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  1. weebobbycollins on

    I see the beeb has us edging into group stage whereas the hun clinch a group place…


    Not much difference eh?

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Celtic legend’ Pat Bonner likes his soup.



    Job done, but this team is not playing well at all.



    An !8 year old ‘project’ has stepped up and been MotM for the past 3 games. Kind of says it all.



    Those who don’t want to be here will be gone by this time next week and hopefully we can kick on.

  3. Happy to get through. Of course, it is the main thing, but let’s not pretend we are playing well.



    Sevco over the last 2 qualifiers have a goal difference of 6-1; ours is 2. They have played a Dutch and Turkish team and we have played a Latvian and Bosnian.



    We continue to lack fluidity and offer very little threat. A midfield 3 of ntcham, christie and mcgregor pinned back PSG for 20 mins in preseason. It’s time we try something new, even just for one game.

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Big Wavy…thank you. Just what we didn’t need…hopefully fit for Perth.



    The Exiled Tim…I don’t pray but I do hope for the best for your wife.

  5. bluegrass celt on

    Packy Bonner and I were going out with two sisters at the same time (1982 ish) . Their faither was a big Orangeman. Mines got bumped after about a month or so but I think PB sold his soul cause his manhood ruled and they eventually got hitched. Think he got afflicted there after and forever more.

  6. Packie was an ordinary keeper who made a penalty safe to become a national hero.



    Up there with walker as a soup taker.



    Only he has the added bonus for the media of being thick and clueless about football.



    The BBC was wonderful at HT in our game. We were apparently struggling to overcome Sarajevo. Whilst the Huns were off to a great start v Galatasary. Lo and behold when I checked the scores both were nil nil.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on




    Hope he’s well and lurking



    Are transfers gonna happen now ?



    Usual caveats apply



    Hoping for an attacking left back CSC

  8. Go Tell The Spartim,



    Paul the Tim telling everyone Sessegnon could be a goer.



    Now that would be bloody good news.




  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    Big wavy



    Now that’d be exciting with him and Frimpers on either wing.



    Still unconvinced by Duffy but he’s getting better, hopefully the rest of the team will follow suit.

  10. The phrase Souptaker is more offensive than Philboy and his genitalic curses



    Paddy is from Donegal; an offensive term for folks there who had to leave or take the food of the soup kitchens and forced religion

  11. Go tell the Spartim on




    You’ll have the soothsayers and body language experts on your case now

  12. `I think too many people here want nothing but the reassuring voice of their own tribe.`



    If they want that, CQN the wrong place for them .


    Good night all.


    Yet another victory for one of the most dreadful Celtic teams ever…..apparently.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    I’m not a Netflixer; in fact, I watch very little tv. However, my film-maker wife suggested I watch a documentary called My Octopus Teacher. So glad I did. Lovely little story, beautifully shot. Well worth a viewing.

  14. i wonder what it is like being a Celtic player


    to pull on that jersey.maybe a bit more pressure on them if they supported Celtic.



    i know growing up players were at clubs longer enabling a bit of time to develop a relationship with our heroes



    today its marketing upon the heroes and the history of the past.dont mind that.what I dislike the way our heroes are denigrated,decried so easily,souo takers,shite 9iar captains you couldnae make half the stuff up.(they do)



  15. let me think,whats best.Pot 1 in Europa league,where we have proved we can hold our own,or,


    In a group with Barca,and Juve,and a trip to Russia,taking a few tankings along the way.


    I have noticed tonight,that all the ones putting their neb in the other night,giving me grief for saying it,have been on tonight telling us all how bad we are playing against crap,in their opinion.

  16. So now Catholics can’t marry Protestants and in the modern world



    My griping about the team fades,,,,,,,,,

  17. bluegrass celt on

    Coney boy @10:53


    So now Catholics can’t marry Protestants and in the modern world




    My griping about the team fades,,,,,,,,,



    Of course they can , mines did. Marrying an Ludge member might be hard work though

  18. A quick return.


    According to the BBC site, there were neither fouls nor corners in the Sevco/Galatasaray game!


    That cannot be right, can it?

  19. Not Smoked





    Match Stats


    Home TeamRangersAway TeamGalatasaray










    Shots on Target













    Can’t be right Shirley ???

  20. Work commitments meant I didn’t see the game but heard some of Neil’s interview on shortie , as well as being delighted and a bit relieved, he mentioned that the pitch was very difficult and it took until the second half to get to grips with it.


    I’ve read the comments back after the game and don’t think anyone has mentioned the pitch.

  21. ‘GENE on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 12:08 PM


    Seems Jeremy Corbyn can’t count as he attends a dinner party with 9 ( upside down 6) and Boris’s dad is just a plonker going shopping without a mask.







    One rule for us…….’








  22. Rolling Stone………..The big difference in the Dutch and Turks is that both are proper football teams who will attack and really fancy their chances of beating an SPFL team. Meaning of course they will leave gaps.




    LOL,Well we only have 4 days to go,but as far as I have been informed,he is staying.The reason Ivan Toney signed for Brentford.

  24. Big Wavy 10,09



    I didn’t include Packy for Ireland as i was thinking Celtic keepers



    Quick memory:



    Latch ford – decent on crosses and a good stopper, prone to gaffes


    Bonner- as we discussed


    Ian Andrews -see addendum


    Marshall – average by any measure


    Muggleton – never saw him


    Rough – poor as we all know


    Stewart Kerr – decent but poor in the corners


    Jon Gould – players way better than any of us expected. A big save in 1997 in th drain comes to mind


    Rab Douglas – l thought excellent most of the time and above expectations. 2 bad games in 2002/3 and condemned despite all Lennon and Mjallby bad games


    Wee Marshall _ great for us and ever since . Bad timing


    Boruc – magic keeper , Man U was the best but Marshall was unlucky here


    Forster – amazing stopper, Terrible at crosses and kicking


    Gordon – amazing shot stopper, shite at crosses and pass backs, decent kick


    Main – not enough games


    Barkas – great at crosses, great at pass back, great at modern distribution, not seen a ‘in tune corner’ stop yet





    ‘Those who don’t want to be here will be gone by this time next week and hopefully we can kick on.’







    You’ve got to hope that some of the players leaving might be a cathartic process for the squad. At the moment the whole is less than the sum of the parts.

  26. I think Tomy Burns appreciated Packy Bonnar more than this current World could ever.



    I thought he was Good with Crosses. Our new lad Lukes to be the same.



    Patience is an absolute…. A virtue. Scooby Dooby Doo.

  27. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well played Celtic, a good achievement to qualify for group stage football again. So happy for the players and management .



    I logged into virtual ticket for the first time. Laptop football is no better than tv, no worse either. Turned volume to zero to remove one filter, nothing to be done about the cameras chosen by the editor.



    Rule of thumb I’ve held as long as I can remember; domestic success determined by the goals we score, European success dependent on the goals we concede. Two away games, two clean sheets. Success.



    And still we live in hopes to see the Holy Ground once more.





    My opinion of the Campbell rumour is no thanks. Already in the squad is Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful and Happy. Are you intent on completing the set, Neil?

  28. Celtic a pot one team , well how about that and direct entry into Champions league group stage and 40 million lettuce if we win the title with no more pesky qualifiers. This is going to be some title race.

  29. The addendum



    Met Iain Andrews in Level 8 Strathclyde Uni in 88



    He was in with Derek Whyte to do a charity prize giving



    Derek was on the OJ and dressed well for 88. Iain was wearing beige flary slacks



    Iain was on the lash ands chatting up my (beautiful) girlfriend and her mates



    Derek says “ should you calm the beer? Training tomorrow’



    Iain says ‘ who cares , hic, everyone hates me’



    Iain has to do a prize giving and my Rangers mates shout “ don’t drop it’



    He genuinely look me gutted at that, not annoyed , I knew he was finished





    Year later we had McColist and Durrant. McCoist was grand to be honest, Durrant signed my Rangers mate”s hand with FTP (when asked )



    Felt sorry for Andrews


    Felt sorry for swearing at McCoist in Ingleston 6s in 85


    Though Whyte was a dude


    Durrant was what Phiboy says

  30. Hot Smoked.



    There were multiple corners in the first 20 minutes.




    Remember – go to the BBC in the main. To see what the Establishment want you to hear.



    They will censor hard if you Speak the Truth.