Scot Gov minister cheap attack on Celtic fans


You know what happened.  Celtic fans celebrated our league win in the city centre on Saturday.  In contrast to the carnage that visited the city a year earlier, there were no serious incidents and, by Police Scotland’s own statement, there were only minor issues to deal with.  Forget the facts, that’s not the impression some people want to give the world about Celtic fans.

We can speculate that the Herald/Times journalist who yesterday wrote on Twitter, “Glasgow’s city centre has been left in a total state this morning. Broken glass, cans rubbish all over the place. It’s worse than my pics can show” was motivated to a specific end.

The four photos which accompanied his Tweet showed overwhelmingly tidy streets.  Streets that appear tidier than on any average Sunday morning.  As far as smear attempts go, this one was laughable.  If you cannot find photos of “rubbish all over the place”, don’t put photos up showing the opposite!

A year ago, Scottish Government minister, Patrick Harvie, criticised Newco fans for their trashing of Glasgow and received the kind of backlash you would expect.  Like a self-seeking politician, he was itching to show equivalence yesterday.

Responding to the laughable Tweet showing tidy streets, Harvie, declared, “I don’t care which football team wins anything, or whether someone else behaved worse last time or not. Trashing the city centre, and other behaviour I saw yesterday, is unacceptable. Show some respect for your city and the people you share it with.”

This was a deliberate attack on you and me by a government minister to satisfy his own ends.  Harvie and his cabal are not even ‘green’ in the political sense.  He publicly celebrated his First Minister buddy when she failed to call on the Westminster government to scrap the Cambo oil field.

Harvie even went after Greenpeace, when they had the temerity to criticise the Scottish First Minister, surely a unique moment in ‘green’ politics.  If he cannot convince Greenpeace of his green credentials, you have to wonder what his motivations are (note: it appears to be transgender politics).

A deliberate act of throwing Celtic fans reputation under the bus without any justification is appalling behaviour for a government that should always act impartially, not seek false equivalence.  Celtic fans will no longer sit back and be abused like this by a low-rent ideologue.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Paul.



    There is not a left-wing/Celtic/Irish/Catholic marker anywhere to be found in the SNPcult and its fellow-travellers – never has been & never will be – they posture & con for votes for independence, pure & simple. A few Catholic/Irish MP/MSPs scattered around to give an illusion, nothing more, nothing less – just like they pretend to be green & left-wing. It’s only “the cause” that matters – traditional outsiders who now support them are merely vote-fodder who’s buttons are continually pressed; however sometimes the ‘mask slips’ and they are revealed for what they are – blood & soil nationalists.



    The SNP & Church of Scotland created the conditions, platform & dialogue for The Famine Song & its culture, which the majority of Scotland bought into – industry, commerce, education & the media(“what school did you go to”) – all are still up to their necks in it – they camouflage to kow-tow with the cult….but sometimes they just can’t help themselves.



    To their credit the Church of Scotland has apologised and accepted responsibility for their Famine rhetoric and the hurt, hardship & violence it caused – the SNPcult never have – nor will they……it would undermine their current con to ‘fess up’ & come clean.



    Independence is now a pipe-dream and cannot be delivered – but the SNPcult will keep ‘banging the “Freedumb” drum’ just to stay in power at Holyrood. The pitiful grievance-mongering will only get louder as every public service continues to ‘circle the drain’.



    These Tartan Tories revelled in that name and for years – they voted & plotted with the Conservatives to bring down Labour governments, the very governments who delivered for the working class. The SNP Tartan Tories formed administrations with the Conservatives…leopards don’t change their spots – they just expediently cover them with the saltire.

  2. L14 @ 1.21



    Hints / Clues



    Kiltoon born and bred.


    Travelled on the Holy City Bus.


    Made his fortune in the West / Golf holidays..


    Built a stadium — well apart from the Main Stand.


    Left us in 1999 — mission accomplished.



    Wee FMcC — a living legend.

  3. lifted from etims…



    And I leave you with this, a summary of Saturday lifted shamelesssly from Sentinel Celts, written by Brogan Rogan Trevino…. which I think sums our club and our support up beautifully…despite what those nasty reporters say….


    Romeo Erwin Marius Castelen has seen a few things in football. The former Dutch International has taken to the field for clubs such as Feyenoord, Hamburg and the Western Sydney Wanderers amongst others and yesterday he found himself and the beautiful suit he was wearing seated next to an equally stylish Italian ….and my sister.



    “Who is the beautiful, stylish and very charismatic man sitting next to me?” my sister asked.



    “I’m your fucking brother!” I told the recently retired halfwit sister before catching on that she actually didn’t mean me!



    Meanwhile, the beautiful Romeo was oblivious to this idiotic exchange as he was too busy filming the crowd, the stadium and muttering “unbelievable” to himself over and over again!



    Despite hanging up his boots a good few years ago, Romeo looks as if he could still play but these days he has to content himself with being an agent and his beautiful grin got even wider when his latest client scored with an overhead kick.



    “Unbelievable” Romeo said yet again and not long after he and his beautiful suit were doing the huddle as if it was the most natural thing in the world!



    Immediately in front of me an older man and his pony tailed wife were also filming while sporting smiles wider than the Sahara desert. These were the parents of João Pedro Neves Filipe and both wore shirts which simply said “Jota” on the back. They too huddled as if there would be no tomorrow!



    I have often said that strange things happen at Celtic Park and that for some it is a place where they find their soul, their sense of being, and that inner thing that takes you through life.



    Nir Bitton cried while giving an interview this week, Tom Rogic couldn’t walk from the centre of the pitch to the dug out without crying yesterday and in the stands thousands of us found that we had to inexplicably wipe something from our eyes.



    The beautiful Romeo saw this first hand and stood with his mouth open before saying “unbelievable” for about the sixty fifty time.



    Yesterday I saw several strange things at Celtic Park. Wee things, on the face of it, casual and unremarkable things, but things which, I believe, are hugely important and significant.



    I watched as each and every player and member of the Celtic coaching staff eagerly grasped the outstretched hand of the club CEO and exchanged not only warm words but a significant hug from the man at the top of the club. I had never seen that happen before.



    The hug exchanged between Nicholson and the man from Australia lasted only fractionally longer than the lengthy hug exchanged with the club captain and it was very clear that there is a significant relationship between the three.



    I never witnessed anything like that during the Lawwell years.



    I watched the entire coaching staff gather for a photograph with the trophy and here again it was obvious that this was a group who were a team amongst themselves and who were more than content with whatever it is that Celtic brings to the inner soul. I had never seen that before.



    Yet I also saw a forlorn Christopher Julien walk around the pitch – a man alone, divorced from any smiling group – while taking pictures in such a way that you just know he will never experience days like yesterday again.



    His demeanour was in stark contrast to all around him and you could sense the sadness which seemed to seep from his every pour. Maybe he has a regret or two to overcome?



    As I watched him Mark Crosas came to mind. The Spanish player didn’t stay at Celtic Park for too long, yet recently he stated that his time in the hoops changed his life forever as the club and all it means, on the pitch and off, grabbed his soul and never let go.



    Hopefully, Chris Julien, will feel that way too one day.



    At full time, a young man to my right pulled out his phone and dialled a number which would make another phone ring some 3,400 miles away. The caller had come from downtown Burbank Los Angeles just to see Celtic lift the trophy. He usually jumps into his car at around 4:00am and drives for 40 minutes to a pub to see home games and is normally joined by another 150 or so Celtic fans.



    This time though his call was to London Ontario and when the call was answered he could barely hear his 91 year old grandfather at the end of the line. The old man had been watching the game somehow or other and had taken in the vibe within the stadium where he used to be a ballboy back in the 1940’s!



    Imagine that! A grown man from LA calling “Gramps” in Canada on speed dial to celebrate the exploits of an Australian, some Japanese, a Greek and various others in the east end of Glasgow.



    It was a call that crossed oceans and generations.



    Unbelievable – as Romeo would say!



    Most of us have never come close to playing for Celtic or participating on the pitch in any way.



    Yet for us too, the club, the ground and all it means has invaded our souls and will never let go. Somewhere above, Fraser points out that Celtic is more than a club, more than a sporting body, or a company, or a group of players or anything like that.



    It is something I can’t quite find the words to describe.



    But sitting with friend and stranger alike yesterday I came away with the feeling that we all belonged – no matter where we were from or what age you were or whatever your background was.



    Several times I wiped away a tear as I watched people exchange hugs, smiles, handshakes and words of affection and appreciation. This is what it means to be Celtic I thought – and I stood there and I believed. I will always believe.



    And I think even Romeo now believes!

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    lynott67- somehow, i don’t think the Spanish polis,and National Guard, will be as accommodating towards the hun hordes….

  5. Paul67



    Disappointing blog today,one I was looking forward after spending the weekend meeting, greeting and rejoicing Celtic fans from the four corners of the globe,tales abounding from trips,games and experiencing Celtic.The whole day and yesterday celebrating in the company of great Celtic men and woman,thought there would be a word or two on that.





    Your off playing the old firm equivalence titty for tatty game.



    Note too,it’s not political °either,I would have posted this say wed(guardian civilia day!!)and left today for to review an epic day in the Celtic families history and our 52nd title since our past generations left St.Mary’s Hall.



    Saturday was a historic day for me and for my club Celtic, which is a living,breathing memorial to An Gorta Mor,a breath relished and savoured with each inhalation,and exhaled ready to go again in life,a breath millions never had in famine times as food was catalogued and exported while millions died in Ireland


    Standing up for Celtic is standing up for that memory.


    Rejoice in Celtic,We have done well but there is always work to be going ahead.


    We came and we got a little bit better,and I hope our dynamism shows in how we learn and improve


    .Ange is continuity from St Mary’s Hall,it never stops.its been dealing with the’ litter probs’ sometime a wee bit of anti Irish Catholic racism too.



    Thanks Celtic


    Memorial to An Gorta Mor


    And the spirit and psyche of Brother Walfrid.


    Hope you all had a great day Celts,


    More than a club.



    Our Club.Celtic.





  6. !BADA BING!! on 16TH MAY 2022 12:14 PM


    There was more broken glass, in Joe Hart’s 6 yard box at Ibrox……….



    Hahaha ta BB,hope you and yours had a good yin.




  7. Tom McLaughlin on



    MMcC @ 12.25


    Red Tory — you are not a very original thinker are you?


    We should bung the council £10K and tart up the Mercat Cross building.


    You calling anyone “not a very original thinker”?



    Hilarious, coming as it does from the Jimmy Tarbuck of CQN.

  8. Blog acting up — just when the usual suspects start their nonsense about who we are and where we came from.



    Cataloguing food — so says our resident City bean counter.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    The next time you feel inclined to remove a post purely based in its political slant, think of today’s article by Paul67, count to 10 and move on.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    There has already been more arrests in Seville than during Celtic’s 2003 visit and it’s only Monday.

  11. POR CIERTO @ 12:21 PM,



    “Celtic fans will no longer sit back and be abused like this by a low-rent ideologue.” Is that a statement of intent PAUL67 or, just a great soundbite to finish a blog post? por CIERTO”






    Maybe those “well heeled” Celtic supporters who are tackling the LNS Commission findings can tackle this when they’ve done with the review of the 5wa, LNS, et al.




    If he cannot convince Greenpeace of his green credentials, you have to wonder what his motivations are (note: it appears to be transgender politics).



    Greenpeace are at the extreme end of Green politics – Rainbow Warrior!!



    In the context of mainstream politics that sentence makes no sense.



    Transgender politics eh!! Oh dear, are some Celtic supporters still running round Glasgow with bellbottoms and platform shoes, watching Alf Garnet re-runs.



    It’s the twenty first century bhoys – transgender has been a protected characteristic since Rangers 1972 existed.



    Your favourite footballer is now allowed to wear frilly knickers and a playtex bra – the old firm fans need to get up to speed…



    Hail Hail

  12. JHB on 16TH MAY 2022 2:15 PM


    And yet the referendum had Scots Labour and Tories joining forces.


    That has subsequently killed Labour party support in Scotland.


    Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

  13. Jimmy bell racist sympathy guy


    Like your own team of monikers


    You need to weed out orange order infiltration into labour party and its current cancering of the left with rightwing unsourced pish you personify here.


    But you are a spitting racist unionist.racial comparison come easy to your ilk,as does refusal to decry those those impeding rescue services saving refugees


    So don’t mind me run along.


    Your a unionist first and foremost


    We thought to you’d feed us during famine.



    Not to be trusted on anything you fart on behalf of the Irish Catholic diaspora,



    Your union is a ,carcass,a corrupt one at that.

  14. Paul67


    Disappointed with today’s leader – gives a reason for the old politicos to wade in with the usual repeated posts.


    We’ll have the multimoniker fellow on soon.

  15. Adi dassler 2.14



    That’s fake news.


    The original photo is of Man Utd fans being arrested.




  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    With no Celtic match until who knows when, think there will be loads of mud slinging on here until we start up again, in fact I’m sure of it. Even when we are playing regularly there is heaps of mud slinging on here :-)

  17. MADMITCH on 16TH MAY 2022 12:09 PM



    There is clearly a need to build bigger and better and you are right it extends beyond the team. Will it happen in my life time ? I hope so but don’t expect so. Infistructure I.e Hotel, larger stadium better and more corporate is the only way for celtic to be a 100 million plus yearly turnover club. Get that sorted and we might be heading somewhat rather than simply hoping for a champions league windful now and again.




  18. BB


    Yeh was there 10am start,great day great company,met the Kelly family,of the young man much missed..many prayers said to St.Paul ale 😇but that heidiweiss meant a hangover first time in years.good night after epic day.




  19. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Would like some clarification re Christopher Julien, why is he being blanked? We all saw the injury, his knee crashing into a post keeping out a net bound shot, and we all saw him score the winner in the (FF) League Cup final. Our kind of player right? But now he’s fit again and he’s getting the Bobo Balde treatment. An explanation would be good. If CCV heads off to the premiership he would be an excellent replacement.

  20. Just in case everybody in SMSM misses it ,



    Eintracht have been to Glasgow, one time in 1960 when Rainjurz were still alive for their two leg thrashing of 6-1 and 6-3 12-4 on aggregate.



    What a time to be alive CSC

  21. kevinlasvegas on

    Afternoon bhoys,



    RTB, his body language on Saturday wasn’t great, wasn’t bothering, not near the squad so to me looks like he’s finished, Welsh ahead of him. I think if Ange was going to play him it would have been Saturday, but he did the French interview and basically told Ange to play him or he was off. So thats strike 3 for me.



    20k a week freed up with Sorro, Barkas, Boli,Ajeti to name a few big hitters.




  22. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 16TH MAY 2022 1:30 PM


    ‘Anyone in the East Kilbride area wanting a pallet?’







    I made my own from some old coffee tables.

  23. HOT SMOKED on 16TH MAY 2022 12:15 PM


    I would recommend a strong repsonse to Patrick Harvie re his `trashing Glasgow` comments.







    I’ve just Emailed him. Gave them my 2nd vote in recent local elections. I’ve assured him I’ll never vote for his Party again. I would encourage everybody to email him.

  24. TINYTIM on 16TH MAY 2022 3:29 PM


    Adi dassler 2.14







    That’s fake news.





    The original photo is of Man Utd fans being arrested.







    No idea if it’s true or not, but the fact that the picture doesn’t match the comment isn’t proof of anything. It’s not unusual to use library pics to illustrate an article. Like the time a photograph of a statue of Robert Burns was used in a newspaper report about Ayrton Senna.

  25. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    ……and they played them in 1961 and beat them 3-2 in a game at Hampden Park in a game regarding the inauguration of floodlighting.


    Just in case someone of the wrong persuasion would mention it…so now you are aware.

  26. Click bait oh look


    Click bait oh how do we respond


    It’s Click bait shoite


    A title to celebrate and alls a worry to the troll team is wanting answers to a CH who played less than one half.




  27. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Remember we played Spurs at Hampden 3 all game,I remember Eintracht played the Huns at Ipox around that time, no idea of the score and not really bothered.


    Nice to be aware CSC

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    KEVINLASVEGAS on 16TH MAY 2022 3:55 PM



    Afternoon bhoys,



    RTB, his body language on Saturday wasn’t great,






    Thanks Kevin, can understand why his body language wasn’t great, the poor guy must be wondering what he’s done to have suddenly become a pariah, his name last season when he was fit would have been one of the first names on the team sheet, its not as if he got injured while off enjoying himself skiing!

  29. ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH MAY 2022 4:02 PM




    I found that strange….until I remembered Ayr Toon Seena . Ya sneaky bugger , ern.

  30. T.o.S.B



    There are plenty of pics of tidy town centre,Glasgow and merch city all tidy,was in at Royal early this morning normal,sure ul find on twitter.hope ye had a great day basking in the green and white with yir pals.