Scot Gov minister cheap attack on Celtic fans


You know what happened.  Celtic fans celebrated our league win in the city centre on Saturday.  In contrast to the carnage that visited the city a year earlier, there were no serious incidents and, by Police Scotland’s own statement, there were only minor issues to deal with.  Forget the facts, that’s not the impression some people want to give the world about Celtic fans.

We can speculate that the Herald/Times journalist who yesterday wrote on Twitter, “Glasgow’s city centre has been left in a total state this morning. Broken glass, cans rubbish all over the place. It’s worse than my pics can show” was motivated to a specific end.

The four photos which accompanied his Tweet showed overwhelmingly tidy streets.  Streets that appear tidier than on any average Sunday morning.  As far as smear attempts go, this one was laughable.  If you cannot find photos of “rubbish all over the place”, don’t put photos up showing the opposite!

A year ago, Scottish Government minister, Patrick Harvie, criticised Newco fans for their trashing of Glasgow and received the kind of backlash you would expect.  Like a self-seeking politician, he was itching to show equivalence yesterday.

Responding to the laughable Tweet showing tidy streets, Harvie, declared, “I don’t care which football team wins anything, or whether someone else behaved worse last time or not. Trashing the city centre, and other behaviour I saw yesterday, is unacceptable. Show some respect for your city and the people you share it with.”

This was a deliberate attack on you and me by a government minister to satisfy his own ends.  Harvie and his cabal are not even ‘green’ in the political sense.  He publicly celebrated his First Minister buddy when she failed to call on the Westminster government to scrap the Cambo oil field.

Harvie even went after Greenpeace, when they had the temerity to criticise the Scottish First Minister, surely a unique moment in ‘green’ politics.  If he cannot convince Greenpeace of his green credentials, you have to wonder what his motivations are (note: it appears to be transgender politics).

A deliberate act of throwing Celtic fans reputation under the bus without any justification is appalling behaviour for a government that should always act impartially, not seek false equivalence.  Celtic fans will no longer sit back and be abused like this by a low-rent ideologue.

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  1. TMcL 10.57



    thanks for that on CJ, my view was from Jungle and I left before the kids came on. Just looked a bit ominous to us in 406. Good news I got that wrong



    AT 11.05


    I had a great time on Saturday – celebrated with my wife in Ralph & Finns’s, Osteria (was Cafe Qui back in my day) then Roderick Dhu (before I re-met Almore in the airport)



    Drinking buckie on the street is so passe to me now , what, what, what

  2. Moderator.



    I still have had no communication from you from last I posted at time I have checked my e-m used to log my one and only log in,



    You said you emailed me.



    I responded asking you where?



    So I ask again for your own mod email mate.i will drop ye a note



    I am very civil.



    keep the politics of the blog,


    But after yesterday’s disaster of a leader after 2 days celebrating titles,and talking nothing to do but talk upCeltic wee get a political snider,


    a historic opportunity missed imo,but the ball keeps rolling across the line for the blog,



    If you could do a favour mod and tell me which posts


    were deleted and when you are deleting them


    Ie AT 9.15am etc


    I disagree with deletion,I will reword.



    Mod post your mod e-mail and I will e-m you.





    Last week,I posted asking Paul67.



    Asking if he realises his blog is having the p ripped out it?



    what was going on on this Celtic site?



    Casual racism


    Jimmybell min silence.


    Goading for a reaction and everyone of them Anonymous.



    You know the multimonikers,


    You know there ip?



    That fine line,how does if work with 👇




    Why not the repetitious team britcult/child abuse/shill?



    Why not Stadia designer(ice cream vans optional)bronski guy?



    Why not the ip behind rebelliousnotconfidentguy?


    – Michael o seville,martinO fake and the orange order welcoming Wee Eddie Nygma and the whole 49 of the £49 PLC,res12guy,vax conspiracy conspiracy etc….you see them.



    The blog could be like our Club a wee bit better.


    Nip 1those ip imposters.


    If not it’ll be clicks over Celtic.



    And mod thats what I want,to talk Celtic,just as I done on Saturday From breakfast,pre game at corner,game and beers after all in the company of ex cqn’rs during the day,say bout 35 of them.i don’t see them back,


    even tho their posts end up here from elsewhere.




  3. IniquitousIV on

    Liverpool reserve team 2-1 up on Southampton with 15 left. Amazing team. They are taking it down to the wire.

  4. IniquitousIV on

    Man City are going to have to beat Villa. Liverpool – Wolves is a stonewall home banker.

  5. IniquitousIV on

    A text On BBC Sport. Says it all really. Elyounnoussi and Stewart Armstrong 2 of the guilty ones.



    “Good result and performance from Liverpool B, but Southampton are utterly pathetic. Standing off Liverpool like a bunch of awestruck schoolboys. No effort, no press, incapable of basic passing and ball control, just jogging around and letting them have the freedom of their stadium in their last game in front of their fans, who really deserve better.”

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