Scotland, consolable in defeat


I want Scotland to win at pretty much anything.  For me (fourth generation), this is my home and my country.  I also want Celtic players to be successful.  But the engagement with tonight’s qualifier against Serbia is not there.  If I’m really honest, my biggest wish is for Callum McGregor to have a midweek off.

Memories of the 1998 World Cup do not help.  Celtic contributed more players to that tournament than any other club in world football.  We paid a price the following season as exhaustion took its toll.  Do I really want Celtic players on international duty in throughout the summer, before another tortuous European qualification campaign?  Do you?  No need to pull that plaster off yet.

My country’s position on the international stage has always been viewed through pragmatism.  Will it hurt the poor, or the soon-to-be-poor (hmmm)?  Will it hurt what I really care about, like Celtic?

So good luck to them tonight, but if we are beaten by the better team, I will be consolable.

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  1. The Blogger


    That`s about it for me as well…..unless there is anything good on Council Telly at he same time.



  2. I must admit, that post of Coneybhoy`s surprised me as well.


    I wonder if Jobo shares his view?

  3. International football as we know it is a complete waste of time .


    If anything it should be at under 21 level only .That would give the younger players the opportunity to play games in a different environment and allow them to expand their experience.


    Saying that I may watch big Shane tonight in the hope he will find his mojo🇮🇪

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    I don’t wish Scotland any harm but my only interest is that our players come back fit and healthy for the most important season in our history.

  5. SAINT STIVS on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:43 PM


    where are the lights in the west of glasgow coming from tonight ?






    Botanic Gardens, there is a show on called Glasglow.

  6. Good evening friends. 2 hours till kick off and butterflies starting. Dont know why as I really dont fancy our chances. But if we can just keep it level and then unleash Leigh then there’s a ready made fairy story…

  7. Glasglow causing a bit of a stooshie in ole G12 – ticketed event with hundreds crowding in and q ing up. Council managing to work round the Covid regs.



    Thanks. Tried Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Puffin and a couple of others. Log in success is intermittent on all of them. Some one on here kindly suggested clicking on previous blog item and last poster. Works occasionally but is not guaranteed.



  9. DAVID17 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:45 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:43 PM





    where are the lights in the west of glasgow coming from tonight ?










    Botanic Gardens, there is a show on called Glasglow.





    GlasGlow, Botanic Gardens






    ta both of you, i first noticed them on celebrating buringing catholics night, but didnt want to mentionit in the hoose in case they thought i was away with it again,



    no doubt i will get some sarky answer from some green oak yins.




  10. as an aside ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    could we name a world class celtic 11 ?



    or a scottish celtic 11 vs international celtic 11.



    I will go with



    1. Bonnar (hahahhahaha)


    2, McGrain


    3. Gemmell


    4. Murdoch


    5. McNeill


    6. Hay


    7. Jinky


    8. McStay


    9. Dalglish


    10. Henrik


    11. Lennox.



    who has another version ?

  11. Scotland. How many footballing disappointments have they dished out to their supporters over the years? Lots and Lots. So are we all sitting on the edge our seats wondering what is going to happen tonight? Or just maybe it could easily be predicted based on previous. I’m going for easily predicted, so would suggest that you don’t let the pundits build up your expectations, we all know the most likely outcome, defeat.



    Good Luck to them, I hope they do well, always do, but my expectations based on previous are to expect zero – anything more than zero will be a bonus.

  12. Got my , shingles jab this afternoon – I’ve got a mate who has suffered from it for years apparently it’s very painful so it was a yes from me.

  13. IM with jobo on this, im from the coatbridge area and my dad was from croy, irishness seeping through, but my father travelled down to liverpool in 78 to watch scotland against wales, so is this just a new thing anti scotland, big billy proudly played for scotland as did wee jinky, bobby lennox.etc i hate the sfa as much as anyone but im not going to hope another team beats my country because of them bassas at the sfa.

  14. St Stivs



    To get a very strong ‘all Scots’ – I would put Ronnie in goal and swap out Henrik for Joe McBride



    A completely international eleven is an eight pint job!

  15. Lee Westwood doing well in the US Masters


    Has made the cut eleven times in a row.


    Had some good finishes too.

  16. IniquitousIV on 12th November 2020 5:54 pm




    This might not work for you, as your login issues seem more extreme that others.



    When I find myself logged out, I enter my details, then after pressing login button, I’ll often find it doesn’t appear I’m in (can’t see new comments, also top right doesn’t have my user ID).



    So, I press the login button (system takes you to the first page), I then hit refresh (sometimes twice) then click on the last comment I can see to the righthand box.



    The system then appears to recognise I’m logged in.



    I never have to post a comment (refreshing appears to do the job).

  17. The post box disappeared for me again, wt.





    Scottish media is in overdrive all day today. desperate for success, they have interviewed loads of players, played lots of scottish tunes, mixed old songs to the gorge bowie mix, and now Clyde is on for 4 hours non stop predicting a scotland win.



    i sense a snatching defeat from the jaws of victory moment coming up.



    hope not, but the talking up the chances of qualification is off the scale.



    Its serbia we are playing by the way.

  18. I think this is the opportunity for thums to pile pressure on Steve Clarke……………



    ….thur must be some Hun in need of a Blazer…………………

  19. Ps…………….



    I’m probably the least technically able type around, and after following the copious insights from various CQN TIms……….I never ever have an issue logging in……………

  20. BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:48 PM



    On the other hand…


    I was on earlier today & didn’t log out or whatever.


    It’s taken me fully 5 minutes to penetrate the “No Pasaran” wall to be able to see a comments box.


    Logging in merely gets you back to the site but not access to the Comments box.


    Perversely, although you’re not given access to the Comments box your nom de blog is shown on the to right with the friendly greeting of “Hi”.


    I’ve figured out that for the moment I have to click on that nom de blog to access the dashboard & from their select “Visit Site”

  21. If Scotland lose it will not affect my mood either but don’t see the sense in not wanting the country we (most of us) live(d) in not being on the big stages.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Scotland top on, can of beer open. Will we see another glorious defeat, naw think we’ll get hammered😱😵



    Heard its a freebie on Sky tonight👍👏

  23. Cornelius……….





    I don’t seem to have that issue either ( hope I don’t jinx it!)




  24. Bt 035


    Sky 159.


    Pick SD: Channel 895.


    Virgin Media. Pick HD: Channel 165.


    Freeview. Pick SD: Channel 11.


    Freesat. Pick HD: Channel 147.


    Calmac earns 25th Cap tonight

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