Scottish Cup has historic importance this season


After three weeks catching sunrays and getting some recuperation in, Celtic are back in action tomorrow, in the Scottish Cup against Brechin City. The Angus club are enduring a torrid season, bottom of the Championship with four points from 21 games, so I would not expect them to venture too far from their only penalty area tomorrow.

While Brendan Rodgers will take the game seriously, in the bigger picture, it offers a good opportunity to get the legs stretched before the challenges over the next four weeks in the League and Europa League.

With the League Cup already secured and a commanding grip put on the seventh successive league title, Celtic are five cup ties away from an unprecedented second consecutive treble. There will be more financially rewarding games ahead, but our Scottish Cup ties have an historic importance.


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  1. Wits – podium… cracking post…. 2 things tho….



    1) I’m sure Braw posted that poem 2 days ago… cap doffed to him…. braw



    2) gonnae gies a winner ffs…. every time I back or forward your tips I lose… maybe I’m the jinx??!!.?



    Hail Hail

  2. Cheers bhoys, it’s no easy, lots of dogs go through here and trying to distance yourself from them is hard, trust me, we are finally sending a beautiful Lab to Aberdeen next week, had her since June, we were told she was a Mastin, no she’s no, not to worry, she is going to a crackin home, they keep me out of the bars tho :-)


    Braw, she isny smiling as much as she should be these days, they call them infartas here, minor strokes would be how the english say it, seemingly can’t do too much to help.



  3. this is not really a quiz question but could be, do you think glaswegian eddie mcginnis, could have been a celtic fan before he supported man citeh. possible trick question.hh.

  4. Celtarella on 19th January 2018 8:55 pm



    Any new names Brechin into the team tomorrow?







    Not looking forward to negotiating EK to get my Son tomorrow.



    A lot more have went through a lot to Witness CELTIC.



    Gritters seemed scarce when Ultimately needed. hmmmmmm

  5. Moonbeams


    You can’t beat milly


    A step back in time to innocence!!!


    Apart from the RITZ the tavern had many a good phoenix nites.





  6. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 8:42 PM




    Lovers Rock.


    You are a star.


    As you may have guessed, I love that, sugar minott song.


    Definitely one of my most played.


    My wife has just said that I’ve to tell you that was lovely of you puting the link up to the songs.


    Hail Hail

  7. Petec –



    If I remember correctly and it’s Greenhills you’re collecting him from then arrange to get him on the main roads or the Greenhills Square, not the side streets! You’re welcome.

  8. One of the subjects covered on SSB was Celtic’s performance this season compared to last.



    In the interest of dumbing things down the points difference was the justifIcation for saying performances not so good.



    However as in life it is more complicated than that and there is an excellent analysis here





    I think the guy has got the reasons right



    Not taking our chances.



    Not having enough key players on the park at the same time due to injuries eTC or put the other way too many key players injured at the same time.



    But decide for yourselves.

  9. Woke up this morning with an old song from when I was growing up and living in a single end, it was “Its Almost Tomorrow” which was later covered in the early 60’s by singer/teen idol/ actor Mark Winter.



    Back when I was a lad everyone had a wireless, the only tele, a wee black and white desk top, was owned by a shopkeeper whose sister living along the road was married to a bookie.



    I was pally with her grandson and can recall seeing footage of the coronation and Stanley Matthews Cup Final on it, as my attention span was about the same as the trumpets right now I didnae pay too much attention to either.



    This was during a peaceful and optimistic time, many had come through not just 1 but 2 WW’s, rationing was coming to an end and the rebuilding of the island was happening, there was employment.



    As such, wirelesses were always on from Housewives Choice to Mrs Dales Diary to the Archers. In our wee flat it was mainly music or as Teresa Brewer sung Music Music Music. There was also fitba and can recall my mother telling me to listen and I would hear my da, I thought at first he was the commentator, and not one of the crowd. Looking back it must have been either the Coronation Cup or Scottish Cup Final, 2 historic victories for us, the latter being our first double in 40 years.



    So where am I going with this, well that song came to my mind as it’s almost tomorrow and we’re back in action. Normally I’m chopping at the bit during any kind of shutdown where be it winter or international but let’s be clear here, I’ve enjoyed the past 3 weeks, relaxing and stress free and not really too concerned about the transfer window, let’s consider that anyone we do sign will not be eligible for the Zenit game and for those whose noses are out of joint about that lets not also forget the only reason that wee Wispy didnae play against Vojvodina was, unlike the Chopper who is cup tied, he was not registered in time, we did no bad without him or wee Ten Thirty who was injured, their replacements being the Bear and Charlie G. .



    I was at the last game against Brechin (or Breckin as they tend to call it over here), it was a League Cup game and I was over on holiday and standing in the Jungle. As is customary when playing minnows, unless it’s a scrambled last minute equaliser or winner, goals are usually met with a wee cheer and clap.



    However, our second goal that night was a peach, a left footed exocet by he whose name should never be mentioned wherever good men meet, which had me jumping in the air with delight,



    Our 4th goal was scored by a player who wasn’t brought up a supporter similar to the man he replaced wee Murdo. In fact there were 4 players wearing the hoops that night, including a wee man fae the tail o’ the bank who was MOTM, it’s quite disconcerting when you think about another winger from the same area that continually disparages us,



    Earlier this week I read an article about big Rambo, a player I never saw much of as I was overseas when he played for us and tele coverage at that time was practically zero. He had nothing but good to say about his time at Parkheid, kept referring tae Celtic as us and we and said he only left as he thought big Billy didnae want him.



    As we all know he was a success at Villa and over in the Fatherland where he gained his first caps. He also said he could have came back to us but didnae think he was fit enough and ended up joining his da’s old alma mater mainly because TB, who he really loved, was there.



    And yet a durty wee midden who claimed tae be an uber Tim set us back years and IMHO was the catalyst for their thieving nine. If I ever met him I would say “why did you do it, have you not the guts to say”.



    Reading about his signing rfc after his name while on a promise tae us, I recall earlier that year reading in the English version of the Sunday People of naesurname on his way tae France and the speculation was he was over tae talk tae the quisling, only saw that once and then it disappeared. So was he using us or were bader and the beast in an effort tae humiliate us.



    Anyway on tae the former Brechin Harp, 2 or 3 nuthin will do, let’s no humiliate them.

  10. South Of Tunis on




    Good !



    Mrs S of T and I used to go to Lovers Rock nights at a place in Brixton called Clouds.Sound system was the great Soferno B .Selector was a guy called Chabah.Bass speakers that rattled your rib cage.

  11. mike in toronto on

    Busy week … just checking in.



    TET … sounds like a tough week …. sorry my friend…. hope things improve.

  12. Jobo Baldie on 19th January 2018 9:08 pm



    Petec –



    If I remember correctly and it’s Greenhills you’re collecting him from then arrange to get him on the main roads or the Greenhills Square, not the side streets! You’re welcome.







    He has now moved into the village



    Told him to walk down from the place he now resides to the petrol place. The car had an issue with little frosty stuff.



    I just thought the village was @ Dumbarton Level.



    God Bless.

  13. TET



    with every celtic thought and the smile are present…



    there is always love around you and yours …







  14. North Cyprus (Baku no more) Bhoy on





    Celtic are on track for another fantastic season but league form has definitely regressed. Fatigue and volume of injuries? Not exactly. Here’s why.






    CBN, excellent analysis (as Auldheid has said), and comparison of this season’s stats to last season’s, ; hope that you don’t mind that I’ve shared this on Facebook.







  15. I, as TT alludes to, hope the game is Good for both teams.



    3 or 4 nil would be good, Exceptional if it was 2-1 if a Brechin Supporter.



    Strange days.

  16. FAN-A-TIC on 19TH JANUARY 2018 9:23 PM


    For all the lovers in the house.


    Magic. Bob Marley said Dennis Brown was his favourite singer. Dennis himself, said one of his major influences was Sam Cooke.


    SOUKOUS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 9:21 PM


    Great song Great cod piece.


    You got me there, I was sure it was going to be Word Up.




    Hail Hail