Scale of the potential leak damage


Celtic Park and Lennoxtown will be tense places to work today, after notes on recruitment and player sale considerations, dating from April, were photographed and distributed online.  Information like this is incredibly sensitive, will expose player recruitment to competitive pressures and can undermine confidence in the current squad.  If the leak is identified and found to be an act of carelessness, or worse, someone is likely to lose their job.

I get that information on Celtic’s recruitment plans are of interest to all of us.  It is also true that exchanging valuable information confers authority on the source.  But this is commercially sensitive information, which once public, undermines Celtic’s attempt to strengthen the team.  It is inexplicable that it was left unattended, leaked or publicised by anyone with Celtic’s interests at heart.

The scale of the potential damage of this is significant, not only for those involved.

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  1. We can offer the Barrowfield facilities to whoever the huns are playing in Europe.



    @ CELTIC40ME on 5TH JUNE 2019 10:56 AM




    And it’s more difficult for Ajax to sign players than teams in England, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, but yet they still do. As I pointed out £20m spent before the window has opened.



    It isn’t more difficult for them to sign players from the Dutch and Belgian leagues which is where two of the three players come from and where they do a lot of their business.

  3. JF @ Boiling point



    Barrowfield development — very interesting.



    I got the news from a Property website and all they were bothered about was the modular dressing room. No mention of new pitches — indoor or outdoor — just a re-location of the existing facilities.



    Great to see that the club has bitten the bullet and decided to build an indoor pitch.



    Looking at the CGI they seem to have gone down the big rigid tent route so the full build cost should be in the region of £5mill all in. Some provident design would make it 85 / 90M wide so that they can fit in some seating and use it for reserve games instead of trooping up to Cappielow as you do now.



    Five rows of seating should provide 1000 seats which should be enough for most reserve games — charge £5 and give the money to the Foundation for local good works.

  4. Just maybe we’ll find that excellent development facilities that attract the better young players (who can’t be accommodated at Lennoxtown) could help us in the long run. It’s not rocket science.



    If we don’t find the next Messi, we can always blame PL.

  5. excathedra44 on

    M6BHOY on 5TH JUNE 2019 2:04 PM


    If the club is to re-develop Barrowfield, could it be because they are plan to shut down Lennoxtown? Lennoxtown looks pretty impressive but I well remember someone questioning the sense of locating to a place where the weather is often pretty bad (even by West of Scotland standards) because of its openness to the elements and proximity to the Campsie hills. Also, I have heard there are problems with the conditions of the pitches which are either heavy with rain-water or hard and dry due to the high winds. Are these a factor in the high number of injuries our players suffer? I can see no other obvious reason for spending significant money on Barrowfield.





    Your comments are far closer to the mark than many way want to admit.


    No point in a showpiece facility which causes damage and injury.

  6. Reeling in the years — Lennoxtown was always the wrong place for a training facility.


    My thoughts at the time were that they should have kept it local and upgraded Barrowfield.


    Lennoxtown was suited to be an academy facility but not the main raining ground.



    13 years later and PL finally gets the message.


    As always timing is everything and we have to spend twice.


    Story of a lot of our transfer windows.



    CF buying strategy — 2012 / 2015 anyone?

  7. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 5TH JUNE 2019 2:26 PM



    “It isn’t more difficult for them to sign players from the Dutch and Belgian leagues which is where two of the three players come from and where they do a lot of their business.”



    Based on what logic? Teams from the countries I noted do not shop in Holland or Belgium? Ajax have first pickings on these players? If that is so why does the same not apply in Scotland? McGinn and Stephen Fletcher should be Celtic players in that case.

  8. My friends in Celtic,



    The development of Barrowfield is not unexpected to regular visitors on CQN. It is however very welcome for numerous reasons



    It will enhance our infrastructure footprint around Paradise giving more opportunity.


    I hope our Ghirls can benefit from this.



    Still awaiting news of the appeal ‘re our revolving screen on the Celtic Way. ( If the lit up hydro is not deemed a motorist distraction, then neither should this )



    Talking womens football, looking forward to the Scottish girls demolishing the English on Sunday.


    Maybe our girls can unite Scotland when nobody else seems capable.



    Come on you girls in blue and pink.

  9. GP @ 2.55



    How did Lennoxtown slip through the net then?


    Punt to open the door for housing?

  10. asupporterwhogotlucky



    From last night.


    “The lollypopman outside the Drookit Dug is a woman”


    Just the kind of political correctness that is bringing this great country down.


    And in Campsie too!

  11. MM,



    Lennoxtown is an eginma as it was bought to replace Barrowfield.


    Have we ever developed phase 2 ?



    @ CELTIC40ME on 5TH JUNE 2019 2:26 PM



    Based on what logic? Teams from the countries I noted do not shop in Holland or Belgium? Ajax have first pickings on these players? If that is so why does the same not apply in Scotland? McGinn and Stephen Fletcher should be Celtic players in that case.



    I’m not sure if you’re being disingenuous but it’s pretty basic logic and market forces at work, and its what you see in every league. And when you have a team like Ajax with their European pedigree and record of selling to the best clubs in the best leagues, not second or third tier clubs in the top 4 leagues



    It certainly does apply in Scotland. Every half decent player is linked with us or them first. Unfortunately it’s very rare that we see anyone in our league who’d improve us, unlike in the Netherlands and Ajax. I’m not sure what your point is about Fletcher and McGinn, both could have been Celtic players

  13. Oh Jeez, Now PL getting the blame for building Lennoxtown facilities in the wrong place.



    Enjoy the Summer everyone, look forward to seeing the Bhoys again when the action starts.

  14. GP @ 3.13



    Lennoxtown Phase 2: What exactly was that — the fabled indoor pitch?


    Obviously not built — although that might have been the housing element of the original plan.



    Not sure if there have been stirrings regarding new housing in the area.


    Might have been an expansion of the original 2007 developments.


    I have some memories of talk about this in the past 3/4 years.


    Nothing definite so it might have been my imagination.



    Hopefully Barrowfield is worked up to the max.


    Waiting for the details on any plans to build a Mini CP for the reserves?


    The CGI of the indoor pitch seems to show a half ersed attempt at some seats.



    Too few / too low and lacking inspiration.


    Is Rubb going to be involved — they have a big back catalogue that goes out to 85/90M span.


    As they would say across the river — Build my lightweight lattice frame high.

  15. MNC @ 3.22



    You obviously don’y know your history on this.


    Or you just read the press releases.

  16. Guys,



    Nobody is blaming Peter Lawwell for building our training centre and youth academy in the wrong place.


    It is a magnificent setting, however It is no secret that I do not think we have had value for money from this world class facility. This has been debated numerous times on here, it is a blog after all.







    What is it that Ajax do that makes them an anomaly, like you’re suggesting?



    What are they so smart at that they outperform us both in and off the pitch?



    What lessons can we learn from them?



    If, as you’d seem to suggest, it’s about spending more money on transfer fees, how do we compete with them? Given we’re over £200m short of their player sales from their academy how do we make it up?



    Are you suggesting we start trying to shop in the same market? If not where?



    Given your understanding of a complex situation I’m interested to know what Celtic can do

  18. I honestly believe that the team is going to excel with Lenny at the helm now.



    We have an excellent nucleus there already and he will definitely sign good footballers with a winning mentality.



    Only one minor criticism, Lenny does have his favourites, I suppose all managers do though – LG, Broony and Jamesy are going to be practically bullet proof now.



    Injuries more than anything else prevented us from winning that league by 20 points or more when you think about it.



    HH. I

  19. To use the Ajax analogy everybody loves.



    Dusan Tadic was not a signing met with great fanfare or optimism. He’s since been absolutely excellent for them.



    Maybe we should reserve judgement a bit if we sign Barker, Harper or Arribo.

  20. Season Tickets are now sold out for Season 19/20








    Absolutely outstanding to each and every one of them for doing so, inlcuding the guys on here. I’ll be a travelling pay at the gate man again when I can. But a wee reminder, amongst my own post-season self-induced grumpiness to remember what a terrific bunch of suppoorters we have.



    They are there. They are always there and god bless every one of them said the great man.



    Now spend the money Peter :)

  21. TIMALOY29 on 5TH JUNE 2019 4:16 PM



    Let’s hope so. Lenny’s worked with him before


    so he should know about his attitude as well as his ability



    I’m not sure what it proves but Tadic has played in the Netherlands before so it wasn’t like he was a complete unknown

  22. We are delighted to announce that standard Season Tickets for the 2019/20 season are now officially sold out, being snapped up by fans in record time.



    The unwavering commitment from supporters has seen our fantastic fans taking up their Season Tickets in their thousands, ensuring they will be here to create that unrivalled atmosphere at Paradise next season as the Treble Treble-winners return to action.



    The club has enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years, lifting its ninth successive trophy on an historic day for the club, on May 25, completing a trinity of trebles over the past three seasons, with Neil Lennon securing our 8th title in a row and also delivering the Scottish Cup on such a momentous day for all Celtic supporters.



    The Club is enjoying a wonderful period and with Neil now also confirmed as our permanent Manager, we once again look ahead to next season with excitement and confidence. As we look forward to the campaign, everyone at Celtic will be doing all we can to bring you more and more success and continue to give you a club you can be proud of.



    Thank you to everyone who has bought a 2019/20 Season Ticket, we look forward to welcoming you to Celtic Park throughout the year.



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    Fans are also encouraged to keep an eye on the official Celtic website and social media channels for match-by-match ticket availability. There will be a limited number of match-by-match tickets available for selected games throughout the season.

  23. tontine tim



    Power cut left me in the dark last night TT, and not for the first time. Thanks for your response. Fair to say that Hughie Maxwell’s time at Celtic was not a great success despite doing well at Falkirk. Sure he scored six goals in a match for the Bairns, but no Jimmy McGrory, Denis Law or George Best. Some disastrous results in those days, (was at Rugby Park to see us lose 5-0 in 1963) but also capable of great attacking football, (124 goals 54 against 1963-64 all games). Especially difficult for you, doing your time in Dumbarton and wondering whether to support Greenock Morton, the proverbial dilemma of being between a rock and a hard place.


    But we came through it.

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    We all remember Hibs smashing sevco in the Scottish Cup Final 2015 – 2016 Anthony Stokes and Liam Henderson right at the business end of the smashing, well that was the last time anyone else other than us won a domestic competition in this country.



    It’s worth pointing this out because you come one here sometimes and (“take the blinkers off and look at the shambles that surrounds us”) its hard to believe that nobody but us has won anything since Alan Stubbs held the Scottish Cup aloft for the Hibees all those years ago,



    Things seems to be settling down a wee bit now but the outpouring of grief on here since Neil was confirmed as the new manager, jeezo, fair took the shine off things.

  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TIMALOY29 on 5TH JUNE 2019 4:16 PM



    Tadic cost circa €12m up front and potentially as high as €14m. He also had 50+ caps for Serbia and 100 EPL games.



    You cannot compare that to signing Barker, Harper or Arribo who ply their trade in league 1 of the championship and who would be signed for a development fee.

  26. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Neil on our “new” signing (the Griff):



    It will be like a new signing,” Lennon told the Evening Times. “He’ll need to get up to speed with his conditioning. He’s working hard and we’ll see where he is football wise.



    “We could have a £6 million striker on our hands for nothing. He’s missed the last 18 months and he’ll need to knuckle down, but he’ll have our full support.”



    God, we have saved a whole £6m! Well at least it will be spent elsewhere on the team!

  27. If PL is watching and is looking for some help with his built environment / infrastructure homework then could I suggest the following:



    Urbanise the area surrounding the ground and do it snappy — containers and pre-fabs to get things moving.


    Extra fan facilities behind the JS stand — relocate the turnstiles to expand the circulation area.


    Parking garage next the eastern boundary of the Cheese Factory.


    See what the “Chancer” wants for the plot in front of the Emirates.


    Get involved with a rebuild of Helenvale — B team stadium / Parkhead Juniors


    Get the foundation to put money into Crownpoint — improve local facilities.



    Finally get some plans drawn up for a total re-build of the main stand.


    Given the news today we should have demand for an extra 6K plus seats — a capacity of 67K has a nice ring to it. Plus leave space in the attic for another 10K seats for high days, holidays, TFOD2.1 matchers and CL games.



    If you build it — they will come.


    If you muck it up — the LL upper will empty.


    A growth agenda is what is required — you know it makes sense.

  28. On Lennoxtown and the need for redevelopment …



    I am not arguing the need for redevelopment of Lennoxtown and/or Barrowfield … I’ve been hearing for years that the Lennoxtown complex isn’t up to snuff with everything it needs. I am asking a more prossaic question, one nobody appears to be considering.



    Why now? Why is this the focus now?



    We have the guts of a team to rebuild here; the leaked transfer document was entirely uninspiring and was a peek behind the curtains that the board most certainly didn’t want us to get. I wouldn’t have leaked it. I think whoever did should be fired and that should be only the start of it.



    But let’s no kid on that it hasn’t inadvertently done us all a favour, and given us a glimpse of the scale of the club’s transfer market ambitions.



    The club has been getting the absolute Hell knocked out of it in the media this past week, and we all know that. Is this their attempt to make us look like a big club again? To convince people there’s a plan after all? I’m sure that these facilities will come in handy, but fans want to see the same level of ambition being shown all around the club. With spending on the team for God’s sake.



    As to my “supporting Neil Lennon” … where did anyone get the idea I’d changed my mind on that? We HAVE to support Neil Lennon, although he wouldn’t have been in my top ten of choices.



    The very fact that some of us have such raging doubts is exactly WHY we will support him, because he’s going to need it, all of it that he can get.



    The hope was that the club would give him support, real support, and real financing.



    That is NOT going to happen, that much is now abundantly clear.



    Some of you are pointing your fingers in the wrong place … like I said, anyone blaming fans for the collapse in our club’s level of ambition is not doing us any favours.

  29. I am hearing that the deal to sign Rekeem Harper getting closer, likely to be the first signing.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  30. WDH @ 6.04



    Good spot — shipping containers would be a good start regarding a fan zone / extra fan facilities. Low cost way of getting the concept up and running quickly and providing some real numbers regarding footfall and spend. Main issue would be to do it right, spend some money on the surroundings and give it a scale to make its presence felt.



    Plus the mob — Rubb — who do the indoor pitches also rent out some of their smaller units for temporary cover / storage / indoor space.



    Plug number time — Target should be an extra £60K gross revenue @ 50% margin from each home game.


    Total of 10K people using the facility in the three hours before a game and the two hours after.


    That would be the drink sales and the standard football catering.


    Rent out other units for more exotic stuff and services.


    Big screen and a stage for some yodelers.



    30 games a season?



    If it does well then build a much larger / more permanent structure and add more temporary units as demand increases.



    CP is a desert before the games if you don’t have hospitality, a lounge pass or access to the KDS Suite.