Scottish Government’s confusing policy relents


My appetite for circulating in public diminished after hearing news of how the virus has taken hold in several towns across the country.  Public health always comes first, with the consequences of the economy and children’s education following closely.  Nothing else really matters.

Despite that, we have to learn how to navigate our lives through this and news that 300 people will attend Ross County – Celtic and Aberdeen – Kilmarnock on Saturday is very welcome.  Not much will be learned from such a low number, perhaps only that the temperature measuring equipment used works (it has already been tested in greater numbers, it works), but it feels significant that the Scottish Government acknowledge that controlled trials of any activity is necessary and responsible behaviour.

And be clear: despite being practically the last activity permitted, the health risks of socially distanced, well policed, outdoor gatherings is negligible to zero.  Pubs reopened for indoor custom in Scotland eight weeks ago, without police oversight or any prior trials.

Now that the concept of holding trials has been agreed, the next step must be to hold meaningful trials, when we will learn how efficiently thousands of fans filter through entry systems.  Who knows, maybe taking fans out of the pub to an outdoor stadium to watch the game will slow the virus.  If only the world’s entire scientific community would speak clearly that indoor meetings are more dangerous than outdoor, the Scottish Government’s Indoor Pubs First, Outdoor Football Last policy would be less confusing.  Not that policy from London is any better; I’m beginning to think the SNP’s strategy of shadowing Boris Johnson’s government on Corona planning is not such a great idea.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Wonder how the meeting with castore is going. Club 1690 still beeling no doubt. Shame. 😁

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    A pile of pish, Paul. Cold pish at that.



    Dunno what you’re driving at with all of this, but it’s coming over as disingenuous, self-centric nonsense.



    No harm mind.

  3. Punters barred from Doncaster meet after today.


    Maybe the horse racing industry doesn’t have the political clout it used to have

  4. I wonder at which point, the penny will finally drop for you Paul. Opening up Parkhead means allowing fans from all over these islands to share trains, planes, boats and buses. Unless trialling the first 5-10k fans who live within a 10 – 20 mile radius, it ain’t gonna happen.


    Give the Scottish government a break . There are more important things to concern ourselves with at the moment than football



    I wonder at which point, the penny will finally drop for you Paul. Opening up Parkhead means allowing fans from all over these islands to share trains, planes, boats and buses. Unless trialling the first 5-10k fans who live within a 10 – 20 mile radius, it ain’t gonna happen.






    Operators of trains, buses etc are able to control how many people they let on



    Next non-issue?

  6. We all want crowds back for games. I would suggest that some players are not performing well and are affected by the lack of crowd.



    Celtic have a history of large crowds and I have witnessed the team feeding off the support and raising their game. I contend that our team are used to playing before a large support and its absence is causing some performance dips.



    I watched the international games and the absence of crowds certainly affected some teams where the matches looked like training games.



    If we did get the largest crowds then I contend that with no crowd we are proportionally worse served then say Ross County.



    I get it that Peter Lawwell wants the crowds back for economic reasons, but, I contend we need the support for performance issues.



    At the stadium it certainly seems to be outdoor, as witness the crowd getting soaked in covered stands. Surely, being at the stadium suitably masked and with some form of social distancing will be more effective in cutting down of transmission than crowded into a packed Brazen Head. I contend that I would be less likely to catch the virus in the ground then in a crowded pub.

  7. Jobo from previous thread- also if Ross County are showing through sky platform it is an absolute disgrace to all subscribing.



    Anyway as we have been informed workplaces are exempt from meeting people from different households, so what would stop someone saying they were having a meeting in there house this Saturday at 3pm with 5 friends Hmm colleagues, rather than go to the pub to network/meet at 3pm Ross county time where its not safe.






    D :)

  8. So my son played his first competitive match last night – masks were mandatory. After about 5 minutes, all the players had dropped them to below their chin. The ref did not blink an eye thank goodness.



    There were about 75-100 spectators and all were told to wear masks before entering and keep socially distanced – everyone respected the rule.

  9. Expat Celt



    Location? (Vested interest in my case)






    There are loads of ways to get around the rules and guidance. Question? Why would you want to?



    HH jg

  10. Michigan – the season has been delayed for a few weeks but the Governor gave the green light a few days ago. Players are asked a series of medical questions before appearing for training/match and must use an app every day to track their health.

  11. Based on some of the comments today; what are the restrictions in Scottish pubs?



    Is it not table only, 1m distance, record names , time limit?



    I heard there was no music but assume there were some social distance rules

  12. Just saw this re Entryto football this Saturday ..` “chanting/shouting/singing are to be avoided to help reduce the risk of infection”. `



    So, a last minute winner greeted with polite applause and a muted,` Jolly well done, Bhoys.` .




    `Glasgow`s Green and Quiet` .

  13. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Is today’s leader sponsored by Douglas “red card, red card” Ross and Baroness Ruth the mooth? :-)



    Blog strapline not fitting in with article on multiple points, imo of course







  14. If i wanted a biased and ill-informed lecture on the relative merits (or otherwise) of the Scottish governments approach to handling a possible second spike in Covid infection, I would look up those Celtic Labour clowns on Twitter.



    I thought this forum was where Paul copied & pasted what Lawwell wanted us to hear…

  15. What price the Ayr Gold Cup, a week from now, given the decision by Doncaster Council to ban strictly limited crowds at the St Leger Festival from tomorrow despite extensive preparation, allocated zones etc? Paul67 has a point, when do indoor activities, including drinking alcohol, ever become “safer” than comparatively small crowds at race tracks such as Doncaster and Ayr? No need to respond, Nicola will answer that question soon enough.

  16. There’s a temptation to draw a conclusion that if pubs are open then so should football stadia. In my opinion 2 wrongs don’t make a right – stop the virus close the pubs.

  17. HLS @ 2.56



    How will the SG handle the second spike …



    Much like they handled the first one — ignorance / laziness / rank stupidity / vanity.


    We have now had four weeks of hand wringing and chaos after 8 weeks of boasting and doing nothing.



    Thank heavens Not-Jacinda has BoJo close by.


    If she was up against a human she would lose.



    A pile of pish, Paul. Cold pish at that.







    Dunno what you’re driving at with all of this, but it’s coming over as disingenuous, self-centric nonsense.



    No harm mind.




    smiley get aff that fence thing







    smiley think Martin42 voting independence is rattling wee P67 thing



    awfy braw

  19. BB



    I get it that Peter Lawwell wants the crowds back for economic reasons, but, I contend we need the support for performance issues.






    when we have 53000 virtual season ticket holders , paying full price for their “books” , but Celtic dont have the actual expense of opening the stands, what is the economic reason for partially attendnaces being allowed in ?

  20. DiCanioWasADream on

    The leader today is only worthy of the Chewin’ the Fats iconic line. I think I smell sh*te.

  21. The Star above The Crest on

    Most pubs have been limiting the number of people allowed in, insisting on having to book ahead of arrival, recording customers contact details, providing 1 way systems, providing hand sanitizers and insisting on face masks when moving around venues for both customers and staff. A number of them only allow people in for a set time ie 2 hours per booking and test temperatures too. So there are plenty of protocols in place in the pub/rest industry.

  22. The star


    The problem is that in too many cases people ignore the protocol despite the best efforts of the landlord.

  23. 28 in the Celtic squad.



    To be pruned still would probably be : Bolingoli, Ralston, Rogic, Connell, Henderson & Griffiths & probably a big hitter to fund ECL failure.



    Leaves 22 (maybe 21).



    Incomings would be: Left Back & Left Wing and backfill for big hitter.



    Squad of 23 (maybe 24).



    Seems light or perhaps that’s COVID impact?

  24. Coronavirus: Sports events in March ’caused increased suffering and death’



    By Mick Tucker & Adrian Goldberg


    BBC File on 4


    26 May 2020









    I personally dont buy into a theory that there is zero risk of transmition in an outside venue , socially distanced , wearing masks.



    The problem is science has not proven how long the virus stays airborne, how long it survives on surfaces, how much could land on masks or clothing and how long could it stay on you.

  25. The Star above The Crest on




    In my place of work if you refuse to co operate upon arrival you don’t get in. If you’re in and you flaunt the rules ie trying to move between tables you get 1 reminder/warning. Do it again and you’re out the door. 99% of folk understand it’s for the greater good and feel reassured by the measures taken. I don’t know how easy it would be to transfer these measures into a stadium.




    It would be very difficult.



    Personally I think we are years away from full stadiums.




  27. CoViD19 vs Football — the zoomer factor.



    I am constantly surprised by the state / nick of some of the people who attend football matches and the level of accommodation shown by the rest of the crowd.



    Probably lees tan 5% of the crowd are under the influence and lacking somewhat in co-ordination but 1% are completely wasted.



    Most people just shrug and look the other way — me for one.


    Not sure if they can be educated out of their ways or shamed into better behaviour.



    However I do feel that in the CoViD19 days they will get less sympathy if when we are allowed back in.




    “If and when” indeed.



    How many years will fans buy VST’s?



    I fear the end of Scottish football is night!

  29. Philbhoy


    Plenty of clubs have sold season tickets without any prospect of having their game streamed.

  30. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    By next week, you’ll be expecting me to dreep down from my window to move in and out the close.



    Is Goldberg the reptile, funded by huns to transmit a hatchet job on Celtic? Given a bunt here.



    Did I mention 2020 completely sucks?

  31. The Star above The Crest on




    I’m inclined to agree with you. Without a vaccine or any evidence of immunity I just can’t see any scenario where large groups of people will be able to gather safely.

  32. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    My colleague shells out the best part of £3k per year for two Arsenal season tickets and there is no suggestion at all that there is any VST to watch his team.


    The only option to watch live football in the EPL appears to be subscribe to SKY/BT Sport/Amazon Prime and take your chances as to who is showing what on the platform of your choice.




    The VST offers a way forward for Scottish fitba but inevetibaly will require some kind of accommodation being reached with SKY if the current situation extends beyond this season.




    SKY already have NOW TV as their game by game pay per view platform. Perhaps an exclusive broadcasting platform on NOW TV and a much reduced VST would be a way forward for the SPL? I would hope that Scottish fitba is looking seriously at this sort of option – god only knows what will be left if this carries on into 2021/2022.

  33. What on earth is Odsonne worth when Aston Villa pay $28m rising to $33m for Ollie Watkins from Brentford. A good goalscorer in the Championship but no International or European experience