Scott Brown’s impressive body of work


If Scott Brown departs in the summer to join Aberdeen as Stephen Glass’ assistant manager, the body of work he will leave behind is beyond what anyone could imagine when he arrived at the club in 2007.  With 10 league titles, six Scottish Cup and six League Cup winner’s medals, his major trophy haul is greater than any Scottish club apart from Celtic and Oldco Rangers.  He is also one of the few in the modern era who could have gone to the top flight in England and chose to stay at Celtic.

He will be 36 in June and although his recent form has been as solid as ever, he no longer has the mobility to cover the ground he once did for Hibernian, Celtic and Scotland.  I will be sorry to see him go as he would be an invaluable resource to the new manager but the timing is probably right.  It would, however, be good to see him leave after raising the Scottish Cup one more time.

2020 saw us miss out on the CQN Charity Golf Open for the first year since 2005 (can’t remember why).  Ever the optimists, we have put Friday 23 July in the diary at our usual corner of Fife in the hope that by then the world will be a bit more sociable.  We will release more details as guidelines permit, but if you would like to attend, please email .  Maybe see you there.


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  1. Does the abuse of Duffy no’ count?



    It would seem so’…………………


    “haw scoddland why so???”




  2. Only four hours behind my old country friends right now, i should be nailing podiums day after day.



    24hrs until vaccine then the inevitable blue screen of………..

  3. Report clears the Cops of their Policing of Ibrox and George Square, I didnt expect anything else, my eyes must decieve me right enough.




    Regarding Congerton, it’s true that the price bracket is higher but they still operate in a lower bracket than Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham….all clubs below them in the table so it would suggest that there’s something there.



    I just wonder whether he had other constraints aside from finances.

  5. How come we get kettled – they get wide berths and eskorted aboooot the toooon?




  6. Broony.


    Yoiu stood tall but age has taken it’s toll on ye.



    I would have preferred you stayed and helped the new team but you’ve done your stuff and if ye go……..




  7. DESSYBHOY on 23RD MARCH 2021 12:10 PM


    Report clears the Cops of their Policing of Ibrox and George Square, I didnt expect anything else, my eyes must decieve me right enough.







    Lawyer appointed by accused party to investigate accused party finds accused party not guilty.



    So that’s OK then.

  8. BANKIEBHOY1 on 23RD MARCH 2021 12:12 PM




    I keep telling youse, cultural hegemony.

  9. EL


    You get what you pay for.This is getting a bit of a habit from organisations to do this, has it any weight and it should be able to be challenged as the scences were there for all to see.

  10. How come the huns get to change the meaning of certain words………..?











    Anyone asking any questions?

  11. If Broony goes to Aberdeen, good luck to him. What a player he’s been for us since he joined the club.



    A leader on and off the pitch, tremendous.

  12. spikeysauldman on

    Not 1 player in my lifetime has bossed the Hun game as often as Scott Brown – granted he didnt face the same same level of opposition that the Lions or the likes of the Maestro did.

  13. Ernie ( I think you’ve changed btw)….



    But, unless you’ve missed my contributions over the years, you have no need to point out the hegemony thing to me. I’ve been all over it since we started – and its not difficult concept to conjure with.

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 23RD MARCH 2021 12:24 PM



    So was it a rhetorical question?



    You do know what a rhetorical question is, right?

  15. Now that Scott Brown is leaving, will the bungled McGinn episode come back to severely bite us on the bum?

  16. Ernie – you’ve defo changed.



    Rhetorical question?



    There’s no answer to that…………..

  17. Unless Scott wants to go to Aberdeen, it’s a major mistake letting him go.We can’t let a guy with the experience, and leadership qualities he’s got,walk out the door. The loss of huge characters out of the dressing room, like Lustig and Tierney, has had an effect IMO.With a big number of new players coming in, we need someone to tell them what’s required to play for,and represent Celtic, I’m sure older players going back to Sevco, have helped them big time.We can’t let him go without a fight,probably another symptom of lack of forward planning at the Club. Not sure what the make up of the new set up will be,but SB has a vital role to play IMO.

  18. I wonder how many available players we’ll have for the first game of next season.



    I’m sure the new manager will be given sufficient time and resources to deal with that one.



    He will, won’t he?

  19. Bada – do you think it’s Broony angling for a deal? I’d prefer him to stay too – not in a playing function but as you suggest an important element of continuity………

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Scott Brown has been an incredible servant to Celtic. No-one will emulate the medal haul in the future. Let him serve his apprenticeship at Aberdeen. We will miss him.

  21. Scott Briwn has been immense for Celtic. He may not have been a supporter of the club when he arrived for the biggest transfer fee between two Scottish clubs but he will leave as a modern day legend.



    He has given everything for us and has endured personal tragedy. He has been trolled, been vilified, been provoked and targeted by unscrupulous opponents and men in Black.


    At times he has single handedly carried us over the line.



    If he leaves, it is with fond memories and no matter who he plays for when he returns to Paradise he should be cheered to the rafters. He will give everything and his style will not change.



    We have trashed far too many of our own when they have returned to Parkhead. This must stop, it is pointless and frankly pathetic.



    Enjoy your temporary assignment Scott, you will be back.



    HH to all.

  22. Copied over from SentinelCelts


    Not heard a thing about this, from the anti Racist mob



    God rest the soul of Kamil Charyszyn.


    Chased by 4 huns on Sunday in Easterhouse, who fatally slashed his throat, for being a Celtic supporter.


    This is how these vermin celebrate.


    Kamil Charyszyn RIP 💚🇵🇱

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bankiebhoy- continuity is the word,it’s not a jobs for the boys gig,he needs to help new guys bed in,and let them know a draw isn’t acceptable etc,how do you think guys like Lustig ‘got it’? That’s Broonie’s influence, and with such a transition coming up,he’s definitely needed.HH

  24. Hopefully, James Forrest and Callum McGregor will be able to impart some Celtic ethos to those who arrive, granted, not the same as “Broonie” but JF has been there long enough, longer than Scott, to make sure that they know, por cierto.

  25. Also, JF’s trophy and medal haul is every bit as good as Scott’s. Good lucky “Broonie” whatever you do, will not give you a cheer though if you play against us! :)) por cierto

  26. ADDI DASSLER &12:45


    Got to disagree Scott Brown “been there done it” &that &that &that &that &that & around 21 feqqing times;-))))))



    Robin Williams CSC

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PC- old style captains in football are dying away,we need to find a role for Scott.

  28. Good Luck to Scott Brown



    Hope he hones his coaching skills away from CP.



    It was a road travelled by Jimmy McGrory, Jock Stein, Billy McNeill, Davie Hay and Tommy Burns.



    Let’s hope it works for you. It might cause a lot of cognitive dissonamce if we recruit an asst. Manager at Aberdeen to come back to be our manager.

  29. Brown grew to be a great Captain. Few will equal his medal haul though hopefully Forrest and CalMac add to theirs for a few more years yet.



    What a rebuild in the summer we have to look forward to.

  30. !!BADA BING!! on 23RD MARCH 2021 1:15 PM


    “PC- old style captains in football are dying away,we need to find a role for Scott.”



    Totally agree Bada, Celtic told him to tell them what he wanted to do to stay, so, I thinks it’s Scott who wants to try something new, por cierto

  31. If the new head coach wants their own people then fine, however, i would like SB to be considered along with Kennedy.



    SB shows the determination to get such an amazing amount of trophies. JK has shown great desire to continue in football after his playing career was so sadly cut short.



    JK I think would have been Captain for us eventually. Just my opinion. Loved his no nonsense style of defending.

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