Scott Allan back, Newco will have a plan!


Scott Allan had an enormous August, feted by more than one club before joining the champions, so the emotional crash caused by his subsequent injury must have been significant. It was great to hear him return to action with the youths against Hearts last night. We’re competing in three competitions in the coming weeks, so there should be ample opportunity for Scott to get his feet under the table.

I’m a bit curious at reports Dave King and other Newco majority shareholders have agreed a plan to pay Charlies Green’s legal costs, “should they be ordered to do so by the court”.  Aye, very good.  It’s all a bit of a let down to me, who was hoping to see Dave take on the courts, before coming to an inevitable satisfactory outcome with them.

It puts a hitherto unknown limit on the modesty of Mr King, who has now apparently accepted his authority is below that of the Scottish court system. What we haven’t heard is what that plan is, who is going to stump up the cash, or who is going to make up the trading shortfall for this season.  I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

With no assets to secure and the prospect of a criminal trial rendering the business unsustainable, further investment at this stage is an act of considerable faith. Such acts do happen, think back to our own John Keane in 1994, who paid £1m to stop the Bank of Scotland putting Celtic into administration. It’s just this kind of act doesn’t seem to happen at Ibrox.  I wonder why?

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  1. Bawsman on 27th October 2015 2:16 pm



    They got shares though and / or were already directors. I don’t think that applies to John Keane. Happy to be corrected.

  2. “hebcelt on 27th October 2015 1:54 pm bloody democracy the people have voted the bassas.”



    Democracy………….55% 45%………..cool.

  3. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Margaret McGill -4.48. 26th October.


    Apologies for the delay. Thanks for the kind offer of a piece of Shieldmuir football history. I would appreciate it if you could manage to send it to me via Paul or any other source. I believe young Tierney is a Shieldmuir bhoy, albeit from ‘the back road’. like Joe and Gerry Baker,R.I.P.


    Thanks again.


    John Oates.

  4. ‘GG on 27th October 2015 4:24 am



    Further speculation on an MLS franchise.



    I know we are supposed to be considering NASL but to me it is a losing proposition.



    One way to perhaps make an MLS franchise a paying proposition for Celtic is to explore setting up a derby type rivalry with a team in a major population Centre.



    Possibilities include Tampa, Baltimore, Boston, and Hamilton Ontario.



    *Although I live in the Greater Toronto Area my parish falls under the Archdiocese of Hamilton. The football/soccer in the recent Pan Am Games was held at the Tim Horton Stadium down there.



    I volunteered to work this event and was surprised at the turn out as Hamilton is a Canadian Football (local version of the NFL) town. It should be noted though that there are a lot of Latinos up here now.



    The facility was first class as were the training venues.

  5. Tony D,



    its just an online petition, asking for the removal of a Non Exec Director, who disgustingly assumes the title BARON OF PARKHEAD, as if somehow to feel a superior celt.



    anyways, its not as if its someone forcing it under your chin outside celtic park,



    cmon live and let live.



    and get it signed .




  6. The Battered Bunnet on 27th October 2015 1:18 pm




    Would you agree that it suits the purposes of the SNP for there to be a Tory government at Westminster?

  7. TONTINE TIM on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 2:16 PM


    aburntoutcase on 27th October 2015 12:23 am







    DD I know. As late as 1941 my family were forced out of Tyrone. most went to Renfrew/Port/Clydebank or Johnstone,where we ended up.









    read the book THE IRISH, horribly descripitve of the boats of heads and faces , coming up the clyde.

  8. The Tories were always winning the election. Everyone with half a brain cell knew. labour didn’t fight an election ..they slept through it.. The Minute Milliband was made leader it was lost.. He sounded like a bumbling fool.. I don’t care what ge said that is how he came across toi the majority of voters who think they are electing a President..

  9. ernie lynch on 27th October 2015 2:27 pm



    I think the whole shambles was always a win/win for them.



    Form some sort of alliance with Labour = get some stuff done in Westminster (I doubt they’re have been as weak as Lib Dems were with Tories).



    Exploit a Tory majority and things like EVEL as far as humanly possible to gain more traction up here.


    Reading back,I noticed the comment from ERNIE LYNCH,and a number of replies,that the SNP are responsible for us having a Tory government.



    Including the obvious reply that the Tories won a majority,so even if the SNP had won nought,Labour would still have lost.



    If things were only so easy…



    I stated on here last August that the referendum would be tight,but that Labour would get a kicking in 2015 and 2016. Sadly,Labour in Scotland believed their voters would return.



    There was one helluva swing in some of the safest seats,and I cannot comprehend that they didn’t see that coming.



    But it did.



    That’s bad enough,but in England,they believed that their core vote was unaffected by immigration,and the resultant lowering of wages and reduction of access to social housing. They believed that the anti-immigration policies of UKIP were attracting Tory votes.



    I am not sure that even now they understand the significance of that.



    Additionally,they knew the LibDem vote was gonna collapse,and expected to gain most of them. This is a long list of disastrous assumptions.






    ERNIE LYNCH is correct,based on my experience down here. It was the spanner thrown into the works by the SNP,telling everyone what they were gonna do while sharing power,that screwed Labour to the wall.



    Salmond-‘I’ll be writing The Budget’



    Sturgeon-‘Elimination of Trident is non-negotiable.’



    These and many more comments really angered people down here,you have no idea the amount of abuse I got about them. And from unexpected sources.



    Ah,but poor me…



    No,Labour were the architects of their own downfall. But the SNP undermined the foundations.

  11. recently found this while doing some genealogy detective work. – 1933



    Click on the report and a few pages in , gives you a table Irish born residents for towns in Scotland.


    It should be noted , that genuine Irish born emigrants in scotland at that time had greatly declined. Obvioulsy by slower migration in, and the death of others. What cant be noted in these surverys was offcourse the many hundreds of thousands of Irish descents by this point, who were pretty much still living, and marrying in their own circles.



    Note also the low Irish born population in Dundee, which supirsed me.





  12. Today, by complete chance, whilst trying to delay going back to work (and continuing to do so as I type) I stumbled across a freesheet publication, dragged into my house by Mrs TK, which professes to be Scotland’s Largest Lifestyle Magazine namely, “i-on Glasgow”.


    This small glossy rag, resplendent with adverts and puff pieces on pretentious boutiques and restaurants, mainly located in the trendy, west-endy, part of town, did however produce a surprise as, flicking through it, I spotted a vaguely familiar face.


    Doing a double-take, I quickly returned to page 34 and there – grinning back at me – was the face of none other than – Derk Boerrigter!


    It appears that Oor Derk was one of many who: “flocked” to the north of the city to celebrate the launch of Joyce Young OBE’s brand new Design Studios.


    Now my friends, it will come as no surprise to you that my initial question was: “Why am I reading about this flocking imposter, flocking along to a flocking design studio instead of flocking up and down the wing in the Hoops?


    This question then prompted some others in my mind:


    Who the flock decided to employ this flocking duffer especially at the level he is presently remunerated (I know the numbers – trust me you don’t want to!) and why has the recruiter in question still got a flocking job at Celtic plc?


    Is the flocking imposter fit? He certainly is flocking fit enough to be pictured with belt designer Christian MacLeod (note to self – how hard can it be to design a flocking belt?).


    If unfit, would it not be humane to do what they do to injured horses at Ayr and Cheltenham?


    If fit, how flocking bad to you have to be never to feature in any Celtic squad?


    Finally how and when can we get this flocking diddy off the flocking payroll?


    Rant over!


    Terry K.

  13. BMCUWP,



    You’re living in England gives (to me) credence to your perspective. I think the Tories played the English national card for all its worth, telling their core vote that a minority Labour administration would be controlled by the SNP.



    Imo, they are doing their best to drive Scotland to Independence, believing that they are now assured of returning to power permanently in England, with Labour in meltdown.



    I would be quite happy with that scenario but I don’t believe the SNP are at heart a social democratic- never mind, socialist- party. They happily pander to those wanting to keep the Monarchy and the pound (whether they can or not, in that case, being moot,of course). Now, if the old Independent Labour Party were to be resurrected……..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………

  14. Bawsman are you delibarately or naturally thick? EL TBB and I were discussing the General Election and you come up with the Referendum what do you not understand?/

  15. TBB



    Strangely enough I was teaching inference just this morning.



    I’d infer that anyone who would spin the word ‘removal’ into ‘replace’ in the petition has an agenda all of their own entirely :-)

  16. Philbhoy * from ages ago *



    Yes, Kieran Tierney at LB for Tynecastle.



    Would also like to have seen Logan Bailly, so that Craig Gordon could re focus, as will Emilio Izzaguire for the oncoming batch of crucial fixtures.



    Tierney, Simunovic and Boyata were untested at the weekend, and this will be a much more difficult game.



    You notice how rubbisher Scottish Football gets for ‘the internet’ the more Celtic win?

  17. Oh no ………………………………a bust up on the training ground



    Whit next LOL

  18. TerryK



    The Exiled Tim might be able to throw some light on your question –



    “How hard can it be to design a flocking belt”



    He used to make them.

  19. BSR



    I like the look of Janko as well and would give him another go at right back.



    No camera’s there on Wednesday. Could be interesting.

  20. MARADOMINIC on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 2:36 PM


    The Tories were always winning the election. Everyone with half a brain cell knew.






    I assume you are speaking on behalf of all those with half a brain cell.

  21. hebcelt on 27th October 2015 3:08 pm



    I may or may not be thick, I’ve been called worse.



    You though, are most definately a nationalist.

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