Scott Brown sat down


You know what Dundee United really need?  Scott Brown to turn up at Hampden on Sunday with a point to prove. We’ve complained for years about the way media scrutiny falls haphazardly on Celtic but God help us if we ever acquire the cosy relationship others cultivate in order to avoid the light scrutiny required to keep them healthy.

Celtic players are allowed to drink before their day off (as is the manager).  Scott didn’t punch anyone, didn’t threaten anyone, didn’t drive under the influence, didn’t speak inappropriately and didn’t break club rules.

Had he not sat down this would never have been a story, even if he’d had an additional 10 drinks.  ‘Scott Brown sat down’ is the story – and that’s the worst they can come up with.  Paying someone £100 for a photograph and spending 30 minutes writing about it has to be the cheapest cover in publishing history.  It doesn’t pass the ‘news’ test, it is celebrity gossip.

Pin it to the dressing room wall and he’ll be Man of the Match on Sunday, you can bank on it.

CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner is tonight!  Soooooooo excited.  See you there.

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  1. lymmbhoy



    11:30 on 13 March, 2015


    Amazing how quick Broonies hair grows…….eh!



    Tuesday 10/3. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/celtic-skipper-scott-brown-hits-5302445



    Weds 11/3. @RetroCeltic: ‘Operation get Broony’ just warming up ! Is there a cup final this weekend ? http://t.co/W9HT81cyrx










    Well spotted.



    The picture is OLD.



    NOT this week.



    A blatant attempt to slur the skipper before a cup final. Front-paged too.



    Are you lookng in here, Celtic?



    Ban those Sun fannies now, before someone throws one of them off the top tier. Or better still, after.


    Best wishes to absolutely everyone attending CQN11 tonight.



    I’ll be on my way home at the time. I might even arrive before CELTFISH!



    I hope it’s a belter,folks.








    Brilliant lead article. Well said.



    And so succinctly too,you have a real talent!



    Enjoy tonight,bud. And all of you.

  4. Big weekend..love to be in glasgow for it



    Wont even see the cup final as away working..gutted.



    Enjoy cqn11 tonight everyone..sounds like a great well planned event.



    Also see damien dempsey and the wakes play glasgow this weekend…what a gig that would be.



    Roy croppie style line up there.



    Up the celts



    Ban the msm from paradise



    Sickens me they get welcomed in while some die hard tims simply cant afford to watch the bhoys. Big bad world we live in.

  5. Sandman, lymmbhoy



    I concur, conversation in twitterland is the photo is either last weekend, not midweek as the Scum are saying.



    Either way the Scum has given more impetus to Brown’s performance come Sunday, he will play be well fired up for this one.

  6. The goal they got last week was a joke and othr than that they did nothing. Celtic should and on any other day would ahve won that game by 3 or 4 goals. Cup finals are notoriously hard to win, if Celtic play the way they can then they will win and win comfortably but complacency should never set in. We saw how difficult it is to score a goal and we dont want to be chasing the game. Part 1 of 3 will hopefully be on it’s way back to Paradise on Sunday and that will collapse Utd’s season as they wont beat Celtic at Paradise.

  7. Tom,



    I definitely has been relayed.



    My only concern is it has barely been down a week.



    Fingers crossed




  8. What is the Stars on

    Scott Brown Should never play for Celtic again


    Ronny Must Go


    The Board Must resign


    Actually Celtic Park should be sold to Tescos


    The Irish Should just go bloody well home,the famine is over



    Actually yis can feck off if ye think your getting back in here,

  9. Scot Brown sat dawn………………………



    Probably you’re best headline…………………..EVER




  10. Tom McLaughlin @ 12:14



    I said after last week’s cup tie. If the Hampden turf has been relaid as promised, we will hammer United 3 or 4-0.



    Pitch was relaid as the players left the pitch last weekend. Just hope that it has knitted in time and doesn’t come up in lumps every challenge.



    Looking forward to seeing a rested(?) Broony hold up the Cup – 50 years since I saw Caesar do the same after bulleting his header into the Pars net for a famous 3-2 victory.

  11. What is the Stars on

    Tips Tips I hear ye say



    Loads of them



    1.30 Beltor


    2.05 Rich Coast/The Game Changer/Max Dynamite (all each way,take your pick)


    2.40 Black Hercules


    3.20 The Gold Cup, I Like Lord Windemre last years winner but they all have chances


    4.00 On The Fringe


    4.40 Full Shift/McKinley (both each way)


    5.15 Eastlake



    And may the lord have mercy on your soul



    Ban the scum from Paradise. No facilities whatsoever interviews with staff, match coverage et al nada.It’s not as if we disagree with what they are writing about our Club. It’s the fact that they are working to an agenda, to undermine us at every opportunity when they perceive it to matter most. Banned from the biggest club in Scotland……Concentrate on your pals now 3rd in the Championship, there’s yer dinner.


    Why do Celtic supporters contribute financially to those who wish to destroy us????

  13. Winning captains –



    Thanks for getting back to me on the last thread, however Paul67 gave me a shout by e-mail. Unfortunately I have to confirm that I will not make it down for tonight, pretty gutted, but have to look after the wife first . . . Well, the CQN gowf is on her birthday, so need some leverage!



    Paul will leave a wee note at the front desk, and LFT just needs to give some info to the guys manning it, namely –



    His real name (I believe, following years on CQN, that he really thinks that he is one of Paul Lambert’s front teeth, and that he is still undercover, embedded in Jorg Albertz’ right knee)



    His inside leg measurement – he will give this in cm, in order to give the impression that he is taller than he really is . . . .



    His lodge number!!!!



    His table and seat number (Who else is on Table 15?)



    Enough, off to make her some chicken soup, or dry toast, or whatever is needed to get her better soon.



    I wish those attending Blane Valley (other licensed establishments are available), and Celtic Park tonight my very best wishes. Hope y’all have a great time, and have no memories of the evening, when you eventually raise your tired heads from whatever paving slab they rest on overnight.



    Yours in Celtic,




  14. A dress code for CQN11 tonight ? No dress code when using the blog at home or in KDS before a game, so why tonight in KDS with fellow bloggers?



    OK not trainers and t-shirts, but the one thing I never associated with this blog was conformity. Ah well …

  15. Wits@12.22


    Last sentence a “beltor” and soooo true.


    Worryingly I have 3 of your selections.


    Hh Wits


    Ard Macha


    Strikes are great for Cheltenham. Did 5 miles myself this am…..In a taxi.

  16. Jings, crivens, help ma boab, a young man having a drink 6 days before a game. ‘Hang him high ‘



    As Paul67 rightly said it is a non story, in a poisonous rag, and my bet is Scott won’t even bother with it anyhow.



    Looking forward to kicking off, what should hopefully be a great weekend, at CQN 11 tonight.



    As for Sunday, if the pitch is right, we will win convincingly.



  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Scott Brown’s barber is the busiest man in Scotland.



    He has to cut Broony’s hair every three hours otherwise it gets in his eyes.

  18. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    Come on, you’re better than that. Whether you prefer a UK or a Scot Govt you need to set/control all levers of finance. Income tax in isolation whether up or down can’t work on it’s own and shouldn’t be varied in the way suggested.



    Labour had the power and didn’t use it for exactly the same reasons.



    VoteSRSPandgetthe govtyouvotedforcsc

  19. Bundoranbhoy, just arrived in my hotel


    in Glasgow and logged on, luckily spotted


    post at 11.30 just before the new article post.


    I will be in “the” pub at 16.00.


    See you there.

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