Science, Scottish Gov, Sports Direct ragdolls


We will find out later today if the Scottish Government will cancel major events from Boxing Day.  Under consideration are street parties, including Hogmanay celebrations, concerts and football games.  Yesterday, the Welsh Government stumped up millions of pounds of public money to compensate for forcing major events behind closed doors from the same date.

As always, we should be led by the science.  As usual, the politicians seldom are.  Current infection rates in Scotland and Wales show no increase from recent months.  Of the UK regions, only London has seen an uptick, dramatically so.  Things may get worse, but the indicators are not there yet, either for infections, hospitalisations or worse.

In the second half of 2020 we saw the ridiculous consequences of playing games behind closed doors, with fans watching in crowded pubs and each other’s homes.  Massive open-air, policed, stadiums were forgone for unsupervised indoor venues.

Scotland saw an uptick in infections when we gathered indoors to watch the Euros, there was no parallel impact from the return to open-air stadiums.  “Follow the science,” tells us how dangerous unventilated spaces are compared to the open air.

The Welsh Government are not following science.  They are spending money they did not raise because they feel the need to act.

Football fans in Scotland attend after showing a passport.  This incentivised them to do the right thing, thousands of us signed up for the passport for only this purpose.  The Scottish Government have other steps to mitigate risk, specifically inhibiting public transport, where the science is clear and understood.

What will the Scottish Government choose, unsupervised indoor gatherings, or well-policed open-air events?  If only they were actually led by the science.

Other priorities today, but Sports Direct continued to ragdoll Newco in the courts yesterday, winning a judgement Castore sales figures should be revealed to them as part of their claim against the Ibrox club for failing to fulfil their rights to match a subsequent kit deal.

It is quite ironic that the commercial benefit from the splurge in tatty shirt sales following the Castore deal will be assessed by a court and due to be paid by the club to Sports Direct.  Is it really that difficult to get this stuff right?

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  1. DESSYBHOY on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 2:39 PM


    Pubs being open is madness





    When you see Suggs walking towards you – that’s the first sign of Madness…….




    Oh Aye! A seen whit ye did there so a did! por cierto

  3. this all because the gov couldn’t enforce vaccinations and restrict the selfish and irresponsible!

  4. a fella was on clyde last night.



    came to the cup final from donegal, with his 3 kids. on the ballamena shamrock bus.



    left at 3:30 in the morning, got home at half four on monday morning.



    quite incredible what these supporters do.



    I want all the games postponed, bring the break forward, take that 3 weeks, team could still train,



    players and their families and our staff deserve to be safe as well.



    kepping the pubs open is just bizarre.

  5. Saint Stivs on 21st December 2021 2:52 pm



    Pubs are open but with restrictions, table service and no standing, most local pubs will close.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Whether we have 500 or 0 fans at CP on Jan 2nd , Nicola will have handed the huns an unfair sporting advantage compared to the Ibrox game .


    Some on here will think it was done unwittingly , others deliberately .


    All I know is that we must do everything possible to achieve a postponement . We will also need the help of the other clubs as we are pretty much friendless in Scotland .

  7. Can someone show me the actual number of omicron deaths and hospitalizations so far and how they compare with normal year flu impacts ?



    Anyone reading the excellent Telegraph article on how SAGE publish their scare data could not fail to question if there is about of an over reaction creating the staff shortages across the health service and exacerbating things a bit here.

  8. Stebhoy



    Can you explain how enforcing a vaccine which does not limit the spread of a virus would have made any difference.

  9. Surely there can be no surprise.!!!



    When more funds were allocated by the Chancellor, the die was cast.


    Clairvoyant powers were not necessary.

  10. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    “Current infection rates in Scotland and Wales show no increase from recent months”



    It’s Paul 67s site and he’s entitled to his point of view. But when he needs to use falsehoods to make his point then the game’s a bogey for me. Cheerio.

  11. Burnley78 on 21st December 2021 3:02 pm



    I can’t answer that but this data comes from the CDC





    Unvaccinated 451/100k


    2 doses 134/100k


    booster 48/100k










  12. Bemused…..or maybe not……I can travel on public transport…..I can have a meal then go to a busy indoor pub ….I can go to a wedding…..but I can’t go to the football….. mmmm

  13. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Sporting integrity of the game is at stake here, I know no laughing at the back please. We must push for a postponement of the Glasgow derby. For the record I’m confident we would beat them with no crowds, I’m confident we would beat them even playing them on a public park. The main thing for me is that 60,000 Tim’s deserve to see it happen in the flesh and then they will know we are back.!!



    ‘Sporting integrity of the game is at stake here, I know no laughing at the back please.’








    That’s not laughing, that’s jaws hitting the floor.

  15. The prospect of playing in an empty Pittodrie and Celtic Park will have the huns demanding the games proceed.



    As a football fan, closed door games are an absolute disaster and should be avoided at almost all costs.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    Spot on . Sevco have had more than enough unfair sporting advantages .

  17. Well if the game does go ahead at least the team now have some experience of playing in a silent stadium.

  18. Centre for Disease Control


    Mission: To promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. CDC’s mission statement succinctly states how the agency approaches its responsibilities as the nation’s prevention agency.

  19. JAMES FORREST on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 12:30 PM



    I have nearly always scrolled past any post by James in the past as they were often too long and confrontational – and this one retains that 2nd aspect. But, everything said here is correct. The science does say don’t have the crowds – although it is also true that sitting in pubs or big groups in houses isn’t terribly clever either.



    TIMMY7_NOTED on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 3:12 PM


    I can never understand , when the evidence is as clear as this, or where we have 10% unvaccinated adults in UK and hospital cases are accounted for by 90% unvaccinated adults, why people can’t see “the science” supporting the action taken.


    I get the disappointment – this would have been first Celtic v rangers game for my two teenage sons and my first for several years, and it is daft to leave the pubs open, but the facts are clear. I hope the league break is brought forward. I’m sure Sky want to broadcast a game with a full house – it’s much better tv.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Perhaps if the 500 tickets are allocated to the Green Brigade there might be a modicum of atmosphere .

  21. On the question of the vaccine – a large hospital on the east coast had 40 people


    in ICU on Sunday, 38 of them were unvaccinated – do everyone a favour –


    go and get vaccinated.

  22. markiebhoy on 21st December 2021 3:30 pm



    Its early days yet but CDC says 60 unvaccinated will die for every 1 with the booster.



    ‘Perhaps if the 500 tickets are allocated to the Green Brigade there might be a modicum of atmosphere .’







    An excellent suggestion.



    Maybe the manager and captain could suggest it to the board.



    Imagine going into the game with that declaration of intent.

  24. ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 3:25 PM



    I can`t imagine you ever laughing but some of your droll humour sparks that response from me. That ( 3:25pm) was one such example.

  25. VINNIETHEDOG on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 3:18 PM



    I’m not an SNP supporter and didn’t vote for them at the last election, so this isn’t in support of the SNP – however, Nicola Sturgeon did advise against all those things whilst taking action against the things she could take action against (it was all in her statement, which, I admit, was trying to be an SNP promotion, but did say why she was only doing these things).


    So, to stay safe – try, very hard, to avoid public transport; try, very hard, to avoid eating out our going to the pub and try, very hard, to avoid getting married – and don’t tell my wife I said that!

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