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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Job done. Competent. Thought Taylor played well.



    Sarajevo red rotten. Summed up by their free kicks in injury time. They had nothing.



    Don’t tell me this one off match format works after the past two matches!

  2. Relieved but that was a tough watch. Need to raise our game if we’re to win anything in the EL. A left back is a must.

  3. Good result — horrible performance at every level.


    The MF is now a caricature of former glories.



    CMcG — couldn’t keep weans oot a close.


    RC — put in a shift but his head is elsewhere.


    SB — is now a laughing stock / horrible to see it.

  4. Is that another win away from home 😳


    All about the result tonight. Well done Bhoys🍀

  5. Streamless in Englandshire for the last 15.



    From what I did see, nothing much being learned by the management team. Thank eff the last 2 opponents have been gash.



    Hope the Huns get humped now.



    HH and stay safe.

  6. Has anyone got a Rangers VST i can use to watch the end of theims game.



    1-0 which is goood for scottish football.



    cmon the teddy bears.

  7. 1st half rubbish – second half 7/10 – good result but we need a 90min performance and we need a couple players to up the standards ……which have dropped to the point the season is up for grabs

  8. A very uninspiring first half, a bit better second half. We are screaming for a bit of real quality in midfield. I thought Turnbull would have done a job for us tonight. BUT, I’ll take three points in every game we play. All of course imho. HH

  9. A win is a win .The object at the start was to get into the league stages and we did that👏🍀

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thankfully the proceeds from tonight’s win and Eddy’s sale should pay for someone (anyone?) to play left wing-back.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    7 wins on the bounce (since the game that shall not speak its name). 5 clean sheets. 3 games in a row where no shots on target conceded. Into group stages. All in 2nd gear.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Game of two halves, upped tempo second half although commentators thought it was fatigue on Bosnians. They were also obsessed with possession, once game opened up unless Eddie was injured would have left him on.

  13. DESSYBHOY on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 9:00 PM


    Through, but we need to learn how to control a game , that was not it.



    70% celtic possession and Sarajevo 5 shots none on target, what else do you think the team and coaches should have done ?

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Win was the most important thing but any replay of our poor performances against mediocre teams who sit in. We need to freshen up and we cannot hide from that.

  15. Stroll in the park Celtic.On to Perth now and another 3 points.180 mins of away football in Europe,and opponents never troubled our goal once.


    Typical Turks,cant travel anywhere.Useless







    After his goal Eddy really looked up for it.



    I’d have left him on too!

  17. Well done Celtic.


    The key word to that second half performance was tempo.


    We played second half at a pace they couldn’t live with and got our reward.

  18. Thought we played well tonight. We deserved the win and move into the groups where hopefully we’ll not be coming against blanket defences. Duffy and Taylor stand outs for me with Moi giving everything. We’re in good shape. A win on Sunday and we’ve had a great few weeks in between the international breaks.

  19. We played a defensive thug like team away from home.


    We dominated game and came away with a deserved win.


    I’m totally satisfied with that.


    I thought Duffy was a tower of strength at the back, thought Taylor played well & put his heart & soul into game, Can’t get this constant criticism he gets here.


    Thought Brooney played very well for a man who’s legs are gone.



    Duffy & Brooney are in my top 3, have to give my 3rd choice a bit more thought.


    Well done Celtic & well done Mr. Lennon.