Scottish Cup has historic importance this season


After three weeks catching sunrays and getting some recuperation in, Celtic are back in action tomorrow, in the Scottish Cup against Brechin City. The Angus club are enduring a torrid season, bottom of the Championship with four points from 21 games, so I would not expect them to venture too far from their only penalty area tomorrow.

While Brendan Rodgers will take the game seriously, in the bigger picture, it offers a good opportunity to get the legs stretched before the challenges over the next four weeks in the League and Europa League.

With the League Cup already secured and a commanding grip put on the seventh successive league title, Celtic are five cup ties away from an unprecedented second consecutive treble. There will be more financially rewarding games ahead, but our Scottish Cup ties have an historic importance.


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    We’ve all seen this window before huh ? Lawwell will spin it out. Then “we tried but just couldn’t get a deal done” sorta thing.



    At the close of the window no one will have signed.

  2. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    check out frankie boyle’s twitter if you’re on it – he’s just retweated a classic

  3. Cambhoy


    Not doing well so far’!! 15 days to go to get let down again.


    We should have entered this window with wow factor,but it will turn into a damp squib as usual



  4. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    KEVJUNGLE on 19TH JANUARY 2018 6:47 PM



    Fur awe the religiously inclined, the Rainjurs should be forgiven for all of thur sins.






    I always thought that forgiveness comes after an admission of wrongdoing. It’s a learning process.



    How can you forgive a nasty serial bully who at last gets a battering in the playground, then re-emerges as another nasty serial bully, pretending that the battering didn’t happen?

  5. Stop attacking critical thinking dudes please.



    For PeteC sake.



    I’m hoping for a Mega performance by Kristoffer tomorrow.



    Christ died to take away Every Sin…. Believe in that. Happiness.



    Pray for those Leaders that are burdened so much.



    Who knows in the Realm we have little understanding, Who knows….. Maybe the Angels will…… :))))}}}]]]]]]




  6. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Hope the bhoys are rearing to go tomorrow after their break .




    Celtic win traynors poodles report on the attendance


    Celtic draw/lose traynors poodles won’t give a toss about the attendance .



  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gary67, a good touch by Celtic recognising the positive work done by Cyrille Regis in football and race relations .



    A player I would have loved to see in the hoops . He looked great in West Brom’s green and gold strip.



    Good luck to Liam Henderson on his move to Italy and best wishes to Mark Hill on his loan move . The times I have seen Mark play for the youth and developement teams , he has been very impressive.

  8. 50 shades


    U calmed doon yet.


    Probably hustling on the auld table


    Was in last wk,early.


    How’s the bhoys getting on in the g_




    Will catch you soon HH

  9. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Regarding the transfer window


    The way I see it we could have signed a whole team early if you were looking for mediocre squad fillers



    We are looking for players who are better than we have in the first 11 and those are a bit harder to come by



    Yes we have VVD money ,CL money but we have to spend it wisely .



    We should rightly be aiming to strengthen our first 11 ,so we get better and stronger ,build from a position of strength.



    unfortunately we will have EPL clubs in the same market ,looking to turn players heads with wages above our budget



    Frustrating as it is ,I would be happier with the targeted approach than the scattergun one



  10. DD,



    There should be a Minutes silence.



    Cyril Regis was Iconic.





    On the game I play, I have a keeper on Loan………




    BRTH – only Goalie Ever to Win Ballon DoR?



    Mental goalie stats.




    A dude that possibly gave…………..



    Och aye the noo.

  11. Glasgow cafés being mentioned earlier.



    My favourite one will be the fans’ café beside the superstore.

  12. Watched the documentary about Big Cyril & his mates Laurie cunningham & Brendan Batson at West Brom it made for great viewing it was probably Adrian Chiles finest moment on TV



    It also brought back memories of our 2-0 win over Real Madrid in 1980 as by that time laurie Cunningham was a superstar & had moved to Madrid. I had been a big fan of laurie & loved seeing all the best players coming to


    play at Celtic park.



    Laurie was quite that night as our very own Johnny Doyle was the superstar that night in a very memorable victory



    Was shocked to hear at the end of the programme laurie Cunningham was only 33 when he was killed.



    But really glad to hear Celtic are having a minutes applause on Saturday a fitting tribute

  13. Evening Timland, hun free as ever, thank feck.


    Three weeks into the windae, 5/10 imo, would have been 6 but for yer mans injury, thems the things sent to try us I suppose.


    The main thing is not to lose anyone, more so that getting new faces in, I have given up expecting superstars, not gonna happen, the last few have been spectacular failures.


    Am torn tho, at the end of the day I am a mineshafter but seeing masel drifting towards the middle has me seriously worried, getting to comfortable in the old age, but will console masel that I will never ever be a happy clapper :-)


    No been a good couple of days animal wise, lost a cat we have had for 22 years today, I shed a wee tear for her, taking the big dug to the vets the morra to get his front leg off, the bones are too shattered to pin them, shotgun pellets fair do some damage, he will cope but he is huge and even walking will be a struggle for him.


    His pics and progress are on fb, just another street dog.

  14. MWD – Danny – It is about the SUPPORT.




    You encapsulated the CURRENT Support more than so many when you dropped Tickets for a Specific reason.



    I’m not sure I will Ever realise the reason. Awesome by both you and LB too.



    Love is the only way to win.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Got a bottle of Highland Park 12 year old Viking special today



    Might have a glass or 2

  16. I’m also delighted that Celtic are recognising Cyril with a minutes applause.


    It’s sometimes easy to forget how difficult it was for black players at the time.


    Another who is not often mentioned is Viv Anderson.


    The reason I remember him,so well is I was in NorthLondon in 1977 and happily hanging about with the lovers rock crew.


    They refused to support the English national football team because they were outraged that Viv hadn’t been capped yet. Viv would finally get his full cap in 1978


    Hail Hail

  17. The Exiled Tim.


    Ach, sorry to hear that about the cat.


    22 years is a huge part of your life.


    Fingers crossed for the dog.


    Hail Hail

  18. THE EXILED TIM, as an animal lover myself so sorry about your cat, hope your dog gets the treatment he needs, how awful. hail hail. and ktf.

  19. TET….



    regards to the smile……………never forget your good self is a mirror of it…



    pain is what it always was …and the lady with the smile will guide you through …xxx



    here endeth all hope…hahahahhahaha



    smiley ACGR thing….




  20. MAH



    Just called.






    Just because we are Tim’s.



    Big Packy



    My boots smell so I’ll just keep filling my pint tumbler.






    Highland Park. Gee me some. I’m on the Booonnnaaaahhhaaaabbbiiiinnnnn.




  21. Cafes


    Canny beat THE RITZ IN millport no changed a bit in my lifetime,beengoing there since 75

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