Scot Gov wants to talk about Celtic, not the deaths


If you want to criticise Celtic for taking a January holiday while the country suffers and you have been stuck at home for 10 months, go for it, there’s acres of space below.  The football bubble is difficult to reconcile when people are currently falling ill and dying in such numbers, the optics are poor; Celtic, really?

But if you are responsible for setting the rules of the football bubble, like the Scottish Government are, you are responsible for what is permitted within that bubble.

If you gave specific permission for Celtic’s trip to Dubai, like the Scottish Government did, you and you alone have no right to issue PR statements of condemnation.

This contrasts with the Scottish Government’s congratulatory comments for Newco after punishing their players who broke bubble rules, a marked contrast to their reaction after Celtic punished Boli Bolingoli.

I get that this Government is a world leader at PR, that their leader appears to spend much of her day preparing and delivering her message of PR brilliance and that they effortlessly dig into Celtic without self-awareness.

And I know this is a lot easier than their day job, like deciding whether to send infected patients to care homes or not, running an education system, controlling a police force who witness sectarian crime without concern, and ensuring NHS hospitals do not have to issue statements of regret after poor cleaning-related deaths.

All this magnificent PR keeps eyes away from how that day job is being performed.  Scotland has a death rate higher than all but six countries in the world, including countries run by incompetent fools, like the rest of the UK – who we continue to shadow for inexplicable reasons – and the US.

Your government wants people to talk about Celtic, not look at the death count.  The former is embarrassing and the latter is worse only in Peru, Belgium, Italy and three former Yugoslav countries.  I am not part of this cult.

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  1. stephenofderby on

    Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney? Who cares? They are clearly using their positions to play their political hands. I hope the players are enjoying themselves and come back and don’t lose a game. Kill all taigs doesn’t matter. There are some athletes abiding by government rules at a training camp who we should really look at. Dont think Covid is the issue here. Usual narrative. Best wee country in the world

  2. Rimtimtim



    “With media and politicians in tandem against us the game’s a bogey. Only ourselves to blame though ultimately.”



    I would like to have seen our Board defend the Club more often and more vigorously so we should shoulder some responsibility but I cannot agree that we only have ourselves to blame.

  3. James F – When you say a lot of us are missing the point on the Dubai issue – do you mean we’re missing your point? Your view is your own which you’re perfectly entitled to. However, no matter how loud you should about it, it doesn’t make it anything else. My point is that I have no issue with the Bhoys being in Dubai, and I hope they come back a better unit than they left.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    MN Celt



    Yes. A better unit is what we need.



    Hope they come back fired up for a good run of results to put a bit of pressure on the huns.

  5. No more `From Dubai with Vitrio`l for me this evening. More `From Russia with Love` on Ch 24 as a reminder of my going to see it in The Odeon many years ago.


    Cheerio for now.

  6. DESSYBHOY, yip same story here ! Get one every year end of September due to being asthmatic, phoned and was told health board was doing it so paid for one from chemist . Got a date from health board November, for two days previous! Also the woman next door went to get her Covid vaccine today, 1240 pm was told nurse was on tea break! Wait outside!! Shambles, fix it instead of putting boot into Celtic

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    On the subject of vaccines Boris the balloon said



    ‘Boris Johnson says 1.1 million people have now been vaccinated in England, and 1.3 million across the UK’



    So only 200,000 across the other three nations

  8. Prestonpansbhoy! That’s exactly what I am worried about! Make an arse of it and blame Westminster, we need clarity and honesty! People worried about health and jobs family food on table , and she is playing at it GNGB back at work tomorrow 👎

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Watching Brentford v Spurs, is this Toney guy not the one.we were supposed to be interested in?



    On the subject of vaccines Boris the balloon said





    ‘Boris Johnson says 1.1 million people have now been vaccinated in England, and 1.3 million across the UK’




    So only 200,000 across the other three nations






    Eh….yes. He is an absolute balloon that Scotland did not vote for….thankfully.


    But can you count? Engerlund’s population is more than x 10 ours; so I suggest you go figure.

  11. JimmyNotPaul






    I’m glad both of you remembered our support’s reaction to losing TIAR first time around. It wasn’t the same as the current situation. We had created a tremendous record of 9 wins that many thought would never be equalled.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Scotland’s share of the vaccine is 8.2% of the total, so if 1.3 million doses have been distributed so far, our figure should be over 100,000 people vaccinated so far if we are keeping pace.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    GERRYBHOY on 5TH JANUARY 2021 8:28 PM



    Go figure what exactly, I wasn’t making any political point just merely answering someones question on vacation numbers.



    Take it apology is in the post😕

  14. geebee1978 @4:20 pm



    Of course he’s not unsackeable. I thought I’d made my position clear but obviously not. Neil will go and Neil should go- No coach would survive the loss of the Ten (though Jock Stein did).



    But he should go with our gratitude for his efforts and not with us belittling him for the amusement of Brer Hun



    GERRYBHOY on 5TH JANUARY 2021 8:28 PM







    Go figure what exactly, I wasn’t making any political point just merely answering someones question on vacation numbers.







    Given the 4 nations’ populations, the numbers are not far off the mark.


    I do hope it gets very much better though.









    Take it apology is in the post😕




    I can assure you, the one group of people in this country right now who are UNANIMOUS in not wanting to see the back of Neil Lennon are the Ibrox supporters.



    They’d be like pigs in … sugar … if we gave this guy another season.



    They celebrated the appointment louder than most Celtic fans did.

  17. glendalystonsils on




    There are various possible answers as to why the board are happy to act as DD’s eunuchs . None of which inspire a sense of optimism for the future, in me at any rate .

  18. James Forrest @ 4:21 pm



    So it’s a matter of timing?



    Is that really your take from what I said? That it’s just about giving the guy a wee bit distance between Saturday and now or does the sacking have to be as peremptory as the appointment was? We are not going to run out of managerial options by giving a wee bit of time to prepare for a more dignified parting of the ways. Neil is, unfortunately, a dead man walking. And that, unfortunately, is where we differ. I regret it has come to this and I take no enjoyment in kicking a Celt when he is down.



    Stop making this about Lennon; this is about Celtic.



    It’s about both but mainly about Celtic. There would be no need to tag “third rate Manager” and “failed Bolton/Hibs manager” if it was just about Celtic. Failing the 10 is the reason Neil will go and the rest is just echoing the Hun narrative.



    The horrible reality of it is that Lennon’s reputation will forever be tarnished in the eyes of a lot of our fans.



    I beg to differ and for exactly the reasons I gave in that original post which I was invited to stick somewere dark and painful, by you.



    Jock Stein was not irrevocably tarnished by the loss of the 10 nor were Billy McNeill or Bobby Lennox or any of the other names I gave.



    All this current vitriol is raging at the loss of the league and like fans of every diddy club we want a scapegoat or 10 to aim our anger at. We are behaving little different from the Italian Ultras who visit training grounds to attack and abuse players for an imagined perception of not caring. The anger is understandable but its depths are not justified and it will pass and fade.



    When Neil rocks up at CP in future (excepting the next 3 months or so – maybe give it a year for the real uber-Celt die hard who needs to prove his passion through the medium of abuse) and Neil will be getting chased for autographs and stories of his time on the run to Seville, or of managing us to wins over Barca etc;. He will be fawned over in hospitality and no-one, not one person, will admit to having abused him in the manner he has been in recent weeks.



    This vitriolic attitude to Neil is not the new normal; it is just a passing trend of sound and fury. We strapped ourselves in for the Rollercoaster Ride and now we are feeling sick and spewing fairly indiscriminately.




    First up, I take no pleasure in where we are either. None. But you frame in the context of Lennon, I frame in the context of Celtic, and that’s the difference.



    Secondly, it not “echoing the Hun narrative” to point out that the problem isn’t JUST that Lennon failed, it’s the appointment of Lennon in the first place was utterly wrong and unjustified. To look, therefore, at his failures at Bolton and Hibs is entirely legitimate in making that judgement.



    Also, I disagree that the only reason he should be fired is the loss of the ten. I’ve said already I would haev fired him the night of the Prague game at Celtic Park, a wholly unacceptable result, a humiliation, an absolutely scandalous demonstration of our regression under him. That was the night, for me, that it became untenable. Had we done it, that night, as that result demanded, we’d have rescued the ten.



    Lastly, I didn’t say – in fact, I explicitly said the opposite – that Lennon’s reputation would be tarnished for ALL the fans, I said a lot of them. You don’t have to look too far for evidence of that either. Don’t accuse me of constructing straw men just to build a house full of them yourself.



    I detect very little “virtiol” towards Lennon. Only an acceptance that it has to be done, and for many the opinion that it has to be done NOW, regardless of how it makes some people feel. The club comes first.

  20. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Facts for James Forrest: Neil Lennon was on £30000 per week with Leicester when he signed for Celtic and Martin O’Neil for £24000 per week. Why don’t you do some homework and check before publishing or add As far as I know/recall/heard?


    I don’t know if he was on more than £30000 when he left so can’t comment.


    His extremely poor record this season and three successive defeats from the Govan Works X1 is more than enough reason to terminate his employment. All other things are inconsequential.

  21. GENE on 5TH JANUARY 2021 9:00 PM


    Colin Bell RIP








    Maybe now they’ll get round to naming that stand after him.



    Memorable player. Went on to make a fortune as a scrap man or something.

  22. Lubo we need you on

    Good post Paul



    The woman or should i say “PR” is a parasite . Lets put the boot into big bad Celtic . How dare they send their players away to a safer country that has a relativity low covid rate in comparison to here ,”her precious Scotland” . What are they terrified off ,that 30 guys come back infect a whole country (that horse has bolted).?Is she mad ? is she a deflecting ? is she a full of absolute shite ….. yes

  23. TET-my dad who was 80 granted.was fit and died from a heart attack brought on by him testing positive for Covid.


    I’m going with that mate. I need to.


    So maybe you need to bring it down a notch.


    Otherwise you’re just being a heartless prick