Scotland, consolable in defeat


I want Scotland to win at pretty much anything.  For me (fourth generation), this is my home and my country.  I also want Celtic players to be successful.  But the engagement with tonight’s qualifier against Serbia is not there.  If I’m really honest, my biggest wish is for Callum McGregor to have a midweek off.

Memories of the 1998 World Cup do not help.  Celtic contributed more players to that tournament than any other club in world football.  We paid a price the following season as exhaustion took its toll.  Do I really want Celtic players on international duty in throughout the summer, before another tortuous European qualification campaign?  Do you?  No need to pull that plaster off yet.

My country’s position on the international stage has always been viewed through pragmatism.  Will it hurt the poor, or the soon-to-be-poor (hmmm)?  Will it hurt what I really care about, like Celtic?

So good luck to them tonight, but if we are beaten by the better team, I will be consolable.

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  1. remember posting during the transfer window that we could do worse than signing the Motherwell pairing Gallagher and Campbell and got shot down in flames for suggesting, dearie dearie.

  2. Just brilliant Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Well done to Steve Clarke and everybody involved!

  3. The pennos all looked far more definite and were struck really well……….


    perhaps not having fans in the ground helped wi’ the fear of missing factor???

  4. Just to clarify from me; DELIGHTED for ALL the Scottish players! 😊



    I still think that the FTSFA is a dysfunctional organisation that holds the Scottish players and fans and country back. All about opinions. 😊

  5. Fan and patriot.


    You said it ….allegedly. WTF is wrong with you? Unless you’re no Scottish and couldn’t give a flying feck, there’s plenty on here who are, and want our bhoys who represent their country do well. So what, the blazers at the SFA are corrupt. Hey ho, our own board is a shining light in honesty. But right now, I couldn’t give a damn . My country has qualified for a big stage tourney and our Celtic boys , old and new , got us there.


    The only thing that annoys me tonight is that we don’t have Marshall shouting and our back four shambles and we don’t have Dykes knocking balls down for Griff every week

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Right they have just shown the penalty, if you gave sky + stop the record when the guy kicks the ball, goalie right peg on line. If any doubt VAR would be invoked, its applicable for the play offs👏👍

  7. Celtic and x Celtic well done


    I’m delighted for the bhoys



    Daft substitutions but I’ll leave it at that – great to see our bhoys on the big stage again

  8. Bluegrass Celt


    Fair dues,you want Scotland to get to the big tournaments and it doesn’t matter how corrupt the association is, that’s your prerogative, but Scotland means nothing too me ,.


    I have experienced personal hatred towards me inScotland both because of my name and religion,also in my working life when I was told your the first fish to get through the net .


    You have your opinion I have mine .


    The only thing I love about Scotland is Celtic HH

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Clarke says we responded well from them scoring, no we didn’t we folded and got a get out of jail by the goalie. He’s admitted that it was financially important for the SFA, interesting….

  10. Well done Scotland,thank you Steve Clark and every player and coach supporting that team on the park tonight.You made us smile.22 years is to long to miss out on a top tournament.I recall the 16 year gap til 1974.


    and was at the 2-1 Czechoslovakia.Hope we give it a go.well done,smiling here.happy and a bunnahabhain being sipped.





  11. BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:32 PM



    Croft? He was never comin’ ….never.



    *he just said that last week, how many on here expats widnae go back hame tae live especially after being away a while.



    Wee story here, my late brother, who wisnae a bad player himself, was invited tae have a wee bevy with a former school pal of his, and also Stevie Murray and Evan Williams, who was guest in the NASL and up playing in TO, that was common back in the 70s.



    One of the other players in the company, nae names here FU but he played in the same area you now live, was a bankie but had been down south fae he was 15. At one time he was tipped for deidco, he even had a john lawrence house down in Craigendoran as part of the package, somehow it fell though.



    He asked my brother if he ever went hame, he said aye as often as I can, this legendary player with his longest serving club said I never go up the road, I have nae time for the place.



    When asked about the rumoured move tae deidco replaced nae chance, they put oot the feelers but that was it. I wisnae moving my family up there.



    He was a self admitted boyhood hun supporter, Clydebank High will do that for you, but after leaving the West of Scotland didnae want tae return tae the culture that was very evident at the time.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:08 PM



    and was at the 2-1 Czechoslovakia.Hope we give it a go.well done,smiling here.happy and a bunnahabhain being sipped.



    *the game that ended Ally Hunters career.

  13. An Tearmann



    I too was at the great game in 73



    My first can of Lager and Joe Jordan’s goal😀




    SNAP! The same for me, but on enquiring why my career had reached a glass ceiling was told “With a name like (insert very Irish sounding name) you’re going nowhere in (insert name of well known Scottish Engineering Company)!” I live and work in England now. 😊

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Must admit not been too impressed by Clarke’s Scotland until tonight, well until the substitutions, lets hope it’s something to build on. Only down point it gves the balloons at the SFA a financial lifeline.

  16. I’m proud of my country’s performance tonight. Every player was magnificent and you can see how the manager had got them playing for him.


    Unfashionable players like McDonnell, Gallagher, Dyles and Jack gave their all. And I thought McGregor had a superb game.

  17. TT my boss in London was a Hun from Fife……….he refuses to let his kids follow thum.


    He can’t quit what he is……..but attempts to say he’s a ‘pool fan now………

  18. an tearmann



    Was at that game in late 1973, four Celtic players started that night, including George Connelly. Big man was injured when the World Cup came around in Germany in 74. Otherwise he would have been there.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    Three good results today



    Scotland through


    Six counties oot


    Cummings oot government by new year




  20. From Twitter…


    Griffs, Armstrong etc on the bench. Clarke brings on magnum and fucking hen broon.

  21. Truth Beauty and Freedom


    Surprisingly enough I got employed by English based companies and was treated equally ,as they put ability before prejudice .HH

  22. JINKYREDSTAR on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:07 PM


    I am delighted that my national team has qualified for a major tournament



    Is that ok?










    not a sweary in sight but you can fill the gaps



    :-))) 2nd bunnahabhain……uh oh 🤣



    I am laughing tho at the poss covid may mean non attendance after all this time





  23. An Tearmann



    I’m on 15 Year Old Glendronnach and I am loving tonight (poor huns in the bbc etc can’t take it away)

  24. Some right warmers on here.Its football,FFS.If you are not happy Scotland won,just don’t come on.


    God almighty.

  25. Think there may have been 5 Celtic players starting v Czechs in 1973. Hunter, McGrain, Hay, Connelly & Dalglish.

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