Scotland’s fourth 6 in a row


Six league titles in-a-row was achieved for the fourth time in Scottish football yesterday as Celtic retained their championship, the third time the club reached this mark.

Jimmy Quinn, Celtic’s first superstar, powered the club to six-in-a-row between seasons 1904-05 and 1909-10, but that run ended there.

It would be 60 years before the feat would be repeated as the club’s greatest team made its final mark. This would be the final season of Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, John Clark, Bertie Auld, John Hughes and Stevie Chalmers. Ronnie Simpson had already retired. The Quality Street Gang picked up the mantle without skipping a beat. Although the club won their sixth successive league title, they failed to six League Cups in-a-row as Partick Thistle upset the odds in the final.

Celtic fans look back on this era as their nine-in-a-row, but in truth, those seasons were two eras. The first five years, ending at the European Cup Final in 1970, saw Celtic win five leagues, five League Cups, two Scottish Cups, the European Cup, as well as reaching that 1970 final in Milan. They regularly humbled top teams in this period.

The final four of the nine-in-a-row seasons saw Celtic eliminate (in total): Kokkola, Waterford, Copenhagen, Sliema Wanderers, Rosenborg, Turku, Vejle and Basel from European football, all of them from (then) semi-professional leagues. The team would run out of steam before 10-in-a-row.

Rangers got in on the act, winning their sixth successive title in 1994. Like the Quality Street Gang they would go on to add another three titles, but reflective history will always point to the ousting of the old Celtic board in March of that year as the point at which the tide began to turn.

This Celtic team is very likely to go on and achieve the illusive 10. Instead of signs of regression, they are only getting stronger. The apparently impossible objective – winning League, League Cup and Scottish Cup, undefeated in all, is now a serious possibility

They have a manager and a core of players who are a the top of their game and enjoying the challenge at Celtic. This may be Scottish football’s fourth six-in-a-row, but the current Celtic are by far the strongest team to reach this mark.

Enjoy every minute of it, your support has made it possible.


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Winning Captains 

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well done to all involved. There are no short-cuts to success. Onwards and upwards!

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy 50th Doc



  3. Neustadt-Braw on

    Appropriate that Tommy Burns gets the podium!




    Awfy braw



    Smiley twisty turny thing








    Nae predictions please! I hate tempting fate..,



    To be fair,we are currently miles in front both on and off the pitch.



    Stands are full,income is booming,support are happy. And so too are the players



    We have a long history of failing to build on success-maybe as a deserved reward for those who achieved it,to be fair-but to eff it up from here would actually require work rather than negligence.



    As for Brendan,he’s on about £4m a year inc bonuses if we get to the CL group stages apparently. He can be here for as long as he wants,he’s clearly been given control of the football operation.



    He loves the club,he’s in charge,he’s picking up more than enough. He is settled in the area too and not too far from his family,whether they be in Swindon or Nornirn-as long as he doesn’t catch a Megabus of course.



    I think we have a happy and contented support,I think we have a happy and contented board,I think we have a happy and contented squad,and if we have a happy and contented manager you just have to add ambition to that mix to push us to the next level.



    And I think all of the above possess that.

  5. BMCUWP, We still need better players to progress further in the CL. IMO Brendan sees that as his true challenge next season. Thats his ambition. He will want to get us further than the group stages that NL and GS got us to. S’all Good Man.

  6. Brendan wants to build and leave a legacy. The shout is therefore



    4 More Years!


    4 More Years!


    4 More Years!

  7. I think BMCUW hit on the real point, The Players are Happy.


    You can see it in the way they play & celebrate, they are like the kids we all were when we first kicked a ball.


    Those Bhoys just want to play & score goals and there is a real feel good factor about everything they do.


    Watching the clips after the game it seemed to me that Boyata instigated the impromptu huddle on the penalty spot after Sinky completed the hat trick. Look out for the way Brendan congratulated Armstrong after the game, look at the way the Bhoys saluted Kolo who has hardly kicked a ball in months & look how Kolo reacted.


    There is something very special happening at Celtic Park & it’s a great time for all Celtic Supporters, of course we will lose a game or two along the way & have a few disappointments but if we are not men enough to handle those days when they do come, then we don’t deserve this team.

  8. Aye, one team won 6IAR 3 times through honest endeavour the other one cheated and everybody knows that including them only they won’t admit it and neither will the SMSM.




    Hail! Hail! PMTYH who is still smiling and quaffing beer in a lounge in KLIA.

  9. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Paul67, as you said, it was 2 teams who won the 9 in a row. We had a few teams taking us through the first 5 of this 6 in a row and the Class of 2017 have shown they are just that: class.



    With a few additions I am sure that we can actually do something decent in the CL. Keep this group of players together for a few seasons and replace those that are aging and transfer as well as adding quality and we could indeed become a latter stage CL regular. From there, who knows.



    However, IMHO the biggest problem we will have won’t be replacing Dembee, KT, Armstrong or Sinclair. It will be replacing Scott Brown as an inspiration and a leader.



    We need to keep him at the club in a coaching capacity as far as I am concerned. To that, add Kolo Toure – keep him in the backroom as well. yesterday’s dressing room evidence is obviously a testament to just what an important figure he has been this season!









    Had to laugh when you mentioned The Travellers Tavern yesterday.



    Been there many a time as I use Nat Exp to London,then the train from Euston to Scotland.



    The bus gets in at 950,bar opens at 10am. Quick smoke,great timing.



    About six or seven years ago,I ordered my pint of lager-Guinness is a nono in there-and the price had gone up.



    £3.10 as I handed over a twenty.



    F…it,make it two pints,please!”



    Been caught like that once before,the change burned a hole in my hand.



    Hope you have more fun in Brunei than you did in Yeovilton. Shouldnae be difficult…

  11. today –



    1, Celtic (c) 30 28 2 0 81 18 +63 86 points 93.33% win rate



    Last season


    1 Celtic (C) 38 26 8 4 93 31 +62 86 points 68.42% win rate.



    same points with 24 still to play for.



    no slacking on anything tam, there are records to be broken.

  12. My friends in Celtic,



    What an inspirational manager. Our board must do absolutely everything to keep him. ( We definitely dodged a few by signing BR ) This team with a few additions could be phenomenal.


    He looks, talks and acts the way of a Celtic manager. Note : Manager , not coach etc.



    Winning is always good, but winning the Celtic way is great.






    PS : More sorry news , this time from Russia.

  13. TheLegendOfPeterGrant on

    @Paul67, long time – hope you are well. I wanted to post something, incase it helps even one teenager out there who is experiencing any of what I did.



    Days like today especially, I think of my teenage years: the bitter, bigoted, racist Scottish boys in my school in Edinburgh.



    I think of the abuse for being a Catholic; The Sash being sung in the classroom; An Gorta Mor being mocked 15 years before anyone even thought of The Famine Song; and, of course, general football slagging when someone’s team lost.



    Except it wasn’t “general”, it was only ever anti-Celtic.



    There was not one single Rangers fan in the school – it was mostly Hearts, some Hibs, and a few random Fife teams. Yet all anyone was interested in was Celtic losing. They would laud every Rangers success, as if that club, and not their own, was the Scottish Presbyterian defender helping keep Irish Catholic immigrants in their place.



    I’ve thought of those boys a few times since, occasionally wondering if their own children are growing up with the same inbred hatred as their fathers.



    Mostly though, I only ever think of them when Celtic are victorious in their city – knowing how it pains them to hear our songs of hope and joy; to watch as hand-in-hand we celebrate another goal, another win, another title.



    Having a Catholic from Ulster as manager, six of Scotland’s national X1 and several proud English Brits (loved and made welcome by a club open to all from day one) just adds to their dejection.



    I know a few of them think of me when Celtic beat them and that makes the adult me smile, as the teenage me laughs loudly inside.



    We are only at Six, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.



    I hope every teenage Celtic fan in Edinburgh is today telling their classroom that loud and proud.

  14. SAINT STIVS on 3RD APRIL 2017 1:50 PM



    6 – 2017 Celtic (c) 30 28 2 0 81 18 +63 86 points 93% win rate + league cup + cl group,


    5- 2016 Celtic (c) 38 26 8 4 93 31 +62 86 points 68% win rate. + el group.


    4- 2015 Celtic (c) 38 29 5 4 84 17 +67 92 points 76% win rate + league cup + el last 32.


    3- 2014 Celtic (c) 38 31 6 1 102 25 +77 99 points 81% win rate + cl group.


    2- 2013 Celtic (c) 38 24 7 7 92 35 +57 79 points 63% win rate + scot cup + cl last 16.


    1- 2012 Celtic (c) 38 30 3 5 84 21 +63 93 points 80% win rate + el group.

  15. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Saint Stivs on 3rd April 2017 1:50 pm



    Aberdeen are only 1 point worse of at the same stage as last year; we are 17 points better off. They have been just as consistent as last season; it shows that the improvement from Celtic is massive!





  16. BMCUW,


    Aye, the Travellers saved my life yesterday. I went straight to T5 B wing expecting bar facilities and there were none. Never mind BA came up with the goods on the plane.


    I don’t think they are accustomed to someone going up for beer so often in the lounge in Kuala Lumpur airport.


    As regards Yeovilton I’ve seen more life in sevco and that’s saying something.





    First,wow,it’s good to see a long-lost name,even if I took a liberty.



    Second,aye. You’re right. Wherever I’ve been,if Rangers are playing,”neutrals” are pretty disinterested.



    If the “neutrals” are playing us,different story.



    And as for when we play them…



    Neutral,ma bahookie.

  18. Just discovered to my joy that I have lived to see 67 trophies won. Not counting Lizzie’s Cup or the Glasgow Cups in that number. But I am sure there are some on here who can claim to have relatives who have seen more. The joy of each and every victory has been the same for all of us.



    Corkcelt: I agree the joy on the bhoys faces tells the story, whether they are supporters like KT or just new to what we are about, they seem to get the message. Stuart’s face after he scored on Sunday seemed to say “I am here for the duration.” I for one hope that is going to be the case.Talking of cases, will he not want to do his legal work in Scotland? So here’s to many years of entertainment from Stuart and so many others.





    Next time yer at Euston,avoid the dear places and head to the William Hills on the concourse.



    Sharp right,The Doric Arch. Great pub,sport everywhere,cheap as chips.



    But if you need the toilet,go to the bookies-it’s quicker!

  20. Paul67 et al



    Not the first time you have proffered this theory Paul and not the first time you have got it wrong. Only the Lisbon Lions won the European Cup, but that same team only played together ten or eleven times which suggests to me at least that Celtic’s success over the 1965-1975 period involved a range of players over those years. Look at the picture of the Celtic squad at the start of the 1966-7 season, you will see not only the Lions but also a young Hay, Dalglish and Macari. All played before 1970, as did George Connelly. Not to mention players brought in after 1967, such as Tommy Callaghan, 1968 and Harry Hood 1969. All those players, and more contributed in part to Celtic’s second six in a row. For me there is no pre or post 1970. The Lions remained an influence up to 1974, and shared the pitch and the success throughout that period. Your use of 1970 hints that the teams that follow were somehow lesser, but I would argue that the 1972 and 1974 teams were every bit as good, four league titles, Scottish Cup winners 1971,72, 74 and 1975 and EC semi-finalists 1972 and 1974. I’ll give you one example of what I mean; The Scottish Cup winning side of 1972;


    Williams Craig Brogan Murdoch McNeill Connelly Johnstone Dalglish Deans Macari and Callaghan. Jim Brogan was in the 1966 picture and only one player signed after 1970, Dixie Deans. Oh and four Lisbon Lions!

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