Scottish Government’s confusing policy relents


My appetite for circulating in public diminished after hearing news of how the virus has taken hold in several towns across the country.  Public health always comes first, with the consequences of the economy and children’s education following closely.  Nothing else really matters.

Despite that, we have to learn how to navigate our lives through this and news that 300 people will attend Ross County – Celtic and Aberdeen – Kilmarnock on Saturday is very welcome.  Not much will be learned from such a low number, perhaps only that the temperature measuring equipment used works (it has already been tested in greater numbers, it works), but it feels significant that the Scottish Government acknowledge that controlled trials of any activity is necessary and responsible behaviour.

And be clear: despite being practically the last activity permitted, the health risks of socially distanced, well policed, outdoor gatherings is negligible to zero.  Pubs reopened for indoor custom in Scotland eight weeks ago, without police oversight or any prior trials.

Now that the concept of holding trials has been agreed, the next step must be to hold meaningful trials, when we will learn how efficiently thousands of fans filter through entry systems.  Who knows, maybe taking fans out of the pub to an outdoor stadium to watch the game will slow the virus.  If only the world’s entire scientific community would speak clearly that indoor meetings are more dangerous than outdoor, the Scottish Government’s Indoor Pubs First, Outdoor Football Last policy would be less confusing.  Not that policy from London is any better; I’m beginning to think the SNP’s strategy of shadowing Boris Johnson’s government on Corona planning is not such a great idea.

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  1. Right bhoys onto Saturday we March.



    Lenny has a good wee squad at his disposal now. So who would you pick and what formation?






    El Hamed Duffy Julienne Frimpong



    Jamsie Christie Brown Cal Mac




    Eddie Ajeti



    Set up as a 4- 4 -2 away from home but RC in number 10 role.






    D :)

  2. DAVID66 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:34 PM



    You playing a diamond?



    I would go with the same team but 3-5-2 (Frimpong on the right, jamesie on the left

  3. GENE on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:44 PM



    Oh, I forgot about him… I think he can be a great player but he can’t play wingback – a bit like Lubo in that way. I remember Martin O’Neil playing him there in a training game when he first came to the club and saying that Lubo just looked at him like he didn’t have a clue what he was doing :-)

  4. As I’ve said before I love jamesie but one of the reasons (apart from his great scoring/assist rate) that Neil will (almost) always play him when fit is because when we were 3 nil down to Killie and his job was on the line he didn’t shout at the players just told them if he wanted him top still be the manager on monday they had to do something in the second half.



    i know Stokes got most of the plaudits but for me jamesie had his best game (well second half) that day. Neil knows that he’s a player he can trust.

  5. Ah feck Gene I forgot about Moi.



    Frank Terry- I was thinking of starting with 4 at the back then pushing up Frimpors going with 3 at back and …. feck this football management shoite.



    Seriously that’s what I was saying about a good squad we have as there is also a shout for Ajer and Ntcham. Thank goodness its Lenny’s call.






    D :)

  6. David66



    Here’s yer team fella: 3-5-2






    Julien —- Duffy —– Ajer



    Frimpong —- Ntcham —– McGregor —— Forrest (Need a new LW asap)






    Ajeti —– Edouard

  7. Big Wavy – Looks good, I would play Ntcham in Browns role for a game or 2 to see how he gets on, danger is that he is for the off. I would not play Ntcham any further forward as I think he is more suited seeing the game in front of him and picking passes.



    D :)




    Unfortunate, and a partial and tendentious account, but with a kernel of truth.



    There are nats on here who, without regard to the history of the Club and its fans, and in the face of what the SNP have done recently (Offensive Celtic Fans And What To Do With Them (Scotland) Act) seem to think that voting SNP should somehow be the default position for Celtic fans and get awfae upset when challenged.

  9. Paul 67,



    Its your baw, a political article is absolutely warranted in this current climate.



    Temperature testing works in regards to reading your temperature, but as a guide for Covid 19 it means little. I know many who got their temperature taken daily and still provided a positive test.



    Will NS mirror Westminster. Tomorrow will tell, but I bet she announces the 6 person rule , possibly emulate Bolton and have a complete lockdown in certain areas and I predict she will cancel football supporters from the 14th September. After all, the science is the same, isn’t it ?



    Oh for some real leadership throughout the UK. Compare almost anyone to Boris Johnson and they look good.


    Does anybody really know the rules today, far less on Monday. Confusing doesn’t come close.



    Is this now about control ? That is a question that we must all confront and draw our own conclusions.



    Some facts specifically relating to Scotland and I agree with Nicola Sturgeon that every death is a tragedy.



    77% of all Covid 19 related deaths were aged 75 or over.


    Thankfully and God willing it continues, not one person under 15 has died in Scotland from Covid 19.


    Since the start of the outbreak only 2.6% of deaths have been Covid related.


    Taking a five year average, deaths in Scotland at this time are lower.


    In July there were > 4500 deaths in Scotland, but <10 were attribubital to Covid 19.


    46 % of Covid deaths were in Care Homes, 46% of deaths have been in hospitals.


    Mental health issues have rocketed with necessary operations cancelled resulting in unnecessary treatable deaths.



    I do not think we will see large crowds this season, even if we reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.



    The future of spectator sport is now at serious risk. It will take a generation to return things to as normal as it once was.



    HH to all.

  10. David66,



    We need to show Ollie the love but it might be too late. The problem has been that Neil wants to shoehorn Scott and Ollie into the same side and it doesn’t work. Free the Ntcham.



    Two number 8s of perpetual motion (Christie and Turnball) feels like a good move too with Ntcham/Callum and Moi/Rogic at either end of the diamond would be delightful. Eddie dropping into his favoured left hand side and Ajeti in the middle.



    We need to stat blowing teams away as I genuinely think goal difference will matter this time.



    I would start with Klimala and Eduard as the front 2 and then bring on Ajeti after an hour. He can’t be match fit yet, while Klimala looks the part.




    I think that’s the right call sir. Polish Paddy deserves his chance too. Not done much wrong.

  12. Big Wavy – ffs I forgot about Turnbull and Rogic. What a problem to have.



    We should cake walk this feckin league.






    D :)

  13. Stum·mel




    Aussprache lernen


    Substantiv, maskulin [der]


    übrig gebliebenes kurzes Stück (von einem kleineren länglichen Gegenstand)



    smiley now is this no a braw braw word thing



    it is the “wee” nib of anything that has to cut/prised oot with a sharper thing




  14. David66,



    I know literally eff all about Turnball but as I’ve been notoriously miderable recently allowing myself the indulgence of watching his Youtube reel and getting excited :)



    I can be wild like that soemtimes….



    Looks a good un, looking forward to seeing him get game time soon.




  15. DAVID66 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:24 PM


    At this rate I will have 20 in my starting line up.


    D :)




    As long as brother Dallas can’t count, we should give it a go Saturday…

  16. Greenapinata



    77% of all Covid 19 related deaths were aged 75 or over.



    Thankfully and God willing it continues, not one person under 15 has died in Scotland from Covid 19.



    Since the start of the outbreak only 2.6% of deaths have been Covid related.



    Taking a five year average, deaths in Scotland at this time are lower.



    In July there were > 4500 deaths in Scotland, but <10 were attribubital to Covid 19.



    46 % of Covid deaths were in Care Homes, 46% of deaths have been in hospitals.




    What’s your point please?

  17. Big Wavy – I hope brother Dullass can count the 1 finger salute.🖕



    The dirty wee cheating Rat bar steward.



    Hope his next jobby is not 1 🦔 but a plethora of 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔



    D :)




    The point is that you draw your own conclusion, is the draconian restrictions proportionate to the risk.



    Have we got a credible medium or long term exit strategy.?



    Unpalatable questions must be asked. This virus is not going away.

  19. Ernie.


    Thanks for response.


    I’m not sure if Paul bothers to read the comments, now.


    I wondered what he would think, if he did, because I think anyone who reads Paul’s leaders knows that he’s not an SNP man.

  20. Bournesouprecipe.


    This is from BBC Scotland website, today.


    The number of people who died in Scotland at the height of the coronavirus outbreak was a third higher than usual, according to official figures.



    National Records of Scotland (NRS) said 18,201 deaths had been registered between April and June.



    This was 4,515 higher than the five-year average.



    Covid-19 was the underlying cause in 3,739 deaths, accounting for 83% of the excess deaths.



    Deaths from diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease were about a quarter higher than the five-year average, the NRS said.



    And deaths from diseases of the genitourinary system increased by 22.5%.



    However, deaths from respiratory diseases decreased by 20.6% and deaths from transport accidents were down by 69.1%.



    Chief Medical Officer Gregor Smith said the reasons for the higher than usual number of deaths would be better understood “in the fullness of time”, and urged people to seek treatment for any medical concerns they may have.



    The three-month period covers the height of the coronavirus lockdown in Scotland when schools and businesses were closed, and traffic on all roads was significantly reduced.