Scottish Greens football fantasy


I see the Scottish Greens have decided it is a poor decision to allow fans to congregate in pubs to watch football.  Their proposal is to allow Saturday’s fixture from Celtic Park to be free to air on TV, despite, you know, all the contracts and stuff.

There is not a shred of self-awareness with the crowd.  The Greens hold the balance of power in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP depend on them to pass legislation, in return for which they get nominal nods to their pet projects.

The Greens have no levers of control over TV contracts, but they exercise unique influence over the Scottish Government, whose policy it has been for months for football fans to congregate at indoor pubs instead of socially distanced and policed at open-air stadiums.

This reminds me of Life of Brian, the People’s Front were full of plans that would achieve nothing and refused to take the clear path before then.  Until Brian turned up, of course.  They have become a meme.

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  1. GGH @ 7.20



    In my opinion a failed/poor Lawyer, from personal experience, whereby it cost her then employer/ legal firm over £20k for incompetence & that was over 20 year ago

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    ADI DASSLER @7.43 RE Bigots….. …..


    That’s a term ‘they ‘ feel comfy with, no way it offends their being.They way ‘they’ operate,be it here ( Ireland) or in Scotland does not shame them one iota.Take the organisation’s they flirt with from the Boys Brigade up to the orange order,I.e. terms of condition are,do not fraternise with the enemy and certainly do not marry a member of the church of Rome,or all ‘favours’ are lost for good.So the Jimmy bells, Ian ferguson’s are highly and warmly regarded by those who frequent that sports arena in Glasgow’s southside.Come Saturday I will be praying that we take all three points,to cement our place as number ONE again,and progress onwards to title number TEN.


    We can do it….if we C&Q it!



    I seem to remember some kind of statement back in March that important football matches would be free to air. I theink there were one or two but the pledge/promise soon fell into abeyance. I’d suspect that Sky was responsible.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Jimmy Krankie says fan-dabby-dozy, the ‘Old Firm’ game should be free.



    Playing to the of hard of thinking.



    It’s what populists do.



    All being well, Trump will be gone.



    Meanwhile we’re left with Brexit and the SNP.



    Populist movements offering simple, simple ‘policies’ to the hard of thinking.

  5. Big job to do on Saturday



    the scum have had many chances to figure out how we play


    it has worked for them the last two fixtures but has only led to one win


    they have refined how they play to very good effect this season


    we are in transition


    we’re not able to embrace the new squad totally ‘cossa the ten


    we can’t let go of SB JF CMac




  6. BIG PACKY 1 on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 6:18 PM



    TIM, you must be older than me im 67, cant remember neil mochan as a player only as the green tracksuited ghuy running on to attend wee jinky, after ron mckinnon upended him in the box, and mr tiny wharton waved play on no penalty. nothing has changed in 50 plus years.



    *hmmmm, it seems you were 7 when Neilly left us for the Arabs which was the same year the 2nd best player tae come out of Hill O’Beath singed for deidco.



    He left for Sunderland 5 years later when you were 12 and yet you saw him and he was a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat player.



    As for mckinnon pulling Jinky down in the box, if my memory serves me well, and it usually does that was in the 1965 LC Final and we did get a penalty, in fact we got 2 in that game, with the bear scoring both, the mitb was not big Tiny but another FIFA official hugh philips fae wishaw.



    Oh and that game where you saw baxter sitting on the ball at Wembley, that game wisnae shown north of the border and my memory of that 53 year later was a sunny day and sitting on a bus on the Renton Road heading for Dumbarton and the driver had a tranny on the dashboard as we listened tae it and 2 wee wummin in front of me all happy that Scotland were putting the outlanders to the sword.



    Bit of a spoofer eh.

  7. Tontine 9.21.


    Like most on here, I thoroughly enjoy your posts.


    By a real coincidence footage of the 1965 League Cup Final was doing the rounds on Twitter today.


    Hugh Philipps was indeed the ref.


    Yogi scored 2 pens, as you say.


    First pen was given away by McKinnon and second one was a foul by Provan on Jinky.


    It’s amazing if you had made your post yesterday, I wouldn’t have known these things, it’s incredible that you do all this from memory.


    As I say, I only know because I watched the highlights today, tomorrow I will have forgotten. :-)

  8. Tontine, BP1 might not have the best memory as he had Lou Macari scoring for us against Man U in 66 and a Bobby C shot stinging his fingers which must have been some shot given how far back the terracing was in those days 👍

  9. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Some international friendly fixtures ‘irresponsible’, says Fifpro



    “What we are seeing now, especially from places out of Europe, is that that risk is put at a level which is simply irresponsible and then of course a friendly cannot justify any kind of risk to the health of players.”




  10. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 9:46 PM



    Tontine 9.21. Like most on here, I thoroughly enjoy your posts.



    *thank you I enjoy looking back tae especially at this stage of my life.



    This game IMHO was the catalyst for the Big Cup and the honest untainted NIAR as it proved that not only would we no longer be intimidated by them but also could beat them in a cup final.



    Although we had beaten them in a GC game the Friday after the SC Final we lost tae them 1-2 at hades 5 weeks before this game.



    Joe McGoals was inexplicably left out and Jock concede the following week that it was a mistake. Somehow I read later Joe was injured but that’s not how I remember it.



    All 3 goals were scored early doors with ours coming fae a Yogi penalty courtesy of the much maligned Tiny. Big Billy was injured early in the second half and left the field at the half and returned tae play at centre with Bobby Murdoch taking over at centre half, although there was no affect to our defense it stymied our attack.



    As I said we had toughened up for the Final with Ian Young dumping the wee Fife ned johnston on the running track that let them know “the bhoys were back in town”.



    Incidentally I was at Clydebank Tech on the Monday and a couple of bluenoses fae Rhu were boasting about being on the park after the game.

  11. Bada – I know of at least one guy who was back at work a week after being hospitalised by Covid so Ryan should be fine………as long as he paints himself orange and sprouts a dodgy combover😀

  12. Four years ago today , my dad attended his last Celtic game , our 2 nil win against Motherwell, he was 90. The care home he was in arranged for two others residents and him to go to the match. It was his first game at Celtic Park after it had been rebuilt.



    Due to ill health , it was the first game he had been to since a pre season friendly against Blackburn in 1994.



    My son and I met him before and after the game. He and his companions had been in a small area for disabled supporters near the Green Brigade. I asked him his opinion on the game , disappointed we never scored more plus that bloody drummer was a pain in the a**e. It was one of my proudest moments to have three generations of my family at Celtic Park even though we were all in separate parts of the ground. It was something I never thought would happen due to my dad’s health and being wheelchair bound.



    My dad passed away just over a year later , the day after we beat the record for being unbeaten domestically. My family agreed that’s what he was holding on for and he left us after his team broke another record.



    Even though my dad never got to many games from 1975 onwards due to work commitments and ill health, the passion was always there. Malcolm Macdonald was his all time favourite Celtic player, his love of the the 7 1 team and the Lions , always shone through.



    The day after Rangers went into administration I visited my dad. I bought a record to show him , that was them done. One of my sisters was visiting too. She gave me a row for enjoying the Ibrox pain. I said to her , dad has been waiting over 80 years for them to go out of business . He had a big smile on his coupon. It’s my lasting memory of dad.

  13. The thing about Christie is he hasn’t or never had Corona Virus.


    He is sidelined as he was deemed a close contact of Armstrong.


    Christie himself seemed mystified by decision saying he had observed the protocol and had done nothing wrong.


    If he is tested & negative tomorrow, he should be allowed to play, if selected.

  14. JVR



    Your dad does not walk alone – the generation who came through just after the war shone a light fir us to follow

  15. JVR on 15TH OCTOBER 2020 10:42 PM


    Four years ago today , my dad attended his last Celtic game , our 2 nil win against Motherwell, he was 90. The care home he was in arranged for two others residents and him to go to the match. It was his first game at Celtic Park after it had been rebuilt.







    keep it lit



    keep it lit

  16. Jinkyredstar, thank you. Like many of our relatives who watched our team from 1946 to 1964. it must have soul destroying having all these great players but rarely having a great team.

  17. Corkcelt , thank you. Joe, my dad , loathed the SFA and the Scotland team as a result . He loathed them that much he even wanted England to beat Scotland which I never agreed with as I was growing up and still don’t but as I found out more about how our players were treated , I understood where he was coming from.

  18. Camusbhoy , St Stivs and FrankTerry, thank you. I’m still extremely grateful to my dad for keeping faith with our team during the bad times and introducing me to the eternal gift that our team is.

  19. Tom Devine, professor of history at Edinburgh University, said that through Scotland’s history Irish Catholicism was “marginalised”.



    “As late as 1952 the Kirk’s Church and Nations Committee denounced all forms of racism there were still references to the Irish as an alien race and a menace,” he said.



    “Times have changed rapidly but…Africans and Asians seem to be more attractive for support and public recognition (than the Irish). It does suggest that there’s a fear that such recognition would be divisive.”



    Hugh Henry, Labour MSP for South Renfrewshire, agreed that the Irish in Scotland still struggle for recognition.



    “There’s still a reluctance in this country to allow people like me to express their identity through an Irish identity or culture. We can stand up and sing as all Scots together and that’s fine.



    “But if I say I’ve different references and tastes I think there’s still a discomfort about being too assertive about that.”


    Joan McAlpine, SNP MSP, said that the situation for the Irish in Scotland had improved since devolution in 1997.



    “A lot of the discussions about this issue have happened since we had a Scottish parliament,” she said. ‘When I was growing up (anti-Irish racism) wasn’t discussed.”



    The Irish came to Scotland “during the transformational process of what made Scotland what it is today”, said professor Devine.



    “(The Irish) built the new Scotland more than the Gaels or the Lowlanders but still think of themselves as a group outside. But they are powerful motors of the development of modern Scotland. We don’t make enough noise in this community. Other communities across the world have made a lot of noise.”


    But Irish Catholics in Scotland have now reached economic and educational parity, professor Devine added.



    Professor Devine also said Irish Catholics were more likely to vote ‘yes’ to independence in the September 18 referendum than those who identified with the Church of Scotland or had ‘no religion’.



    ‘In 2012, 30 per cent of Catholics support independence as against 26 per cent of those with no religion and 17 per cent among Church of Scotland identifiers,’ he said. “A mere 16 per cent were very concerned about the possibility of an independent Scotland.”



    Average Catholics are “more comfortable with the way modern Scotland is going”. “That doesn’t mean that these people are going to vote for independence,” he added.





    SNP take note, First Brit Minister Nicola Sturgeon especially. You ever utter the phrase “Old Firm” again and associate the majority of Irish Scots with that neo Nazi Unionist filth……..see how far that gets you come any election.

  20. JVR



    Celtic :-)



    Great love, lineage and continuity in sharing with the blog about your dad.hail hail.



    They were a strong lot.in many ways they gave us the solid foundations of what it means to be a Celtic fan.They are with us always.following Celtic thro thick and thin.


    i am glad they had Lisbon.





    Celtic men

  21. Reading that Armstrong is free to play this weekend,but not Ryan or KT,at the moment.Can’t be right,surely.From the Record,right enough.

  22. Henry Joy,


    Don’t think NS ,who knows EFF all about football,will lose any votes,because she said”Old Firm”.It gets rammed down our throats by people much more knowledgeable than her.

  23. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Reading through this week’s posts of times past caused a neat, inconsequential piece of trivia, about this baleful year 2020, to rattle its way into my head.



    Sixty six years ago, the Jock Stein led Double triumph of 1953/1954 happened. 1954 was sixty six years after Celtic first took to a pitch in 1888.



    For this year only, Jock’s playing triumph blew Celtic’s half-time whistle. We’ve been playing the second half ever since. Neat and inconsequential.

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