Stewart Regan says his aim is to “promote, foster and develop Scottish football at all levels…”



    “We’re a governing body and here to do a job, not win a popularity contest,” he adds.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Cosgrove and Spiers are vying for Jabbas job. Reagan extremely comfortable on BBC sportssound. Almost doing the anchormans job




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