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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Satisfactory outcomes tonight.



    Group stage achieved with pot 1 bonus – admittedly after a tough watch.



    Sevco through – risks of fixture congestion, injuries and Covid-19 bubble bursting now largely equal – Good news.



    €3-5m prize money (empty stadiums so no ticket or match day income) will do us no harm and them no good.



    Any downside tonight?



    Only the fact that Sevco are (according to reports) sweeping all comers aside majestically and will comfortably beat us in 2 weeks ….



    They are truly magnificent.



    Their moon shot will break our circuits.



    ….. (Yawn) sounds familiar.



    Good night all.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. Insane in the olde Membrane.



    Love is the Law.



    Neil is Wise.


    Stevie G came up against a B


    Eltef…. differeng from therestamuffin.



    Stpp takinga knee unless to Jesus.



    Xeep stuff.

  3. Insane in the olde Membrane.



    Love is the Law.



    Neil is Wise.


    Stevie G came up against a B


    Eltef…. differeng from therestamuffin.



    Stpp takinga knee unless to Jesus.



    Deep stuff.

  4. Yeshuah.



    Good Father.



    17 October…..



    We might lose.



    Never give up Howvaah.



    God Bless the all Non Believers that are mad for Sober October.




    Greg Taylor MOM for me as well, I concur, por cierto.

  6. Unattractive win in what was a re-run of how all lesser teams now defend deep to deny us workable space.


    Until we have a Plan B for such setups, we’ll just huff and puff en route to our quality giving us the edge.


    My top players were Ryan, Broony and Greg and feel Ed and Cal seem well out-of-touch this weather.



    On the blog, different opinions are great – just not with the bitchy, snide put-downs that often accompany them. If a poster can’t make a point without insulting someone they’re just not as clever as they think and almost always not my cuppa char. IMO, they’re the blog versions of shock jocks whose brilliance tastes of bile.



    We’re in Pot 1, in Group Stages and still going for 10; reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2, 3.



    TET; best wishes to you and yours. HH

  7. THE EXILED TIM on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 10:03 PM



    All the best for today, hope you have good news. I know how stressful these situations are.

  8. Good morning cqn from a dark but dry Garngad



    Well we are through to group stages of EL…Whoopee



    We move onto St J, we need to try and get a plan B against these stuffy teams or just suck them in and hit them on the break (maybe that’s a plan B) 😂 we are far to slow at breaking. When Barkas gets the ball after an opposition attack he immediately jumps up and looks to go forward fast, but our players all walk out looking at their feckin feet.



    You can Bet that St J will play the exact same way, we need to cut out the possession along our back line and get forward quicker, in behind teams if you like.



    Tactics lesson over.



    Happy Friday and stroll on Sunday



    D :)

  9. Good morning friends and a Big Happy October Friday from a crisp and dry (therefore it’s fish tonight!) East Kilbride. And remember, posters, lurkers and anyone else to vote for your top 3 performers (in no particular order) from last night’s clean sheet away win in Europe – an email to me by 10pm please CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Time for my 6 step commute to work….

  10. During the game I commented on here the good work Taylor and Christie were doing. Others said they both were feckin awful. Extraordinary how we can see things so differently.


    Christie provided Frimpong a lot of support, especially in the first half and Taylor put in a good shift and 2-3 excellent crosses.


    For me, the glaring weakness was we had no threat inside the box from Eddy – until the tap in.


    Hope that helps him get his mojo back.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    The draw takes place on Friday 2 October at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland.



    Pot 1


    91.000 Arsenal (ENG)


    85.000 Tottenham Hotspur* (ENG)


    80.000 Roma (ITA)


    77.000 Napoli (ITA)


    70.000 Benfica*** (POR)


    61.000 Leverkusen (GER)


    56.000 Villarreal (ESP)


    44.000 CSKA Moskva (RUS)


    41.000 Braga (POR)


    39.500 Gent** (BEL)


    37.000 PSV Eindhoven* (NED)


    34.000 Celtic* (SCO)




    Pot 2


    33.500 GNK Dinamo* (CRO)


    30.500 Sparta Praha (CZE)


    27.500 Slavia Praha** (CZE)


    26.000 Ludogorets* (BUL)


    25.500 Young Boys* (SUI)


    22.750 Crvena zvezda* (SRB)


    22.000 Rapid Wien*** (AUT)


    22.000 Leicester (ENG)


    21.000 Qarabağ* (AZE)


    21.000 PAOK** (GRE)


    20.500 Standard Liège* (BEL)


    20.456 Real Sociedad (ESP)




    Pot 3


    20.456 Granada* (ESP)


    19.000 AC Milan* (ITA)


    18.500 AZ Alkmaar*** (NED)


    17.000 Feyenoord (NED)


    16.500 AEK Athens* (GRE)


    16.500 Maccabi Tel-Aviv** (ISR)


    16.250 Rangers* (SCO)


    15.000 Molde** (NOR)


    14.956 Hoffenheim (GER)


    14.000 LASK* (AUT)


    14.000 Hapoel Beer-Sheva* (ISR)


    12.500 CFR Cluj* (ROU)




    Pot 4


    12.500 Zorya Luhansk (UKR)


    11.849 LOSC (FRA)


    11.849 Nice (FRA)


    11.000 Rijeka* (CRO)


    8.500 Dundalk* (IRL)


    8.000 Slovan Liberec* (SVK)


    7.580 Royal Antwerp (BEL)


    7.000 Lech Poznań* (POL)


    6.720 Sivasspor (TUR)


    6.585 Wolfsberg (AUT)


    5.350 Omonoia** (CYP)


    3.475 CSKA-Sofia* (BUL)



    No team can play a club from their own association.


    18 automatic entrants


    * 21 Play-off round winners


    ** 6 Teams eliminated from UEFA Champions League play-off round


    *** 3 Teams eliminated from UEFA Champions League third qualifying round (League Path)

  12. BIG G on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 11:28 PM


    ‘Ernie lynch , what do you want from this site’








    Nice of you to ask.



    How about an unequivocal statement from the Celtic Board that so far as Celtic is concerned the huns are a new club.



    Do you think I’m being unrealistic?

  13. It is mad.



    Oddie is Ki to Celtic getting







    I don’t mind people leaving Celtic.



    Last minute stuff, when, its obvious.




    Annoys me.



    I hope I’m surprised.

  14. A few posts last night about how good the huns are.



    Hands up all those who think that if the huns had to go to Turkey for a second leg against Galatasaray, they would still have qualified.



    Lucky barstewards if you ask me.

  15. @T.E.T Hope everything goes well Sir…..


    Euro Draw B.T. Sports 2…. 12 bells..


    Neil Lennon & McC… Must confess was not bothered one way or the other about Europe….


    But…….Seeing your layout in all it’s glory does make the upcoming Draw exciting..


    My hearts with the 10 this season after all said and done, And pray nothing detracts from


    that goal of being crowned Champions…











  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a beautiful and very hot Melbourne, 27 degs today, and another 28




    Tan coming on nicely.


    Wore my new away top last night watching the gemme, said to the princess


    ” Darling, with my suntan and my new top do I look like big Moussa Dembelle?


    ” Big Beer belly mer like ”




    Anyhows job done, controlled performance, Broony marshalled the Bhoys


    superbly, and my M.O.M


    Barkas? safe pair of hands.


    So sad for big Nir,but that’s fitty, maybe shoulda passed when he could have.


    Big Shane not the fastest but when he goes for a ball in the air, then it’s his, I


    like that.


    Moi, Christie, Frimpy, 100% effort, does it for me.


    Big Edd, got his goal but needs Ajetti up in front of him, and a definitive going


    or staying?


    All this is in the opinion of me and Mr Rid Biddy.


    H.H. Mick

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Just reading back now, and best wishes to TET’s missus.


    Best of luck today.


    And forgot to add young Greg to my 100% percenters although


    first 5 out of 6 crosses never got by the fullback, maybe a wee


    bit of composure will come with games.


    H.H. Mick

  18. THE EXILED TIM on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 10:03 PM



    Sleep well Timland



    Hospital early doors for the Mrs, I will pray the results are Ok but it’s not looking great if the truth be told, anyways, take care



    HH and KTF






    God Bless ye Keith.




    The Power of Prayer is Big.



    BIGGER than Anyone can comprehend.

  19. I thought wee Greg did well last night and although Ryan is not at his best at least he works the keeper. That is how we got the goal after all.

  20. Good morning from a grey north staffs – didn’t see tge game last night but the updates painted a familiar picture. Anyway a win is what mattered.

  21. My preferences:












    and for them:


    1.Bayer Leverkusen;


    2.Leicester City;





  22. weebobbycollins on 1st October 2020 10:10 pm



    I see the beeb has us edging into group stage whereas the hun clinch a group place…



    Not much difference eh?





    They also put them in front of us when even alphabetically we should be before them never minding the fact that we are the dominant club in Scotland.

  23. I really want to avoid Lille in the 4th pot. The gap in quality between them and say Dundalk is massive.