Scott Brown not the only one worried about manager


Scott Brown was not the only one was briefly worried about Neil Lennon’s position in recent months.  Neil has never particularly hidden his desire to work in England one day but when it became evident that there would be a few seats available in the English top flight, with the Everton job in particular becoming available, I am sure there were a few nervous twitches.

As and when Neil decides he is going to move on, Celtic will want to have a plan for succession in place, if not entirely executed.  In May, when Neil was fielding questions about moving on, I doubt any succession planning had taken place.  Some at the club would have been looking forward to a summer break and some player trading.  The prospect of finding a new manager, with all the inherent consequences for trading, preseason planning and Champions League qualification, would have caused mild panic.

Always be prepared.

How is your 1254125 work coming along?  Not started yet?  Today, Tom Conniffe completes his 125 mile walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Go look and see how well his fundraising has gone (and get involved if you can).

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  1. In Ayr for a pleasant afternoon, well it was… just passed a shower blowing flutes and banging.


    Thought I’d left that doon in North Ayrshire.


    But all was not lost, a big guy getting into his car obviously saw my face and said, didn’t realise the circus was in town…. lol Hail Hail big man…




  2. GrannyMacsBhoy on

    Bada Bing,



    Never mind John Collins are you still in sunny Majorca?



    If you are hope its still sunny and your beer is cold!

  3. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Genuine thanks for those Anniversary wishes..



    CQN – family…




  4. ElDiegobhoy



    My favourite hymn along with Faith of our Fathers which was the recessional hymn at my dad’s funeral. It was in a beautiful church near Worcester and sadly the organist was playing it a slower, less rousing manner than we were used to.



    I’ve never seen my mother move so athletically and very quickly the tempo quickened dramatically!! :-)

  5. Wonder if Luke Murphy played for Crewe against us today? He was linked with us last season, good player, central midfielder, big strong and scores a few.


    KDS transfer rumours has us making a £2.6m bid for Rennes winger Jonathan Pitroipa, Bukino Faso international who was player of the tournament in African Nations Cup in January.

  6. Well done to all in attendance at today’s parade to highlight the plight of the families of the Ballymurphy Massacre in August 1971.



    The dignity and respect when passing the Church of Scotland Parish church and St Mary’s Catholic Church was humbling and appropriate.

  7. mickbhoy1888 on

    Just in from Armed forces day in the square and a spiffing day out had by all


    Now looking forward to Muirfield 2013 and it must be only 20 odd sleeps 4 bottles of Chablis 10 Mortons Rolls on sausage and a few viewings of the Quiet Man before then so counting the days.


    Anyway can any of our experts on plastic Irish bars give me any advice as to wether there will be any in the corporate hospitality at the golf or its environs where I can take in the,canny wait for it, Brentford game

  8. I’m trying to get in contact with Houl yer wheest re tickets for a hurling match. With Paul67 on Hols is there anywhere I can get his e-mail address.

  9. the bould bhoys




    Steady on there:o)






    Sure will. Looking forward to it.

  10. Sir Paul



    Neil leave?



    Don’t mak me Laugh!



    Neil, is here fur the duration.. We are Stuck wi’ Him.


    The Imperial Chemical Industries.. hisnae enuff Dynamite, tae Blast Him oota the Celtic Joab!



    Ah wiznae fooled fur wan wee bit.. when Neil hinted or intimated or suggested, that .. things could mebbe be a surprising chinge,in his Employment status … fur… naebuddy knows the Future…no even.. well.. Alyss.( Here he wiz wrang!)



    And why wiz Ah no fooled?



    Because, when Neil Made awe these Rumblin’s ,it wiz jist aboot. roon aboot.. the time of the Renewal of His Rolling Contract!


    That wiz why… That he Edged toward .. Adding tae..






    Takin’ Advantage of the Rumours.. True or False.. that wiz Pepperin’ the Airways, the Newsies..the Steamie…and umpteen Lavatory Wa’s…that


    there wiz any number o’..possible suitors Lining up for the sole purpose of Stealin’ Him Away frum his Perch.. at Parkheid oan the Clyde



    Celtic, his Nae worries aboot,hivin tae rush oot.. In the Death of Summer… and hivin tae Pick up a Noo Manager.. at the Local Broo.



    As the saying goes..



    The Celtic ,Neil… Axis..is as Safe as Hooses!( Hooses?..ed)



    Well.. oan second thoughts..



    How aboot..well… As sure as… It wid ayewiz Pour Doon in Lashin’s of Rain ..anytime.. Ah went tae Largs.. oan a Day Trip.. in the Summertime?






  11. Doctor Whatfor on




    We’ll all go one day. It’s the love we leave with others that matters. Thinking of you.

  12. Mickbhoy1888



    Pat Quinn whose brother was one of the 11 innocent victims murdered by the British army between 9-11 August 1971 mentioned the irony of the Armed Forces procession on the same day that we paraded to highlight their continued lies 42 years on.

  13. Davie Hay Football E.T. Columnist ‘Puts the record straight!’


    Saturday 29/06/2013




    A whole new ball game for Celtic


    WHEN I heard Celtic had been drawn against Cilftonville for their opening Champions League qualifier, it reminded me just how much things in life can change.



    Pre-season games will give new signings like Virgil van Dijk the chance to settle in


    And, in this case, certainly for the better. I was the manager of the club when we agreed to travel to Belfast to play Cliftonville in a friendly in 1984.



    The Troubles were not at their height, but the situation there at that time was still difficult.



    And, despite our best intentions, we still managed to get caught up in a very nasty and serious confrontation which, I have to admit, was scary.



    When Neil Lennon takes his team across to Belfast in a couple of weeks, I am confident everything will go smoothly.



    As I said, thankfully, some things in life do change, and the situation over in Northern Ireland is one of them.



    We came in for quite a bit of criticism for our decision to play Cilftonville back in ’84, but the agreement to travel there was done with the best possible intention.



    Our fans in Northern Ireland had been asking us for some time to go over and play there. And, after assessing all implications and taking a lot of advice, we decided we would go.



    There was no wish to try and provoke anyone or anything or inflame a situation which, just before we went over, had flared up again to a certain extent after a bit of a lull.




    We simply did it for the fans.



    So, I was interested to read Frank McGarvey’s account of the trip earlier this week.



    I don’t remember our bus being attacked and everyone having to lie on the floor as missiles rained in, but I do recall there was serious trouble during the match itself.



    And I saw first-hand how things kicked off in the stands.



    I was sitting with Desmond White, the former chairman, in an old stand at one corner of the ground – a bit like the house that used to be at Broomfield – and we were obviously aware there was quite a police presence in among the supporters.



    That was not a problem. But then more police arrived, wearing helmets, visors, etc, and the mood changed.



    I don’t know what kicked it off, but the next thing we knew, the police in what I would term as riot gear were wading into the fans, and the fighting really began.



    This, in turn, incited supporters in other parts of the ground to get involved and, at one point I noticed a fire had been lit.



    Desmond and I approached who we thought was in charge of security in an attempt to appease the developing situation, but it had gone too far.



    I don’t recall the match being abandoned as such, but I reckon the match official wisely cut it a bit short.



    Desmond famously said it was worse than what he had been watching in the shipyard of Gdansk where Polish workers in the union Solidarity were constantly clashing with the authorities.



    Of course, the trouble between fans and police at Cliftonville was widely reported, and questions soon started flying in as to why we’d gone there in the first place.



    But, I reiterate, it was done for the best possible reasons and simply got out of hand.



    I am sure there will be no such scenes when Celtic go over there for this qualifier, and Neil and his players will be able to concentrate fully on the game itself, not anything that is happening in the stands.



    Neil has said he is delighted with the draw. But you can be sure he will not be taking it lightly, simply because it comes so early in their campaign and means so much in terms of progressing towards the Champions League.



    He started his preparation for this tie three months ago when he began resting players, and all of this will pay off when they get to Belfast.



    The fact Celtic have agreed to Cliftonville’s request to switch the ties is not an indication of them treating their opponents with any disrespect, just an indication they want to help them get the most out of the draw.



    That said, if it was Real Madrid that Celtic were facing, I don’t think they would have been quite so accommodating. Because of what is at stake, this is the most important part of the entire season for Celtic, and a lot of preparation will be done when they head off on to their pre- season training camp in Germany on Monday.



    The four games over there will give the two new boys, Amido Balde and Virgil van Dijk, the opportunity to get a feel for the club and the chance to get to know their team-mates.



    But everything will be geared towards July 17 and that opening game at Solitude.

  14. Lennybhoy



    I’m sure the organist actually quickened up because he saw my maw rushing in his direction!! :-)

  15. Doctor Whatfor on




    Gerrybhoy 57 is bang on. Don’t miss Cognac especially after 7 July when the Blues festival is on for a a week. Superb music to be had for nothing in the streets. If I didn’t live in Glasgow I’d live in Cognac. Or even on it.

  16. Hamiltontim, Your mention of “Faith of our Fathers” brought back a memory of almost 60 years ago which was long forgotten. At that time “Faith of our Fathers” was sung before all the big GAA matches and I was a 6yr old attending my first Munster Football Final between Cork & Kerry with the winners due to meet Kildare in the All Ireland Semis. Not knowing the words I thought when the crowd sang “We will be true to thee till death” that they were singing “We will win through to meet Kildare”. My Dad thought this was a howl and had me singing it for months after.

  17. EDB



    My Papa used to be a pass keeper there and had his and my grans requiem there. I used to help him count the plate money. Went to mass there as often as St.Kessogs.



    My thoughts are with you and your daughters.

  18. googybhoy



    Cheers mate.



    We also had a collection for the Oncology Unit at VOLH.

  19. eldiegobhoy



    17:46 on 29 June, 2013





    Cheers mate.



    We also had a collection for the Oncology Unit at VOLH.







    Well done.

  20. Praecepta



    Re Cliftonville match in 84.



    The local media and many of the Scottish hacks were happy to blame the trouble on Scottish fans who’d travelled to Belfast and drunk a bit too much whiskey and Guinness. In reality 12 travelled from Scotland.





  21. jimbo67



    I am a longterm friend of one of the Belfast lads that was there and still travels to most CFC home and away games – he was angry about the recent DR article.



    Glad Davie Hay has taken the opportunity to put the record straight in his column.

  22. ElDiegoBhoy, A huge factor in recovering from a sad bereavement is in grieving properly. Your friends do gather round and support and urge you to stay strong etc. and all this is very important. However its OK to feel sad and to shed a few tears as well. The first few weeks can be a bit unreal but when friends etc return to normal living activities which they must, its then that it can hit you hardest. Don’t be afraid of that, there is no right or wrong way to grieve its a very individual thing. However one thing is certain, joy, laughter & happiness will return and you will be O.K.

  23. corkcelt



    I thought losing my elderly parents in 2009 and 2011 was hard going but losing my wife who was 56 years of age is many times harder to deal with but I’ll get there.




  24. Not quite sure why we are discussing a possible replacement for NL but,for me,the new guy,whoever he is,should be someone who after having accepted an invitation for an all expenses paid trip to the vegas convention,decides that actually attending ANY of the functions,or doing ANYTHING to repay such a kind gesture is beneath him.Based on this criteria,a certain john collins would be out of the running.

  25. One season does not make a star.



    NL will need to get out out of the CL group stages at least 3 times with Celtic before people like Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, etc come a courting I think. Manu U is gone…DM is there for the long haul.



    So that leaves Celtic LOL.



    IMO……he will stay until its 11 in a row, secure his name in the history books and leave with a decent CL pedigree.



    Of course if SKY tells the EPL to find a way in for CFC or the Atlantic League thing then he could be with us for as long as Willie Maley………..



    30-in-a-row anyone?

  26. El Diegobhoy



    What corkcelt says is spot on.



    If after a few months you feel you are struggling to cope, try a google for The Beginning Experience and if there is one operating in your area get in touch.

  27. ElDiegoBhoy


    Its a heavy Cross you carry,in time the weight may ease,thoughts and prayers, with you and Family.



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