Scott, Dedryck, your part in a very long story


There was a bit of chat last week that Celtic were ‘at it’ by signing Scott Allan. Sticking it large to an aspiring Championship club. Tempting, though it is to let that notion roll, it’s simply not true. Scott was right on plan to be a Celtic signing, and as I’m sure he’ll explain at this afternoon’s press conference, Celtic is the perfect move for him.

He is a young Scottish player with talent and enough potential to become a top player. Like them all, he is a financial risk, but not a major risk, neither his transfer fee nor his wages will significantly alter the budget.

The need for reinforcements for other positions is more pressing. Midfield is not an area where we are short, but signing Scott will have no impact on the search to reinforce those other positions. He will immediately enhance the squad and force everyone else to up their game.  If you want a place in that Celtic midfield, you will need to be on the absolute top of your game.

I expect to see more deals like this. If there’s a player who the coaches reckon has potential, and he looks undervalued, Celtic will try to sign him.  We want the best players in Scotland at every age group and in every position.  We want to develop a culture of self-improvement.  This signing will ask questions not just of Scott, but there isn’t a midfield player at the club who will not consider the threat to his position this morning.

For the best part of an hour Celtic were a joy on Saturday.  Having read so much about what the player went through in recent months, he must have been pinching himself as he watched fast-flowing, incisive, football.  They were a team full of swagger and confidence.

Ronny Deila would have been animated at what happened after he made the decision to rest some legs.  Two goals were lost as a result of Dedryck Boyata twice losing concentration.  This was an alarming sign but Ronny knows Dedryck has played very little football, less than two dozen games before joining Celtic this summer.

How to deal with mistakes is one of the attributes which comes form experience, a qualify which makes it less likely your nerve will be affected, resulting in the second mistake.  I expect the big man to be back at his Qarabag form for Wednesday’s Cup Final.

Jane Maguire from the Celtic FC Foundation was in touch after receiving a £1,200, from money raised at last month’s CQN Golf Open:

“I just wanted to thank CQN so much for the wonderful donation of £1,200, as a result of your Golf Day. The spirit and compassion of the Celtic Family is unique and unsurpassed and your gesture is a perfect example of that.

“Your support is invaluable to Celtic FC Foundation as we strive to honour the founding principles of our Football Club and help those who need it most. We deliver a host of projects in our local communities for children, young people and adults around the four key themes of Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty. The CQN input will make a huge difference.”

I know we talk about the bigger aspects of the club, like this, often, but it’s incredible how deep the links the modern Celtic support have with the founding ethos of the club. It’s no idle boast to suggest we are the world’s most ethical football club.

The trajectory is also impressive. Links from practically every area of the support, and the club itself, to the Foundation, and to individual projects, like our own Mary’s Meals appeals, are more frequent and increasingly more successful. You are part of a long story. Keep it up.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    KevJ cheers always wanted a last post on previous article far better than my previous podiums



    Take care & Hail Hail

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    An early goal for Dedryck on Wednesday, will settle his and our nerves.



  3. Get Ryan Christie signed before he moves down south. Fits the criteria, replacement for Stokes/McGregor.

  4. Paul 67 & my friends in Celtic,



    ” it is no idle boast to suggest we are the worlds most ethical football club ”





    It is that ethos that does indeed separate us from the pack. We ARE more that just another football club. Results on the park are what is visible, but results off the park are just as important, perhaps more so.



    Best wishes and prayers to all who are suffering personal issues. Family is everything.




  5. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    The big bhoyata will be all right on the knight



    We learn more from our mistakes than our successes !!



    Looking like a full house on wednesday night so lets make some noise



    Btw – wtf have they done to the pa system at celtic park – its been terrible

  6. GARY67,



    maybe that’s why Yogi started him on the bench, he was trying to hide hi from RD



    TIMBHOY3, different players in my view. Spittal, finisher, Christie, more creative. I think Christie has a few years on him also













    (Everyone else,sorry for shouting…)

  8. GARY67 on 17TH AUGUST 2015 12:25 PM


    Get Ryan Christie signed before he moves down south. Fits the criteria, replacement for Stokes/McGregor.



    I agree.Sign him now,let him stay at ICT for the rest of the season.Greg Stewart from Dundee also,same deal.I am sick of people saying “What about our own young players”.If they are good enough,they will get the chance.The players mentioned will end up like Mc Carthy,Mc Arthur,Snodgrass,etc..Then we will be moaning about it in a couple of years.Tierney has just got himself a new contract,Henderson as well.In a couple of years all these kids could make up a really strong team,for very little outlay.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/scott-dedryck-your-part-in-a-very-long-story/#sthash.XhCbxR29.dpuf

  9. TBJ,



    It has been mentioned a few times previously, but I agree, the PA system is worse than terrible .




  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    100% agree. Ryan Christie and Greg Stewart are the two best prospects in Scotland. I would sign them both.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article, Paul. I hope we are keeping an eye on Greg Stewart.


    Wonder if Charlie at CB might be a better bet on Wednesday? Boyata will develop into a good defender in time, but his lapses are becoming a bit of a worry. These two games are no place for mistakes.

  12. Hi Paul67,



    Great to see so much young Scottish talent at Celtic Park.



    This tradition forged the Lions and brought forth the QSG.



    The sometmes maligned eighties team actually had a great good load of Scottish talent that played with passion and oft, not short of a bit of swagger. Skelped a fair few.



    So, great to see Scott at Celtic Park…



    As for Celtic being at it, the way this has been reported in the SMSM shows quite clearly as CQN has grown and progressed your raisin d’être is as important as ever.



    I posted a comment t’uther day about Graham Spiers, the fair minded sports journo, who had the New Rangers wooing Scott Allan and Celtic meddling and posturing. Interesting use of the verbs I thought.



    Still Celtic completed the deal speedily, professionally and ethically, with a win/win for Celtic and Hibs, shutting up the likes of GS on the subject.



    However the bold Keith Jackson couldn’t let it lie. But…



    How do you suggest Celtic skulldiggery, in the light of the swift and professional way we concluded our business?



    How do you suggest any form if coercion or regret after Scott Allan’s “no brainer” comments!?



    How do you suggest Celtic managed to prise away a dyed in the wool, blue nose prospect, without conceding Celtic financially out muscled the New Rangers?!



    Well that’s difficult, and probably accounts for the nonsensical, conflicted piece by Keith Jackson in the Record today.



    …Suggesting the only place Scott’s going get a game is in central defence and managing to stick “betrayal” in – must smart Keith, it must really smart.



    Just displays how bitter he is and his knowledge of Football. Mind you he has a better knowledge of Football than British Isles geography – he has Big VvD going to the English Rivera?!



    Ha… Mind you there is more chance of Torquay United securing van Dyke’s signature, than The New Rangers signing a player Celtic are after:-/



    Loving the new site.



    Hail Hail

  13. Jacksons reporting today on Scott Allan is the writing of a real hurting hun.Everything they are feeling,he put into words today.Even thinly veiled threats about his well being.A disgraceful piece of gutter guff.


    Meanwhile the “Warbs”bandwagon rolls on.Another part time team of Plumbers,Brickies,etc,put to the sword,to add to Peterhead,and a team of kids from St Mirren.Every “Elephant in the room”,every”Monster hiding in the closet”put away from public view,as the hacks drool over the “Revolution”.


    Sorry,all the pitfalls are still very visible on here.

  14. DELANEYS DUNKY on 17TH AUGUST 2015 1:00 PM









    100% agree. Ryan Christie and Greg Stewart are the two best prospects in Scotland. I would sign them both.



    Yes,if this is the road that we are going down,then do it right.Get them signed up now.The boy from Unt also mentioned.No use letting the cream be sold to England,and then moaning we cant compete with their market.


    The boy Mc Arthur,who I never really rated at Hamilton,maybe overshadowed by Mc Carthy,had a terrific game for Crystal Palace at the weekend,and bought for something like £12 million from Wigan!!!!!!.


    We must get them in now.Get rid of the dross and fill the pool with very talented future prospects.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/scott-dedryck-your-part-in-a-very-long-story/#comment-2655228

  15. Just watched the NFU complaining about milk prices at the supermarkets, I thought the idea of capitalism was to have competition to drive prices down to give us ‘the consumers’ the best price.


    Are the NFU a good union? as opposed to mine, UNITE, which is a nasty horrible union?

  16. the hooped crusader on

    Let’s hope the mistakes on Saturday are out the system, it might be a timely reminder before Malmo.


    I thought Quarabag were very good at passing from their own back line, but players need to move into space so the man on the ball has an option.


    On Saturday Broony and big Lustig were off the park, a centre half playing oot from the back will pass to either the fullback or holding midfielder. If they don’t make themselves available the player had no options. Safe to say if this happens on Wednesday big Bhoyata will probably row zed it. Not the way to play at this level, possession of the ball is king in Europe. It’s a team game so we should cut the big guy some slack and get behind him and the team on Wednesday. Biggest game of the season so far and I’m so glad Broony is back and firing on all cylinders.


    Bring on the Malmö?

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    Greg Stewart’s story should be an inspiration to any young player who doesn’t make it.



    From Rangers at 13 years old, to Hearts to Falkirk to Stirling Albion, he dropped down the Youth divisions one after the next, eventually joining the local boys club at 17 years old.



    He went part time with Cowdenbeath at 20, learning the business over 4 years in the lower divisions.



    Dundee took a punt on him last year, and he’s done well.



    Lesson: It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you do about it.



    Well done Greg Stewart. Paul Hartley and Barry Robson, amongst many others, have had a similar career path. The Game isn’t over at 21 years old, let alone at 17, and the development path is shaped differently for each player. If you had the talent at 12, you’ve still got the talent at 18, and it’ll come out in its own time.



    All that said, the likelihood of Greg Stewart interesting Celtic at the moment is slim to say the least. At 25 years old, he’s had just one season and fewer that 40 matches as a full time footballer: such a profile a Celtic player does not make.



    Best of luck to the fellow though. There’s a career in the game to be made for players like him. Been plenty gone before him, and doubtless plenty will come after.

  18. 100% agree. We should sign Christie and Stewart and loan them back to their respective clubs. Christie is a gem. Stewart has a natural eye for goal. Also spread the money about a bit and not just to Thompson’s emigration to Australia fund.

  19. KevJ. Sorry to hear your health is poorly and of the poor handling of your case.



    It was a matter of regret on my part that you decided against meeting up with me. I had hoped to put your mind at rest.



    You have a greater battle to fight now but if you feel up to putting one of your other battles to rest, get in touch.

  20. weebobbycollins on

    KevJ…if you’re aff oot, make sure you’re back in as soon as possible…all the best to you and your family.


    WEERON on 17TH AUGUST 2015 1:35 PM



    TBJ…spot on. That was my first visit to Celtic Park in a few years. Couldn’t believe how bad the tanniy was.





    Unsure whether you misspelt tannoy or tinny! Either way,not good.



    We laugh at the huns for their wifi being garbage,and struggle wi old technology ourselves.





    It would be my pleasure,and that of so many others,were KEVJ to turn up on 10/10.



    He’d be feted like a king.



    Especially as he’s a cheap round!




  23. Not seen enough of the players proposed as must buys, but celtic park has a great deal more Scots than has been seen for a long time. if management see these boys as being good enough, it’s more likely than ever, in my life time at any rate, that they will get bought and played. I am all for buying up the best youngsters in Scotland. I am also happy to see us sign up better foreigner if needs be…



    noted someone advocating mulgrew at centre back for Wednesday, please god no, he is finished oh and we could possible pay about 3 top Scottish prospects from his wage alone stones, dirk, mcgeoch should follow as well.



    on a side note we have a squad of 29 players of which about 18 range from very good to decent, few outside the 18 get near the first team squad no wonder rd wants to move players on, talk about throwing money away, hh

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