Scott Allan back, Newco will have a plan!


Scott Allan had an enormous August, feted by more than one club before joining the champions, so the emotional crash caused by his subsequent injury must have been significant. It was great to hear him return to action with the youths against Hearts last night. We’re competing in three competitions in the coming weeks, so there should be ample opportunity for Scott to get his feet under the table.

I’m a bit curious at reports Dave King and other Newco majority shareholders have agreed a plan to pay Charlies Green’s legal costs, “should they be ordered to do so by the court”.  Aye, very good.  It’s all a bit of a let down to me, who was hoping to see Dave take on the courts, before coming to an inevitable satisfactory outcome with them.

It puts a hitherto unknown limit on the modesty of Mr King, who has now apparently accepted his authority is below that of the Scottish court system. What we haven’t heard is what that plan is, who is going to stump up the cash, or who is going to make up the trading shortfall for this season.  I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

With no assets to secure and the prospect of a criminal trial rendering the business unsustainable, further investment at this stage is an act of considerable faith. Such acts do happen, think back to our own John Keane in 1994, who paid £1m to stop the Bank of Scotland putting Celtic into administration. It’s just this kind of act doesn’t seem to happen at Ibrox.  I wonder why?

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  1. More Lillian Gish from GSL. Statement can be translated as follows ‘We’ve no cash and can’t find another way of getting cash and we need it soon and Mike won’t answer the phone cause his plan all along was to watch us die’



    Long Game CSC

  2. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on 27th October 2015 7:34 pm –



    My friend, don’t listen and don’t phone them. Only way to hurt them.

  3. Supporters have requested an update on the Club’s relationship with Sports Direct = Huns are bricking it.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Seems Big Mike has kindly declined to lend RIFC more money, and Poor Dave is hurtin’.



    Robust, with intent, and furthermore uncowed, but hurtin’.



    Poor Dave.

  5. TONYDONNELLY67 on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 7:05 PM


    Ok, no ones asking, so I will, why do the C Trust want people’s proxy votes?






    To buy you a PLO t shirt and a Green Brigade balaclava!



    HH jamesgang

  6. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Are you gonna use white paint on white bed sheet; )

  7. jamesgang on 27th October 2015 7:54 pm



    and a wolfie smith trotsky beret.



    that was funny bud.

  8. Petition signed.




    Keep doing what you are doing, will see you a week on Sunday.


    I’ve taken the Monday off.


    Tell H. I hope she had a brilliant birthday.

  9. TONYDONNELLY67 on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 7:25 PM


    They come in here slag the board, PL, D D, about how the club is being ran, AND in turn hand over there shares to someone to use as they wish?



    Oh aye ok a get it, unbelievable honestly.



    – —–



    Or could it be Tony that well kent right guid Tims can’t make it to the agm but have discussed and agreed with fellow guid Tim that they will be trusted to use their vote(s) to express their deeply held beliefs in absentia?



    Like a postal vote if you will. Like in elections to elect parliamentarians – apart of course for the House of Lords!



    HH jamesgang

  10. BB,



    his line “in all my 40 years of business” as if that makes him an honest operator.



    Seems Big Mike has kindly declined to lend RIFC more money, and Poor Dave is hurtin’.



    Does the part about litigation hint that he is calling in the loan? Admin…….

  12. THE EXILED TIM @ 7:32 pm



    “I can’t recall any ex Celtic player ever voting to steal more from the poorest in society.”



    Well Frankie Bhoy did thank The Old Witch for cutting taxes. But, given Frankie’s grey cells, he was not to know that Mrs. T instituted the biggest ever tax hike in the history of taxes.

  13. Jnp



    Cheers T. At the moment we’re thinking of taking the car but will decide by the end of the week. A 3:30pm KO on a Sunday in Dingwall is murder.



    H says thank you mate.

  14. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    I am genuinely scunnered that folk on our Board are so out of touch that they would vote to support Tory reforms to make the poorest people in society poorer….worse than heated driveways

  15. SS-Laughable BS from the Lying King again,i’m sure the Laptop Loyal will call him out….

  16. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    Bada bing



    King has never seen anything like it in 40 years of business…. Apparently.



    Must be bad ……hahaha

  17. CB~SFTB


    I did say vote for.


    A few possibly have right wing views, and prob would have voted had they the chance, but none ever had the chance if I recall correctly.


    Anyways, petition signed.



  18. H.T.


    I agree about the kick off time.


    It will just be like the thing that we miss each other again.


    Thankfully I’m in the position to take a days leave.

  19. Jnp



    I’ve just text your Bhoy to see if he’s booked a seat for DG. We may still meet.

  20. HT



    No emailed TO yesterday, they said get back to them next Monday, chances good due to late kick off time. Me and one other looking to make way up there, he’s 50/50. Any advice?

  21. This post is to be read in your best David Attenborough voice.



    “He sneaks into position behind the Sports Direct advertising hoarding . Making as little russling as possible , he loads the small rock into the sling.



    Adjusting his stance, he leans out and pulls back the elastic. He takes aim at Goliath’s eye and holds it steady .



    He fires ……..but the rock misses the giant’s eye and just grazes his forehead.



    The giant looks round and sees Dave .



    Oh dear, ……… I fear for Dave”

  22. Watching Ict v Rc from a Celtic point of View..Gardyne Good Goal, Irvine good game…Christie Really Poor.So Far…..

  23. Every now and again in the Sevco saga, there emerges a statement from Ibrox which is so lacking in self-awareness and irony that my breath is – quite literally – taken away.



    How about this belter from the GaSL tonight:



    “Furthermore, I have sent letters to Sports Direct in my capacity as a director of Rangers Retail Limited taking them to task for poor business practices and corporate governance failures. The Club believed that it was entering into a joint venture with a large public company that would behave as a partner should and would conduct its business affairs in an appropriate fashion.”



    That’s Dave King, folks, convicted fraudster and officially “glib and shameless liar” according to the SAfrican authorities. A man in charge of a three year old loss-maing phoenix company, currently embroiled in a potentially ruinous court case over racketeering and fraud regarding its former officer bearers and assets.



    Telling the billionaire owner of one of Europe’s biggest sports retailers about corporate governance.



    For all Ashley’s faults, the notion that he’d ever take lesson on business ethics from King is utterly risible.

  24. TTR



    I agree with the TO I think the later ko will put some supporters off and you’ll get one.