Scott Brown not the only one worried about manager


Scott Brown was not the only one was briefly worried about Neil Lennon’s position in recent months.  Neil has never particularly hidden his desire to work in England one day but when it became evident that there would be a few seats available in the English top flight, with the Everton job in particular becoming available, I am sure there were a few nervous twitches.

As and when Neil decides he is going to move on, Celtic will want to have a plan for succession in place, if not entirely executed.  In May, when Neil was fielding questions about moving on, I doubt any succession planning had taken place.  Some at the club would have been looking forward to a summer break and some player trading.  The prospect of finding a new manager, with all the inherent consequences for trading, preseason planning and Champions League qualification, would have caused mild panic.

Always be prepared.

How is your 1254125 work coming along?  Not started yet?  Today, Tom Conniffe completes his 125 mile walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Go look and see how well his fundraising has gone (and get involved if you can).

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  1. mickbhoy1888,



    My maternal grandfather dies from wounds he received in the 1st World War, my granny also lost 2 of her brothers in the same conflict. Her older son was exempted from serving in the second world war, because he had to provide for his mother and 6 siblings but the younger had to do National Service. As for the paternal line, my Dad, like almost every Catholic in Parkhead, who were of the appropriate age including the most avowedly Republican, served in the Armed Forces during the 2nd World War, unlike their Protestant mates, who mainly got reserved occupational work at the Forge.



    But my Dad would never dream of attending any of these parades. I don’t know anyone who would even consider it. They have been hijacked, well in Scotland at least, by the denizens of Ibrox.

  2. valentinesday on

    Taking Mrs valentinesday oot fur a airing ……nae


    fightin on here the nite…….JC my erse.




  3. EDB


    Glad it went welk yesterday and I’m sure you and the ghirls did Moira proud.



    You and I know she would boot your ass if you didn’t look after your girls. ..


    God bless mate.

  4. I never disagree with NFL , least not in public and see Victor Wanyama’s representative is now getting as sweaty as Elvis in concert, to get his cut.



    It’s now a matter of public record the accepted fee is circa 12 million but tuff titty, if the agents cut, isn’t enough, or Victor Nobody *before he pulled on the Hoops* – doesn’t fancy St Mary’s or the south coast.



    Where I disagree with NFL is that Celtic hold both aces, the player and his two year contract to run, NFL is cute and his public utterenaces are measured, who knows the players value in January.



    You play for Celtic you become a famous hero, you go away for more money.



    Good luck Victor It’s usually downhill all the way, no matter where you go or how much you


    and your agent gets.

  5. blantyretim



    It went very well mate. In fact as well as I could have wished for.




    Apparently I spoke well also much to my surprise.



    And they’re now old enough to look after me.

  6. EDB


    Watch those ghirls they will have yer ticket off you in a minute. .


    Take care buddy.


    You have my number should you need it..

  7. Jonny the tim and adi dasler


    Yes I use the airport a lot but haven’t been in to just pick up in years, the map on the website are not that clear, is it a one way system on the road to go in to car park 2?

  8. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    It’s good to know I will NEVER buy or rent a property from penny lane homes in Renfrew.



    They obviously support a bigoted, sectarian and exclusive backwards organisation as seen in the link below.



    Shame on them!



    I wonder if the sectarian bigots have urinated all over the Glynhill hotel like the scum have previously been known to do after their waddle???



    No…. Maybe they are just fighting again.







  9. O.G.Rafferty on

    Saint Stivs, 19:15


    That was my last game at Solitude.



    jimbo67, 19:22


    I had no idea that there was any coverage at all outside the north let alone such a ridiculous explanation – and it still continues?

  10. dessybhoy



    19:20 on 29 June, 2013



    Are you familiar with Airport ?.



    If you are…..



    Get them to go to road at Holiday Inn. You can drive in there & pickup.


    Cant wait there but better than £1.50 to drive in and out of car park 2 across from Terminal.


    If you are not familiar then I can give you somewhere to sit & they can phone you when they are ready.

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I was at that game…….LOL…God, the zombies are ugly….the atmosphere was rancid ….a few tims were ‘spotted’ and had to leave….I sat with my hands under my thighs …..hahahaha

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:01 on 29 June, 2013



    My post was for you…

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The airport polis not as urgent a few years back IMO,as you drive round ,wait at the area on your left before Holiday Inn and should be fine.

  14. O.G.Rafferty


    That’s a very accurate account of the Solitude Invasion. That was my first (and last) visit to Solitude. As you know I never stook a big interest in soccer in the North of Ireland but I was given two stand tickets for that game by the referee, Oliver Donnelly, a classmate from primary days who had then come to live in Carnmoney.

  15. OG Rafferty



    That was the explanation given. I was genuinely hurt by that explanation as that was my era like no other. Everybody knew it was BS. And yet


    never officially denied. The guy who was interviewed told the truth. In both body and verbal language. I loathed much of what Desmond White did as chairman but , as he came to the end of his life, he experienced what Celtic fans – Scottish or Irish – in Berwick (January 1984) or Belfast I now see that misguided though he was , he was a Celt.





  16. GrannyMacsBhoy on




    Guy I worked with then told his Gers supporting old man that he was taking his seat in the main stand that day. His old man said ok as long as he didn’t cheer if the Bhoys scored which he didn’t. He did say tho that the atmosphere was bad and a few of their own got evicted as the mob were baying for anybody that day?

  17. O.G.Rafferty on

    Houl yer wheest, 20:12


    I was a regular, home and away every week at the same games Henry McDonald mentions


    in his (not very good) book Colours. My first game was the one that inspired him to start going, an evening game at Solitude that ended when rioting Glentoran fans got on to the pitch and attacked the Cage whilst the RUC backed them up. There was fighting outside the ground as the RUC, instead of arresting them, helped them back to Torrens and one of the funniest things was as we got on to the Cliftonville Road we looked up and saw the leader of the loyalists – an xxxxl ginger suedehead, huffing and puffing – fail to make good his escape and stumble just as a crowd from Ardoyne (including the manager of the then Spar near your local orange arch) caught him. Of course the RUC came back to save the lard arse from the serious hiding he was going to get.


    All in all each game was an eye opener into how the state and its apparatus functioned at its crudest level.



  18. Dud I read on here during the week Frank r mcgarvie saying ge was chased by a guy with a brick that day?

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