Scottish football against corruption


The world looked so different for Scottish Football League chief executive, David Longmuir, back in March.  He convinced half of the member clubs to reject a deal which would earn them considerably more money next season, while enjoying the accolades of Rangers International chief exec, Charles Green.

Green remains a controlling director of Rangers International, but Longmuir’s actions infuriated First Division clubs, who have now applied to join the SPL, furious at his attempts to subvert them earning what many see as crucial income next season.

To suggest Longmuir acted in the interests of one Third Division club to the considerable detriment of all First Division clubs would be stating the obvious.  These shenanigans still go on in Scottish football, even now, after all that happened last year, but it is reassuring that the overwhelming majority of voices have, again, said, ‘On your (boardroom) bike’.  We are rapidly becoming one of the least corrupt countries football is played in the world.  Good luck to all in the First Division.

I read the leaked document, Rangers (sic): the way forward, yesterday afternoon.  It was so ludicrously lacking in anything which remotely resembled substance I assumed the leak was an attempt to discredit Charles Green.  Then I heard BBC’s Chris McLaughlin say it was Green himself behind the leak.  The fact that the Rangers International director categorically recognised the club is lumbered with a lame manager hardly passes for insight. The document was embarrassingly inept.

“The team will work for each other and press the opponents when not in possession.

“Most of all, players will come off the park knowing that they have done their best.”

In a high-level policy document this is cringeworthy.
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  1. 19LisbonBhoy67 on

    Anyone else happy that Sally is trying to fool the Sevconians with his WATP chat? I am!



    That’s the stupid dumbass attitude that resulted in liquidation for his former Club. Hell mend them…

  2. WATP?



    Oh dear. If the cheeky chappy mask hadn’t slipped before, it certainly has now…

  3. The Yo-Yo of Honour









    Masty is Neil Lennon


    Doc is Neil Lennon


















    bognor bhouyle




    Fortunes Favour Mibbes




    Jobo Baldie
















    Maggie Moll























    Thank you , one and all .




    The Kano Foundation (and yours truly ) are taking part in a fundraising Bungee jump at Xscape , Braehead on 11th May .




    I believe the crane is 160ft tall , and as i’ll be hurling towards the ground at up 70mph , i hope they tie it on tight ! Maybe a triple knot might be an idea.



    Please sponsor me – i’m not gonna give it “it would be great if you could” or “if you can find the time” – simply , please sponsor me . Gulp.




  4. Yeah there are striking similarities between you two.



    HT must be having a lie in.

  5. McCoist shouting We Arra Peepul?! Wonder what the press would say if Lennon shouted Tiocfaidh ár lá



    Via twitter.

  6. BMCWP



    From last thread, thanks for the offer, unfortunately unable to do next weekend, trying


    to think where the King Billy is, can’t place it.



    Hail! Hail!

  7. spikeysauldman on




    exactly – had discussion turned argument with currant bun in irish bar in spain last summer –


    he tried to finish by shouting watp. i mentioned that that was exactly the reason they were in the state they were in and exactly why i thought he was knob.

  8. Paul67, the leaked document shows just how amateurish those running Sevco are.


    Press when not in possession, that’s an on field tactic, not something for the boardroom to be directing, there is no embarrassing them though, bizarre way to run a football club, but might be the best way to run a cash cow. Let the support hear what they want to hear.

  9. ChapelhallCelt on

    His employer released a document announcing they think he’s useless, he then appeals to the knuckle draggers with his WATP chat…..desperation.

  10. PeteTheBeat on

    ‘We will score more goals than the opposition in every match we play.” – RFC document.

  11. Paul67



    You are being a bit harsh on the document. I fully intend to use it the next time I play Football Manager on my PC.

  12. leftclicktic on

    Reports Jabba asked @BBCchrismclaug to leave the “Hate factory” today but nothing on McLaughlins twitter page.


    but someone is curious


    alex thomson ‏@alextomo 1h @BBCchrismclaug hi Chris – can you get in touch please?

  13. McCoist must be embarrassed by his many failings as a manager. remember how they were going to sweep all before them? Win every league game? The Ramsdens Cup?



    He knows that even the thick lot that support his new club will twig how useless he is eventually. So he plays up the “Ah’m one o youse, so a um” line.

  14. Sipsini, no mate that’s a real win, no cheating involved, ever.


    And my history goes back 46 years not just one:-)



    Che, Philvisreturns politics are different from mine, his talent for podium winning is not:-)


    Haven’t seen him here in a while, hope all is well with him.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on



    16:13 on


    4 May, 2013



    I’m going to do the same, think the good guys are going to lose



  16. I love the bit in the Sevco blueprint when they say all their teams from youths to the first team, will play “tika taka”. Just like Barcelona.



    Genius. Incredible no one else has ever thought if that.

  17. PeteTheBeat on

    RFC document – ‘Our players will be like Ryanair flight attendants. After the game, they will get the pitch ready for the next match, thus saving on groundsmen.”

  18. Afternoon bhoys from a warm hun free mountain valley.









    We are rapidly becoming one of the least corrupt countries football is played in the world.



    So all is fine at the SFA.



    Dearie, dearie me >}

  19. pedrocaravanacio67


    15:55 on 4 May, 2013




    In Renfrew, freezing, sober at a skate


    park…not really liking it at all




    Funny you should say that seeing a I come from that Royal hun Burgh.

  20. Re- sallys latest dog whistle. Desperate line from a desperate man. He knows the ship is sinking and is tryin to ingratiate himself with the zombies. Very transparent.

  21. prestonpans bhoys



    There is that and I promised my 6 year old the big telly in 5 minutes.



    He is sitting in his ninja outfit impatiently waiting…

  22. TET, that’s a fair point, however I read that as the clubs are not corrupt and aren’t going to stand by and allow corruption.


    Not that the SFA and SFL aren’t corrupt.

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