Scotland’s trophy kings meet at Celtic Park


A cursory glance at the table suggests St Johnstone are far off their double trophy winning form of last season.  The second most successful team in Scottish football over the last decade (three times more trophies than the cackle of solitary winners) are eighth in the league, five points off a top six spot.

The roof fell in on them last week as Livingston produced three goals from 35% possession and four shots on target, a statistical anomaly for a St Johnstone defence that conceded only six goals in their other eight league games this season.  This is a team with a goalkeeper who can keep them out and score at the other end, and a defence which offers opponents few opportunities.

They will be no more adventurous than Ferencvaros when they pitch up at Celtic Park tomorrow afternoon, we will need to be at our best.

That “best” is pretty decent right now.  I’m still wallowing in the Rogic-Jota move from Fir Park and its cousin, the Jota-Kyogo goal on Tuesday.  Add in the play that saw Ferenc exposed so frequently after the opening goal and we should be confident we can do the same to the winners of last season’s cups.

Dare we ponder the form of St Mirren, unbeaten in six since their 6-0 drubbing at Celtic Park?  A home game against league leaders, Newco, is unlikely to phase Jim Goodwin.

Real Betis took a point at home to Bayer Leverkusen last night.  Barring an unlikely result for Celtic in Germany (or Ferencvaros in Spain), Leverkusen and Betis are likely to occupy first and second place in the group.  The Conference place is our most achievable target.

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    Cheers . For any away game hesgoal has been great , not so much from Celtic park .



    I’ll do the PPV tomorrow and see how it goes , thanks again.

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JIMDOM on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 4:34 PM



    My guess is he will do a Kamara and sign a new deal. The Ibrox PR machine will tell us Connor is here for 56/57/58 etc, but, like Kamara, the devil will be in the detail. That will not be for public consumption. In about 10 weeks time he could sign a pre-contract elsewhere, the ultimate humiliation for the Govan outfit.






    in 2014 at the height of the euphoria when it became public knowledge that they were about to be flushed down the toilet pan, a rumour went round at work that all the guilty parties – directors, management, EBT players, ground staff etc- were going to be taken out of Ibrox in handcuffs,



    alas it never came to pass, but that would have been the ultimate humiliation for the Govan outfit.

  3. TT – after the Benfica game had gone to extra time – we didn’t know what happened- I went to bed and as my dad went to work early in the morning he came in and told me Benfica had one in extra time! He didn’t know about the toss up and didn’t want me to hear bad news from some random person.


    Anyway I breezed in to school with the news only to feel a right eejit when I was put right – a happy eejit right enough. Funny the things that stick with you.

  4. In Connolly’s in the merchant city with 1 new boss and 1 old boss, how I love the Glasgow city pub scene of today… if the Irish pubs were about in my day by goodness what a ball i would have had…..



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Celtic v St Johnstone



    Season Ticket holders who are not yet able to return to games in person can still use the Pass to Paradise to enjoy all the match action, live from Celtic Park.

  6. I went to the Benfica game in Lisbon. After the match we went back to hotel expecting to stay another day for a play off to sudden death. Then the news came through about us winning by toss of coin. Mixed feelings can only be the description how we felt since we hadn’t witnessed it.

  7. Went to the match and hotel plus trips out on a package deal by McGinleys Travel if my memory serves me well.




    Nice array of different styles and genres…..are you still frequenting that boozer on the main street wae the lodge sounding name 😀 Reminds me of the 20 20 club in Rutherglen.

  9. I am not, a panic merchant, far from it, but I do wish Ange would have his persistent cough checked out. Sure it’s just the Scottish air but it does worry me somewhat




  10. squire danaher on

    AN TEARMANN on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 6:00 PM


    Squire you did that out of spite








    Prati scored hat trick in final



    Many Celtic histories quote Meelan officials as saying they expected to lose heavily at Celtic, and that they knew they’d win trophy after beating Celts in QF which they assessed as their hardest possible tie.



    Those were the days, my friend….

  11. AN TEARMANN on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 7:45 PM



    brilliantly intersting and informative, i have read many things, and seen rebellion, but the streets are a bit of a hots potch to me,



    bitterly regret not going in 2016.

  12. seriously, i have been blaming inspector gadget higgins for huns being escorted to their riot destination of choice, and then a return of the banns and their takeover of the street, and previous to that the fascist marched of the onion pears.



    i think we find the orchestrator here.



    couldnt make it up right enough. listen to his justifications.






    St.Anthony Retweeted








    Oct 20


    So, a guy from the 6 counties who allowed rangers* fans to run riot TWICE in Glasgow is now telling us he will clamp down on peaceful protests…in Glasgow. Couldn’t fuckin make it up.





    Brilliant music as usual 👏👏👏


    Bedtime for me Palma Nova in the early hours tomorrow.


    I will find a pub to watch the game hopefully




    Not been back in there since I met you and the other bhoys for Stephen’s day out.



    It would never be my choice of pub not because there is anything wrong with the pub. it’s the town. It’s an open air asylum.



    How you been? Thought I might have caught you at the hoot.



    On my lonesome tonight so having a wee music night while watching the tally fitba with the sound off.








    FFS you have more holidays than the queen. 😂😂😂



    Have a great time 😎




  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    Had a look at the highlights from Tuesday earlier today.



    Was delighted to see the reaction of the Celtic players when Kyogo was kicked while on the ground. The culprit looked visibly shaken as 4 or 5 Celtic players, led by big Tony Ralston, surrounded him and threatened to knock his head off.



    Great team spirit that was sadly lacking last season.

  17. Jimdom 4.34.



    Its a Celtic blog jim



    Who gives a ….? What they are up to? Better go down your local launderette.



    I heard his feeding of a fawning media.never heard any figs? Have you a source?





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