Scotland’s trophy kings meet at Celtic Park


A cursory glance at the table suggests St Johnstone are far off their double trophy winning form of last season.  The second most successful team in Scottish football over the last decade (three times more trophies than the cackle of solitary winners) are eighth in the league, five points off a top six spot.

The roof fell in on them last week as Livingston produced three goals from 35% possession and four shots on target, a statistical anomaly for a St Johnstone defence that conceded only six goals in their other eight league games this season.  This is a team with a goalkeeper who can keep them out and score at the other end, and a defence which offers opponents few opportunities.

They will be no more adventurous than Ferencvaros when they pitch up at Celtic Park tomorrow afternoon, we will need to be at our best.

That “best” is pretty decent right now.  I’m still wallowing in the Rogic-Jota move from Fir Park and its cousin, the Jota-Kyogo goal on Tuesday.  Add in the play that saw Ferenc exposed so frequently after the opening goal and we should be confident we can do the same to the winners of last season’s cups.

Dare we ponder the form of St Mirren, unbeaten in six since their 6-0 drubbing at Celtic Park?  A home game against league leaders, Newco, is unlikely to phase Jim Goodwin.

Real Betis took a point at home to Bayer Leverkusen last night.  Barring an unlikely result for Celtic in Germany (or Ferencvaros in Spain), Leverkusen and Betis are likely to occupy first and second place in the group.  The Conference place is our most achievable target.

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  1. TONYROME on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 8:29 PM











    FFS you have more holidays than the queen.






    Must be a teacher😂😎

  2. FAIRHILL BHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 8:19 PM







    Brilliant music as usual 👏👏👏





    Bedtime for me Palma Nova in the early hours tomorrow.





    I will find a pub to watch the game hopefully






    Nip roon tae SANTA P , GORDYBHOY64 might be lying pished somewhere 😂👍



    Have a goodyin pal .💚✔⚽☘🍻




    The HOOT fell on the same weekend i was up at carnoustie hacking round a beautiful golf course .


    Ill take a wee trip out sometime for a chat .



    keep the music coming , having an empty can be a disaster hangover wise lol.




    The first time i saw TSAHB it was on top of the pops , Boston tea party , still love that song



    paperback writer was and is such a catchy tune , brill.



    Marc B , tragic …Get it on one of my faves

  5. MARSPAPA on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 1:37 PM


    SQUIRE DANAHER on 22ND OCTOBER 2021 10:31 AM



    Memories brought back this one. My Dad had been offered tickets for me and him for Ibrox first Derby of the season 66, he point blank refused (we never stepped foot inside the bigot dome and me still to this day haven’t). He promises me, we will go to the New Year game (the 3rd) Jan).



    *That game is one of my fondest memories ever. I was playing fitba at the time and other than midweek League Cup or ECWC games at the time didnae get tae many games, even the Christmas Day one against Morton was a no no especially with a mother who was President of the local Women’s Guild.



    We were on a good run, after losing to them in only our 3rd league game we started scoring goals for fun including 8-1 on Christmas Day while the huns were losing 2-3 tae the Pars with Sir Furious although not on the score sheet tearing central defenders hynd and mckinnon a new one, we were now joint top on points with them, though we had a game in hand.



    After a poor start in the LC we eventually won it for the first time since “Oh Hampden in the Sun” in a game in what IMHO was the catalyst for the Big Cup and the honest NIAR. We proved that day we could not only beat them but also in games that counted, as if they didnae all.



    As I said games had been few and far between for me although I did make the LC semis and replay as well as the final, protest songs were popular at the time and that night we entertained the good people of the Bonnie Banks with “Its Good News Week”.



    We were also now in the quarters of the lavvy cup as we headed intae 1966 with an easy 3-1 victory over our real derby rivals the Bully Wee.



    So the big game arrived, the night before I had went tae 7 o’clock Mass then straight home, I was still a young “teenage rockin buck”, had ended a long relationship a couple of months previously so had no commitments yet much tae the consternation of my parents here was I back in the hoose, didnae want anything tae get in the way of this game, I had a good feeling about it.



    As I exited the pineapple via the Lady Altar side door there was a SVDP poor box so I dropped in half a crown, this was a time when a pint of Mick Jagger was 2/4d, 2/5d with lime.



    I had arranged with a carolina of mine tae go up early. He was serving his time on the Clydeside and me up in Duntocher with the nation’s largest home builder.



    Although we had never been intae the Sarry Heid we had heard about it from fellow apprentices so decided tae give it a try, it was enroute anyway.



    What an experience, 3 rounds of lemon tops and white “T” including a drink for an oul punter at the bar plus a kerry oot and change fae 10 bob.



    As was normal we decided no tae open the drink until we scored. Right aff the bat they scored via a deflected pass and yet there wisnae any cause for concern as it seemed we were the better side and would come back.



    By half time we were the only ones singing, it truly would only be a matter of time, the kerry oot was opened as we joined in the frivolities, and the rest is history as we were now top of the table by 2 points with still a game in hand.



    Oh and that half crown in the poor box, I still maintain to this day that was a tanner a goal.




    My first and only derby with my dad was the 69 cup final 4-0.


    My mum found out we were at the game through the same uncle who let me down years earlier for the new year game being drunk and mia .



    This time he was raging we went without asking him and drapped us in it with my mother .

  7. marspapa



    there is an Amazin place just outside Belfast.



    E, me & U are being…………



    Ange is Owning SG – cheat Refs



    Annoying so I Am…… Cheats wil lose.

  8. Whats been happening in CQN land?



    Not sure I wana scroll back and check out the recent posts



    We all behaving or……….

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