Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. We are a well run club off the park, however in footballing terms the major shareholder and the CEO are dinosaurs.



    Look at that Liverpool mob for instance – detailed analysis and a database of over 10,000 footballers world wide.



    Our research of signing targets is back of a cigarette packet baloney by the look of things.



    HH. ?

  2. Fool Time Whistle on




    “…Aberdeen are our closet rival..”



    What is it you’re trying to tell us about this team?




  3. 16R @ 5.50



    We are not a well run club off the park.



    We throw money away on CEO bonuses to the extent that a hedge fund manager would blush at what we are paying a second rate property bean counter.



    Our media offering is very poor, we accept second rate performances all across the club — from hospitality, catering, facilities to the ticket office and the magic circle that appears at away games. They get away with as we are fans / supporters rather than consumers / customers.



    There is no drive to improve, to move things forward only a desire to keep your place on the inside and trade gossip with your friends and family.

  4. Madmitch



    I’d be more surprised if most even partially pro-Celtic posts didn’t strike you as complacent and arrogant.



    I think Celtic supporters have got every right to be mildly complacent and even arrogant, when they talk about Celtic, given what has been achieved, under duress and against all of the odds in Scotland.



    We’ve even smashed the records held by fraudulent Rainjurz



    You seem to mistake old Rainjurz with Sevco and expect ‘them to be coming’ when I don’t. They might win the League Cup eventually, but their bigger problem is how to beat Aberdeen, Hibs, Kilmarnock and other Scottish clubs ‘consistently’ over years, and not one off occasions when they’re jaked up,all punchy, and get away with a win in Govan.



    I’ve posted consistently that so long as Celtic continue to buy the players that no other Scottish club can afford, like Odsonne Edouard, then there is tons of room for optimism.




  5. RTB @ 6.00



    Oh the old fire fighting vibe — be a hero when the place burns down rather than the boring stuff like fire prevention.



    Take the blinkers off and look at the shambles that surrounds us.

  6. I’d been lurking for a while and tried to get back on but unfortunately I forgot my log in details.


    After many attempts I have finally managed to log on. ?☘️

  7. I think Celtic are a well run club, I I have continually posted in praise and support of Peter Lawwell.



    I am certainly not a ” panty wetter” , however to continually post success stories about treble treble winners bla bla; suggests complacency on an unbelievable scale.



    The huns are catching up on us, anybody with a smattering of football knowledge can see this. Our recent ” head to head” performances also confirm this.



    We have persued prudence and transfer austerity over a period of years. This combined with low cost, high wage signings have taken their toll. Too many players cannot seem to make the step up to the first team.



    In Scottish football terms we are cash rich. We need to use our undisputed financial advantage to ensure we stay well ahead of the pack.



    I am not in the slightest worried about the source of the leak, however i am very concerned about the content if it’s genuine.



    Our money is worthless until we spend it.



    Hail Hail.

  8. BSR @ 6.04



    Loving your retro vibe — we spend a tenner / they spend a fiver = success.


    I’m sure your TFOD doppelganger in 97 was saying something similar.

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Leaked Doc.


    It looks like its a real doc.


    But it is a pathetic attempt to build a recruitment strategy, basically one option to pursue per position


    I would have expected at least 5 names per position to chase with a current update on progress on each player



    As to who leaked it, I obviously have no idea – but the only person on the list who I think has the motivation to leak it is Congerton


    In April his mate BR had gone and as time proved Congerton was also looking to follow



    It would seem (if my theory is correct) that both BR and LC had a problem working with PL


    Leaking the Doc is just LC saying f–k you to PL



    I have long since held the view that PL is a brilliant CEO but needs help with relationship building/Man Manager



    My biggest regret about the issue is not that the Doc has been leaked but we look pathetic when it comes to transfer planning




  10. The clue to the leak may be found here ??



    { } – braces are “two connecting marks used in printing”; and in music “to connect staves to be performed at the same time”[3] (UK and US), French brackets, curly brackets, definite brackets, swirly brackets, curly braces, birdie brackets, Scottish brackets, squirrelly brackets, gullwings, seagulls, squiggly brackets, twirly brackets, Tuborg brackets (DK), accolades (NL) , pointy brackets, second brackets, fancy brackets, M Brace, moustache brackets.

  11. Fool Time Whistle on




    You might want to use the revolving door for the moment.



    Leak-Gate fall out in full flow.



    Welcome back to the madhouse.

  12. MADMITCH @ 6.26



    No problem



    I’ve no idea what criteria for measuring success you use, myself I tend to look at the trophy cabinet.



    By reading your posts Celtic must be the most successful badly run club in the world.?



    p.s. We pay the tax

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Just another thought as we wander into no football season – so lots of time to be paranoid and suspicious



    As I remember it John Park had a few hits and a few misses when he was our chief scout


    But overall I would think PL was a fan, based on transfer value, Forster, VVD, Wanyama, Hooper etc



    So why has JP not returned to our club – perhaps the thought of those motivational speeches from PL just don’t do it for him !!!!



    Again I have no idea but I get suspicious when obvious situations do not become reality



    What’s the story John ?????




  14. I have every confidence that our board will mess things up.


    That’s what they do.


    We should be burying sevco.


    If the boot was on the other foot they would be hammering us into the ground.


    There would not be any money in their bank account. They would be spending every spare penny to qualify for the champions league group stages.


    We just don’t learn from our mistakes.


    Given our financial advantage we should be looking to win every league title from now until infinity.


    To infinity and beyond.

  15. MADMITCH on 4TH JUNE 2019 6:02 PM






    Yes, definitely room for improvement in all aspects how the club is run both on and off the park.



    The Celtic shop in particular needs a complete overhaul, we are stocking inferior products at expensive prices.



    I recently ordered a wee pair of Celtic ear phones, looked alright club crest on them, wee zip case very good and sound quality was decent – however after about 2 weeks the sound went completely on one.



    All you do is look at what’s available in the likes of Manchester United club shop, contact the producers and order the same products with a Celtic logo from their suppliers.



    Laziness more than anything it is.



    HH. ?

  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    MADMITCH on 4TH JUNE 2019 6:06 PM



    <b"Take the blinkers off and look at the shambles that surrounds us"



    We haven’t lost a domestic competition since 2015.

  17. FTW…



    Cheers mate, I’m an old hand at this now.



    I enjoy the debate on here and other sites, it’s all about opinions, as long it doesn’t get personal. HH

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ ROCK TREE BHOY on 4TH JUNE 2019 7:27 PM



    People are completely lulled into a false sense of security because of Brendan’s exploits.



    We enjoyed unprecedented success during his time and that’s with a complete mess of a summer window last year and a team that were crocked for most of the year.



    Brendan was exceptional for Celtic (titles, competing in the top tier of Europe again (literally) and post-Christmas football and the club being elevated to within the top 32 most valuable clubs in Europe).



    Look at that transfer list- does that seem slightly out of whack with that KPMG report on the club?



    We are doing the usual and downsizing when there is no pressing need. It doesn’t make sense from either a football or business perspective.

  19. Paul67 et al



    Suppose it is quite touching in a way, that, despite the technological advances since 1963, our club hasn’t really changed all that much. It remains as amateurish in dealing with footballers as always, but instead of Bob Kelly pontificating on players, or who should play in goal that day,(the goalie or the supporter) or which striker to sign, we have Pete Lawwell (sadly not yet knighted but will be if we lose nine in a row), making or delegating decisions on a player by player basis.


    “How about that Hughie Maxwell Jimmy, he’s done it for Falkirk and he’ll do it again?”




  20. man in work writes things on a print out shocker.



    aye, thats me done for.



    was John McGinn on the list ?

  21. Prorities –



    Get a squad of players to win us league number nine and reach CL group stage.

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    This leak is shambolic. The last year off the park has been shambolic. The process of Lenny’s appointment was shambolic.



    I don’t know the players here, so some of them might be superstars for all I know. But, it all just feels very meh. The whole atmosphere around the club feels slightly negative, which is a pity after a treble treble.



    It also doesn’t look like a ‘buckle up’ window, where we are spending more than we ever have. Looks like we are open to selling N’tcham, Sinclair and Eddy. Fine re the first two, but only where this is being reinvested in inspiring new talent. Instead we appear to be targeting moderate players from the most inflated market in world football.



    It might not be fair, but it all adds to a perception of a club that’s taken it’s eye off the ball and isn’t ferociously driven about the future.




  23. The board have taken plenty of justified flak for last summers transfer window.


    I refuse to start on this summers negativity until they have a chance to do their job.


    Give them a chance!

  24. Lazydynamite



    I refuse to start on this summers negativity until they have a chance to do their job.



    Give them a chance!





    They appear to have kicked off the summer offering our biggest job standing in the showers and having thie recruitment plan leaked all over the web. The leaky list is also a thing of mediocre beauty.



    We have no head of recruitment (if you discount the man behind the curtain Peter Lawell) with a rebuild of epic proportions needed.



    They’ve told us we don’t need a major overhail.



    They’ve been offering contract extensions to players who look past their sell by date.



    They are giving us some cause for concern let’s say. All a bit amateurish.



    What next?

  25. McPhail Bhoy on




    I’m not sure if you’re serious or taking the proverbial,



    ‘If the boot was on the other foot they would be hammering us into the ground.


    There would not be any money in their bank account. They would be spending every spare penny to qualify for the champions league group stages.


    We just don’t learn from our mistakes.’



    That kind of strategy worked well for the Deadybears didn’t it?!

  26. Question: If Celtic were willing to spend £17 million on 2 players in season 18/19. Why are we now back to poking about in the EPL / Championship bargain bucket and discussing selling a player to fund any signings?


    What has changed apart from Brendan leaving and Lenny taking over. Is it Lenny doesn’t want £17 mil to sign the same quality of player Brendan wanted?



    The Ads are killing this site. It is becoming a chore to post on here.

  27. We are not a failing club, Treble treble answers that. We have Neil Lennon as Manager who , has more experience of winning titles at Celtic than anyone else, 10, I believe.



    We lost Rodgers but replaced him the same day. Pretty decisive.



    The Transfer window is not yet open. We have lost some loanees and out of contract 10No.



    We have 30 players under contract in the first team Pool. Maybe Lustig as well. 23 in the reserve pool plus the two youths Oxon Flex and Dembele. NL has 55 players plus any signings less any sales.



    A leaked document over 2 months out of date does not constitute how the club is run.



    Once the transfer closes we will see whether we have improved the quality of the squad.