Scott Brown not the only one worried about manager


Scott Brown was not the only one was briefly worried about Neil Lennon’s position in recent months.  Neil has never particularly hidden his desire to work in England one day but when it became evident that there would be a few seats available in the English top flight, with the Everton job in particular becoming available, I am sure there were a few nervous twitches.

As and when Neil decides he is going to move on, Celtic will want to have a plan for succession in place, if not entirely executed.  In May, when Neil was fielding questions about moving on, I doubt any succession planning had taken place.  Some at the club would have been looking forward to a summer break and some player trading.  The prospect of finding a new manager, with all the inherent consequences for trading, preseason planning and Champions League qualification, would have caused mild panic.

Always be prepared.

How is your 1254125 work coming along?  Not started yet?  Today, Tom Conniffe completes his 125 mile walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Go look and see how well his fundraising has gone (and get involved if you can).

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  1. unionbearBhind on

    Now they are all over Craigy boy for alleged fraud



    Surely the probe should be aimed at minty selling his shares for £1 not our hero paying off bank debt of £18m? then meeting up with minty again in france for the pay off, wonder if he payed any tax on it?




  2. South Of Tunis



    Standard when they are around. Manchester was reeking for weeks after the UEFA cup final! They must all have weak bladders.




  3. as_i_thought on




    Yeah i’d be very surprised. Its probably rubbish, seen it on one account and its now been picked up by half a dozen others.




  4. Blantyre Tim


    You may like to take a trip down to Newcastleton on Saturday. I go every year for the folk festival there. Music in the pubs and streets with lots of jamming. That is if you like fiddles etc. the weather is meant to be good and it’s always a very relaxed atmosphere.

  5. Cheers gretna bhoy.



    Busmans holiday to ole BB’s…



    Mini BT not sure to enjoy it though.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Livibhoy .



    I assume there would have been lots of tourists around to witness the spectacle . It will have done great things for the image of The Athens of The North..



    There were many reasons for me leaving Scotland , one of them was the tolerance for the noxious idiocy of Orange Walks