Scant compensation in Lisbon


Is it any compensation that POAK, who finished second to AEK last season, drew 1-1 against Benfica in Lisbon, in the Champions League playoff first leg last night?  Not really, but it is a marker of the standard required to beat the Greek champions.  POAK eliminated Basel 5-1 on aggregate two rounds ago.  Greece are likely to have two teams in the group stage.

What might have been is irrelevant, it is more important to perform to the level required in Lithuania tomorrow evening.  Celtic are far stronger than Suduva, but you and I have seen what happens when a Celtic team let standards drop away in Europe, even for a short period of a game.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    you and I have seen what happens when a Celtic team let standards drop away in Europe, even for a short period of a game.



    A seive can do untold damage in the blink of an eye . As we have seen.

  2. “Celtic are far stronger than Suduva, but you and I have seen what happens when a Celtic team let standards drop away in Europe, even for a short period of a game.”



    Who are we blaming here? The players, the manager, the Board for failing to back the manager or a combination of all 3?


    Where are our new signings? ???????

  3. We’ve offered Aberdeen £3.5 million for McKenna and they’ve turned it down. What a load of shoite. More so the sum quoted. Maybe £2 million plus Christie, even then hard to believe.

  4. So sevco are securing the lanky streak of piss as a new signing. Who is doing their scouting, Jimmy Bell(end)? If so, he is doing a better job than whoever is scouting for us.


    Whether the huns can sustain a challenge for the league is debatable but one thing for certain is they are certainly building a team that can win a cup and in my opinion that really needs to be prevented.


    Over to you Celtic!

  5. Who says we are stronger than Suduva? Find out soon enough.. we are better footballing team thet Athens but means nothing if you don’t have decent and fit defenders.

  6. From last article.



    Its a bad day when Celtic Blogs are identifying CHs who could come in and do a good job for us.Two,playing for Gronigen in the Dutch league,for the price of,out for a month ,Mc Kenna.Enough to make you weep.Never mind Brendan,or PL leaving,the scouting staff should be getting their jotters now.Sept 2 is now a massive game for us.Win and they are back in their box.Lose,or even draw,well,we can all imagine it.Lafferty will assault our defence,and Morelos will do what he does,with not a word from the Referee.Our present defenders have a problem with Lafferty.


    What a state to be in.

  7. Expectation management ?


    Unacceptable that we’re worried about not being able to beat a team from Lithuania over two legs to qualify for Europa League.


    From Invincible Treble Winners, to Double Treble Winners and a second successive CL group stage participation, to worrying about facing Suduva.


    Something not right.

  8. No “Belgian” on Thursday and No McKenna (thankfully) this window is my information.




  9. If DB plays tomorrow night and we keep a clean sheet what then? Is all forgiven? Do we try and get him to sign a contract extension of even 12 months as we’ve just done with young Miller? Will he get booed at Paradise?


    Will I stop thinking the word @rse comes immediately after Boyata?

  10. Paul67 et al



    Was it that long ago that this blog was claiming that Celtic had been put out by an inferior team in AEK?


    Seems like only yesterday.

  11. CATMAN on 22ND AUGUST 2018 3:05 PM


    No “Belgian” on Thursday and No McKenna (thankfully) this window is my information.






    Less worried now, HH.

  12. I believe domesticly we have more that enough talent in our squad to win the treble again. I think Sevco has improved but hey how hard would that be. I cannot wait until the 2nd of next month to put them back in their place.

  13. turkeybhoy



    our scouting staff is in manchester.



    very poor all around but not surprised.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    So Jamie Murphy of Sevco out for the season following injury on Sunday. Sevco go out and get Lafferty in by Wednesday.



    For all their dysfunction, Sevco’s ability to get transfers over the line is impressive when compared to our lamentable record.

  15. It doesn’t matter what ch that we bing in, they will be exposed because the manager is disinclined to put a protective midfield shield in front of the defence. It seems that, having a blindspot for the defensive area of the pitch was the “real” reason that, Liverpool FC didn’t win the EPL, rather than a Stevie G slip. I recall one game were, LFC were 3-0 up vs Crystal Palace at half time, and the game ended 3-3. How many more Liverpool games ended with those type’s of results, and maybe Stevie G has a bee in his bonnet about his slip being the reason that LFC didn’t win the EPL, rather than more focus being put on Brendan’s, kamikaze, gung ho, easily mugged, style of management that wouldn’t have been out of place at Celtic Park in the early 90’s.


    Maybe Stevie G is here to prove a point to, himself and Brendan.


    Thing is, will Brendan be scunnered oot the Parkheid gates before we find out ?


    A shrewd signing for us would be, imho, Soapy Souter from Hearts, a player who can play in most posiion’s across the back four.



  16. traditionalist88 on

    The scouting staff could be doing a fantastic job for all we know.



    But they feed into the Head of Scouting who is responsible for tasks such as placing them and reviewing their reports.



    Player knowledge is the start of the process and our coverage in Europe will be excellent. But our recruitment model is breaking down somewhere – somewhere between the CEO, Head of Recruitment and the Manager. The summer has been a let down, the last few weeks farcical.



    There is time to salvage it for the rest of the season, but by the sounds of things even that doesn’t look likely.



    The best financial position we’ve ever been in and we can’t get players in from SPFL clubs. Sevco liked the look of a player that played against them in a Europa League qualifier and 4 working days later they were parading him as a new signing. Great that Aberdeen and Hibs are financially sound enough to reject such offers but the transfer window has been open since what May or June and here we are scrambling around, now seemingly pulled out of a deal for McKenna?! I wonder who is next on the list. Whats Stephen McManus doing these days?!




  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    the one and only time your disappointed to read Catman (not that you post)



    Are we scouting anyone though?

  18. Laffatme can hardly be called a ‘good piece of business’, he was desperate to go back and its not like there were many other clubs even interested in him. To me the only signing they’ve made of any quality is Goldson.


    Lets not get hysterical like the press in praise of Sevvy G. Will they go through a season undefeated? Will they even get close to a treble? Not a chance FFS.

  19. Team for ra mora :






    Gamboa Ajer Jozo Tierney



    Brown Ntcham



    Forrest Rogic McGregor




  20. It would appear to me that level 666 and other Hun type acolytes are endeavouring to create the maximum division they can on here and elsewhere.



    It’s an establishment and Hun ploy to divide and rule as we all should know by now and that’s what is in play.



    By all means constructively criticise. By all means draw attention to the things believed to be wrong. And by all means give an opinion on how things can be done better. There are positives in this type of approach to the issues we currently have.



    There are no positives in continuously stating what most of us already know. It’s counter productive and promotes disunity and that is the intent of a number of infiltrators we have among us. Those that repeatedly adopt this mantra are with one or two exceptions agent provocateurs.



    We as a support are not gullible like those of a Hun persuasion. We are well aware of the things that need to be addressed and remedied and we will make our individual and collective decisions on how to deal with matters if and when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.



    The suits I am positive are well aware of the mood of the support and why they feel the way they do. Their decision is a simple one. Continue on the same path and there will be huge repercussions as I’m sure they know



    We need Brendan and PL to clear the air very soon…….we need to stop believing the fake news and be aware of those who are sleekitly “at it”………..we need to unite…….and imo we need to realise there is a coordinated campaign to destabilise Brendan, the Team and the Support in full flow



    Question – What individual on here continually keeps covertly revisiting the same destabilising topics and has chose a moniker that is quite likely mocking the “Unseen Fenian Hand”

  21. “Brendan’s, kamikaze, gung ho, easily mugged, style of management that wouldn’t have been out of place at Celtic Park in the early 90’s.”



    Not happy with back to back trebles eh! Nurse!

  22. glendalystonsils on

    We usually look to catman for non-fake signing news on this blog.


    Therefore I am somewhat alarmed by his last post. Unless we see a sudden and remarkable return to form from Simunovic and a sudden and remarkable return to fitness from Compper . ( Even then ,I haven’t seen enough of Compper to have any idea of how good he is.)


    If we don’t sign anyone ,could that mean Brendan has told the board he’s off?


    Difficult not to start drawing your own conclusions in an information vacuum.

  23. Now I’m not an expert, but getting bang average signings over the line may just be slightly easier than securing CL quality CH’s?


    Time and time again BR has said he’ll only sign players that will improve the overall quality.


    Yaya by Friday.