Scottish Government, SFA and SPFL will find evidence to start playing in Aug


We live in a political world.  With most of Europe either already playing football, training or with dates set to resume, the Scottish Government will fall in line and grant football a return on 1 August.  They will be able to cite supporting medical evidence, but, more importantly, there is no appetite to plough a lone furrow on this issue.

Covid testing kits and processes are more readily available now than a month ago, this situation will hopefully significantly improve before contact training resumes several weeks from now.  Premiership clubs must and will find the money to test, train and play games.

While Peter Lawwell has been invited to the videoconference, it has been made clear to representatives from the Scottish Government, the SFA and the SFPL that the technology does not allow him to sign autographs.

Ann Budge relentless drive to win friends and influence people continues unabated.  Jim McInally, now manager at Peterhead, said of her reconstruction plan, “It’s just not true that no club has been disadvantaged. It just shows a total disregard for other clubs.”

In a statement that verges on presidential (US presidential, that is), Budge told Sky Sports News, “My understanding, although I could be wrong, is if the situation was deemed to be sufficient of an emergency, that the board can choose to implement a change. That’s what I have been told, but it’s hearsay, I’ve not read the rules to that level of detail.”

She’s not read the rules, it “could be hearsay” and she could be wrong.  It is unfathomable how Hearts have performed so poorly under her stewardship.  Still, at least she’s charming Hearts future opponents.

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  1. The new season will be upon us in very little time. Talk of bullying, rigged votes and tainted titles will be over. The battle for The Ten will begin.



    Be ready, Celtic.

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Consonant,again,vowel,consonant,again,again,vowel, and another,consonant and another.


    S N O P M A I C H….30 seconds starting now.


    Brendan,how many?




    And William?


    Ah 5.


    Your nine Brendan…


    What ya reckon?

  3. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..

























  4. Gentle reminder






    (30hrs notice)



    At 8.15pm Saturday 30th May, live from St Mary’s in the Calton



    Canon Tom White, will be holding a “Months Mind Mass” ( generally classed as a requiem mass, held about 1 month from an individuals passing)



    In honour of “Helen Dunese Stewart” and the parish of St Mary’s



    You will all be aware of the circumstances of Helen’s passing, with subsequent severe restrictions on her funeral service.



    This Months Mind Mass, will allow us to join in the celebration of Helen’s life and the huge Light Helen continues to shine upon us all.



    Please if minded, dial into the live transmission of this service, to show your support for Helen and her family, the CQN family, and any family members you may want to support in celebrating their lives.



    I will hopefully drop a link to the service tomorrow,



    So please pass on, to friends and others who may benefit from this Service, for us to help celebrate Helen Dunese Stewart.



    Thanks for listening




  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Very stylish article Pablo. Respect.



    Paras 1 & 2 serious and businesslike.



    Paras 3 to 6 filled with chuckles for feel good Friday?



    So our CEO is neither the Messiah nor a very naughty boy but is, in fact, Scottish Football administration’s only rock star?






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  6. Hrvatski Jim on

    Reasons to be a bit cheerful during COVID:



    1. Stewart Robertson is the Managing Director of “Rangers”


    2. Ann Budge is the CEO of Hearts


    3. Peter Lawwell is the CEO of Celtic

  7. This gave me a chuckle.






    OCCUPATION. – Burglar






    Everybody is at hame.

  8. Congrats fellow Tradamus Lampada Ron.



    BTW there’s an excellent interview with Peter Goldie on Celtic Underground, he came tae St Pats when I was there although he never taught me, his brother Frank, Science teacher, did.



    He talks well of our club and also mentions playing for Duntocher Hibs.

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  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Britain not getting into Greece when it reopens,no wonder with death rate we have

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    He lied at the briefing yesterday to suit his agenda,figures up from last week, those 2 senior ‘ medical experts ‘ are as guilty as him

  12. Bada


    Unfortunately before we went into lockdown and indeed even today we’re still letting flights land without any checks or quarantine requirements – might explain our high infection rates at the start

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene- one of the main factors in the high death rate, not closing airports, would that not strike you as a major priority? Obviously not…

  14. TONTINE at 3:09 PM



    I only took science for 3 years starting in 1961 being taught by Dan Burns then Frank Goldie.



    I was no good at science so dropped that along with history and followed a path of Spanish, French, Latln and Geography.. Mathematics and English were compulsory.




    Thanks for the congrats too.



    I have a rainbow and a little Celtic bear in my front window for the show of support for NHS and care workers etc. I have pinned the St Pat’s badge on its scarf.

  16. Jinkyredstar on

    Evnin all – been a few days


    Basking in ‘the nine’, laughing at Budge

  17. RON BACARDI on 29TH MAY 2020 6:19 PM


    TONTINE at 3:09 PM



    I only took science for 3 years starting in 1961 being taught by Dan Burns then Frank Goldie.



    Had Dan and Froggie Kearns, only got Frank for English. took the Science Tech root which served me well.

  18. There’s been no one in the Covid-19 Ward in D&G for two weeks so my middle daughter has been returned to her own ward for nursing duties. Result.


    RON B – interesting conversation you are having with Tontine. Will ask you a question in the card you will receive by snail mail.


    What’s the score about creative accountancy over at Genk? And have you ever known a son of a world beater to be anywhere near as good…..I give you Cruyff, Weah, Pele, (a GK ffs), Dalglish, even Henk’s boy. Plenty more, I bet.

  19. AN TEARMANN on 29TH MAY 2020 6:57 PM


    Durant for EK!!!


    Tbb jobo any comment?







  20. Don’t know who that was but he had the” idiots idiot” Alex Rae a bit flustered on SSB re. Asterisks.



  21. I’ve listened to every radio programme about Scottish football since lockdown.


    Can I just say, well done Frank, and the RC producer, for the EBT question to Alex Rae on Clyde….. It was great listening.

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Listen up, if you’ve had enough


    stand up and seize the day.


    Take whatever happened to the old you


    and throw it away with your old shoes.


    Well I’m telling you, it’s time for something new…



    The best is yet to come when you least expected it – shout it out loud!


    You think you’ve had enough and you just want to give up – start again!


    We’re all waiting for our real lives to begin…



    Good Evening CQN on a glorious Friday evening. Have you completed a Covid 19 check for the evening?



    Javascript turned off✔


    Internet working in garden✔


    Sunglasses on✔


    No more than 8 bodies present ✔


    Separate beers chilling, ✔


    Separate BBQ materials ✔


    Social distancing in place ✔


    Incontinence pants on. ✔


    Celtic quiz head on ✔



    See you at 9pm







  23. I can remember my dad going on about biased commentators in the 1980s.


    Like a lot of us, I’ve been watching old game on youtube lately and I can safely say that if Jock Brown and Archie Mac commentated like that now, you would think it was Celtic TV. compared to the hurtin hun pash we get now.

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