Scott Allan back, Newco will have a plan!


Scott Allan had an enormous August, feted by more than one club before joining the champions, so the emotional crash caused by his subsequent injury must have been significant. It was great to hear him return to action with the youths against Hearts last night. We’re competing in three competitions in the coming weeks, so there should be ample opportunity for Scott to get his feet under the table.

I’m a bit curious at reports Dave King and other Newco majority shareholders have agreed a plan to pay Charlies Green’s legal costs, “should they be ordered to do so by the court”.  Aye, very good.  It’s all a bit of a let down to me, who was hoping to see Dave take on the courts, before coming to an inevitable satisfactory outcome with them.

It puts a hitherto unknown limit on the modesty of Mr King, who has now apparently accepted his authority is below that of the Scottish court system. What we haven’t heard is what that plan is, who is going to stump up the cash, or who is going to make up the trading shortfall for this season.  I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

With no assets to secure and the prospect of a criminal trial rendering the business unsustainable, further investment at this stage is an act of considerable faith. Such acts do happen, think back to our own John Keane in 1994, who paid £1m to stop the Bank of Scotland putting Celtic into administration. It’s just this kind of act doesn’t seem to happen at Ibrox.  I wonder why?

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  1. Agree with all the English based Tims, the Tories played the Scottish and English nationalists like a fiddle. Got EXACTLY the desired outcome.

  2. It’s a bit early to write off Ciftci as a hopeless player but he is certainly doing nothing to dispel his image as a loose cannon.



    Izzy has been at Celtic for years and has caused no trouble. To turn on a guy like that, could turn people against Ciftci.

  3. Shieldmuir Celt aka John Oates


    My old history teacher or his son?




    I’ve said it before. I was privileged to be in his class.

  4. “I’m sure the 4th Official Mr Dallas will keep a wary eye on things.”






    When was that appointment changed?




  5. Bawsman sorry me old mucker you have no idea of my political slant and I don’t care to discuss it on a Celtic blog so I’ll just guess – only a guess mind – naturally not deliberately. H H Hebcelt

  6. Never ceases to amaze me how the unionists on here,particularly the ones who don’t live here,talk about how the referendum was a terrible thing for the country but then bring it up at every single opportunity to re open the old scars.Just entrenches opinions,the likes of Ernie and Bawsman ain’t changing opinions that’s for sure.

  7. Bawsman and EL be happy to meet up with you two over a beer or drink of your choice and discuss our thoughts about Celtic FC no politics just frank football discussion, you pair up for it? H H Hebcelt

  8. timmy7_noted on 27th October 2015 3:54 pm



    Who says the Referendum was a terrible thing? Was always going to happen.



    My only surprise was how close the end result was, I thought we Scots were cleverer than it panned oot.



    Independence with England controlling the currency/finance strategies? Forecasts based on rediculous oil price revenue?



    hebcelt on 27th October 2015 3:52 pm , Don’t flatter yourself that i’m interested mate, scroll on bye. I don’t want to get into your insult type of exchange, i’m naturally too thick to win those.




    Surely more likely to have been a punch or headbutt. You can burst somebodies ears with either.



    Southampton were absolutely ruthless when their record signing Osvaldo headbutted Fonte. I wouldn’t expect the same from Celtic.

  10. Delia said he lashed out after a tackle he obviously took exception to. I’d expect it was a punch. You rarely hear of someone getting head butted in the ear.


    Training ground bust ups are very common but with his past history it does add to the perception that Ciftci is a very volatile person. I could live with that if he was doing well for us but so far he has not set the heather ablaze.


    Looks like a squad player a rung or two below Anthony Stokes, I’m now pinning my striking hopes on Carlton Cole but why is it every new player we sign is either not fit or gets injured and we don’t get to see them for 5 or 6 weeks. In the meantime a chunk of the season is gone and important games are lost.

  11. Just catching up, good to read that Scott Allan is back playing football. I like his use of the ball and he is not shy at passing the ball forward. Hope to see him in the first team soon.



    After the chat about the Academy at the weekend delighted young Tierney played so well on Sunday.




  12. Corkcelt



    Thanks for keeping me informed of the Development squad game,also for the verse you gave the other night.


    Celtic mate :-)





    Thoughts and prayers for Johnathan Thomas Rip.



    Hail hail Celts.



    have a great night:-)



  13. Saint Stivs on 27th October 2015 2:30 pm




    TONTINE TIM on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 2:16 PM





    aburntoutcase on 27th October 2015 12:23 am




    DD I know. As late as 1941 my family were forced out of Tyrone. most went to Renfrew/Port/Clydebank or Johnstone,where we ended up.









    read the book THE IRISH, horribly descripitve of the boats of heads and faces , coming up the clyde.



    * I believe that the boat left from Westport and stopped at Donegal and Derry before heading tae the Clyde, a long journey for my granny before she got on the boat. If she had headed west instead I would probably be supporting Boston Celtics instead of the real thing.

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Team for tomorrow night?




    Lustig Boyatta Simunovic Izaguirre


    Brown Bitton Johansen Armstrong Commons





    Personally, I would have Rogic instead of Joe Hansen but I think the above will be Ronny`s selection. Like everyone else, I was impressed by Tierney but I would nurture him carefully. I would certainly feel comfortable were he selected V Aberdeen.


    Our `Reserve` team, if all were fit, could be:




    Janko Ambrose Mulgrew Tierney


    Forrest McGregor Blackett Allan GMS




    Sub: Stokes.


    Our second string in the Championship would be interesting!




  15. “why is it every new player we sign is either not fit or gets injured and we don’t get to see them for 5 or 6 weeks. ”







    I think it may appear like that these days but it’s not the actual reality of the situation.




  16. Just checked my attendance card card for AGM to confirm that Livingston is up for reappointment as a Director. I can assure you he will not be getting my vote.



    What a difference between those at the table at St Mary ‘s Abercrombie Street working to provide the poor and needy with food for the table and those there today who vote to deprive the needy so that the rich might profit .

  17. So Hearts have sold less than 8,000 tickets for tomorrow night.



    Wee Annie won’t have any nose left at this rate.

  18. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on




    Sheffield Wednesday have signed Norwich City striker Gary Hooper on loan.

  19. “So Hearts have sold less than 8,000 tickets for tomorrow night”










    Aw man that’s just made my evening :))




  20. GM



    It’s not good in the sense that there are lots of Tims who go to almost all away games who won’t be able to attend due to our reduced allocation.

  21. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Paul Paton a footballer? Is there a trades description or something ?

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