Scottish Cup has historic importance this season


After three weeks catching sunrays and getting some recuperation in, Celtic are back in action tomorrow, in the Scottish Cup against Brechin City. The Angus club are enduring a torrid season, bottom of the Championship with four points from 21 games, so I would not expect them to venture too far from their only penalty area tomorrow.

While Brendan Rodgers will take the game seriously, in the bigger picture, it offers a good opportunity to get the legs stretched before the challenges over the next four weeks in the League and Europa League.

With the League Cup already secured and a commanding grip put on the seventh successive league title, Celtic are five cup ties away from an unprecedented second consecutive treble. There will be more financially rewarding games ahead, but our Scottish Cup ties have an historic importance.


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    There’s a smashing wee piece about Bobby Evans in CQN magazine,as remembered by Bertie Auld. Three cap Bertie,I believe!




    48 caps for Scotland,and IIRC,in the days when the huns were steamrollering everyone and being accordingly internationally recognised. I wonder if he ever missed a game he was expecting to play in,or maybe even five games.




    It would have made him Scotland’s highest capped player prior to Denis Law,and the first to 50 caps. Instead that accolade went to George Young.




    The above post is brought to you by







    though I reckon he’ll do it a hunner times better!!!

  2. if were looking to strengthen our midfield with someone from the SPL , forget mcginn and look no further then the lad from the accies, remember the last time we let a player from the accies get away.

  3. On the cafes Jaconnelli at Queens Cross was the place to go. Bowl of peas pepper and vinegar followed by a McCallum Ice cream. Those were the days.














    Historic importance? Why’s that,I wondered. I mean,we already have more Cup victories than anyone else.



    (And I canny even blame this on the drink,as I’m not out today-a wee D’oh!!! moment…)



    Aye,back-to-back trebles would be nice. Marvellous,in fact. A real GIRUY to the eejits amongst us who are giving him a hard time.



    And a swift two fingers to the press anaw. If this was the huns going for that,especially wi their beloved cardigan in charge,do you think for one minute he’d be getting bollox off the papers?



    Me neither.



    European record. The cardigan refused to even discuss the time they got shat upon by urine,losing 4-1 at home.



    And the following season,told the fawning hacks that their Euro campaign would be better this time,we won’t lose twice at home by 4-1-he refused to acknowledge Unirea as they only scored on breakaway!!!!!!!



    Couldnae make it up,and I didnae,so here’s a wee reminder for Lord Cardigan. Your finest moment,The Charge of the Light Brigade.





    Word of advice,Brendan. Tell the SMSM to take a hike. Use a lot of F’s. You’d be surprised at the support you’ll get.

  5. Paul 67,



    To a certain extent we are victims of our own domestic success.


    These cup games should be about experimentation. Maybe if we played our fringe players there would be no need to loan them out. We could then see first hand how equipped they really are. ( And we could ensure they’re eating the correct diet.)



    Get this second treble, then treat cup games for our long term advantage.




  6. BMCUW



    Unirea .



    Went bust in 2011 . Rebranded / refounded in 2015 . Went bust again in 2017 . Hey Ho !!!

  7. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Mighty Tim.That’s spooky. I used to have exactly the same but in Peter’s Cafe in London Road after every game at Celtic Park when I was a kid. My da would go into the Tron Bar and I would go into Peter’s.



    BTW. The term McCallum as applied to an ice cream with raspberry sauce was apparently named after a guy called McCallum who was coming out of the Coronation Cafe ( across the road from Peters ) carrying a bowl of ice cream when he was assaulted and got a burst nose, the blood dripping all over his ice cream.



    Apocryphal? Mibbes Aye Mibbes Naw.





    Aye,I know. Funny,innit?



    I also had a wee laugh at your last post on the previous article. I must admit,my principles might be cheap,but they’re not costly!





    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 12:27 PM



    BMCUW –




    Principles ?.




    Remember a woman with a Joni Mitchell fixation — not my thing . She too did that -here’s a gift of something you don’t like –I ” retaliated” by giving her my spare — Hank Mobley _Hank Mobley ( Blue Note 1568 ) Our relationship didn’t last — I hope she kept it / I hope she looked after — last time I saw it up for auction it went for $ 11,100.

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    South of Tunis,



    Before the War (1939-45),my grandfather had a café on Maryhill Rd., between Hopehill Rd and Abington St.



    Before your time, but, perhaps, in your father’s lifetime.

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:05 PM



    Since signing for Sunderland Rodwell has made 26, 24, 23 and 3 (this season) appearances. He was a great player at Everton, an internationalist, who made the error that so many others have made (including Scott Sinclair) and signed for City. Big bank balance, little game time.


    If he could get back close to his Everton form then he’d be a great signing, especially on a free transfer. Risky but worth it.

  11. I think Rodwell would be a good signing on the right terms.


    He as a lot of good attributes and reminds me of Gareth Barry who has had a good career.


    In the proper circumstances his talent will flourish and we he has a physicality we could use.

  12. Gary- his stats were on SSN last night, that must include coming on as a sub, i wouldn’t gamble paying a chunk of his 70k a week, given his injury record

  13. Just catching up from yesterday,


    I obviously haven’t seen the (deleted) post in question, but having met Celterella, he seems like a really decent bloke. True, his sense of humour is not to everyone’s taste ( or comprehension ), but nothing that I’ve seen him post would suggest he’s likely to make the sort of comments which appear to have been attributed to him. It appears there may have been inference drawn from something he wrote, and this has been misinterpreted. It happens.


    Vote cast in favour of Celterella.

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:20 PM



    Will include sub apps. There’s no doubt he’d be a risk but if BR could get him back playing to his potential again then he’d be our best midfielder. Same as Caulker, if he joined and returned to form he’d be our best CH. If players like these two were playing reasonably regularly and in form then we’d have no chance of signing, we’re in the market for youngsters with potential and damaged goods (like Rodwell).


    The story is probably putting 2 and 2 together given Congleton signed him for Sunderland and Scott Sinclair was his buddy at City (obviously bonded sitting in the stands every week :-)


    Big favour to ask re cyber security.



    Anyone know anything about a firm called WOMBAT SECURITY? Eejits are giving me a hard time at work,and have just included the following in their latest to me. And highlighted it in blue!





    “I must now advise that should you fail to complete this training by Thursday 25 January 2018 then further action will be taken which may include but not limited to – the company blocking your internet access, a letter of concern being placed on your personnel file or disciplinary action.”






    I should point out that I answered their original survey,wi loaded questions,at 76%. That’s an A at school. It’s a 1st-class at University. And I’ve now got another bliddy ten to do cos it wasn’t good enough!



    F… that. I view their highlighted words as a threat and therefore totally unacceptable. They can take their work addy and shove it. Won’t bother me,I don’t need to contact people at work-they need to contact me. I’ve asked for information to take my complaint about this further.

  16. G67- Caulker is well worth a deal till end of the season, if we paid 25k a week of Rodwell’s wages , and he only played 3 games, we will only have ourselves to blame. If he gets a pay off from Sunderland, give him a deal to end of the season too HH

  17. South Of Tunis on

    THOMTHETHIM @ 1 11



    I’ll ask my Dad — These days he tends to remember ” nothing ” or can remember things in great detail .



    I remember a cafe called The Falcon near Abington Street .. The Abington Bar and Cocozza’s Cafe which became Jaconellis.

  18. Probably just rumours,but Jack Rodwell was a talent.Way back in 2013,Citeh paid 15 million for him.Sunderland paid 12 million.I have no idea what his circumstances are now,but at his peak he was well quoted in the International team.The thing is,he is young enough,if he is fit enough,to play for us for 3 years,and if he regains the form he once showed,would still have a good sell on price.If everything was hunky dory,we could never afford him.Very similar to Barry in the holding role.


    Worth a punt?.Who knows.

  19. @RonnieEsplin


    Neil McCann confirms @CelticFC interest in @dundeefconline defender Jack Hendry- “I would be lying if I said there wasn’t interest there” – but not aware of a bid yet.

  20. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:38 PM


    G67- Caulker is well worth a deal till end of the season, if we paid 25k a week of Rodwell’s wages , and he only played 3 games, we will only have ourselves to blame. If he gets a pay off from Sunderland, give him a deal to end of the season too HH




    Yep.I agree.These types of player way out of our price range.A loan,or a free would be well worth a try.

  21. GARY67 on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:44 PM







    Neil McCann confirms @CelticFC interest in @dundeefconline defender Jack Hendry- “I would be lying if I said there wasn’t interest there” – but not aware of a bid yet.




    Gary,having watched the boy against us,and the Huns,he looks a big raw kind of a player.He would be,IMHO,another project.No where near the class of Ajer.


    TURKEYBHOY et al



    Give him a deal near our top whack,say four years. Tell him he’s on a third of any future fee,no quibble.



    Defensive mid,wi potential at centre half,works for me.



    Caulker,less money but same deal with a pay as you play cause.



    I don’t think we should be a home for the rehabilitation of players who have lost their way,but sometimes there are reasons for it. And I think those two are worth the risk.



    The financial climate makes it to risky to only sign him till end of season.


    We can’t compete in wages with even the lowest EPL teams so if he looked good he would be snapped up by one of them.


    An 18 month deal would give us two transfer windows to at least make the gamble worthwhile.


    All transfers come with a risk but at a reasonable cost this one could be worth taking.

  24. I see the Huns are stuck with big Brunos wages until the end of the season.Out till February.Oh dear.That will go down well.


    Well it did in this household.



    TURKEYBHOY et al,




    Worked for Sinclair.I agree with your thoughts 100%.Everything is a risk in the transfer business.Everything.

  26. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:48 PM



    I thought he had a great game against us at CP this season,less so at Dens. Remember him and Liam Lindsay, both teenagers at the time, play well against us for Thistle about 3 years ago (think we won 1-0, Rogic scored). Other than that can’t really comment, haven’t seen him.

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