Sarajevo recent European history


Celtic will face FK Sarajevo in the first Champions League qualification round.  Ties are subject to confirmation, but Celtic are scheduled to be home in the first leg, which is due to take place on 9 or 10 July, with the second leg a week later.

FK Sarajevo drew in Italy with Atalanta in last season’s Europa League before being humbled 0-8 in the second leg. They lost to Moldovans, Zaria Balti on penalties in 2017 but did not qualify for Europe in 2016.

Lech Poznan eliminated Sarajevo from the first round of the Champions League qualifiers in 2015,

In 2014 they reach the Europa League qualifiers where they eliminated Norwegians Haugesund and Greeks, Atromitos, losing both first legs at home before rescuing the tie on the road in the second leg.  Borussia Monchengladbach got the better of them in the play-off round.

The Bosnian season ended the same day as the Scottish Cup Final, so neither team should have a match fitness advantage.  We will have enough for Sarajevo, but they will be competitive games.

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on




    Perhaps he would’ve but he’s moved on it’s time we did, NFL wouldn’t have been my choice but he’s ours now



    Maybe BR wouldn’t have wanted him ?



    I’m sure we’ve other irons in the fire I’d hope so

  2. Go tell



    Agreed, but, Rogers did have a good record for bringing the best out of players, not so sure Lenny can do likewise

  3. Big Wavy – we’ve no idea what the boy’s motivation was. He might have told his agent that he wanted to move to the English Premier League if that option came up. He might have wanted the cash. We don’t know. But he obviously didn’t want to play for Celtic enough. C’est la vie. It’s done now.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on



    Aye and some bloody awful ones too and what about that shot, whoosh ⚽

  5. Chavez



    C’est la vie. It’s done now.






    Agree there buddy. I’ve survived the selling of both King Kenny and Henrik. I think I’ll survive the nearly bhoy David whatshisname…

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Don’t understand the constant Ntcham derision suppose it all depends on what you like in a player

  7. The leg breaking tackle by Choudray was defended by the commentator saying he got the ball first.


    Knew my comment about France not scoring would work

  8. Go tell the Spartim on




    If you can work your magic for the Hoops you’d get my thanks BUT not before



    Soothsayer CSC

  9. What is the Stars on

    No matter what way you dress it up the Turnbull affair is calamitous.


    Why agree to pay 3 million for him if we haven’t let him or his agent know the ballpark figure for wages.


    We wont be held to ransom blah blah.


    Never heard of him a month ago so not too bothered but it doesn’t bode well.


    Sell Ntcham and one other at least of Rogic and McGregor and Tierney, then scramble around for loans and free transfers in late August after our champions league exit.


    Sure isnt it a grand old team

  10. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    Some players just don’t have the mentality to play for Celtic, to cope with the demands for success.



    I can’t help feel Turnbull falls in this category. While the agent gets criticised, I find it hard to believe he didn’t act without Turnbull’s full knowledge.



    Regardless of how he does, I think we dodged a bullet. Moving on best for all.

  11. The Turnbull saga is sideshow. Reality is 3 and half weeks since we kicked a ball and not one player signed. The transfer strategy is so dysfunctional its embarrassing. Please go Peter, your time is up. Stop holding the Club back and let someone else take over.

  12. Murderwell and turnbull have made Celtic look like mugs.



    We should have insisted on secrecy till the negotiations were concluded.



    Then, last week, when it was apparent that he wanted a better offer, that should have been it.



    We have wasted a week when we could have signing someone who wanted to come to us.



    Rank feckin amateurism from Lawwell.



    Three weeks till our season starts and we still need a RB, a CH, a MF and a CF…at least. Not to mention cover at RB and LB.



    And we don’t know who else will leave.



    How long have we had to line up signings?



    Here we go again;



    ‘You’ll be fed up hearing me say this but every transfer window we want to come out stronger,’



    We’ll see, Peter.

  13. Celtic’s possibles opponents in tomorrow’s Q2 CL :- winners of unseeded ties in Group 2 of draw;



    *Sheriff Tiraspol (MDA) or FC Saburtalo (GEO)


    *HJK Helsinki (FIN) or HB Tórshavn (FRO)


    *Nõmme Kalju FC (EST) or KF Shkëndija (MKD)


    *ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK) or FK Sutjeska (MNE)


    *Ararat-Armenia FC (ARM) or AIK (SWE)



    draw at 11am on

  14. Go tell the Spartim on




    It’s the PL way and will always be thus I just dint waste my energy getting upset about it anymore.



    Still think we’ve been played by Motherwell and Turnbull glad we set a deadline and moved on



    Good luck to him at Norwich

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    THE first leg of Celtic’s Champions League clash could be switched to Bosnia – to give Sarajevo enough time to get UK visas.



    Neil Lennon’s men were supposed to host the opening game of their first qualifying round tie on July 9.

  16. Let’s be honest, we didn’t handle this well. Never in control after it went public


    To be fair we could play Eddie Turnbull in midfield next year and still win the SPL.


    The SPFL is where we are and we have to life within that solar system.

  17. I will say this the current leaders of this club are rank amateurish there must be curse on us if we were professional we would have dumped that motherwell player and may still do so after he has crucified us, we will not get the players we need because we are not professional enough and mr lawell alreay new what he was doing hence mr lennon cheap cheap, to be honest I don’t care what others think any more, but one thing over the years celtic have proved how miserable they are they are good at that

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    This feels like a frog in boiling water. The sh*t will hit the fan by which point it will be too late.



    This squad does not have what it takes to qualify for Europe without serious investment. If we get knocked out in qualifying there will be a cloud over the club before the domestic season has even started.



    When are the fixtures released? I bet we are heading for Ibrox around the third or fourth game of the season.

  19. Peter seems to have great difficulty in getting the deal done.


    Unless of course he is negotiating his own £3.1m deal.


    Then it seems to be not a problem.

  20. Oh, I forgot.



    Now for the panic loans that we can never afford but, before that, some crap signings that we cleaner identified as targets.



    ‘You’ll be fed up hearing me say this but every transfer window we want to come out stronger,’

  21. Clashcitybhoy on

    Good luck to Turnbull if he really is off to Norwich – good club, but not exactly the most accessible place for a 19 year old moving away from home.


    Not the easiest place to settle, but I am sure he considered that.


    Also interesting to see if Mwell put out a statement confirming they have accepted an offer. A failure to do so suggests we have been played, or, they recognise their naivety with last statement, or both.


    Lastly, clubs generally don’t pursue a player without unofficially sussing out whether said player would actually come on board????

  22. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ STEPHBHOY on 18TH JUNE 2019 10:56 PM



    We also need another striker and quality LW or attacking midfielder to contribute goals. We still haven’t adequately replaced Dembele, Paddy or Armstrong. There is an argument that Christie has covered Armstrong’s absence.

  23. Lets face it celtic love selling big and buying low. Celtic dont want to pay good money, if we dont improve the team we are asking for trouble at home and abroad. I am generally positive about celtic but the board dont half make it hard. hh

  24. stepbhoy neil lennon is peter lawells puppet he would not have got the job otherwise we are celtic just a miserable club truth hurts but hey we wont change while dermot desmond is in charge and mr lawell to ingrained in being miserable

  25. how many years have we had them at are mercy but put down the foot no we cannot kill them great club with tratition grow up we are mugs and they know it

  26. DT — A dog barks but the caravan moves on.


    Not our finest hour but we have some business in Europe to attend to.


    I wonder if he has a Championship clause in his contract?


    You never know — I wonder what Sheffield team he will pay first?

  27. Surely PL can walk and chew gum at the same time?



    All this focus on an area where we have some depth and talent is a bit disconcerting when we have gaps in both the defence and attack. One easy way to move on would be to have more people joining the squad — so where are they?



    Three weeks to the first qualifier — just what are PL and NL up to?


    SB seems to have be doing all out talking which is not the way it should be.

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