Scottish football needs crisis


It was only in February this year that the proposed Russia-Ukraine joint league first reached the stage of formal meetings between clubs to discuss the viability but tonight a showcase tournament between top clubs from each country gets underway tonight.  It is hoped the formal joint league will start this time next year when the top nine teams from each country will form the Unified First League.

Despite discouragement from Fifa, Uefa have insisted only that proper procedures are followed to give their ascent to the league.  Gazprom, the Russian energy giant and Uefa Champions League sponsor, has underwritten the project with a commitment of 1 billion euros per annum.

As we know, in football, money talks, and the Russian and Ukrainian clubs, together with their national associations and Uefa, have been talked happy to make change possible.

In order to become competitive with their rivals in the west while meeting Uefa Financial Fair Play rules, Russian and Ukrainian clubs need to increase income, which the Unified First League would go a long way towards.  Uefa president, Michel Platini, has long accepted that regionalisation was a viable way forward for domestic leagues, while former powers in smaller leagues have become disenfranchised from the game’s top table.

What does it mean for us?

Well, we don’t have a Gazprom, not yet, anyway, but once Gazprom’s financial and political muscle establishes the principle of regionalisation, that principle is available to all.  Former Yugoslavia countries are already in talks, while Scandinavian countries have already had a few abortive attempts at (underfunded) regional cup competitions.

The British region.

Welsh football has managed to retain its national identity, provide an infrastructure for provincial and community clubs, while federating with the FA in England to allow their larger (sic) clubs to find their competitive level.

The model is already established for Scottish football, which has realised living with one (or two for that matter) massive club which completely invalidates their league competition as a ‘competition’ is no longer the best way to order their affairs.

Financial recklessness caused the collapse of one club a year ago while the recklessness of a Lithuanian bank has put another in jeopardy.  A handful of other top-flight clubs now realise their financial commitments, not to mention sporting objectives, are no longer viable, with or without the crumbs from the table thrown in their direction when TV cameras and a few thousand fans arrive a few times per season.

Federate with England, just as the Welsh did.  It will bring ‘competition’ back to our competitions, put thousands of everyone’s gates and provide access to viable commercial contracts.

Why are our leagues and Association not speaking to the English about this right now?  The Football League in England is every bit as much a basket case as Scottish football right now, they also need to change the structural model and, unlike the equally lunatic (English) Premier League, appear to be self-aware in this respect.

Go talk to the Welsh FA, Cardiff City, Swansea, Wrexham or New Saints FC (!) and ask them what organising their game along the lines of the Scottish model would do to them.

Scottish football must federate or it will die.  As such, if we stand on the precipice of crisis, let’s make it a good one.  It’s the only thing which will get things moving.

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  1. 5% Pay rise for ole Lizzy.


    After Osborne statement yesterday absolute joke…

  2. A European Super League WILL be a reality within the next, possibly, five years imo.



    If I am not mistaken the CL and EL will both continue in their present format until 2015.



    After that things could change dramatically.



    Yes money talks, in the shape of major broadcasters and multi-national sponsors whether we like it or not!



    When that day comes a club like CFC should – indeed must – be in a position to take advantage of the situation and be ready, willing AND able to claim a seat at the top table!



    Pie in the sky(?!) thinking?!



    Why should it be?!



    We have a fantastic global fanbase that most clubs envy. Countless players and coaches are on record as saying that they have NEVER experienced an atmosphere quite like the one at CP on a European night.



    I rest my case!




  3. BT



    If your old man can get one I’d be eternally grateful……and I’ll always drink minis coffee in future!! :-)






    I’ve replied on Twitter mate. Thank you.

  4. .



    Old Skool Wishlist..



    Sitting in a Attic watching Ceefax for 88Mins and it Updates to Say Judas has Scored a OG to Put Celtic 1-0 up against Rangers then Ceefax telling You they made a Mistake..



    They Made a Feckin Mistake.. WTF..



    Summa of PreSkyInternetCSC

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Blantyretim.Benefits are being cut for the sick and the elderly jobs are being lost a generation of youngsters cant find work and are advised by the Job Centre they must do work in the community without pay.The Government then grant the Queen a 5% rise to 38 million per year.I am usually not politicaly minded but this Tory Government led by David Cameron has no regard what so ever for the working classes and the sooner they are out of office the better in my opinion.H.H.

  6. JFH.


    I’m dealing with people on the receiving end of these cuts daily


    It can be depressing for me never mind those who have to live in abject poverty in 21st century Britain. .

  7. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Fine letter.



    Is this letter being sent in conjunction with Canamalar’s Shareholder Movement?



    If not, then I think it should be.




  8. the long wait is over on




    In 1994/1995 I asked Fergus McCann the question in a TV broadcast of where he thought Celtic would play in the longer term.



    His answer was pretty much verbatim what you say above “A European Super League will be a reality within the next, possibly, five years. ”



    Nearly 20 years later we’re still waiting.



    I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…

  9. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    Does anybody know how many tickets celtic are getting for the solitude game?


    Have been in touch with my irish league contacts to get me a ticket or two but wont be counting on it. If not it’ll be down to the felons on the falls road to watch the game!


    Hail Hail

  10. The only way I can see a british leage working is if it is a two tier system with the top teams in the EPL and the others or lower based teams in the SPL or whatever it is called.


    Not sure how you would be able to flit between the two but it would give teams that are in League 1 and below a chance to qualify for Europe and the bigger teams to battle it out as Britains top side.


    If Scotland gain independence from the UK I suspect that Salmond will try and rejuvenate Scotland’s national game by pumping some money in to it in some shape or form.


    I think a European league may be the only possible way out of the SPL for Celtic.


    I don’t think a Euro league is too far away. The cups are virtually pointless now. Most big clubs rarely show it any respect until the semi’s or finals.


    The game has changed since the introduction of the CL and a North American format for football mmust be on it’s way. Regional rather than country based leagues like the American football but instead of just two leagues it may be 4 or more.


    It will happen because that is what the viewers will want to see. leagues are becoming more and more predictable and once the viewing figures drop or sponsors dry up new avenues will need to be explored across the continent.




  11. http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/sports_revolution_and_cisco_to_bring_wi_fi_to_celtic_park/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sportspromedia-soccer+%28SportsProMedia+-+Soccer%29&utm_medium=feed



    Celtic has teamed up with sports media and digital marketing agency Sports Revolution and Cisco to provide wi-fi to the club’s Celtic Park stadium, through Cisco’s Connected Stadium wi-fi network.



    The hi-density network is one of the first of its kind to be installed in the UK. It is already installed in Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium and Manchester City’s Etihad stadium.



    An exclusive app called ‘Celtic Live’, built on Sports Revolution’s StadiumLive platform, is also being developed by Celtic and Sports Revolution. The app will enable users to view and interact with a wide expanse of club content.



    The new network is in the process of being installed and is hoped to be in place early in the 2013/14 season.



    “We are delighted to be bringing true hi-density wi-fi to our entire ground. Celtic is committed to delivering the best match-day experience possible for our supporters and that commitment requires to stay at the forefront of technological advances,” said Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell. “Our partnership with Sports Revolution and Cisco, coupled with other developments currently progressing around Celtic Park, means that match-day experience will be second to none.”



    •New deal ‘magnificent news’ for Celtic


    •Cisco becomes latest Glasgow 2014 partner


    “Cisco is all about building connections. Celtic fans expect premier internet connectivity, so we are thrilled that Cisco, Sports Revolution and Celtic are providing them with a media-rich environment and more interactive experience,” added Phil Smith, chief executive of Cisco in UK and Ireland. “With Cisco Connected Sports solutions, Celtic fans can now get real-time, relevant information at their fingertips and share match-day thrills without worrying about mobile connection issues.”



    “We are proud to be working with Celtic Football Club on the installation of high-density wi-fi in one of sports’ most famous stadiums,” Vange Kourentis, group commercial director at Sports Revolution said. “After two years of extensive research and development with Cisco, we are confident that the technology will significantly enhance Celtic fans’ match-day experience through visual technologies and social media while also unlocking important commercial value for the club, its sponsors and rights holders




  12. lilys grandpa on

    JFH 13.44,



    I totally agree, but have to add that the present day labour party (of which I was a former member),has plenty of room for improvement.


    I listened to Ed Balls on radio 4 this morning,when ask to say if Labour agreed with, or would scrap the tory proposal to extend the waiting period for payment of unemployment benefit, from the present 3 days to 7 days……….He never had an answer one way or the other,depressing


    Lilys Grandpa

  13. West Wales Celt on

    Just realised Osborne is also moving to stop incremental pay rises for nurses as well as inflicting further misery on society’s poorest. All in this together? Yeah right George…

  14. Neil Baker on the job our ex-player Lennon has acheived at Celtic



    Neil Baker has admitted that our weekend practice match against Celtic may have come a little early, but the club couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play against the SPL champions. Crewe will take on Neil Lennon’s side in a behind-closed-doors practice match at their training ground, as they prepare for their Champions League qualifier against Northern Ireland side Clintonville.






    Baker told the club’s official web-site: “The Celtic game has probably come a little earlier than we would have liked but you don’t pass up the opportunity to play against Celtic.







    “It would be a great test for the players and a chance to get the balls out early.”




    (Not a great turn of phrase)



    On a chance to see Lennon again, Baker said of our former midfielder: “Neil was always a deep thinker and a great lad. He was always tactically aware and knew what was going on out on the pitch.







    “Saying that, if I thought that he would go on and manage a massive club like Celtic then at that time I would have said probably not. He loves his football Neil and credit to him he has done a fantastic job there and has proved to be an astute manager.”




    Read more at http://www.crewealex.net/news/article/neil-has-done-amazingly-well-881125.aspx#7JeZUDgOrf07BxP9.99




  15. lilys grandpa on

    West Wales




    I believe it applies to all civil servants…………………………. except the Army


    Lilys Granpa

  16. themightyquinn on

    UEFA have updated their coefficients.



    Rangers now have a rating for season 2012/13 when they should have been removed and the huns are using this as proof that Sevco are a continuation of RFC as recognised by UEFA.



    I have emailed UEFA for clarification.

  17. I have advocated for years that we join up with the Benfica’s Anderlecht’s of Europe instead of greedily eyeing entry to the English Leagues. They don’t want us and certainly don’t want “The Auld Firm” and all that that entails, that is certain.


    In my book anyway, my first priority is to get us removed totally from the hun and I mean, totally. We don’t want them and certainly do not need them.


    What we do need is for SKY or their likes to be sold an idea which will make THEM money and the rest will follow, as sure as Dolly Parton sleeps on her back!


    Maybe our old pal KoJo would put up the kapeeks, I know he’s loaded.




  18. Personally I have nothing against the Queen ,she seems a nice wee wummin.


    See if the ole bastard accepts this wage rise ,she’s got a bloody cheek.Send her


    back to Germany, they’re rolling in it.






    I agree with that. I don’t want Celtic to join the EPL.


    We are a Scottish club and I don’t want to join the English league. A European league with clubs of similar stature makes sense. It’s out of our hands though and I think it will ultimately come down to UEFA and what they want.




  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Lilys Grandpa. I agree it is hard to know who to vote as Labour are a shadow of the tories the only hope I would have is that the trade Unions have some say in what Labour do but absolutely no input with the tories.These cut backs will eventualy hurt everyone as manufacturing will find fewer and fewer people who can afford to buy there goods due to having a reduced income which means less employment. H.H.

  21. themightyquinn


    14:44 on


    27 June, 2013



    Nothing to worry about.



    Defunct clubs remain on the list for five years because coefficients are calculated on both results achieved by member clubs, and the performance of other clubs from the same national association.



    Rangers were given points based on the performance of Scottish clubs last season, and this in turn feeds into the national coefficient.



    Rangers will remain on the list until 5 years after their last European match.



    If the new Rangers qualify for Europe before old Rangers drop off the list, their coefficient will not be added to old Rangers’ totals.



    The precedent for this was set last week with Derry City, who were not credited with old Derry City’s points (they’re still on the list too).

  22. Damo Lennon



    I hereby bestow on you ‘guardian of the coefficient’.


    Good job mhate.

  23. LiviBhoy



    What difference does it make, we need to play in a better standard league, English league is at least already in existence where as a European league isn’t even at the planning stage..

  24. lilys grandpa on

    JFH 15.06



    I know the dilema, Ill still vote Labour, I suppose its more a case of old habits.Too many people in this country looking out for their own self interests, a legacy of thatcher, and the labour party moving to the centre to appease middle England, meaning you couldnt get a fag paper between the two. Rant over!!


    Lilys Grandpa

  25. LiviBhoy at 1504. Hear hear to that. However, the people with the real clout in football are the TV broadcasters, be sure of that. If SKY or their likes think they can make money they have enough pull through within the ranks of EUFA to make it happen. So really what I’m saying is that all the clubs like us who wish to form an Atlantic League type of thing is to come up with a package which the broadcasters could not turn down, easy surely.??



  26. A few years ago, it was obvious that Rangers were in serious trouble.


    A few years ago, the MSSM started saying that Scottish football was rubbish.


    A few years ago, many Celtic fans started saying that Scottish football was rubbish.


    Now, Rangers are dead.


    Now, the MSSM are saying Scottish football is dying.


    Now, many Celtic fans are saying Scottish football is dying.

  27. A few years ago, 5% of the people owned 95% of th country`s wealth and people decided whether to vote for Labour or Conservative.


    Now, 5% of the people own 95% of the country`s wealth and people decide whether to vote for Labour or Conservative.

  28. South Of Tunis on

    Neymar .



    ” Neymar is a brat . If the Officials won’t teach him how to behave then a player should simply teach him the necessary lesson in the tunnel .”



    Toto Schillaci 26 /6 2013 ..



    Hot ! -way down south.

  29. Celtic_First on

    unew mike





    I quite like him (Milliband).



    I really liked Ed Balls yesterday, with his references to Zippy, George and Bungle. I’ve been laughing at that all day.

  30. starry plough



    Personal preference for me is not to be part of the EPL.




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