Scott Brown not the only one worried about manager


Scott Brown was not the only one was briefly worried about Neil Lennon’s position in recent months.  Neil has never particularly hidden his desire to work in England one day but when it became evident that there would be a few seats available in the English top flight, with the Everton job in particular becoming available, I am sure there were a few nervous twitches.

As and when Neil decides he is going to move on, Celtic will want to have a plan for succession in place, if not entirely executed.  In May, when Neil was fielding questions about moving on, I doubt any succession planning had taken place.  Some at the club would have been looking forward to a summer break and some player trading.  The prospect of finding a new manager, with all the inherent consequences for trading, preseason planning and Champions League qualification, would have caused mild panic.

Always be prepared.

How is your 1254125 work coming along?  Not started yet?  Today, Tom Conniffe completes his 125 mile walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Go look and see how well his fundraising has gone (and get involved if you can).

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  1. valentinesday on




    Don’t have the words pal……agree with Auldheid,


    corkcelt say’s it perfectly.

  2. Praecepta



    It is a fine article by Davie. The Record was an atrocious paper then. That it is now considerably worse could almost be considered an achievement.






    I cannot speak for losing a wife but losing both my parents was – and still is at times- unbearable. Remember the happy times and cherish those girls even more.




  3. eldiegobhoy god bless you and yours celtic brother,weefra wee prayer said.hail hail one and all,crowbhoy still flyin ;]

  4. Thanks guys I really do appreciate your support and encouragement.






    I’ll take note of that.

  5. Greendreamz



    Neil is Celtic thru and Thru!



    Case Closed.



    He will NEVAH LEAVE US.. (Tell Me,kiddo.. Wid You Leave the CELTIC Managerial Chair,if ye sat there?.. Don’t answer that!


    Of Course , Ye widnae. And why widn’t ye?



    Because You are a Celitic Fan and Celtic Thru and ThrU)



    Of his.. “OWN VOLITION.”( That is.)



    If he diz.. LEAVE… It wull because he wiz..well..




    ASKED TO.. by Celtic.






  6. the cash strapped hill billies are gathering at Dubbs Road shops about half an hour awaiting the return of their toy soldiers, there must have been oh about 30 of them, various degrees of ugliness,



    putting the window down and asking one



    “here mate, is the new bus getting paraded today ?”,



    then taking off doon the street, oh the safety of the car.



    i really do need to grow up.

  7. Just in to say….







    15:34 on 29 June, 2013



    This would be the same John Collins who slagged off the North Americam Celtic Supporters Assoc. for putting him in the same hotel as drukin Celtic Supporters 4years ago at there Convention. A fanny of a man.




    Dear, dear.


    Are you sure you’ve no been sookin-oot the devils trough ?


    Ah mean – what’s goin on mhan ?

  8. Reading back and hearing about all those hard men from the Port, I was really surprised because I always was of the opinion that the wee Biscuit sorted them out before he left St. Stephen,s.








    I had McVittie eating out of my hand, so much he begged me to stay on in 5th year.






    there was a big fight on the grass next the gym hall, the biscuit came out of nowhere to break it up and promply fell doon the hill, one of my greatest memories of school.



    he never sorted anyone out, he hadhis various department heads who were mostly sadistic sods.



    the banjo for example.

  9. Phelim Brady on

    EDB, my sympathies to you and your family. I found myself in a similar position 9 years ago when I lost my wife who was only 48 years old. I also have 2 daughters, both were teenagers when it happened.



    I know how tough it is for you at the moment and there’s not much anyone can say or do to ease the pain and grief but I can tell you that we did get through the bad times with the help of family and friends and I’m sure you will do the same.



    There will come a time when the sadness will pass and you can look back on the good times and enjoy the happy memories. I can’t tell you when that time will be but it will come.



    Take care of your girls.




  10. valentinesday on




    What’s your point Kev?…..do you want Neil out


    and JC in?…….btw I’m no looking for a fight.

  11. valentinesday




    My point was – another poster calling a former Celt a f#nny !!!


    Surely that’s not on ?


    Oh, and btw…I heard last year roon aboot this time that – Celtic were sniffing about JC !


    No looking for a fight either :)


    Love n Peace – CSC

  12. Phelim Brady



    That must have been very hard. Thanks for sharing.




    I’ll sure take good care of them.

  13. O.G.Rafferty on

    Cliftonville, 1984.


    I was there as well.


    The context is important. Only a few days before the game the RUC had moved in, to appease the shrill cries of Unionist politicians – and quite simply to show the Fenians who was in charge – to break up an anti-interment rally in Andersonstown, in the heart of republican west Belfast. At the rally was Martin Galvin, the head of NORAID, over from the States (he had been banned from entering Ireland’s answer to Finchley). In driving their landrovers into the crowd the RUC caused chaos and when a man, Sean Downes, ran towards them with a small stick, they shot him with a plastic bullet at point blank range and killed him.


    Unfortunately for them, and despite ever-more senior RUC men being wheeled out on TV to say how it was a ricochet off a wall, a film crew had been right there to capture his killing (a cop was later acquitted of manslaughter).



    So to say tensions in Belfast were high is an understatement.



    Now a few years previously I had gone to the Brandywell for a Derry City/ Reds friendly and been amazed to see, for the first and only time in the north, that the RUC and British Army were totally absent from a game and surrounding area. They knew that their very presence would be what caused a riot and being their served no purpose.


    So as I walked to the Celtic game I was shocked to see that not only were the RUC there in heavy numbers but they were also out to really rub the Fenians faces in it with the remove your shoes, socks, searching between guys toes (for what???), take the ink tube out of the transparent Bic pen nonsense that had nothing to do with policing and everything to do with asserting their authority.


    It didn’t bode well.



    And so once in the old and decrepit ground they started to get some stones thrown at them. This escalated and they got the batons out and hit anyone close at hand which of course brought about hand-to-hand fighting and serious bits of concrete flying in their direction. Most of the fighting was along the side of the pitch with baton charges into the crowd, and at one point two cops were isolated as their pals retreated under a hail of bricks, and the crowd surged to attack them, stealing one of their guns. The cops then regrouped and charged and my most vivid recollection is this wee lad of about 11, totally uninvolved in the rioting and caught between the two sides, trying to avoid the trouble by hiding down at the pitch side up and against the mesh wire.


    But the RUC were out for revenge. As the RUC charged two cops went down and took their batons to the back of his head. He fell to the ground as they laid into him in a frenzied attack and on and on it went until a solitary guy, a skinhead, ran about 30 yards across the terraces and threw himself over the child and totally covered him. He took the beating and carried out unconscious and he hospitalised for some time. His photo was in the Irish News and he looked like he’d been in a car smash.



    So by now the place is about to explode. The deluge of stones forces the RUC back and out of the ground entirely. I couldn’t believe that common sense had prevailed and we were going to get to watch the football. I should have known better.


    They had gone out only so they could regroup and all come back in at once but this time with their riot shields and helmets, and to fire their plastics at point blank at whoever had the misfortune to be in their way.


    It was in danger of spilling over onto the pitch and not long after the referee blew his whistle early and we awaited their ambush on the way out.



    That riot was totally of the RUCs making. Nothing more, nothing less

  14. valentinesday on




    What’s your opinion would you rather


    have JC as our manager?

  15. O.G.Rafferty on

    I forgot to say, a month or so later I met the young guy who had taken the beating, on the boat to Stranraer on the way to a game and shook his hand. From Turf Lodge I think

  16. valentinesday



    19:02 on 29 June, 2013






    What’s your opinion would you rather


    have JC as our manager ?




    It wouldn’t break my heart if Neil left – and if JC replaced him


    I would be happy wi that.


    Quite happy now ?


    Hail Hail

  17. EDB



    Thinking of you, that is all I can say. Be strong for your daugnters and they will be strong for you. God bless.

  18. as_i_thought on

    Just saw a video on Facebook that looks like a bunch of the walking awayers fighting amongst each other in the middle of Edinburgh. On my phone tho so it’s difficult to tell who’s fighting who.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    John Collins was no doubt about a very good player but his managerial record shows only one thing when the going gets tough the tough get going.H.H.

  20. valentinesday on




    Luv you pal, ask a question and get a


    answer………for the record I widnae


    be devastated if Neil left fur pastures


    new…….but JC, no thank’s.

  21. ElDiegoBhoy…..



    I don’t post and only occasionally lurk, but just wanted to say that you have my respect, and my prayers.


    Take care,



  22. Off topic


    I’m picking family up from Glasgow airport next Sunday is there a pick up point or will I need to use the short stay car parks?

  23. OG Rafferty



    Thanks for your memories of August 84. I wasn’t able to travel but remember being gutted at not being able to go as that was my era for following Celtic to the detriment of almost everything else in my life.



    My post earlier about the media coverage at the time was not meant to make light . I remember the BBC met the train up from Stranraer to try and meet the drunken hordes who’d brought such disgrace to the country and the club. The lads who’d travelled looked shell shocked and relieved to be home.The truth seeped out but I’d


    imagine officially that those drunken Scots and their cousins from West Belfast are still held responsible



    I am a chilled out guy but generally I don’t forget




  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    phelim brady-very considerate post amigo,good luck to you and yours ,and EDB and his.

  25. Dessybhoy



    There is pick up point. Just go left at the first 2 roundabouts, stay in the middle lane, and you’ll see the pick up/drop off point. The Police and traffic wardens constantly monitor it, so timing is essential, as they’ll move you on if they think you’ve been waiting too long.



    Good luck




  26. as_i_thought on

    ten men won the league



    Thanks, that does make more sense but I wouldn’t put it past them to fight amongst themselves. On the royal mile so a wonderful advert for tourism in the best small country in the world.

  27. mickbhoy1888 on




    17:33 on 29 June, 2013



    Ma auld man served with the RAF in Ballykelly circa 61-62 and his armed forces credentials didn’t stop Coleraine giving him a few games ma brother served the RAF in Aldergrove I had a great uncle who was the headmaster of large catholic secondary in Belfat he had two sons who joined the RAF my grandfather served in Burma I have many friends acquaintances whose families have served in the armed forces. I went to a catholic secondary school where a few of my year joined either the Army RAF or Navy. jeez even the my Parish priest who done my sons first communion went off and became an Army Chaplain and there wasn’t a person in the chapel had a bigger hangover than him when Celtic won the league in 98


    The day was celebrating organisations who represent the country where I was born and have lived since. It is also the country where the team I support chooses to play its football.


    As to what happened at Ballymurphy,events of which I am not to familiar with, I condemn any criminal act which results in the loss of human life.

  28. dessybhoy



    19:20 on 29 June, 2013



    Are you familiar with Airport ?.



    If you are…..



    Get them to go to road at Holiday Inn. You can drive in there & pickup.


    Cant wait there but better than £1.50 to drive in and out of car park 2 across from Terminal.


    If you are not familiar then I can give you somewhere to sit & they can phone you when they are ready.

  29. Sorry to lower the tone of CQN but I have been really irritated by the BBC weather presenter this evening. He was obviously speaking way down souff, because he ended up saying that Monday will bring fresher and cooler weather to us all. Well, at least 6 folk have said to me at different times over the last couple of days that it was freezing here. And they have been right. In fact, it is freezing at the moment and I have the heating on. If it gets any colder, we will be back to winter.



    Rant over. My apologies.

  30. can anyone post JC free kick at ipox, I think that was the day my mate had the fly past with the banner.

  31. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Just received a photie of my wee sister holding the world cup. Just as well she’s married to a Spaniard – Can’t see Scotland winning it in my lifetime, although Ally McLeod sold us the dream!



    Imagine if we did. Campell Ogilvie + the blazers would be parading it around the Ludges…

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