Scot Gov minister cheap attack on Celtic fans


You know what happened.  Celtic fans celebrated our league win in the city centre on Saturday.  In contrast to the carnage that visited the city a year earlier, there were no serious incidents and, by Police Scotland’s own statement, there were only minor issues to deal with.  Forget the facts, that’s not the impression some people want to give the world about Celtic fans.

We can speculate that the Herald/Times journalist who yesterday wrote on Twitter, “Glasgow’s city centre has been left in a total state this morning. Broken glass, cans rubbish all over the place. It’s worse than my pics can show” was motivated to a specific end.

The four photos which accompanied his Tweet showed overwhelmingly tidy streets.  Streets that appear tidier than on any average Sunday morning.  As far as smear attempts go, this one was laughable.  If you cannot find photos of “rubbish all over the place”, don’t put photos up showing the opposite!

A year ago, Scottish Government minister, Patrick Harvie, criticised Newco fans for their trashing of Glasgow and received the kind of backlash you would expect.  Like a self-seeking politician, he was itching to show equivalence yesterday.

Responding to the laughable Tweet showing tidy streets, Harvie, declared, “I don’t care which football team wins anything, or whether someone else behaved worse last time or not. Trashing the city centre, and other behaviour I saw yesterday, is unacceptable. Show some respect for your city and the people you share it with.”

This was a deliberate attack on you and me by a government minister to satisfy his own ends.  Harvie and his cabal are not even ‘green’ in the political sense.  He publicly celebrated his First Minister buddy when she failed to call on the Westminster government to scrap the Cambo oil field.

Harvie even went after Greenpeace, when they had the temerity to criticise the Scottish First Minister, surely a unique moment in ‘green’ politics.  If he cannot convince Greenpeace of his green credentials, you have to wonder what his motivations are (note: it appears to be transgender politics).

A deliberate act of throwing Celtic fans reputation under the bus without any justification is appalling behaviour for a government that should always act impartially, not seek false equivalence.  Celtic fans will no longer sit back and be abused like this by a low-rent ideologue.

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  1. Turkeybhoy



    How did you celebrate our title out there?



    No no don’t be telling me ye were down yir cellar,lights aff,all worried about big Chris,you’ll be fibbing



    Mind it’s funny season




  2. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2022 7:54 PM


    Call Me Gerry,




    Once again,you” Hazard a guess”.That’s your evidence regards Jullienn.



    Let me,”Hazard a guess”.Its one that says you know fek all on the subject,




    Oh dear. Where to start with this retort?

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2022 7:49 PM


    Lambert 14,




    Who the fek are you to tell us that Julliens career was,\ is finished.Another trumpet blabbing about”His opinion”.



    Your opinion,being foisted on the rest of us through total ignorance of the subject,unless you work with the medical team,means fek all.




    The irony…😁

  4. I see a few coming on to toe the party line regards Jullien.


    I ask those again,” When did Jullien become a bad CH”


    If the manager does not fancy him,OK,but why keep fekin the guy around,praising him,putting him the squad,then not,then again doing so,not giving him any game time,but bringing the likes of Welsh on against the Scum.


    I don’t expect any sense back,unless you want to answer my question.

  5. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 16TH MAY 2022 8:03 PM


    Call me Gerry




    Why are so many on here questioning Ange’s judgement/decision to not play Jullien, or put Jullien higher up the pecking order?





    Because they know better than Ange? – or Ange is a bad bad man that has frozen CJ out of the team, I mean why would any manager pick the players he brought in to a successful team, over someone that hasn’t kicked a ball for nearly a year and a half.




    I don’t get it either.








  6. CI’m happy to wait and see where Tom Rogic goes next season when a player wants to leave Celtic no matter who, then there’s no point in holding them, we all know how detrimental to ‘Want Away’s’ can be, don’t we? Smart money is on the Middle East at the moment, agree that it seems very charitable of Celtic to release him with a year left, unless we get a fee in addition to saving his years salary, to give to A Newman.



    I could swear I heard AP in Parkhead on Saturday say ‘We’ll come back next year ‘bigger and better’


    nobody should be doubting him.



    Champions CS

  7. We say ‘play the post not the poster’ the personal attacks on here would suggest otherwise – same old arguments – nothing will change.

  8. Call Me Gerry,



    WTF,there is no “Irony” there,I have made no reference to his medical condition,or fitness,because,IDont Know.



    You do know what “Irony “iis,I take it.But I doubt it.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    IMO, it would have been madness to pitch Chris in at a stage in the season where every point could have proved vital.


    Ange chose to give Welsh a bit of game time to get him a medal. Fair enough.



    Chris has now got a chance to get a full pre season and see how he gets on from there. Hopefully he is fully fit.



    I would also contact Spurs about CCV and make him an offer with a closing date. If he doesn’t take it, move on to next target.

  10. “When the club dropped 11 points in the first seven league games, former Scotland striker Kris Boyd declared he had no authority, no backing, no support from the board and virtually no chance of being successful.



    “Postecoglou might as well hand in his resignation and take himself back to Australia,”



    Many people underestimated Ange but none were so spectacularly wrong as Boyd.



    And yet. This man is considered knowledgeable enough to have a fairly important TV and Newspaper role in commentating on Scottish football.

  11. “TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2022 8:19 PM


    I don’t expect any sense back,unless you want to answer my question.”



    I don`t know if this qualifies as `sense` or not but I would have thought that only those on the inside actually KNOW what goes on behind the scenes. It does seem obvious, though, that Ange picks the players whom he feels are best equipped to deal with whatever is likely to confront us in any given game.

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2022 8:19 PM


    I see a few coming on to toe the party line regards Jullien.



    I ask those again,” When did Jullien become a bad CH”



    If the manager does not fancy him,OK,but why keep fekin the guy around,praising him,putting him the squad,then not,then again doing so,not giving him any game time,but bringing the likes of Welsh on against the Scum.



    I don’t expect any sense back,unless you want to answer my question.




    Ok, I’ll try once more to converse with you, in the hope that you can discuss/debate a point without throwing personal insults around.



    You ask the question “when did CH become a bad CH?”



    I ask you; where has anyone stated that CJ is a bad CH?


    Ange arrived last summer, when Jullien was still recovering from injury. Ange oversaw a squad overhaul. This included the signings of Starfelt and Carter-Vickers. Ange selected these two as his chosen CH pairing. We have just finished the season as champions, conceding the fewest goals. That would suggest that Ange has done a good job, no? His peers voted Ange as Manager of he year, so they think he knows a thing or two, and has had a successful season.


    Are you really criticising Ange’s team selection in not playing Jullien? Don’t you agree that Starfelt and Carter-Vickers have been a successful pairing?




  13. GGH,



    I was talking about the Semi Final where Welsh had not much more time than Jullien on the park.


    .look,if he is not up to it,not recovered,not in the managers thoughts,no chance of playing for us again,then say so.Not doing the player any good,the innuendo about his injury.We have been strung along for months regarding a comeback.No idea why,if it was never on.

  14. mmccartney @ 4.51



    Not quite sure who ‘Gerry Foote’ was but let me tell you this Bhoy, Gerry Fitt of the SDLP did not vote against Jim Callaghan’s government in the vote of no confidence on March 28 1979, he abstained. As did Independent Republican Frank Maguire. Given that the vote in support of No Confidence carried by 311-310 it could be argued that they contributed to the defeat of Labour, and the calling of a General Election in May, and victory to Thatcher’s Tories. But not anywhere near the contribution of the SNP, who initiated the whole process, and whose 11 MPs voted for the Tory motion, and lost all but 2 of their MPs subsequently. Devolution had to wait for another twenty years.

  15. Hot smoked


    It says everything when their number one anchor ( rhyming slang if you wish) for Scottish football did not cover our last two games. Boyd’s lack of any sort of balanced comments should have him binned ,- his comments on Callum’s facemask should have had him gone.

  16. Hot Smoked,



    No problem with that.He is that manager.He knows.


    Unlike some on here who tell us the guy is finished,never recovered from the injury.


    Has not been giving a toss at training.


    Has a bad attitude.


    Is raging at not being picked.


    These stories are being given more credence everyday by the uninformed,and just ignorant.


    This is down to Celtic and Ange.Tell us all the truth FFS.Has he a future,or not,if he has,this shit ain’t helping him any.If he has not,what’s the problem.

  17. I’ve got every confidence that Ange and the team will have our team strengthened well before our first games of the season. If CCV or Jota decide not to sign then so be it.

  18. The Rainjurz first team ever banned from defending a European trophy they’d just won.



    3 year ban reduced to 1 year on appeal.



    Airbrushed CSC




    Look,I will spell it out for you ,one last time.


    Until he was injured,CJ was a very good CH for us.A lot of water since then.Bad injury,new manager.Fair enough.Yes we have a very good pairing at CH,at the moment,but no back up.


    CJ has been fit for a couple of months,so,any reasonable person,might have thought,give him 20 mins here,30 mins there in games we were a bit ahead in,just in case.


    For months Ange gave us updates on his recovery,doing well,good progress,should be back training soon,now training with the squad,will get some game time in,but we have to be careful,now fully fit.


    Since then,Zilch.Hence the stories ,innuendo,bullshit coming to the fore.We have all read it.


    My problem,and only problem.Not that he should have been playing,but the truth about why he was not.


    If some stories are true,ditch him,if not,let the fans know.If Ange does not fancy him,fair enough.


    Just let us know the truth.

  20. GENE,



    I admire ,and commend your confidence.Tough ask to replace our two star performers from a whole season.

  21. I have a very great fear that thull bang a right few goals against the krauts………….

  22. Gene



    It’s better than that, they’ve never won an open game over 90 mins in Europe, and they are nowhere near Eintracht’s record



    Games in Europe ;



    Eintracht DWWWDDWDDWWW







    Novena CSC

  23. Turkeybhoy


    I just feel we have coordinated plans in place and that there is a single vision at least on the playing side. I’m sure Ange will know the likelihood or otherwise of CCV and Jota signing up.

  24. BSR,



    This is a team that lost 4 points to that Well team we demolished,5 to Unt,lost 7 points to us in the last three Derby games,stuttered and stammered through the campaign,with the help of copious penalties,lost the League to a rebuild team who lost 3 of their first 7 games,letting a 6 point lead,become a 4 point,and 20 odd goal deficit in a matter of months,that we are being told are up their with the best,even,The Lions.


    SMSM,really,take a look at yourselves.

  25. GENE,



    I hope so.I think so,but I don’t know so,if you get my drift.Top CHs not that thick on the ground,wingers like Jota,probably,same.Rogic leaving,maybe known,but still a problem,hopefully O Riley,but that word again,not known.


    I hope so.




    This is a much more difficult ask than Scotland and it’s Daily Thugs n Thieves think.



    I’ve posted here already, two legged ties, and two banks of five may get help you to a final, but over one game it’s different.



    Glass half full CSC

  27. Paul 67,



    Patrick Harvey is political nonentity who constantly tries to be controversial. A person promoted to government minister for political expediency, not for ability.



    With any large gathering there is always an abundance of litter. There are simply not enough bins to suffice.



    What about the much wanted and needed boost to the cities economy. And by God the city centre needs a boost.



    A few hours OT cleaned the city centre up perfectly. No big deal and no lasting damage.



    I trust Patrick Harvey has never been to a music festival?



    Bawbag of a man.



    HH to all.

  28. A lot of posters are debating tonight with people they think are trolls or thick.



    As a technique for persuading people of the merits of your argument it is fairly ineffective. Speaking only for myself, I would say that I am persuaded mostly by those who argue well, with evidence and without exaggeration, and not by those who declare themselves the winner, declaring you’ll need to be thick to think otherwise.



    It is possible that what Ange says, in public media, about a player is not the whole unvarnished truth.



    When he let Leigh Griffiths go, he could have said, like many here did, “What a waste of talent from want of effort and brains!” but instead he praised the player and wished him well as he held the exit door open and gently propelled him through it.



    I have no idea what Ange’s true views on Leigh were but he never lamented that Leigh had let himself down or the club or the manager. He never expressed regret that a very effective striker had made himself unusable when he could have used him when he needed help. Older managers. like Age, will have seen a fair share of immature , ill-disciplined, poor trainers, depressed and burnt-out footballers to know that there is no point in putting the boot into them when they are already kicking themselves hard enough.



    It does our club no favours to bad mouth players. At worst it is kicking a man while he is down and, at best, it is reducing any chance of a decent sell on fee if you publicise his deficiencies.



    Everyone can see that Chris Julien is a decent CB. He is more of a cult CB- like Bobo- than a safe reliable defender, like Jason Denayer or Kelvin Wilson. All I can surmise from the current situation is that Chris Julien is unhappy with the manager and wants to leave. Ange has made it clear that he does not want any reluctant conscripts. It may be that he is prepared to let Chris go just because Chris wants to go. With only 2 senior CBs in our squad, and one of them is a loanee who may not sign, I doubt Ange is choosing to drive Chris away because he could do with the cover.



    Sometimes, it is just events that overtake you. You neither seek them or engineer them but they happen. Ange will now have to seek CB cover (more than one player) if CCV or Julien or both go. We cannot rely on Starfelt and Welsh.



    Let’s just move on to the next guy to be privileged enough to wear the hoops. Chris can leave with a moment of regret and then we can blank all memory of him.

  29. IniquitousIV on

    Bodo/Glimt, with last minute goal to draw 1-1 at home with Tromso, drop to 7th place.

  30. IniquitousIV on

    Bruno Guimaraes has really hit the ground running for Geordies. Astute buy.