Sarajevo recent European history


Celtic will face FK Sarajevo in the first Champions League qualification round.  Ties are subject to confirmation, but Celtic are scheduled to be home in the first leg, which is due to take place on 9 or 10 July, with the second leg a week later.

FK Sarajevo drew in Italy with Atalanta in last season’s Europa League before being humbled 0-8 in the second leg. They lost to Moldovans, Zaria Balti on penalties in 2017 but did not qualify for Europe in 2016.

Lech Poznan eliminated Sarajevo from the first round of the Champions League qualifiers in 2015,

In 2014 they reach the Europa League qualifiers where they eliminated Norwegians Haugesund and Greeks, Atromitos, losing both first legs at home before rescuing the tie on the road in the second leg.  Borussia Monchengladbach got the better of them in the play-off round.

The Bosnian season ended the same day as the Scottish Cup Final, so neither team should have a match fitness advantage.  We will have enough for Sarajevo, but they will be competitive games.

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  1. some absolute pish spouted on here tonight.



    panty wetters csc.



    3 trebles in a row, ffs,



    @ STEPHBHOY on 18TH JUNE 2019 10:56 PM



    We also need another striker and quality LW or attacking midfielder to contribute goals. We still haven’t adequately replaced Dembele, Paddy or Armstrong. There is an argument that Christie has covered Armstrong’s absence.






    Sinclair is our left winger and has proven his over 3 years, we also have hayes, johnson, arzani, morgan and oxo-flex behind that.



    Paddy lost his battle to forrest before he left, we have added shved and we dembele too. Both johnson amd arzani can play there too.



    We purchased eddie and we have griffith back. We signed up bayo too, albeit he got injuried so we dont know what we have got. P.s we will be hard pushed to signed up another dembele who was a player and the some.



    I actually prefer christie to amstrong in that central midfielder role. Very Similiar in terms of energy, goals and skill. Think christie is better passer.



    Lost season was as bad as i can remember for injuries. Hopefully We can avoid such problems again.



    We need a rightback and centreback to go into the first team. We have church and ralston as back up fullbacks and we have the americans coming back in november.



    We could easily loss another 5 or 6 players without reducing the quality of the squad.

  3. ST2 @ 11.27



    Three trebles mean nothing regarding our next game — it is all about the team we can put on the park, the tactics and coaching they have been given and their desire to do well.



    Treble trebles is history — we have lost some of the players and some of the others are going downhill at a rate of knots — the Bosnians will play what we put on the park they will not play ghosts from the past.



    Three weeks to go — PL needs to get his erse in gear and deliver.


    I know he is useless — just a case he doesn’t need to prove it on an annual basis.

  4. SETTING FREE THE BEARS FOR RES. 12 & OSCAR KNOX, well there are those easily pleased hence miserable club and i mean lack of spend

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Finally got my computer fingers working again but don’t know about


    my heid.


    Phew! it gets harder every time i come back from the rebel peninsula


    to get my aul body back in order. lol


    So the Turnbull saga lingers on eh? personally, and judging by the mood


    of our CSC we should have cut the deal immediately after he dithered.




    Welcome to the best blog on the planet, you lurked far too long.


    Glad to see you got the traditional ” are you a hun? welcome from


    TOURANGA BHOY and where were you for the Monday club?




    Just catching up here and seen your post, tremendous respect for


    Dr Mark and all he’s achieved, hope we meet up again.


    H.H Mick

  6. SB @ 11.30



    Don’t share your optimism regarding JF — he has been rank for the last three months as he shrinks before our eyes and wanders about the park looking lost.



    Two good strikes does not make up for his lost soul impression.



    ScS needs to move on — he is finished with us.



    His lack of moral fibre has caught up with him and now he looks like a rabbit on the M6 at midnight. Huge talent but his bottle has gone and he needs a new challenge. This seems to have the been the story of his career.

  7. Ye gotta luv thum…………….



    Irritating pop-ups………huns at it in the main. Only ever here for the jeer………..



    Usually led by those barely able to run a piss-up in a brewery.

  8. i am really worried about the league cup last 16 draw. breaking our own trebles in a row record will be in jeopardy because we dont have enough players in. its that short sighted planning than means a once great club is going under , closing stands, empying the bank account of failed projects.



    i wont be able to sleep tonight , someone left the window open.



    night all.

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ STEPHBHOY on 18TH JUNE 2019 11:30 PM



    Aside from the centre of midfield there is very little quality or strength in depth.



    Sinclair has fallen off the wagon to the extent that MJ and Hayes got the nod in both games against Sevco; that’s a bit of an indictment on Sinclair. You would never think of MJ or Hayes displacing JF on the wing (notwithstanding JF plays off the right).



    Of the wingers you mention they are young or unproven in the main: Johnson, Arzani, Morgan and Oxo-flex are all youth players. If Sinclair gets injured we have to rely on one of them on the left wing? Hayes is a trier but he doesn’t have the quality. Celtic by the numbers produced an article which highlighted that Hayes contributes little in the way of goals or assists.



    Up front Bayo is an unknown entity. He wasn’t injured when he arrived but seemed nowhere near the team (even with a striker crisis). I’m hoping that was just on account of acclimatising to new surroundings. Griff hasn’t kicked a ball since October and we cannot be sure that he is over his current issues. A new striker should be a priority.



    Our problems across the back 4 are known. I would prefer two CBs as both Boyata and Benkovic are gone and they must have played nearly 50 games between them. That’s a lot to make up, particularly as Ajer and Jozo were not immune to injuries last year.

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    Piss up in a brewery lol. funnily enough that will be where our next


    jaunt with the Social Celts will be at a local brewery.


    Paddy and Co. currently organising it.


    I believe all the seats are booked for the bus already, hope it’s a double


    decker for our lot 8-))


    H.H Mick

  11. 3 Trebles Scottish Cup, League Cup and League Titles:





    2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19






    in succession we match all our previous trebles in history, i mean come on, what more can the team acheive.




    Think about the quality of football since BR left (even before many would argue). We crawled over the line. Ipox performance…God help us.



    The SCF was dire till we got the penalty.



    It is blatantly obvious that we need new, high quality, faces.



    Treble Treble was fantastic but we’ll do nothing sitting on it or regressing as we are.



    Lawwell pisses about all the time and he takes us for mugs.



    The fiasco with turnbull is the latest in his many calamities. Why he wasted so much time on him is unfathomable.



    turnbull and his agent were at it. Basic stuff with which Lawwell should have had no truck.



    I said earlier murderwell should have been forced into secrecy till any deal was done. We (thanks Peter) were made mugs off.



    He should have been sacked long time hence.



    “We want to come out every transfer window stronger than we’ve gone in.”



    We’ll see, Peter.

  13. vale bhoy.



    i wouldnt pay lawell what he gets paid, however he is good at delivering on his job kpi’s



    poor games have happened forever. loss of form the same, players peak and trough. managers get things wrong. however this run of success is something special.



    people on a blog commenting on a failed transfer and the ins and outs , go get a life more fulfilling,

  14. I will make a wee prediction.



    Neil Lennons team will deliver more points and less defeats than Brendan did in his 2nd season.



    and get better results in europe,



    might not wn another treble, but, we will get 9 in a row,

  15. Melbourne – that’s one piss-up that’s sure to be good, and well-organised by genuine Tims.



    Glass-Half-Full CSC







  16. St Stivs



    I’ll make a £100 bet to Mary’s Meals, that Neil will not better Brendans “bad” European record,, 2 CL group stage and 2 last 32 Europa.



    We on?

  17. In this Millennium we have faced CL qualifiers with the following results



    2000/01- qualified for UEFA cup after one qualifying round- went out in Round 2


    2002- beat Ajax in our only qually round – finished 3rd in CL group


    2003-knocked out of CL at q3- our first tie- but then, Seville


    2004- won q2 and q3 and finished 3rd in CL group


    2005- no need to qualify- finished 4th in CL group


    2006- eliminated at ist hurdle q2- out of Europe altogether


    2007- no need to qualify- finished 2nd in CL group


    2008- Won q3- our first tie- on pens- 2nd in CL gap


    2009- no need to qualify- finished 4th in CL group


    2010- won q3 but knocked out at play off round- dropped into Europa


    2011- knocked out of CL at q3- first tie- K.O from Europa at 1st hurdle too


    2012- Fortunate tech win-over at play-off stage – its tie- for Europa- finished 3rd in gap


    2013- Won q3 and play off- finished 2nd in CL gap


    2014- Won q2, q3 and play off round- finished 4th in CL group


    2015- Won q2- tech KO at q3 lost play off round- 2nd in Europa gap


    2016- Won q2 & q3 lost play off- finished 4th in Europa gap


    2017- Won q2, q3 and play off, finished 4th in CL gap


    2018- Won q2, q3 and play off – finished 3rd in CL


    2019- Won q1 and q2- lost q3- 2nd in Europa Group.



    We have never lost a q1 round tie but only have one year’s experience of them.


    We have only lost one q2 qualifier in 2006 to Artmedia


    We have won 9 (technically 10) of our 13 q3 attempts, all except for AEK last year, Legia in 2014/15 (won through on a technicality), Braga in 2011 and Basel in 2002/03


    We have a big problem with CL play-off rounds, losing 4 out of 10.



    Last year was the only time we were asked to make 4 qualifying rounds and we only made it to q3.



    It is getting harder and harder to make it to CL group stage. Even a big spend will not guarantee it. Still worth having a go but I doubt the Turnbull transfer failure will make much difference to our prospects- Would he even have featured?

  18. sid



    Neil can’t beat Brendan’s total across 3seasons in 1 season.



    I will bet that he will take more points in a group stage than Brendan did.



    you in ?

  19. Cannot believe the complacency on here given our recent performances and our failure last season.



    We have a weaker squad going into our first real game and yet all some can think about is what we achieved three years ago.



    BR went into Europe wearing L plates.


    NL has Braga and Utrecht on his CV.



    Not quite getting the happy clappy vibe.

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    ‪I still believe we have the quality with our current squad to win the league this season. Even without additions we are way ahead of Sevco. Adding new players isn’t about winning the league, which we should do with our existing quality.‬


    ‪Adding to the squad should be about ambition in Euro competitions. We won’t win CL but surely adding more quality to make us competitive for last 32 isn’t to much to ask.‬


    ‪Turnbull isn’t the finished article though he could develop into one given his sensational impact for Motherwell last season. ‬


    ‪This whole saga is an embarrassment for our club and I feel for those who were deceived in to spreading untruthful information as fact.‬


    ‪We need a Director of Football ASAP as it’s now obvious PL isn’t up to the job. I always put workers in roles they are capable of doing. DD needs to take control here and sort this out.‬

  21. SFTB



    Some of us can enjoy our record and triumphs whilst recognizing a squad in regression, the wonderful abilities of the human mind.



    Some of us would also like to see those triumphs continue, which should be highly achievable giving our finances.



    Mr Lawwell is failing imo and has in at least the last four transfer windows, if your argument is you don’t think the squad is regressing then i call your football judgement into question. HH

  22. Melbourne Mick on




    Our committee with Paddy at the helm do a wonderful job organising


    events, last Sunday we tried a new pub, as all the pubs on the


    peninsula realise the amount of profit they could attain by hosting the


    Celtic club and all the others who gather when they hear us partying.


    So we give them a go and wait on their offer but the one on Sunday had


    no Guinness ,so it was a German beer for me, SCHLOSS DUNKEL, looked


    like sweet stout but great kick to it.


    But our own venue at the Re-Publican takes some beating with half price


    drinks, but you never know and we’re happy to keep trying them all.


    H.H Mick

  23. Saint Stivs



    I realise that, the bet was over 3 seasons, do you have doubts he will last that long?

  24. SFTB @ 12.11



    AMB failure was in July 2005 — WGS first European tie.



    PL made an erse of that season’s recruitment exercise.



    We bought the players but just to late to play them in that game.


    There is such a thing as a free lunch.

  25. Melbourne –



    I know from personal experience how rewarding putting these gigs together can be but I’m glad no longer have the responsibility!







  26. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Melbourne Mick


    I know you love a list so how about one of all the CQNers that have been at the Mornington Social Celts?



    No 1 on the list is Eddieinkirkmichael

  27. If PL & NFL can get the right faces in over the course of the window which then gets us through the 4 CL qualifiers followed up by skelping Sevco in their own midden then I will be very happy. I don’t believe this is unachievable, it would also puncture Seethins bubble, they nor him would come back after an early ko. HH

  28. More of a concern for me is that NFL has not added anyone to his backroom team. If JK and DD are the answer I am struggling to understand. It will be another summer transfer window of “we tried our hardest and nearly signed him”, meanwhile let’s load the team with loanees. Oh and LG’s return is like a new signing.

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