Scottish Cup has historic importance this season


After three weeks catching sunrays and getting some recuperation in, Celtic are back in action tomorrow, in the Scottish Cup against Brechin City. The Angus club are enduring a torrid season, bottom of the Championship with four points from 21 games, so I would not expect them to venture too far from their only penalty area tomorrow.

While Brendan Rodgers will take the game seriously, in the bigger picture, it offers a good opportunity to get the legs stretched before the challenges over the next four weeks in the League and Europa League.

With the League Cup already secured and a commanding grip put on the seventh successive league title, Celtic are five cup ties away from an unprecedented second consecutive treble. There will be more financially rewarding games ahead, but our Scottish Cup ties have an historic importance.


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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on 19th January 2018 7:28 pm




    KEVJUNGLE on 19TH JANUARY 2018 6:47 PM



    Fur awe the religiously inclined, the Rainjurs should be forgiven for all of thur sins.




    I always thought that forgiveness comes after an admission of wrongdoing. It’s a learning process.



    How can you forgive a nasty serial bully who at last gets a battering in the playground, then re-emerges as another nasty serial bully, pretending that the battering didn’t happen?




    Correct and I blogged on that very matter a few years ago.





    Forgiveness is not something confined to religion, it is an attitude of mind that can lead to a healthy life.



    The University of Madison in the USA houses The International; Forgiveness Institute who look at e subject of forgiveness from a wider view than religion involving academic and scientific rigour.



    This link opens the door to their studies is at


  and KevJ might benefit from checking it out.




    The best advocate of forgiveness as a healthy attitude I’ve seen is a line that says



    Not forgiving or holding a resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

  2. mike in toronto on

    Celtic to score 7 tomorrow … just remember where you heard it first



    (and I’m not saying that just because I picked them with a joker in GFS)…



    where’s that GFTB? bet he didn’t pick them with a joker! he probably picked Sevco again.

  3. Braw


    Muchas Gracious, these things are sent to try us.








    So have I, and my bhoy has as well, we will struggle to score one now :-)





  4. Moonbeamswd on 19th January 2018 9:26 pm






    I ate a banana last season. It was Marvelous. Had another this season. Liked the same to me but it wasn’t as good.







    The CBN analysis didn’t cover bananas but it does point to factors that reduced the level of performance.



    I know that when I watched matches this season and we assed up early good chances I groaned inwardly because had they gone in our performance rises and the other teams drops.



    Even in the Hibs game at Easter Road when we were two up, we missed at least one great chance to kill the game off and I reckon a major factor has been neither Dembele or Griffiths has been the same threat and both have carried injuries.



    Its all part of the game in which you are only ever as good as your last one.

  5. MIKE IN TORONTO, gerry,s hiding cos he promised me some bridies and pies from christies in coatbridge, still waitng. lol.

  6. weet weet weet on

    Mammy’s homemade soup one of the best soups you ever tasted. made wi’ a ham haugh she got out of Healey’s  or the butchers. Boiled in a big pot with vegetables and secret ingredients added!


        Then came the fight for the ootsider! The plain loaf with the big thick slice! 


        No need to wash the plates they were licked clean !!!


    Dookin’ yer piece intae the pot o’ soup when yer mammy wisnae lookin’!


    Mammy’s homemade mince ‘n tatties…also great for dookin’ a piece into


    Shouting for a “piece” tae be thrown oot the windae




    all fizzy drinks are called ‘ginger’ in Glasgow, ask for a bottle of ginger in a shop, “whit kind?” Came the reply! 


    Makers over the years have been, Barrs, Solripe, Connell’s, Robertsons, Dunn & Moore, .  Selection of flavours :-


    American Cream Soda






    Irn Bru




    Dark Cola


    Light Cola




    Soda Water




    Iron Brew






    Ginger Beer


    Radiant Orange



    Collecting empty “ginger” bottles for money


    Making ‘Shoogerollie Watter’…..leave liquerice in a bottle filled with water and put it in the lobby press ( high-up )    so as yer sister dis’nae get at it!  Take it oot every day and shake it till all the shoorgerollie disolved. Lovely! 




    Piece ‘n sausage with brown sauce 


    Piece ‘n chips


    Piece ‘n butter and sugar 


    Piece ‘n drippin


    Bread and margarine sprinkled with sugar


    Taking your piece to school


    Making toast holding the bread up tae the coal fire.


    Yer mammy’s mince & tatties!


    Mammy sending ye for ‘well fired rolls’


    Big slabs of butter at Healeys


    The whelk man, or as we called him the ‘wulk man’ selling bags of whelks, the wee white pokes wi’ the pin 3d a bag


    Carmel cake in the dinner school


    A MacCallum  ice cream wi’ raspberry



    Penny bags of broken cakes out of the bakers


    A poke o’ sweeties


    Penny dainties (buttermilk dainty) 


    Black sambo chews and liquorices pipes


    Tayto cheese & onion crisps


    MB bars


    Mojo’s and blackjacks


    halfpenny carmels


    Lucky bags


    Lucky potatoes – tasted like cinnamon


    sweetie fags & liquorice pipes


    Imperial gems – wee tiny coloured gums


    Frozen jubblies


    Cider & pear flavoured ice lollies 


    Ice lollies


    Lees macaroon bars & snowballs


    Empire biscuits


    Fern Cakes


    Sherbet dainties


    Candy apples


    Tablet and Nougat bars




    Homemade tablet at jumble sales


    soor plooms, kola cubes & pineapple chunks


    Swizzels & Love Hearts


    Mint imperials & gobstoppers


    Bovril & cream crackers


    Bazooka Joe bubble gum


    Crollas Ice Cream….simply the best


    Ice cream drinks (ginger mixed with a dod o’ Ice cream)


    Fritters oot the chippie, 1 for a penny


    Two shillings worth o’ ice cream oot o’ the ‘tallies’


    Sherbet lollies


    Penny Ices


    Sherbet, sherbet dips 


    Jap deserts        


    Striped candy balls 


    Penny whoppers


    Apples, Oranges & Tangerines  


    Penny vantas


    Eating in the school dinner hall



    Putting vinegar in your crisp bag and the Smiths crisps with the wee blue bag of salt


    Every bag of crisps seemed to have a ‘green’ crisp and you never knew whether to eat it or not!


    The smell of boiled cabbage and mince up the closes on a Sunday afternoon


    Running down to the fishmonger and asking for the fish to be dressed


    Going with your mammy when she went to get the cans of dried milk and orange juice for the baby


    Standing in the chip shop queue every Friday getting the family treat.


                                                                                            Fish suppers, Pie ‘n chips, Black Pudding, Hamburger, Big Pickles



  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy at 9.42 , really good picture with most of the players wearing Stylo Matchmaker boots . A brand which seem to disappear without trace the following season.

  8. BIG PACKY on 19TH JANUARY 2018 8:47 PM


    this is not really a quiz question but could be, do you think glaswegian eddie mcginnis, could have been a celtic fan before he supported man citeh. possible trick question.hh. okay anybody got it before i give the answer.

  9. mike in toronto on

    TET … I hope your boy’s not going to kick my ass like young deccyrollercoaster did! getting beat by a kid, last go by Liam, and now another kid … would be too big a blow.. not sure my fragile ego could handle it!



    Big Packy … you said you were going to be here in the summer, did you not? if so, make sure you stop at his place on the way to the airport and grab a few pies and sutff for me as well!




  10. mike in toronto on 19th January 2018 9:39 pm



    Did you read my post about the 5 Way Agreement in previous blog?



    I was looking over the rules at the time last night and am more convinced than ever that had the SFA/SPL not agreed to transfer Rangers SFA Membership with its full voting rights to Sevco then Green would have walked away.



    Too many clubs were afraid of the consequences and a mix of that and the funny old hand shake brigade allowed that transfer to happen rather then apply the rules normally applied to a new club admitted to the SFL.



    The other interesting thing is the definition of Rangers FC in the Agreement. It was there I reckon the owner separate from the club concept came in and I reckon Doncaster, familiar with the arrangements in England he used to justify the separation of club and owner (holding company) to Winning Captain, was responsible.



    You will find the definition in The Birth of a Monster Myth blog at





    If you have time to read the blog and extracts from the 5 Way with your legal background it would be good to hear your feedback.