Sarajevo recent European history


Celtic will face FK Sarajevo in the first Champions League qualification round.  Ties are subject to confirmation, but Celtic are scheduled to be home in the first leg, which is due to take place on 9 or 10 July, with the second leg a week later.

FK Sarajevo drew in Italy with Atalanta in last season’s Europa League before being humbled 0-8 in the second leg. They lost to Moldovans, Zaria Balti on penalties in 2017 but did not qualify for Europe in 2016.

Lech Poznan eliminated Sarajevo from the first round of the Champions League qualifiers in 2015,

In 2014 they reach the Europa League qualifiers where they eliminated Norwegians Haugesund and Greeks, Atromitos, losing both first legs at home before rescuing the tie on the road in the second leg.  Borussia Monchengladbach got the better of them in the play-off round.

The Bosnian season ended the same day as the Scottish Cup Final, so neither team should have a match fitness advantage.  We will have enough for Sarajevo, but they will be competitive games.

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  1. SID



    “Mr Lawwell is failing imo and has in at least the last four transfer windows, if your argument is you don’t think the squad is regressing then i call your football judgement into question. HH”



    Too early in this transfer window to tell if the possible loss of Lustig, Ntcham and Benkovic (if any of them do indeed go) has been offset by the arrival of Shved (who definitely has come).



    The last 4 “failed” transfer windows produced a 2nd and a 3rd Treble, by my reckoning.



    I wonder whose football judgement does NOT accord with the established and immovable facts (as opposed to the unproven speculations of doom)



    Goodnight CQN.

  2. Good Morning, hope all have a triple, treble champion day…



    HOT SMOKED – 18TH JUNE 2019 – 1:34 PM & TIMALOY29 – 18TH JUNE 2019 – 1:35 PM,



    Please see my reply to SFtBs below:



    SFtB’s @ 3:23 PM,






    I did not conclude there was truth in the Perreira story



    I used the small but important word, if, in my construction



    I was also aware, from the start, that , if true, it could be interpreted as you did. That was no surprise to me.



    However, I was not just addressing your position but also those of posters who argued that players were selected by Lawwell and that Rodgers was by passed



    As you say, it could be an insight into BRs ambitious targets and PLs failure to land them



    It could also be an insight into how BR was fully aware that some top level targets might not be successfully landed and that his anger at the McGinn instance was opportune when compared with his Stoic reactions to Pacino, Castagne and Herrera



    Who knows? None of this is proof.



    Maybe McGinn was the straw that broke BRs back or perhaps the excuse he was looking for.



    Depends on how you filter your sparse facts



    Yes, I was fully aware you used the word “if”…



    SFtBs – 18TH JUNE 2019 8:54 AM ; “Don’t know if there is any truth in it […that Brendan Rodgers ‘tried to take’ Andreas Pereira to Celtic] but, if true, it would suggest that BR had some input into transfer targets.”



    Emphasis and words in brackets are mine.



    It was you who made a premise that it was true, I was debating from your presupposition.



    So IF TRUE – that Rodgers ‘tried to take’ the 23-year-old talent to Celtic during his time at Parkhead and we didn’t sign him – which of course we didn’t – it would be further proof (we know for a fact that Brendan Rodgers named targets, we know there were occasion we did not sign said targets*), that the executive failed to sign Brendan Rodgers’ targets during his tenure as manager.



    We are now seeing this occuring again in this transfer window, under Neil Lennon this time.



    Now some say we should do our transfer business below the radar, fine, but hidden from view, out in the open or exposed no matter which way you “filter” it, or how sparse the proof (and the evidence in this case is far from sparse), the Celtic executive have a disposition of failure to close transfer deals.



    *In all the debates on this subject, I don’t never seen a CQNer suggested that Brendan Rodgers had no input into transfer targets.



    We have a systemic failure in our recruitment and transfer business. I’ve been making this point for quite some time now.



    I would suggest that it is those who are in denial of this, that should be de-tuning their filter.



    Aff Oot…



    Hail Hail

  3. Good morning CQN from a sun kissed Garngad



    If Turnbull deal is dead, then move on quickly. We have a leaked list to get around befor Peter Lawell can say, “ah well we tried but the fact that these Cubs knew we were interested because of the list and bumped up the cash” and we sign 1-2 projects and keep loads of cash in the bank at end of window. As talking heads would sing “same as it ever was”.



    D. :)

  4. Ps I thought as the seeded team in the qualifiers we were always away first and home second.



    I read somewhere stating although we were out of the hat first we COULD be away first.



    But I thought as seeded, previous champions we would automatically be away first?????






    D :)

  5. Chairbhoy



    “In all the debates on this subject, I don’t never seen a CQNer suggested that Brendan Rodgers had no input into transfer targets.”



    Well, I have, which was why I framed it as I did and did not address the reply solely to you. We can, agree, I am sure, since you have asserted it before, that transfer signings have been foisted on the manager without his approval e.g. Arzani and, possibly, Shved.



    As for tuning my filter, I was the one proposing a wider range of interpretative options for the outcome. You were proposing that only the narrower range of answers (It’s PL pissing off managers) fits the bill. If you are not receiving the sider range of answers when you look at the known facts then your tuner needs extended. If you are receiving them, but dismissing them, then it is not the mechanical equipment that is at fault.



    And yet, despite our “systemic failures” we continue to recruit well enough to enjoy unprecedented domestic success while we trod water or go backwards in Europe.



    Those are the “chiels that wanna ding” when we are analysing just exactly how poor Celtic’s football operations are.



    For 8 years, we have had posters prophesying doom. Saying, quite clearly that if we don’t stop Moneyballing (whatever that meant to them), and start Speculating to accumulate (and that meant anything from a wee bit more to a complete overhaul each year) then we would be losers.



    In 8 years, they have not been proven right, yet the confidence in their own forecasting ability remains undiminished. Throughout a Treble Treble, we have been getting this wrong, apparently.



    One day Cassandra will be right and those of us who were right for the last 8 years will be dismissed with a “Told you so- you complacent, board-loving, biscuit-tin and balance sheet worshipping (Insert sweary plural word here)!”

  6. Whole situation suggests that PL’s bottle has well and truly crashed.


    He has a proven ability to sign players from his own pet agent but anyone else and it can all get a bit hairy.



    Our current situation would suggest that he is struggling.


    Last season — in his willy waving comp with BR — he made the signing process difficult.


    Now with his feet being held to the fire by circumstances and squad contraction he is finding the difficulty is now coming from others.



    Not good, not good at all — three weeks to go and we still have a string vest for a defence.



    Plus to add to the misery — the coaching staff looks very thin with no recruitment in that area.


    Do we really want to succeed this season — to me the jury is out.


    We are currently on autopilot.

  7. traditionalist88 on

    More concerning than not getting Turnbull is the difficulty in even getting players out of Motherwell and Hibs these days.



    Years ago the McGinn deal would probably have still happened late in the window anyway even though we did our best to ball it up and Lawwell and Petrie saw it as a personal duel.



    But now all it seems to take is a little interest from down south and thats it, we’re up against it.



    One thing we do well when we are in negotiations is sell the club and the opportunities here – recent examples like Van Dijk, Ki, Wanyama, Forster, Dembele even Armstrong show that playing here is far from a hinderence to players careers.



    So its clearly money talking and probably not even that much more money, I doubt Norwich will go higher than 15k for a young boy who won’t be in their starting 11 for a while yet either.




  8. I don’t think the Turnbull farce is really Celtic’s fault, however it’s undeniable that we dont come away from it smelling of roses.



    Who do Celtic blame, considering we have already scapegoated the humble cleaner.?




  9. MM



    We have heard the same warning that we are one step away from failure since MON left.



    In that time, we progressed 3 times to the last 16, we have won 8iar and a treble Treble.



    The Huns dismiss this as it does not count because “we wurny in it”. You dismiss it as a minimal expectation, a given (despite the fact that we have lost titles to Dundee and Killie in the 60s, Aberdeen and United in the 80s and many to an old dead club that is still giving us the fear.



    These views chime together.



    My “happy clappy” viewpoint envisages the possibility of failure. It also envisages the possibility that we could have failed in any of the past 8 years. Remember? The ones you said, equally vehemently, in which we were going to fail.



    There are enough arses blowing off. It’s time for some orifices that are managed by the brain and not the stomach, to be heard.



    The Mineshafters, like the Hun press, can win every pre-season debate and every early season debate, because failure is a live possibility. They do find it harder to carry a winning argument come April and May though.



    Into work now- catch replies later

  10. No that fussed about missing out on turnbull…think we should go for ferguson of the sheep..strong in tackle..gets about the park..good in air…dangerous from corners and freekicks… broony like attitude…



    Just sayin like

  11. Celtic can’t compete with the wages on offer from Championship and Premier league Clubs. It’s that simple really. Norwich can afford to take a 7 million gamble on a player with 30 senior matches under his belt – we can not.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    By the laws of probability MM will be right at some point and the more we win the more likely that is the case



    We have won a treble treble but that’s gone now it guarantees nothing, the whole of Scotland are desperate for us to fail and we continually shoot ourselves in the foot by amateur negotiations (remember when PL was known as the Sharp Suited Man)



    On the evidence with my own eyes we are a team that’s waning and that was with Lustig, Boyata and benkowicz still here.



    It is early in the transfer window but it’s not like we haven’t seen this before Celtics transfer windows should be shown on TV channels Gild or Dave as the farce repeats itself year on year.

  13. We don’t know the ins and outs of either the Turnbull deal.



    What’s similar to the McGinn deal is simple, the lads kept their options open and waited for an English club.



    Both could be Celtic players but they aren’t. Why? The choice made by the player.



    Our future never hinged on Turnbull or McGinn. Let’s move on.

  14. MadMitch



    Not quite getting the happy clappy vibe.






    I see it more as an antedote to the screaming hissy fits of those following the pre-season cup. I’d like to see movement, I would have liked the momentum of having Turnball sign for the champions but it’s a reality check on the difficulties of competing with the cash rich neighbours. I don’t like how the transfer was played out in public and for the 2nd year in a row we lost. I’d like us to get a Head of Recruitment and I’ll expect that hire to be better than that numpty Congerton.



    We haven’t yet seen who will be the Ryan Christie of this year ? – Arzani, Schved, Kouassi or maybe big Bayo up front. Choose half-full. It’s better for your health fella.



    Hold yer nerve csc

  15. Norriem



    I like your eye for a player.i agree DT never shone against us unlike of luck to him.not part of Celtic so no part of me




  16. There are enough arses blowing off. It’s time for some orifices that are managed by the brain and not the stomach, to be heard.










    However It is always my feeling that there are those among the negatonians, especially the uber determined, urgent and emphatic that they are here solely to drip feed “fear”into the winning diet of Tims everywhere.



    Sleekitry no more no less.



    Celtic Quick News ( CQN) is an effective conduit for Timdom communication and while the huns aren’t winning, those that are in charge of hun message-management must do thur best to piss on the chips………


    Accentuating deep-seated historical / hysterical Tim “fears” is one way, and then there’s the repetitive injection of daily inanities…………. ( but that’s enough about me!)………… from the various hun “turns” with their catch-phrases and mind-numbing routines. both designed to have an effect on the environment here.



    ( that’s not to say there aren’t genuine heart-felt disagreements among Tims, just that imo the eye-catchin’ , pro-worriers are worth the watchin’)



    Just sayin’.




  17. AN TEARMANN on 19TH JUNE 2019



    Yes our recent history is very impressive, however that’s what it is; history.



    We cannot stand still or regress. We have much to achieve and we need fresh impetus. A few quality signings are needed, probably from outwith the UK.



    My feeling is that domestic agents are using us. We are being played and this has to stop. Our recruitment policy must surely be mapped out for all to see. It’s not rocket science.



    Train and PLAY our own youth and buy or loan quality from abroad.



    Cheers and HH.



    PS : I did not think John McGinn was the stand out playing against us, I thought it was Dylan McGeouch.

  18. SFtBs @ 8:35 AM,



    Well I know you have a pragmatic view of the Board. And I’ll take your word that some have said BR had no input. One chap suggested BR had bought 40 players… so I guess we have a spectrum of opinions.



    As far as de-tuning the filter I wasn’t paricularly thinking of you.



    Now as far as the last eight years of success goes… I could write chapter and verse on this. Suffice to say things weren’t looking particularly successful before DD brought BR in, we were on the wane.



    How much of the following success was down to DD’s decision time will tell, I think alot.



    We sold £30M+ of players last year. We have £60-70M in the shop window at the moment, I expect we’ll see £30M+ sales this year and next year.



    After that the Rodgers effect is finished and it will become clear where things are headed.



    My take – without the Rodgers effect we’ve been mediocre at best since Rangers died.



    Hail Hail

  19. Greenpinata



    Celtic static…..never :-))


    We are way to dynamic for that


    We will have new players in i have every confidence


    But it is hard and is only going to get harder in economic terms



    HH to you :-)

  20. From The Sun via The Scotsman



    Revealed: The lucrative contract Celtic offered to David Turnbull – 20 times what he earned at Motherwell



    The Canaries are set to complete the signing of the 19-year-old for £3.25million.



    The transfer fee will be considerably the most Motherwell have received, with the previous record sale being the £1.75million Celtic paid for Phil O’Donnell.



    The Parkhead side had an offer of £2.8million, potentially rising to £3.2million, accepted by the Steelmen last week.



    However, Turnbull and his representatives rejected the contract offer on Friday prompting Celtic to issue the following statement on Twitter:



    “#CelticFC was pleased to agree a record-breaking fee with Motherwell FC for David Turnbull and we have quickly followed this up with a fantastic offer to the player through his agent.



    “Currently, we have been unable to come to an agreement with the player’s agent. #CelticFC is content that it has made a magnificent offer and it is now up to the agent and player to decide if the player wants to join Celtic. If not, we move on.”




    It was reported that the deal was back on at the start of the week, only for the Scottish champions to pull the plug on their offer, allowing Norwich to sweep in for the midfielder who netted 15 times in the campaign just past.



    The contract offer made to Turnbull has been reported as a 20 times what he was on at Motherwell.



    According to the Scottish Sun, Celtic were willing to pay the player £12,000-a-week. A mammoth increase on the £600-a-week he earned at Fir Park.



    It is believed that the player and his agent wanted closer to £20,000-a-week.

  21. Turned down when offering x 20 of your current salary.



    Football is broken fellas. Becoming so far removed from its roots.

  22. traditionalist88 on

    I wonder if Turnbull considered the example of Lee Erwin, once the bright young player at Motherwell tipped for big things and signed for Leeds at a similar age in 2015.



    A quick google search shows he has just been released by Tractor Sazi after short spells at Bury, Oldham and Kilmarnock.



    Good luck David.




  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If Rory Stewart doesn’t get the No 10 gig,he can always go back to Wallace and Gromit…..

  24. Celtic. Have found a new Director of Football. Experienced English guy. Worked at a couple of decent clubs. Should get done soon. Story online shortly …



    Oooooohhh. Any ideas?



    Ok. I’ll say it. Harry Rednapp :)

  25. SCOTTISH champs Celtic want to bring in Nicky Hammond as their new director of football.



    The former West Brom and Reading transfer guru is lined up to join the Glasgow giants and find their future signings.



    Hammond made his name at Reading before being recruited by Albion where he was axed last season in a major staff review.



    After he joined the Baggies, a Statement from the club read: “He played a key role in the Championship club twice winning promotion to the Premier League in 2006 and 2012.”



    The former goalkeeper has widespread contacts and will give Celtic the kind of experienced figure they want since losing Lee Congerton.



    Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers took close ally Congerton with him and Celtic have been looking for a replacement since.



    Neil Lennon was keen on former super spy John Park but he is joining Sunderland in a key role once their takeover is complete.



    Celtic have already been linked to a number of players this summer including Arsenal flop Carl Jenkinson.



    The Scottish giants have also opened talks over a deal to land Republic of Ireland midfielder Luca Connell from Bolton.



    But Timothy Weah is set to join Lille after the Paris Saint-Germain striker spent the second half of last season on loan with the Hoops.

  26. Madmitch



    Spot on with your comeback there.



    Here’s what is frightening. But also factual.


    Last summer we exited the summer transfer window with a Net Transfer spend of…wait for this now…. Minus 20 Million . That’s right, MINUS £20 million spend. (Income : 20mil Dembele, 7 mil Armstrong, 1.5 mil Erik….. Spend approx. 8 mil Edouard


    This summer, as things currently stand…. wait for this now…. we are better off by minus 10 players. That’s right MINUS 10 players…. Benckovic, Toljan, Burke, Weah, Lustig, Boyata, Gamboa, Izzy, Allan, De Vries.


    Wow !!! just fckn WOW.


    And the happy clappers, as ever are content with this seeming progress.


    Fck me sideways

  27. Champions League Q 2 draw



    Celtic or Sarajevo v Nõmme Kalju FC (EST) or KF Shkëndija (MKD)



    Matches scheduled 23/24 July and 30/31 July

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SCOTTISH champs Celtic want to bring in Nicky Hammond as their new director of football.







    The former West Brom and Reading transfer guru is lined up to join the Glasgow giants and find their future signings.



    Did he recommend Burke for £15 million?

  29. Manny Perez allegedly recalled from college football in the USA. Clueless and out of ideas. Sack the Board.

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