Samaras preparations need a rethink


Georgios is hugely important to Celtic on Champions League duty.  His presence and experience is crucial, but his ability to hold the ball up, often the subject of frustration for some in SPL games, is fundamental to Celtic’s chances of playing at this level.

Georgios Samaras hamstring injury, coming late in the first half against Kilmarnock, is a carbon copy of the injury he picked up late in the first half against Berwick Rangers two years ago this month.  Hamstrings mostly to go early in games, or early in the second half, before players muscles are properly warmed and stretched.  It is unusual for a player to get well into a game, when limbs should be stretched, before picking up this kind of injury.  Time for a rethink of the player’s preparations on cold days.

I only saw around 10 minutes of the Scottish Cup tie at Tannadaice this afternoon but was unfortunate to witness Ian Black twice make an offensive hand gesture, once apparently aimed at the Dundee United support.  If he was wearing green  I’m sure he would be dealt with.
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  1. Thomthetim – I don’t have it either but if less people watch it in the pub, it won’t be worth the pub taking it either. That’d be the kind of revenue drop they might notice. There’s no criticism from me for anybody doing what they feel is right.

  2. Estadio Nacional on

    PFayr 18:56



    I had Dundee Utd in my plan B with chelsea and Napoli but had Russell at 11/2 first goal but really should have done single on that game.



    ManU and Napoli tonights effort, manu really average for the team at top of EPL, looks like a draw.





  3. bsr:


    Quite a picture of The Bhoys today.


    These are the things that truly matter to us.


    (Sevco is a minor derisive sideshow of no real consequence any more…not even to themselves.)


    As you do so often : a picture paints a thousand words.





  4. thomthethim



    17:55 on


    2 February, 2013



    Would you mind too much if I consider my subscription helps pay for the amount of money Celtic get, directly or otherwise, from Sky every year?

  5. Craig Burley has managed to achieve the dubious distinction of inclusion in ‘Private Eye’ for talkin’ mince :


    ” He hasn’t always been the flavour of the Arsenal fans’ eyes this season .”


    Good luck workin’ for Sports Direct when ESPN sets sail, ya fud.


    : > )

  6. Estadio Nacional on

    The Boy Jinky 19:05



    Ha, got a KFC delivered for dinner, Ive hit rock bottom mate, roll addiction has reduced me to eating KFCs. Sad days.





  7. miki



    Thank you and agree, – I’ve actually been a few times over the years,



    John Thomson was the essence of Celtic and visiting his graveside which is immaculately


    cared for, is a very humbling experience.

  8. Why do I get a shudder down my back every time the Man U right-back’s name is mentioned during a broadcast?

  9. ‘Carry our noise with the badge on your breast.


    Give them hell at Tannadice’


    Cannae wait to see their next banner.

  10. weeminger,



    I don’t mean to sound critical of anyone who subscribes to SkySports.



    I just find it frustrating that I was being charged the same as English club supporting subscribers and my contributions were not being reflected by the money going into the Scottish game.



    An additional irritation for me, is that they peddle the same MSM line as the discarded tabloids.




    On another point.






    You would bet London to an orange, that had Black’s misdeameanors gone, as usually happens, unsanctioned, there would have been no post match analysis or handwringing from the dignity demanding pundits.



    They just used that segment to vent their spleen on the Black whipping boy.



    A bit like kicking the dug when you stub your toe.

  11. Gordon64


    19:14 on


    2 February, 2013


    ‘Carry our noise with the badge on your breast.


    Give them hell at Tannadice’




    G ,you’re an intelligent sort of ghuy,whit the fek did that banner mean?

  12. A black day for Black as name is blackened by his own.


    Blackballed by the time they finished polishing him off.


    I deny all innuendo.

  13. VP


    I’m sure the deluded Sevconians will apportion


    blame on their defeat today on the splitters


    who let the side down by turning up to support their team.


    Does that make sense ?

  14. Margaret McGill on




    18:55 on 2 February, 2013



    Gay Dailly ,,the famous dyslexic?

  15. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Eveining ladies and gents,



    I’ve a few celtic tops and t-shirts which belonged to my nephew, looking for a good home. They’re all in immaculate condition. I recall a request for shirts a while back on here, for kids abroad. Anybody got any info?

  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    19:18 on 2 February, 2013



    The bhuns were charging their players? to compensate for their silence (absence) by playing for the badge etc ……certainly didn’t get the message …LOL

  17. G64



    Splitters = Timmy conspirators …ahhhh ,naw canny see it .


    As I posted on Dundee utd site,time for us all to move on now,


    for sevconians ,your next year is 1691….enjoy.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    from last night you have until 9 to add to the list:


    prestonpans bhoys


    20:45 on 1 February, 2013


    to date and no intention of updating




    20:14 on 1 February, 2013




    19:53 on


    1 February, 2013


    A wee thought about the ‘boycott’.


    Well said shady, I nominate you to start a CQN list as to what they have boycotted over the years. It could be a very long list but I am sure you will get some help on here, I would suggest you number them backed up with facts, I hope you are not to busy over the coming months. I will start you off…….


    1. Catholics




    Green Straws


    Southern Irish footballers


    Whistling on a Tuesday.


    Civilised behaviour


    Intellectual conversation


    The Truth


    Kafflick schools




    place of work


    Montrose Programme Editor




    Jelly an ice cream


    Green Salad


    Offering a seat to a heavily pregnant woman on a train


    Paying bills


    Saying please and thank you.








    Eggs Benedict


    Green Peperami


    Paying Taxis?


    Fish on a Friday (Fat bird in the chippy might think am u tim)


    Toilets in manchester


    Low cal pies




    Bowling clubs with the name ‘Green’ in it



    Sense of humour


    Eggs Bennidict


    The CQN quiz


    a sense of irony (HMRC, taxes, god save lizzy etc)


    full sets of teeth


    low cholesterol levels


    intelligent debate


    Add Dundee utd Match progs to list :))


    brain cells




    The Big Cup


    Ramsdens Cup


    Paying for St John’s Ambulance

  19. The Comfortable Collective on

    Lets put todays result in perspective.



    Remember it was rookie sevco boss mccoist up against grizzled veteran Jackie MacNamara.

  20. starry plough


    19:30 on


    2 February, 2013


    I thought Lee Wallace looked every inch a Scotland full back today…




    Danny McGrain World class excepted ,of course.

  21. Kilbowie Kelt



    18:17 on2 February, 2013



    Re Chandler’s



    It was closed down due to management rigging the mains electricity. Fire brigade were called, management arrested. Mangeress got bailed but her husband is still in custody. Electricity board dug up the immediate area outside and found tampering. It’s not expected to open any time soon.

  22. Sevco claim another world record…..for the least amount of supporters at an away game.


    Something else to fill their annual, which will be available in The 99p shop bargain bins come June.




    How stupidly petulantly petty to boycott the most pretigious match they could hope to have this season.


    Self-flagellating masochistic tendencies are concomitant with the inverted snobbery of the arrogance of the deluded peepil.


    Their pointy wee heads must be burlin’ with extra confusion tonight.


    The polis will be busy on call-outs to the domestically amok in sevconia.


    Gotta go.


    I’ve just been served my tea! In a good way…..



  23. Meanwhile back at the Celtic Ranch…



    Raith Rovers vs CELTIC. SC, 5th rnd. 12:45 KO tomorrow.



    Team news; Fraser Forster & James Forrest both return to the squad, following injuries. Georigos Samaras & Emilio Izaguirre are out. New signing Tom Rogic won’t feature, having flown back from Australia.

  24. The Comfortable Collective on

    Lee Wallace was at least partly to blame for each and every goal they conceded today. And that was against a team in the bottom half of the SPL.



    Hardly international standard, eh Gordon?



    I also thought Dundee Unitied played very, very poorly today, and it was still a stroll in the park for them.

  25. Tom Rogic has flown back to Australia because he forgot his boots – Celtic refused to pay the air fare.