Scott Allan back, Newco will have a plan!


Scott Allan had an enormous August, feted by more than one club before joining the champions, so the emotional crash caused by his subsequent injury must have been significant. It was great to hear him return to action with the youths against Hearts last night. We’re competing in three competitions in the coming weeks, so there should be ample opportunity for Scott to get his feet under the table.

I’m a bit curious at reports Dave King and other Newco majority shareholders have agreed a plan to pay Charlies Green’s legal costs, “should they be ordered to do so by the court”.  Aye, very good.  It’s all a bit of a let down to me, who was hoping to see Dave take on the courts, before coming to an inevitable satisfactory outcome with them.

It puts a hitherto unknown limit on the modesty of Mr King, who has now apparently accepted his authority is below that of the Scottish court system. What we haven’t heard is what that plan is, who is going to stump up the cash, or who is going to make up the trading shortfall for this season.  I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

With no assets to secure and the prospect of a criminal trial rendering the business unsustainable, further investment at this stage is an act of considerable faith. Such acts do happen, think back to our own John Keane in 1994, who paid £1m to stop the Bank of Scotland putting Celtic into administration. It’s just this kind of act doesn’t seem to happen at Ibrox.  I wonder why?

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  1. Does anyone know what has happened to The Scottish Football Monitor? It has been down for 10 days now. The site says their is a server problem, but 10 days is overly long for that.




  2. SAINT STIVS on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 12:29 PM


    AXETHEACT on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 11:04 AM





    Please sign


















    Ta, signed.







    Tory Peer walks up the celtic way, past the foodbank collection, past the walfrid , past the plaque for the victims of the famine, enjoys the lounge, and the heated seat.







    Then a mere few weeks later votes on something that affects the working poor, and the unemployed to suffer more.







    He aint fit for our office.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/kieran-jozo-daring-to-complain-about-the-government/comment-page-11/#comment-2705173

  3. Was at the development game last night. Allan played well, good range of passing and first instinct always looking to go forward. Nesbitt and Hendry also impressive.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on 27th October 2015 11:28 am



    You’re more intelligent than that post suggests. You sound like a member of a cult, prepared to abandon rational thought and critical judgment in pursuit of your aims. Or maybe you’re just dishonest.



    The SNP helped the Tories win the election.



    They did so in two ways



    1. they took votes from Labour in Scotland.



    2. they claimed that they would be able to dictate policy to a minority Labour government. The claim was nonsense of course, they would have had no option other than to support a minority Labour government, without preconditions. Anything else would have been suicide. Nonetheless their dishonest posturing gave the Tories just enough traction to appeal to English nationalism. The Tory spin doctors confirmed it was the SNP that got them elected. No matter, this government suits the nats, and that’s all that matters to the cult. –

  5. ernie lynch on 27th October 2015 12:42 pm



    So the mindset was “I don’t want Labour bullied by those uppity Jocks! I’ll vote Tory!” and therefore Tory’s gained seats that otherwise would have gone to Labour and thus prevented a Labour/SNP alliance.

  6. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I see wee Anne at Tynecastle has finally discovered what like her own fans are…. Hahahahahahaha

  7. Thanks for the replies, I was using a favourites link to the temp. site.



    PS Petition signed.

  8. From BBC site about people preparing for Armageddon.



    Last one caught my eye





    Prepper – An individual who prepares for a catastrophic event.



    When Stuff Hits the Fan – The widespread chaos and panic that sets in after a catastrophic event.



    Bugging In – Staying at your location until it is safer to bug out.



    Bugging Out – Leaving your current position and moving to a safer location.



    Bug Out Bag (Bob) – A bag that contains all the necessities needed to survive after a catastrophe.



    Zombie – The name for the unprepared and aggressive masses who may want to steal a prepper’s resources.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Life’s laugh or cry moments # 17



    Big cheese from Dinamo Kiev on the tele announcing the creation of a ” blacks only ” section in Dinamo Kiev’s stadium..Man stated that a ” blacks only ” section would stop ” blacks ” from being attacked in the stadium.




  10. I have watched the goings on down govan way. But like me you will all have watched as sevco have had many john keans. There is always someone willing to put there hand in there pocket to bale them out. Had it not been so, they would have gone a while ago. Also no doubt most of these hand outs have been done behind the door, but they have been done. So I would say your well out with your opening remarks Paul.

  11. jimtim on 27th October 2015 1:08 pm



    There’s a difference. John Keane did it without security nor was it done in exchange for anything else, nor in the certain knowledge he could legally claim it back.



    I can’t think of a single ‘something for nothing’ payment they’ve received.

  12. 67 heaven your post does’nt make any sense unless you know what wee Ann was up to. in the abscence of a link or clue from you I for one am none the wiser – elaborate. H H Hebcelt

  13. The Battered Bunnet on




    I am put in mind of Clarice Starling:



    “…are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself? What about it? Why don’t you – why don’t you look at yourself and write down what you see? Or maybe you’re afraid to.”



    Your own sense knows that point 1 is entirely moot. SNP took votes from Labour in Scotland: Entirely correct. And entirely irrelevant to the Tory majority, as is made clear from the baseline arithmetic, which I helpfully provided in the earlier post.



    Point 2 is interesting though, insofar as there was inevitably going to be a reaction in England to the Scottish Independence Referendum the previous year. How that reaction became manifest though was not inevitable. It was up to Labour to shape it.



    And of course they did, in their own way, with soft soap anti-immigration messages pinned around an Austerity platform that was perceived as half Tory, half UKIP and half arsed.



    Labour had nothing to say on the big issues of the day that wasn’t said more clearly and more convincingly by the Tories or UKIP. Labour had no meaningful alternative voice. Despite the collapse of the LibDem vote, Labour failed to make the case for whatever it was/is that Labour stand for, and failed to win support accordingly.



    That’s a failing on the part of the Labour party. Labour failed to conceive of an alternative. Labour failed to make an argument. Labour failed to engage people. Labour… failed.



    Any other conclusion is either blinkered or disingenuous. Or both.



    Until Labour determines quite what it is that Labour is all about, and then let’s the country know, the rest of us can only wonder. Why didn’t they? What was the problem?



    Maybe they were afraid to.





    Signed,and thanks for allowing that.



    With the following comment.



    ‘Shocker. Brother Walfrid must have been a figment of my imagination. Pull the ladder up? I’d open the trapdoor on the b….rd.’

  15. Petition signed



    IT help..when i refresh page on my iPhone it always brings me to top of article again.



    Before the overhaul it would take me to where I left off..not a major issue but bit annoying .. Any way around it ?

  16. FourGreenFields on

    Celtic manager Ronny Deila has confirmed that Emilio Izaguirre required stitches after a training ground bust-up with team-mate Nadir Ciftci.



    Cifti reacted badly to a tackle from the Honduran defender and struck Izaguirre, leaving the player needing stitches for a wound to his ear.



    Above part of article on stv website

  17. Paul67



    Lazy, lazy journalism.



    Mr King is just waiting for the right moment to unload his £30,000,000 to the cause.



    You should know better!




  18. Is Government subsidising businesses who don’t pay their staff enough through tax credits correct..I don’t think so..but at least make the living wage the minimum wage before reforming tax credits.

  19. FourGreenFields on

    Only passing on the story mate :-)


    young Tierney should still be in the team for Hearts match IMO.

  20. Ernie “SNP took votes from Labour” How did they do this at gunpoint? Or did the pesky voters do it of their own free will – bloody democracy the people have voted the bassas. TBB power to your keyboard. BTW thought wee Tierney was excellent on Sun bur Broonie was my MOTM and won me a few bob as I had 5-0. Look forward to seeing a few CQNrs on Sat – will I see you Ernie???? H H Hebcelt

  21. Awe ffs, The predicable petition doin it’s rounds, will no doubt be handed to the lieutenants of the C T, to attack the board, demand the person they are witch hunting be withdrawn from the board immediately, and be replaced by one of their own, . Outstanding…..


    Let’s make another banner.

  22. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar…… Ipox belongs to the creditors on 27th October 2015 12:58 pm



    I see wee Anne at Tynecastle has finally discovered what like her own fans are…. Hahahahahahaha




    Can you elaborate?





    As I recall,you’re well known for spouting on here,the saying that it’s your opinion,so there!



    You’ve stated yours,others are stating theirs. Is that allowed?

  24. aburntoutcase on 27th October 2015 12:23 am



    DD I know. As late as 1941 my family were forced out of Tyrone. most went to Renfrew/Port/Clydebank or Johnstone,where we ended up.



    *My paternal grannie came from the Clifden area and landed in Dumbarton where she met my culchie Fermanagh grampa, they were married in St Patrick’s in the town.



    I know that Dumbarton is a settling place for the Connemara diaspora and its possible she knew someone there.



    I’ve been led to believe that where you were on the boat determined where you got off. Port Glasgow, Dumbarton and then Glasgow itself. Must have stopped at the River Cart for your family.

  25. weeminger on 27th October 2015 1:11 pm



    I think the Kray twins put a load of their own cash in but were (strangely) hunted.

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