Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. MADMITCH on 4TH JUNE 2019 3:07 PM


    T29 @ 2.52



    Likely to be interest in the summer — loaded statement by someone not showing their full hand.





    I read it as:



    “Edouard is a good player and there will be interest from other clubs. We should be looking at other players as a contingency in case we receive the right offer”



    That’s pretty much how all clubs work in the modern era. I’ll be surprised if Celtic sell Edouard this summer. I won’t be surprised if we sell him next year.



    As his contract runs down, the power shifts. Right now Celtic don’t have to sell if they don’t want to.



    They don’t tend to sell players with 3 years left on their deal. It’s usually in the 1 to 2 year stretch that they do.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on




    Thanks for some of that – I think.



    I said up front that the document is genuine based on Paul’s leader.



    It would be an ill-advised thing for most folk to do, but clearly not for whoever leaked it, whether their motive was attention seeking or to undermine Celtic.



    I saw an article online attributed to the Sun, but If it was revealed by Celtic fan on twitter initially then the identity of the leaker shouldn’t be too difficult to establish.



    I usually subscribe to cock up rather than conspiracy theories so perhaps your’e right about how it ended up in the public domain. If it was found accidentally in the recycle bin then it does point to poor document security for sensitve information. In my view Celtic should concentrate on finding out how things went wrong rather than have a witch hunt that will probably have no positive outcome.



    Don’t you just love opinions though.




  3. RTB @ 3.06



    We are declining on the park.


    We are declining off the park — amateur hour PR and organisational stuff.


    We are declining regarding coaching and support staff.


    We are declining regarding the squad.



    The happiness comes from what we could do next season not what we have done in the past.


    If that was the case then the old board could have lived of 67 / EC forever.

  4. Re the document.


    Imo the leak will be plugged and dealt with and sumdi will leave.



    What do we know?



    In terms of its context and the confidentiality with which Celtic have to operate


    Is is from an annual/monthly or weekly meeting? A trail will be there to scrutinize.



    A lot has changed since the date of document,things do so especially as we are entering transfer doolally season where deep down we are waiting on Neils call?and where any ex Celt (efe hooper) released must by default be coming back due to biscuit tin austerity.




  5. MadMitch on 4th June 2019 3:00 pm



    T29 @ 2.52



    I would be looking for a bit more depth and sophistication.



    We seem to be scouting with a rail rover tick




    You are assuming that’s the only document from the meeting, they could of been hours of power point presentations and video of players, this might’ve been a follow up meeting, this mightve been 1 of a series of meetings on recruitment.



    The one document doesn’t really tell us much about how we go about identifying targets.

  6. TH @ 3.18



    You wouldn’t have multiple agendas and multiple sets of minutes for the one meeting.

  7. bournesuprecipe



    From earlier today. Certainly Brendan has not shown any great insight re the right back position. And others. Gamboa, good International rarely seen. Toljan, tidy player, cannot see where the transfer fee comes in though. Tommy Boyd was a tip top full back, very good centre back. Didier, at his best as good a full back as any of us has seen over the years. Ralston has been unlucky in recent years and yet he made it into Neil’s team towards the of the season, so maybe just maybe some light at the end of the team tunnel.

  8. MadMitch on 4th June 2019 3:23 pm



    TH @ 3.18



    You wouldn’t have multiple agendas and multiple sets of minutes for the one meeting.




    Of course but that one document doesn’t tell us much, it’s a list of current players and potential targets, with some actions to be taken. Doesn’t tell us when/why those targets were chosen, why contracts won’t be renewed. etc

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ THE_HUDDLE on 4TH JUNE 2019 3:31 PM



    It’s still pretty amateurish. PL will take this one. LC will take this one. Coaches may go have a look. We may sell Ntcham. Great.



    Was Mike Basset sitting in on the meeting? I’m surprised Benson and Hedges haven’t appeared on that list.

  10. Are Celtic confirming it is genuine.!?



    What I would say is this; my thoughts were last Summer that we seemed to have a dual process, the one that Brendan Rodgers seemed to think we were following…



    #2 Quality Right Back early in the window



    #3/4 Quality Centre Back early in the window, Boyata to be offered contrct extension or sold



    #5 Stewart Armstrong to be sold, John McGinn to be procured



    #9 Obsonne Eduord contract to be completed before 17th June Cut off, M.Dembele offered contract extension.



    Etc Etc



    Of course all the time, in parallel the real policy was being managed and controlled by the Executive, totally outwith the football club.



    All high value players to be touted for sale, Bosman and loanees to be brought in to support any current holes and ones that follow any high value sales, time permitting.



    It may be genuine but it’s not real, this is a cheap on the side flim-flam process. It’s probably similar to the one Brendan Rodgers thought he was involved in, a pretense to bring in the football club, to make them feel involved, and when it comes to transfers/ recruitment a fall ghuy is always handy.



    Meanwhile at Board level a sliky moneyball selling campaign is on the go…



    Hail Hail

  11. MadMitch on 4th June 2019 3:40 pm



    TH @ 3.31



    It tells us enough to be worried.




    You’ve been worried for years, just a little more to add to the pot :O)

  12. TH @ 3.45



    1975 left its scars.


    And then there was 1980.


    Then came 2005.


    And 2009.


    … 2011.



    1987 seemingly was bad but I was egg chasing at the time so only saw the “highlights”.

  13. Fool Time Whistle on

    SPFL’s Neil Doncaster weighs in on Strict Liability.



    It doesn’t work anywhere in the world he says…



    Uefa shows that it doesn’t work he says…





    Uefa are prepared to do something the SFA isn’t – which is to sanction clubs if their rules are broken.



    It’s amazing the effect a realistic deterrent can have on the compliance levels.



    Scotland’s football authorities once again showing that they will always take the line of least resistance rather than actually lead.



    As usual Scotland’s dwindling presence in European club football means clubs are handicapped by having to change their methodology when they play in Europe – on & off the field.



    Out of step & out of touch.

  14. I’m more concerned about the contents of this leak than the source. The Board do realise we’re going for 9 ? It’s very clear that we’re witnessing a down sizing post Rodgers and Celtic look set to horde near £40 million while financing summer business via player sales.



    Paul67 should be more concerned about that disgraceful state of affairs.

  15. Maybe there’s another sheet of paper with other potential signings on it . Who knows?

  16. traditionalist88 on

    BORGO67 on 4TH JUNE 2019 4:13 PM


    Maybe there’s another sheet of paper with other potential signings on it . Who knows?





    Probably. We can’t even leak confidential documents properly now!




  17. IniquitousIV on



    “if Sevco are coming, the statistics don’t show it.”



    I respectfully beg to differ. We have gone from trouncing them 5-1 at the Bigotdome to meekly caving 2-0. After utterly dominating them for 3 years, we lost easily to them twice last season, and were fortunate to beat a ten man Sevco at Celtic Park.



    Celebrating the monumental achievement of a triple treble is fine and good, but it serves you naught if you are not cognizant of what your rivals are doing, and plan accordingly. Seems to me that the contributors on here who are mocked for worrying about next season have considerable grounds for doing so. The alleged transfer meeting minutes lend troubling weight to these concerns. It is indisputable that Sevco have become stronger, especially in defense and in midfield. What will be our response?



    Unless we respond with a clear tactical strategy for invigorating our team, and increasing our team speed, I believe our dominance is at considerable risk. We are nowhere near ready to face the likes of Red Star Belgrade, for example, in the Champions League qualifiers, and we may well get bounced long before that. Time is short, and the next 4-6 weeks will tell us if Celtic are aware of the challenges ahead, or elect to bask on their laurels, as so many on here do.



  18. mullet and co 2 on

    Trying to assess our budget now after looking at the leaked doc



    Goalkeeper – seems nonissue unless Gordon goes


    Right back – we need a replacement and Tommy SMith has been mentioned. Tommy Smiths value is £2.7m on transfemarket . Never a great source and you could perhaps double that fee. At 27 and that fee I don’t imagine it represents value!


    Centre Back- valued at £5m which may be accurate but I can’t see him coming in at 29. (Note Turnbull and McKenna not on the list nor O’Donnell or Brophy at Killie.)


    Left Back – Peraud is valued at £1.5m and actually belongs to OGC NIce. He’s 21 and fits our previous profile. OGC have another 2 young left backs who seem to be ahead of him.


    Centre mid- the chap at Luton was in team of the year in the Championship and surprise surprise is now attracting interest from Rodgers team. I think we can forget that now


    Forwards – Aston Villa interested in one at £20m and the other is valued at £10m. Again we can forget them.

  19. eddieinkirkmichael on

    ‪What an interesting summer lies ahead for all us happy Tim’s, Treble Treble and 8 in a row yet would you believe it we are in crisis. Give me these times all my life and I’ll die a happy man.‬


    ‪Sensationalist Newspaper headlines and ‘leaked documents’ won’t define our attempt to achieve 9 in a row. ‬


    ‪Astute acquisitions in the transfer market will be Neil’s goal this summer, we know the type of player he prefers and his style of play from his previous spell along with his time at Hibs. Wilson and ‬Majstorovic may give us a clue that he prefers a bit of experience over youth in the centre of defence. He also signed Commons who 27 at the time and was brought in for his creativity. We have Christy and Rogic though would releasing one and bringing in another creative player be to much of a gamble?



    Who knows whether any on the leaked document will see the light of day though tbh I do trust Neil’s judgement on players generally and I, like PL, don’t actually think we need to do to much with team. It just needs fresh blood and more quality in certain areas.


    My real concern is that we have some great prospects coming through who need game time and I don’t think Neil, or the fans, is prepared to give them that time to develop.


    We all have our own thoughts on where we are just now, the fact remains though that we have won 9 trophies on the bounce, which was unimaginable not that long ago.


    One thing we all know for sure is that being a Celtic fan is never boring and if there is a fan are out there that love a good moan it’s us. I suppose that’s why we love coming on this site as by god we have some right moaners on here.



    On a totally unrelated issue are we hoarding all this dosh for something that’s coming along soon that PL & DD are aware of yet hasn’t filtered out into cyber space?

  20. mullet and co 2 on

    As my last post suggests, scouting expensive older players and really expensive young ones doesn’t seem to me like downsizing.


    Indicative of stupidity shopping in high over priced markets yes but downsizing no. I also think it smacks of going after players Lawwell knows we cannot get (due to his constraints) so he gets his way on players he knows we can.


    Would someone have leaked the doc now as a threat to lay down a marker?

  21. glendalystonsils on

    At least we can rule out any member of the board as the ‘leaker’ .Those twitter pictures do not show the finely manicured hands of someone who has never done an honest day’s work in their lives.

  22. The dirty rats are out to get us.


    The important thing is we don’t react .


    Make as much of this as you will.


    I remember our delightful sports press getting hold of Nick Faldo’s team sheet before the 2008 Ryder Cup which offered similar shortened initials as pairings… e.g [LW /SG = Lee Westwood playing with Sergio Garcia].


    The end result was to heap as much media bullshit towards the captain before a ball had been struck who was just innocently trying to do his job against a backdrop of home press who wanted to help the opposition and see him fail and sell newspapers.


    It worked…..

  23. Fool Time Whistle on

    Ref playing the other lot over the last few season..



    They appointed totally wrong men to manage their team…



    Warburton had gravitas it seemed but he became putty in Jabba & King’s hands.


    Who can forget the media session where Head Boy Jabba stepped in to tick off naughty journalists asking their club’s manager non soft ball questions. His team’s performances showed how little he knew about playing under pressure.



    Caixinho was a joke from the start & his Latino revolution set them back 18 months.



    The best they had until Seething G came along was Graeme Murty…



    Seething has relied on McAlister to get the team to remain in their shape & largely playing to agreed tactics.



    It’s amazing what basic coaching can achieve…



    Prior to last season we capitalised on their ineptitude in appointing competent coaches.



    McMoist, McDowal, McCall, Warburton, Murty, Caixinho, Murty, Gerrard..



    More coaches than Park of Hamilton..

  24. The squiggly annotations are fairly distinctive so it shouldn’t be rocket salad to work out whose copy it is.



    And the bitten to the quick thumbnail is likewise distinctive and might provide a clue as to who has photographed and leaked the document.



    I wonder what The Great Desmondo makes of it all?



    Embarrassed? Embarrassed enough to try to recover some credibility with the fans? Probably not. There’s a waiting list.

  25. Justified or not


    This place certainly sucks the joy out of the treble treble



  26. I’m prepared to accept sevco closed the gap on us last season, certainly when it came to head to head games at their place. However when they got close to us on points their bottle went. They are a team of English championship standard and below, the sort of players who on their day can give you a bloody nose.


    It’s not just us that’s got massive expectations next season, so do they. Can they handle it, can their manager handle it , can they sign better players?

  27. INIQUITOUSIV @ 4.18



    With redoubled respect, its clearly a question of an interpretation of the cliche “ the Rainjurz are coming “ I tend to be philosophical about both defeats at Ibrokes, and in a, shit happens way. The fact that they might be better than they were before, was really inevitible.



    Statistically Sevco took part in five competitions and only won the worst disciplinary record in Scotland, and sweet eff all.else. Celtic on the other hand with a squad running on empty, a want away nee runaway manager, still managed to finish with the same points distance between us and Seethin Gerrard i.e.the league was won by nine points, ( same as last year ) Euro football after Xmas attained, and both domestic cups are inside Celtic Park.



    That is as good as any gap can get, and indeed ‘the Rainjurz urnae comin’



    So long as Sevco remain in their Zombiefied state of existence without a pot to piss in, I don’t think we need to be worrying too much. I agree yes, of course we have to be about our business, even when older clubs like Aberdeen are our closet rival, we have a new budget, and a new fully committed manager, who ‘has a great eye for a player ‘ © PL



    I see no cause for anything other than optimism, with 52,000 Celtic supporters already renewed for the tilt


    at nine.




  28. To me this looks like a typists draft which has been marked up by one of the attendees. I bet that its own of the former players who are unused to Keyboards. The paper looks crushed. it should have been shreded



    it does not look very professional. We were previously told that we had 3 targets for every position.



    What gets me, is what about Scandinavia. Larsson, Myalby, Brattback, Hedman were all good as is Lustig and Ajer. Why is it lower leagues in England that we are interested in.

  29. BSR @ 5.25



    Your post reeks of complacency and arrogance.



    We were up against a rookie manager and a brittle squad.


    Next season he will be a bit more experienced and the squad will be one year older / less brittle.



    Twelve months ago we could not imagine losing to the TFOD2.1 after the performances we had put in over the past 3 months. Now we head to Govan in September desperately looking for salvation and a backbone after having given up as we stepped off the team bus on our last two trips.



    I can remember 1975 — you obviously cannot or you have a bad case of selective amnesia.

  30. From @docsa88



    Nothing and no-one will ever convince me that Peter Lawwell isn’t a bigger danger to 10IAR than Steven Gerrard and Rangers

  31. From @gerry67



    Smsm reporting private and confidential Celtic documents that have been leaked online ~the details being discussed but damaging information abt sevco through Fakes Chartlotte tweets couldn’t be reported cause they were “stolen”


    See the difference how media treat Celtic ?