Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. Oglach on 4th June 2019 8:59 pm



    Question: If Celtic were willing to spend £17 million on 2 players in season 18/19. Why are we now back to poking about in the EPL / Championship bargain bucket and discussing selling a player to fund any signings?




    Neal Maupay was on list right? He’s not cheap, over £10mill at least. Probably not worth it, and not a market we should be shopping in, but hardly bargain bucket.

  2. IHTCMM – ?? Nice one



    BigBhoy – I agree with you 100%



    Goid to see you back too Sips. Get ACGR on here to read the riot with the malcontents and hunterlopers.



    Hail Hail ??

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    Bsr-now I know we’re not the best of buddies and although I agree with you regarding us putting our medals on the table,you seem to spend most of your time on here rubbishing anyone that has a problem with how our club is run

  4. BIG WAVY on 4TH JUNE 2019 8:14 PM





    I refuse to start on this summers negativity until they have a chance to do their job.



    Give them a chance!





    They appear to have kicked off the summer offering our biggest job standing in the showers


    –might have been discussed at previous days long board meetin and actioned after game.–?



    and having thie recruitment plan leaked all over the web.



    ÷÷ causin a big stooshie among every windae hinginbetty on the inturdnet imo.a complete shitstorm over nowt.20 years ago this would have been an ‘ah know a guy’ story as the phone and tech didnae exist÷÷?



    The leaky list is also a thing of mediocre beauty.



    We have no head of recruitment


    ÷÷shoogly peg from second Brendan ended his part in our clubs history++?


    (if you discount the man behind the curtain Peter Lawell) with a rebuild of epic proportions needed.


    ÷÷we have never been afraid of change.’epic’ i would attach to 9iar not to the ins and outs which i feel we are on.÷÷?



    They’ve told us we don’t need a major overhail.


    ÷÷They didnt.we intepret things dif.?÷÷



    They’ve been offering contract extensions to players who look past their sell by date.



    ÷÷Who under Bosman have and did rej/acc or think bout and you know something will happen inspirin a tut mumblin izzy widnae dae that÷÷?


    They are giving us some cause for concern let’s say


    ÷÷refer to stooshie above÷÷



    . All a bit amateurish.



    ÷÷Agreed terribly trebley,rank treble treble


    Winners,complete and utter nonsense dejected so ah um finishin second only to Lisbon imo.and we still work at it÷÷??




    What next?


    ÷÷ in? I think you are?


    0ne game at a time


    We work for what we get.÷÷?


    Hope your good



  5. Jaysus An Tearmann



    You’ve awoken my brain from its Love Island slumber here with that Spud from Trainspotting cameo….






    Lawell out

  6. WeefratheTim on

    Good evening



    If Celtic do not win a ninth title next season, all hell will break loose. If the huns win next seasons title, there will be a waiting list, to throw season tickets into the clyde. They are prepared to go into liquidation to prevent us winning 10 in a row, Celtic, flex our muscles and put them out their misery. HH Night Night.

  7. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Celtic Mac on 4th June 2019 3:06 pm



    Paul67 et al







    When Neil got the job the first time round, it was a known fact that he looked in on here on CQN for advice on signings, transfers, team tactics and formations. I was not alone in giving that advice freely, for the cause, and for the brotherhood. That offer still stands Neil. Then again you may prefer to sit in on a meeting with the team squad on the agenda and play the role of the school monitor, and given the responsibility for hiring the new lollypopman outside the Drookit Dug along the road in Campsie.





    The lollypopman outside the Drookit Dug is a wummin :)



    Just saying like



    … The rainjurz are coming my (_|_) CSC




  8. WeefratheTim on




    Getting there slowly. Have renewed, but have done for the past two seasons and managed 2 games. ???? This poor health is fkn crap. Hopefully on the mend at last, but not holding my breath. Hope you and your flock are in tip top condition, lol. Cheers my fhriend. HH

  9. Big Wavy 9.35



    Lol,dunno if i should take such slander fae a love island viewer ?






  10. WEEFRATHETIM all ok but have spent all week trying to get a dog friendly cottage that will take 4 dogs last year we only had the 2 but I think you know the circumstances we now have 4 but ive managed to get a choice of 3 Northumberland near seahouses, Whitby, or deal in kent.hh.

  11. the_huddle on 4th June 2019 9:15 pm


    Oglach on 4th June 2019 8:59 pm


    Question: If Celtic were willing to spend £17 million on 2 players in season 18/19. Why are we now back to poking about in the EPL / Championship bargain bucket and discussing selling a player to fund any signings?




    Neal Maupay was on list right? He’s not cheap, over £10mill at least. Probably not worth it, and not a market we should be shopping in, but hardly bargain bucket.




    To be honest I had never heard of him prior to yesterday. A Brentford player allegedly valued at £10mill because Norwich have shown an interest. £10mill is bargain bucket for the EPL :-) And I agree the EPL / Championship is not a market where we should look but sadly Lenny seems to want to




    “They are prepared to go into liquidation to prevent us winning 10 in a row, Celtic, flex our muscles and put them out their misery. ”



    Cracker. Pity it’s too long for a t-shirt.



    Would love to meet you at Celtic Park some day, when your recuperation is complete!!

  13. Every Celtic supporter will be delighted we won the last ten trophies available, there will not be a single dissenting voice, problem many have is the person who won us these trophies is gone, gone never to be seen again, this is a major problem, if you can’t see that you haven’t been watching, it’s a bit like the Golden Goose has fled the coop, only to be replaced with a bantam.



    You obviously haven’t been watching, what I do know is, I know it wasn’t Peter Lawwell

  15. Greenpinata @ 6.23



    Great post , Im like you, when we win I enjoy our success but when we get things wrong as we have been doing for so long behind the scenes there is nowt wrong in calling it out . Doesnt mean you love the club any less than the happy clappers. Still think its crazy that some fans are in denial about sevco getting closer to us . Not so long ago we used to rub our hands with glee before we played them , we knew we would wipe the floor with them ……not the case now. They are improving while we , courtesy of our board are going back the way. Like you I am more concerned about names on that list than theactual leak . A CEO who did’nt even consider any other manager for the vacancy , a CEO who is in denial at just how big an overhaul the team really needs etc etc . Sadly it seems only losing title number 9 or 10 will make the club change direction………..Celtic have a history of doing this , we never build from a position of strength and it looks as though PL and his gang are leading us down the same path once again

  16. CELTIC MAC on 4TH JUNE 2019 7:51 PM


    Paul67 et al



    Suppose it is quite touching in a way, that, despite the technological advances since 1963, our club hasn’t really changed all that much. It remains as amateurish in dealing with footballers as always, but instead of Bob Kelly pontificating on players, or who should play in goal that day,(the goalie or the supporter) or which striker to sign, we have Pete Lawwell (sadly not yet knighted but will be if we lose nine in a row), making or delegating decisions on a player by player basis. “How about that Hughie Maxwell Jimmy, he’s done it for Falkirk and he’ll do it again?”



    *bit hard on Hughie there, he was a prolific sorer for falkirk and actually scored in 10 seconds there in only his second game for us. He was a bit like Bobby Craig and Paddy Turner in that he played for us at a shambolic time.



    BTW I had just started my time around the time we signed Paddy and was working with an Inverclyde crew in Dumbarton. After losing our opening 3 games to deidco losing 8 goals and scoring only 1 with jim forrest ripping big Billy a new one, for the third game at hades the Celtic end was 3/4 empty 15 minutes before ko, we actually led 1-0 at the half.



    I toyed with supporting Morton at that time but a 0-5 gubbin in the LC Final tae the huns ended that.

  17. WeefratheTim on




    Not holding my breath bro. Had so many false dawns I really feel like giving up and content myself that my CP time is over. Thankfully my card has been going to good causes for the past two seasons, free of charge of course. HH

  18. fieldofdrams on

    An Tearman, cheers for the St Etienne clip, my dad was there, I always like to think that I can hear his voice. Sentimental pish I know, but it’s my sentimental pish!



    Good ‘away’ kit as well, White with green numbers. That wee No7 was more than decent.

  19. What is the Stars on

    He cant be any good…because i never heard of him.




    Second rate bean counters rule CSC

  20. What is the Stars on

    Celtic will vote to let Rangers be parachuted into the SPL.


    That was a well known FACT on here circa 2012.



    Second rate bean counters rule

  21. What is the Stars on

    Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond conspired to weaken Celtic to let Rangers get their hands on champions league money …circa 2010/11.



    Another FACT…


    Second rate bean counters rule

  22. What is the Stars on

    Bonus thief to bean counter


    ” Can you understand this players contract ”


    Bean counter to Bonus Thief.


    “Why of course I can., a four your old child could understand that”


    Bonus Thief to bean counter..” well run out and get a four year old child,cos i cant understand a word of it”



    Groucho Marx CSC

  23. What is the Stars on

    CQN is manned mainly by Peter Lawwells Praetorian Guard. We are all Pierre Cambronne

  24. Enjoy the ride you can afford to be on. Nothing wrong in Celtic Plc making money. As for not wanting NFL at helm as we got to war with that filthy Hun scum? I don’t want to understand that mentality.

  25. .FIELDOFDRAMS on 4TH JUNE 2019 10:29 PM



    Your alright mate.its the most natural thing in the world to think of those who gave us Celtic.i thought of them lots as i looked at the thousands partying at Glasgow Cross and the joy so it was.Glasgow being green and white.magic.


    Watching the video the thing i recall from those night games was the smoke bellowin out like dry ice.?


    Re no7 ooh la la as the french commentator says? Genius in my eyes



    HH to ye ?

  26. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Not read back yet, so whats the latest on the TICILEAKS?


    Heard we are signing somebody called Assange is that right?


    Then again we could always employ that wee Dutch ghuy


    that sticks his fingers in dykes.




    H.H Mick

  27. is there anyone else that thinks this is just a deflection from the EARLIER maim news about CFC, CBC ?????