Scottish football on solid ground


Any away win by a Scottish club in the Netherlands is noteworthy but Aberdeen’s win last night is even more significant. It is a sign that a recovery is underway in one of Scottish football’s perennial underachievers. St Johnstone’s result is more of the same after last year’s achievements. Motherwell’s sorry exit is a lesson on being unprepared….

If Celtic can reach the Champions League group stage for the third successive season, there’s reason to believe our game is on solid ground after the years of excess and abandon.

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  1. Paul67:


    “Motherwell’s sorry exit is a lesson on being unprepared” – shouldn’t it be “Keith Lasley being unprepared hitting the *ball* instead of the faeroe players”?


    He conceded *three* penalties over both games vs Stjarnan …


    Here’s looking forward to Legia (butterflies in stomach)

  2. DERK BOERRIGTER was on target as a strong Celtic line-up overwhelmed Morton 3-0 at Lennoxtown.



    Tony Watt, Dylan McGeouch, Nir Biton and Liam Henderson all started the game against the Cappielow outfit.



    But it was Dutchman Boerrigter who caught the eye before he was replaced at the interval by Darnell Fisher.



    The former Ajax winger, who cost ex-boss Neil Lennon £3million a year ago, is hoping to flourish this season under the guidance of new gaffer Ronny Deila.



    He capped a fine 45 minutes with an excellent goal in the 25th minute as he cut in from the wing and unleashed a drive beyond the Greenock keeper. Henderson and sub Paul McMullan sealed the victory with efforts in the second-half.



    Coach Stevie Frail said: “The manager wanted to use the match for guys to get some game-time.



    “It was a good run-out in blistering conditions, with some of the lads playing 45 minutes and some 60 minutes. It’s always better having an organised game rather than just a bounce game among themselves, so I think they got a lot out of it.”

  3. … pardon my bad english, merely meant to state that Motherwell players obviously are better at kicking opponents instead of balls…

  4. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Cant stand well or the sheepshaggers so im only a bit pleased this morning,the spanish will sort out the Lanarshire huns and racists

  5. Lots of positives around the top flight of scottish football. I think Hibs and hearts will return stronger over the next couple of years too.



    I was having the proverbial ripped out of me by a Man Utd fan for following Scottish football. It bothered me not one jot. In fact i think i would be watching Irish League games rather than watch the over hyped EPL – despite the errant bully boy club(s) that have played out of ibrox and the stinking shenanigans of their old boys network to save them (in vain) i think at club level the game is now more honest and level than ever in Scotland.

  6. celticforever on

    i heard a rumour that Celtic Travel wont be running a plane to Warsaw for next Wednesdays match. Does anyone know if this is definite and if so will Celtic handle away tickets for Warsaw for those who can arrange alternative flight arrangements to Warsaw

  7. Legia will be a great test. But one we should pass. I would rather we were stepping up the level of opponent than playing st pats. This is better prep for the play off should we get there.



    Hail hail

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    Dundee Utd’s financial turnaround is noteworthy this morning, and follows a sustained focus on youth development. With the likely sale of Robertson, they are now entirely their own master.



    Let’s hope there’s more in the Utd development squad to backfill for the two youngsters they’ve sold this summer. It’s a good club, and an important one for Scottish football.



    Big up to both Aberdeen and St Johnstone for notable results last night, both beating teams ranked considerably higher than them, and from nations that are performing well at European and World level. Very promising, although both have their work cut out in the next round.



    Motherwell? Shocking. You’d think with his retro Eurovision hairdo, McCall would be a natural in this environment. Sadly, he’s hopeless, Scotland’s manager of the year.

  9. Shameless repost because of the length of time it took me with 1st post. Sydney Tim agree wholeheartedly.




    The FGM story by Isis is a hoax by all accounts.


    You do not have to be a Hamas supporter by default if you condemn the genocide being perpetrated by Israel in Gaza at the minute. I have been absolutely astounded by the failure of the media to call it as it is.


    There was an item on RTE News on what was happening and the Chief Surgeon in the largest hospital stated that 95% of the casualties were “innocents” and 60% were women and children.


    People on here were talking about what was a “proportionate response” by Israel ( the term response in itself is laughable) is murdering 5% of combatants against 95% non combatants proportionate or acceptable. He also stated that the main power supply for the Hospital and surrounding area had been targeted on June 17th leaving the Hospital unable to carry out routine operations re oncology, cardiology et al from that date.


    The Israeli operation in Gaza has more to do with the horrific murder of the 3 Israeli teenagers than the Hamas rocket attacks. Israel,as was proven, had the technology to cope with the rocket attacks. In excess of 300 Palestinians had died in Israels response to the rocket attacks before an Israeli had died as a consequence of them.


    People have been drawing comparisons with what was happening in the North of Ireland. Firstly what is happening in Gaza is genocide, murder on a much grander scale. Israel in many respects are doing exactly what the British Govt did here. They are ensuring that the conflict will continue for many generations by their current actions. Bloody Sunday, Collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries, Internment without trial, sentencing policy and all of the state apparatus including the Diplock courts ensured that there was a stream of recruits for the IRA in what many were convinced was a just war against the perpetrators. Whether you agree with the analysis or not the actions above prolonged the conflict and made a resolution much more difficult to attain because of the sense of injustice that was felt.


    I can only imagine the sense of injustice that is being felt by the Palestinians and as someone has already stated on here, Nations wait for the US to say it is ok to condemn the Israeli actions as a collective sense of guilt over the holocaust allows Israel to carry out its own version of the holocaust on the Palestinians as a new generation of Jihadists are being created.


    Israel needs to recognise that the Palestinian people were not responsible for the holocaust. People also need to condemn what is happening in Gaza at present not because it will come back to bite the West at some stage because it invariably will, but because it is morally wrong, in the same way as the firing of rockets into Israel is wrong.


    For my part much like the Dunnes store workers campaign against apartheid, I will be selective about what I put in my shopping basket. In my own small way I will register my protest. The Irish Govt should also expel the Israeli ambassador until Netanyahu stops his war crimes against the Palestinian people.

  10. Morning all. Glorious down here once again. Looks great in Glasgow too. Long may it continue.



    Good for us and Scottish football that we had those results last night. Hope each team can build on that, especially ourselves, of course.

  11. Guys, the conflict in Palestine should be seen in a different light – the Holocaust hadn’t happened when British planners were drawing up their plans for the area. It was all to do with throwing a spanner in the works of Pan-Arab nationalism. Here’s an extract from a British Prime Minister’s report –



    Campbell-Bannerman Report, 1907



    “There are people (the Arabs, Editor’s Note) who control spacious territories teeming with manifest and hidden resources. They dominate the intersections of world routes. Their lands were the cradles of human civilizations and religions. These people have one faith, one language, one history and the same aspirations. No natural barriers can isolate these people from one another … if, per chance, this nation were to be unified into one state, it would then take the fate of the world into its hands and would separate Europe from the rest of the world. Taking these considerations seriously, a foreign body should be planted in the heart of this nation to prevent the convergence of its wings in such a way that it could exhaust its powers in never-ending wars. It could also serve as a springboard for the West to gain its coveted objects.”



    From the Campbell-Bannerman Report, 1907

  12. green fuz,



    I didn’t realise Lasley had given away a penalty last night. I was saying before the game that their manager shouldn’t play him. He is the worst kind of Scottish football player: a thug. For whatever reason, he gets away with it in the SPFL. He doesn’t in Europe and shouldn’t here.

  13. Anyone who knows me will not be the least surprised at what I am about to type.



    Congratulations to St Johnstone and Aberdeen on their results last night.



    GIRUY ya dalziel bar stewards you can all go back to watching lower league footy this season now that Europe is a distant memory………………Woo Hoo!!

  14. glendalystonsils on




    surely you’re not suggesting that Scotland’s manager of the year (in waiting)


    didn’t have his team prepared>)

  15. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on



    11:37 on


    25 July, 2014


    PMTYH All you wish, mate. I think I can make it. I would need your passport first page copy/scan I think to make it on your name. Legia supporters who buy tickets must be prior registered with supporters card. For foreigners registration on passport number. Supporters who watch the games are under law restrictions fe responisble for their seat.




    Mr Z, I will get back to you soon. Could you ask Paul67 to give you my e-mail address?


    I am going up to Hamburg this afternoon and need to confirm a couple of things before deciding on definitely going to Warsaw. OK I need to ask the wife ;-)


    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  16. Richie #TeamOscarForever on




    KD and Craig (Lamont Racing) bought him last October at the Tatts. It seems he just lost form but he apparently looked weak when they bought him. He’s down at Ilka Gansera-Leveque in Newmarket and apparently has come on a ton.





    Delighted to hear that,mate.



    The horse clearly had ability early on and is hardly over-raced as a sprinter.



    A 2yo rating of 107 definitely shouts ability-so does the breeding.



    Fingers crossed!



    Btw,check yer mail in five,bud.

  18. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Ee. It weren’t fair neither it weren’t. Keith was only doin what ee doos every week oop ‘ere and we get penalised forrit in Europe.



    We should’ve ‘ad a Scoddish referee to level the playin’ field.



    We’ve ‘ad us chips for another year,



    T’ only consolation is tharrall get Manager of T’ Year again.

  19. Parkheadcumsalford



    I agree. Being from NOrway I don’t get to see many games at paradise, but for some strange reason i’ve managed to see Motherwell three years running. They’e always been a “agricultural” team. And their socaleld “fans” … oh my …


    Once the Police lifted five in as many minutes during the beginning of the match

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    11:34 on


    25 July, 2014



    Britain in 1917 liberated Palestine from the yoke of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.


    It also abstained in the U.N. vote which created the state of Israel.

  21. Good afternoon all


    As someone commented on the last blog Mullet and his men were a tad confused as the opposition were playing in blue and felt obligated to lose.



    Not been on since Tues so


    zybszek congratulation to your team but hope that is it for them in Europe this season:))))

  22. .



    G’Day CQN..



    Paul67 a Very well Done lasting 10 Years as Owner/Manager of this Cyber Celtic Pub..



    As they Say in the Olde US of A..



    It is Now a Celtic Vee-Hic-le..



    All we are Missing is a CQN Reality show..or Soap Opera..



    or Both..;0)



    Well done All involved..






    G’Day Martin42..



    001 Bhoy

  23. celticforever @ 11:23…



    Celtic tried to organise a one day charter – see John Paul Taylor’s message on twitter



    “CelticFC SLO


    ‏@CelticFCSLO Update on Warsaw charter unfortunately we’re not able to make this happen due to cost and availability of aircraft, really sorry!!”



    I have made my own travel arrangements for Warsaw and I understand Celtic will be handling tickets for the game. Obviously there are time constraints however I am sure the Celtic website will confirm the arrangements just as soon as they are known.


  24. ***LUNCHTIME QUIZ***



    Just like my post-footy entertainment in Reekie this week, a cheeky little teaser for you.



    Of the 10 founder members of the Scottish Football league, only four still exist in the current senior Scottish leagues. Name them.



    ***The rules of the game are always the same.


    No search engines please, you’re only cheating yourself***

  25. PMTYH give me your wife mobile number and I will ask my wife or one of my daughters to make a call and politely inform that you are going to Warsaw, and if your wife would not mind this trip ;-) lefclicktic hey man, don’t make it too early :-)

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Hope you`re around.


    The matter with which you kindly gave me assistance the other day is now resolved.


    Thanks to yourself and the other lads who made helpful suggestions.


    Lymmbhoy et a.n. other.



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