Scottish Government’s confusing policy relents


My appetite for circulating in public diminished after hearing news of how the virus has taken hold in several towns across the country.  Public health always comes first, with the consequences of the economy and children’s education following closely.  Nothing else really matters.

Despite that, we have to learn how to navigate our lives through this and news that 300 people will attend Ross County – Celtic and Aberdeen – Kilmarnock on Saturday is very welcome.  Not much will be learned from such a low number, perhaps only that the temperature measuring equipment used works (it has already been tested in greater numbers, it works), but it feels significant that the Scottish Government acknowledge that controlled trials of any activity is necessary and responsible behaviour.

And be clear: despite being practically the last activity permitted, the health risks of socially distanced, well policed, outdoor gatherings is negligible to zero.  Pubs reopened for indoor custom in Scotland eight weeks ago, without police oversight or any prior trials.

Now that the concept of holding trials has been agreed, the next step must be to hold meaningful trials, when we will learn how efficiently thousands of fans filter through entry systems.  Who knows, maybe taking fans out of the pub to an outdoor stadium to watch the game will slow the virus.  If only the world’s entire scientific community would speak clearly that indoor meetings are more dangerous than outdoor, the Scottish Government’s Indoor Pubs First, Outdoor Football Last policy would be less confusing.  Not that policy from London is any better; I’m beginning to think the SNP’s strategy of shadowing Boris Johnson’s government on Corona planning is not such a great idea.

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    Since some are still spouting the MSM narrative, here are a few facts that they don’t tell you.



    There is NOT and there is NO prospect of a vaccine, info from the Lancet and other American medical journals, for a virus that can be killed by simple hand washing,






    I don’t know where the conclusion that there is no prospect of a vaccine comes from – sorry, but I haven’t seen that published anywhere.



    That said, you may be right, and certainly the chances of having a vaccine that is 100% effective in all cases are diminishingly small. But no prospect of a vaccine at all – I think we need to await the published clinical trial results before we can reach that conclusin. You (or your sources) might be correct, but I hope not.



    In terms of the visus being killed by handwashing – you are bang on correct about that. Hand washing with soap and running water is actually more effective in most cases than antiseptic sprays and alcohol gels – partially due to the fact that hand washing also physically washes active virus away, even if it doesn’t kill it (if good handwashing technique is employed). Also – the coronavirus isn’t actually the toughest virus to kill -its main issues are related to spread and impact.



    The drawback, of course, with handwashing, is the the need to be near a sink.



    Unfortunately, universal handwashing, universal avoidance of aerosol spread and universal avoidance of contact with contaminated touch points / surfaces means that the virus will not always be stopped before it enters the body.



    Handwashing will do no good once the virus passes the physical barriers of handwashing, masks, social distancing, etc. – that’s why the efforts to search for a vaccine, albeit you may believe one cannot be found, have to continue.



    As I mentioned earlier, I hope they are successful – I don’t think that hope is entirely unfounded.






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    I had a wee health issue just before Christmas last year, however, since then I’m thankfully on the right road.







    My son , Martin, is doing a cycle ride from Glasgow to Inverness for charity for blood cancer, if you can, please donate.







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    He starts University on Monday – Chemical Engineering, Strathclyde.



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  9. Good morning all from a dark but dry Garngad



    Bring on Saturday and our chance to see the hoops once more.



    Some good football/team selection talk last night, it shows how good a pool of players Lenny has at his disposal and because of this my prediction is 4-1 to the Famous.









    D :)

  10. Some great posts on here often in adversity but respectful this past few days. Also some adversarial name calling rubbish too. TET. SFTB NB Geenpinata TBB great stuff and not all agreeing. It’s mentally tough for all just now. It’s going to get tougher too.



    TET 9.35pm



    Great post challenging received wisdom and MSM / vested interest. I kinda get your point. I first heard ‘how bad it was going to get’ in the Celtic boardroom no less at the St Mirren game, from someone close to Dermott ( but not a club employee ). Apocalyptic scenarios painted. Clearly lots of priming had been done as far back as January. The moneyed elite certainly were one message’ for sure.



    We have seen a chaotic response from pathetic ‘So called’ global leaders. Shown up for what they are. We are prey to the pharma dollars over this thing.



    Further job cuts and potential unfulfilled futures and we are going to see a bleak austere winter like we have never known. 1974 will seem like an endless summer not winter of discontent.



    My own life has been badly affected in 3 ways :



    Dad aged 89 dying a horrible care home death after 5 months of zero personal Family contact. I was not allowed to be with him due to restrictions even on his death bed. Avoidable ( if not for staff issues due to impact of covid protocols ) broken hips, femur and sepsis all contributed as did a chest infection. No covid though. Limited hospital space and medical capability due to covid priority meant many of his issues could



    My wife had to pester the life out of a reluctant medical practise to get an actual appointment where she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July. Prompt initial follow up suggested time was not her friend. We then had a 3 week delay Vs normal in her getting operated on due to covid protocol when the cancer was only going to get worse. We are praying this has not been significant but what is clear is that Covid response and not covid is claiming more lives right now.



    Finally my personal scenario has seen me unable to get a significant lung complaint diagnosed and attended to due to covid priority. Because I don’t fit the covid criteria they won’t even see me. Although I run 5-10k most days it is clear my lung capacity is worsening badly but I cannot even get an appointment or referral to a hospital. Yet covid itself is claiming virtually no lives of a huge demographic in our population despite its prominence and priority.



    We have been lucky as a family I can count on one hand my visits to the doctor in virtually 40 years. Sane for my wife but when we do need the health service for once it is off dealing with a ‘global pandemic’ and the rest of the health issues appear to matter much less.



    I am hopeful my wife will pull through. The staff at The hospital were amazing this week. The op a success. We await the pathology report. I am sure I will get my own lung issue diagnosed and I am lucky to have good general health aside from that. Many though won’t be as lucky and I really hope someone realises the full effects of this single track obsession and brainwashing re covid.



    We all know well that facts can be made to prove anything if we chose them to. Many great posters show this on here. I hope a balanced approach for ‘greater good’ can be attained but I fear the ‘clout’ and control sits with vested interests and big money.

  11. BURNLEY78 on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:09 AM



    All the best to you and yours, pal. Sounds like you’ve had a really rough time.

  12. Burnley78 – a very sobering post indeed.



    Hail Hail – hope you and the wife get things sorted 🙏🍀🙏🍀🙏



    D :)

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I see Paul Lambert is helping to perpetuate a lie in today’s DR.



    Very disappointing.

  14. I don’t like the announcement of Covid ‘marshals’ on the streets (in England only at moment). It’s a first step towards a Tory police state.

  15. Ron Bacardi


    Haven’t seen that particular story but if people obeyed the law / guidance they wouldn’t be needed.

  16. BB @ 11.22



    You are well of the pace with your comments regarding the current situation with CoViD19 — so well of the pace you are in danger of being lapped.



    CoViD19 is on the way back — the outbreak is growing again down to a mix of the relaxation of the lockdown measures and the continental holiday season.



    As an example middle class France was happy to hunker down and work from home.


    That is until the traditional holiday season when they all went a bit daft.


    ZZT song — all hugs and kisses — sums it up nicely.


    The outbreak in the nudist colony …



    So in West Central Scotland we have been importing cases from the Med.


    The young team are now more actively socialising and spreading the virus.


    Adds up to teenagers now distraught that they might pass it on to their grans.


    Worried that they might pass it onto younger siblings and they miss school.



    CoViD19 = the corridor of uncertainty.


    If we were all 19 then a laissez fare attitude might suffice.


    Unfortunately we are not and we have already seen the damage the virus can cause.


    Consequently it needs to actively suppressed — something we are only starting to realise.



    Lockdown / self isolation = passive suppression with governments locally doing very little.


    This approach needs to change but we must not descend into a gloom laden acceptance of mass fatalities.



    That some would even countenance such an outcome shows how weak and fatalistic we have become in the face of social norms that set us up as a population of individuals powerless in the face of growing economic centralisation in private hands.

  17. MADMITCH on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:41 PM



    Next you will be telling us that the human race has never been to the moon.





    Wow, you know that subject is like a red rag to a bull on CQN.

  18. wee bgfc



    The Lancet published the results of Phase 1 clinical trials re SARS – COV – 2 research on July 20 2020, though this does not seem to be available on their website at the moment. You will find it in hard copies of the publication itself. I think you will find it interesting if not conclusive by any means.


    Another article that might be worth reading is to be found in ‘The Atlantic’ magazine August 5 this year, titled;


    “Immunology is Where Intuition Goes to Die”.


    Good luck and best wishes with your studies, and hope they are not too adversely impacted by said virus.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    Lambert using “old firm” terminology and stating that the poor Gers did not deserve to be “put down” the leagues. Another fud who took the praise and adulation of the fans and now does the media’s bidding.

  20. B78 @ 6.09



    As noted above — a very sobering post indeed.


    Hope things start to improve and the medics do their day job.

  21. Burnley 78,



    Best wishes my friend. Hopefully everything goes as well as possible in these challenging times. I’ll raise a glass to you and yours.



    Cheers and HH.

  22. GP @ 9.04



    Conspiracy theories — music hall act for those with too much time on their hands.


    Some people have their doubts — others give you the 15 minute lecture ending with please sign up here.



    Pebble in the pond — awaiting the first ripple.




    Oh, that’s a shame. I loved lambo, I passed him in Argyle street not long after his screamer in the 2 nil game and just game him a smile and quick ‘thanks’ as i passed – but there was already a crowd beginning to follow him and he looked embarrassed and a bit shy to be honest.

  24. Wee Bgfc



    Good luck at Strathclyde and Chem Eng.



    I did Mech Eng there in the late 80s and had a great time



    One highlight was living in Dennistoun in Centenary season 87/88; 30min walk to uni and 15 to Celtic Park👍

  25. onenightinlisbon on




    It saddens me when these guys who were heroes and you felt “got us” talk such garbage for a few bob. Ex players like Tom Boyd and Bertie show the rest what playing for Celtic was all about and how they should conduct themselves when their playing days are over. guys like Lambert, Nicholas, walker et al are shameless.

  26. RB @ 8.37



    CoViD19 ninjas jumping out the back of a van and kicking in doors = active involvement / active suppression by the state.



    That is good / that is a step forward / that is needed — it might be a bit old school for those of a libertarian / hipster bent but tough as it was their tripe / dross / sh*te that got us into this mess in the first place.



    You have people worrying about a police state / state surveillance — terrified in fact.


    But who post their whole life story on FaceBook and then actively discuss it with complete strangers.


    Plus they take pictures of their lunch for public consumption — pun intended.



    Who needs a secret police when you have social media.




    Yeah, I know what you mean… but for what he did stopping the huns that year I’m going to make an exception just this once :-)

  28. RON BACARDI on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:37 AM


    I don’t like the announcement of Covid ‘marshals’ on the streets (in England only at moment). It’s a first step towards a Tory police state





    If not totally accurate now it will be :



    This was always my fear. Stealth erosion of our freedom and society as we know it. Once powers are given they are not so easy to rescind. Cue, Hate Crime and public order act in Scotland.



    Be wary, be very wary.



    PS : Apologies to the blog for a measure of despondency. It’s just the way I see it, as more draconian restrictions are expected today.


    Hopefully I’m wrong.



    We need Celtic in our lives more than ever.



    Cheers and HH.