Scottish Greens football fantasy


I see the Scottish Greens have decided it is a poor decision to allow fans to congregate in pubs to watch football.  Their proposal is to allow Saturday’s fixture from Celtic Park to be free to air on TV, despite, you know, all the contracts and stuff.

There is not a shred of self-awareness with the crowd.  The Greens hold the balance of power in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP depend on them to pass legislation, in return for which they get nominal nods to their pet projects.

The Greens have no levers of control over TV contracts, but they exercise unique influence over the Scottish Government, whose policy it has been for months for football fans to congregate at indoor pubs instead of socially distanced and policed at open-air stadiums.

This reminds me of Life of Brian, the People’s Front were full of plans that would achieve nothing and refused to take the clear path before then.  Until Brian turned up, of course.  They have become a meme.

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  1. BP1



    You never saw Neilly Mochan !!!!! your only a couple of years younger than me.



    Next you will be saying you never saw John Higgins.😉

  2. Four-Leaf Clover Over & Over on

    Frimpong will be halved in two within about 10 minutes on Saturday. What’s our plan B there?

  3. Four-Leaf Clover Over & Over on

    Make sure he does the damage first ten minutes and finds that killer pass to put us one up is my answer.

  4. The idea of the Greens or Nicola Sturgeon publicly calling on Sky, two days, before the game, to make it free to air in order to prevent gatherings of crowds is neither a right or a wrong call.



    But it is a bit bizarre.



    It is, of course, a bad idea for crowds to gather and anything that stops or reduces it is a good idea, but this falls into the political gesture arena rather than political action.



    In itself, it is a good idea that as many people see this game as possible in as safe a setting as possible but let’s be clear- those making mass bookings to go to the pubs in England- were not doing so because they could not see the game. Sky will sell a package to you at a cost far less than that involved in a day trip to Blackpool and back. A Day Pass costs &9.99 via Now TV.



    I am not saying that is cheap or easy to pay but it will not deter anybody who is willing to pay for a Jolly boys outing to Blackpool whose aim is to see the game in a large group of like minded souls. And those people will not change their plans because they can watch it in their house on their tod instead.



    Any serious politician wanting to head off the threat of pub crowds caused by this game would have seen this coming a mile off- (I can say, for certain , that I did and advocated making this match widely available). But a serious politician, interested in achieving this outcome, rather than playing to the gallery, would have had the courtesy to call the rights holders to this match and find ways to persuade them to spread the availability of the game, even though it would cost them a fair bit of money to do so. The serious politician would recognise that they would not want to reward the terrestrial channels who had not bought the rights, without getting something in return, other than kudos for a kindly public service act.



    The only way to provide this to a wider audience is to make it available on terrestrial channels, the BBC or ITV. Calling on Sky alone publicly to make this happen by magic 2 days before the event, without talking to them or letting them get into talks with terrestrial TV platforms, is such an obvious gesture politics gimmick, I can only be surprised at people getting heated about such a kite flying exercise.



    Now, maybe such back door negotiation has taken place and maybe SKY made their only demand- that the First Minister herself ask them to be magnanimous, and then they can play the Big Man, foresaking their exclusive contract.



    Maybe, but unlikely.



    This smacks wholly of passing the buck to Sky and making them out to be the bad guys (which of course, they are, but for reasons other than having a monopoly on this game). It’s a long shot but maybe Sky will manage to find a hurried solution to the FM’s request. More likely is that this will quietly be buried and both sides will look to blame the other.



    This process should have started weeks ago.



    If it did, today’s announcement was just a bit of glossy political theatre.



    If it didn’t today’s announcement was just a bit of virtue signalling and buck passing.

  5. TIM, you must be older than me im 67, cant remember neil mochan as a player only as the green tracksuited ghuy running on to attend wee jinky, after ron mckinnon upended him in the box, and mr tiny wharton waved play on no penalty. nothing has changed in 50 plus years.H,H,

  6. Reading back my earlier post was meant to be: 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 turning to a 3 – 5 – 2



    D :)

  7. DAVID66 on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 6:28 PM


    Reading back my earlier post was meant to be: 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 turning to a 3 – 5 – 2……



    To be fair I saw it and just assumed that Beaton had sent off Scott in the changing rooms! ;)







    Reference number: 3357



    Date: 1921, February



    Production company: Green’s Film Service, Green’s Topical Productions



    Sound: silent



    Original format: 35mm



    Colour: bw



    Fiction: non-fiction



    Running time: 4.34 mins





    Scottish Cup Round football matches.




    Scottish Cup 3rd Round Replay Motherwell V Ayr United at Celtic Park. Result Motherwell 3 Ayr United 1. Green’s Film Service. [1st Match] Motherwell v. Ayr United at Celtic Park (Parkhead) – This being a neutral ground means that the match was probably at least the second replay between the teams. Ayr goalie possibly Hepburn, Scottish Internationalist, Teams emerge from Old Pavilion, Parkhead(0.29) – Motherwell out first with strip as in Ref 3356, Ayr Utd in horizontally striped shirts. Shots of game features original Parkhead “Jungle”




  9. We’ve seen the stuff on TV at care homes, with folk talking to mothers,grans etc,from about 10 yards away through patio doors ,I seen it today absolutely heartbreaking stuff…

  10. can sumbdy tell me if that link to the national library works for you



    if i click the link it goes to my signed in page, so dont want to waste cut and pastes if it doesnt work for others

  11. SFTB @ 6:17


    You said “…..Any serious politician wanting to head off the threat of pub crowds caused by this game would have seen this coming a mile off- (I can say, for certain , that I did and advocated making this match widely available).”


    Another, more controversial option would have been to ban TV coverage completely – that’d certainly have stopped crowds gathering anywhere.


    But I’m glad they didn’t go for that!

  12. SAINT STIVS on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 6:54 PM


    can sumbdy tell me if that link to the national library works for you….



    Works fine, thank you.

  13. Saint Stivs –


    The link worked for me. A 6m 34s film of Motherwell v Ayr from Celtic Park but with no sound.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    i hope sky tell nicola to bugger off with her plead to allow free tv coverage of the game



    pure political grandstanding at its worst



    im a fan of nicolas but a few of the things she has done during covid have been pointless, ridiculous, counter productive and smacking of desperation

  15. For those who miss the old celtic park, with the 1929 main stand, the hayshed jungle, no floodlights, the enclosure






    Reference number: 2725



    Date: 1958



    Sponsor: Scottish Catholic Film Institute



    Production company: filmed by L. A. Russell and Bert Mocogni



    Sound: silent



    Original format: 16mm



    Colour: col



    Fiction: non-fiction



    Running time: 22.45 mins





    Celebration in Celtic Park, Glasgow, to mark the centenary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes.



    See paper archives.




    Credits (0.13) gvs outside Celtic Park, Glasgow as buses arrive with participants, black clad nuns and clergy, participants, one carries the papal flag (2.30) inside, terraces fill up, signs in the stands read Poland, Spanish-Speaking United States, German. Podium and erecting altar (7.20) gvs service, procession of groups of young people, some wearing red robes; nurses process after a cross and people in wheelchairs; procession headed by miners in helmets and overalls holding candle lamps; shots groups of girls wearing red or white veils and school uniform, wind band intercut with an image of Christ on earth (?), groups of red and white veiled girls process to altar (11.20) statue of OUR LADY OF LOURDES brought onto altar (12.34) groups of visitors, some in national dress, holding banners and signs: “England”, “Poland”, “German speaking”, “France”, “Ireland”, “Italy”, “Lithuania”, “Scotland”, “Spanish speaking”, “Ukraine” approach the altar singing for blessing by Archbishop Campbell?, genuflect and present bouquets, c/u pearl rosary, children praying (15.30) Archbishop and other clergy process from the altar, some vestments trimmed with ermine, others with elaborate lace (18.50) Dispersal. Crowds outside; buses and cars leaving, including red roadster. Shot empty Parkhead stadium. The End (22.45)




  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    No danger Sky doing a freebie, what about the English games? Showing all Liverpool games cause they are in a tier one, not happening😱

  17. TONYROME on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 7:03 PM


    Hi Bhoys



    From Phil totally disgusting and sickening what levels these c***s sink too.






    Neil should pin this on the dressing room door.






    If Jimmy Bell had one dignified once of decency he would come out and state to these people not to use his image on such thinngs,, and in fact condemn it.



    utter disgrace.



    and Neil should sue them.








  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    I noticed the first minister refer several times to an “old firm” game.


    I would have thought that a lawyer who is normally very careful with words would have known that one club had died and was in the process of liquidation and that a game between a club formed in 1888 playing against an eight year old club could hardly be called an ‘old firm” game.



    Her referring to a rangers v Celtic game when the fixture is at Celtic Park is no surprise given that she comes from Orange County.

  19. AuroraBorealis79 on

    this article could have been written by Peter law well. The same guy that has scammed many celtic fans out of hundreds of pounds to watch games in a stadium they may never see the inside of again haha very peter67

  20. Just watched that film of the Mass at Celtic Park. I was at that or something very similar around that time. My Dad took my sister and myself. We were standing in the old r****** end. I think it might have been about 1960, as I don’t think the Celtic End was covered until about then, although it does say 1958. Didn’t recognise anyone.

  21. prestonpans bhoys on




    That was during the complete lockdown of the entire country, a wee breather to the public from Covid

  22. I think the 3rd of a roof covering celtic end was constructed in 56 or 57 i am going to find out, i have it somewhere

  23. Wonder if there will a mass media uproar about the Pin badges being sold by a Bigoted organisation


    The one like when Celtic fans were hounded for hanging a blow up doll with a scarf round its neck ?



    Over to you police Scotland with your sectarian, racist powers of arrest ?



    We await with baited breath

  24. Incidentally


    The country should be having several circuit breaking lockdowns


    Made sense to have one during school holiday period (Oct) could have been a 16 day break and reset of Covid spreading


    Then have another through Christmas and new year period ( is that 7 or 8 weeks after the October break)


    Another at next school holiday period end Feb/Mar,



    Strict lockdowns to break the spread at that time,



    Surely could have been more cost effective/ economically beneficial than the current madness ? Which is constantly jeopardising lives and livelihoods

  25. Philbhoy on 15th October 2020 6:07 pm



    Don’t worry about Frimpong.



    The referee will protect him







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